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On December 17, the Farsight Institute released the results of multiple remote viewing sessions investigating the alleged existence of an “Ashtar Command” and whether it had a floating base hidden in the clouds of Jupiter. The results of the remote viewing sessions, conducted using blind scientific protocols, support the claims of several recent ‘contactees’ that the Ashtar Command existed, and that its Jupiter facility was used as a meeting place for secret agreements reached between 14 spacefaring nations and several extraterrestrial organizations in July 2021.


Dr. Courtney Brown, the founder of the Farsight Institute, released a press and video statement introducing the goals of the remote viewing sessions, and the targets being investigated. He explained why he chose the target for Part 1 of the project:

法赛特研究所的创始人考特尼 · 布朗博士发表了一份新闻和视频声明,介绍了远程观察的目标和正在调查的目标。他解释了为什么选择这个项目第一部分的目标:

More recent information suggested by some authors not connected with Farsight seems to suggest that there was a planetary collective called the Ashtar Collective that was made up of various species, and it said that this Collective was infiltrated by the Reptilians.The same Reptilians that we here at Farsight have found plaguing modern day Earth. The Ashtar Command is said to have broken off from that Collective to form a very capable military group that has facilities that are currently based inside the clouds of Jupiter. These are some of the claims made by others relating to the Ashtar Command.


If such a facility does exist in the clouds of Jupiter, then they obviously would have the technological ability to survive safely in this environment, and the extremely hostile environment would offer benefits, such as significant levels of protection that a military facility would enjoy. It would be hard to find the facility without help. Any approach to the facility would be noticed and the ships of many species might not even be able to survive the atmospheric conditions at all, in order to mount an attack. So, from our perspective it sort of makes sense that such a facility in the clouds of Jupiter might exist.


While Dr. Brown did not specify who the authors were discussing the Ashtar Command facility, these likely included Elena Danaan, Megan Rose, and myself in our respective coverage of this facility, and its involvement in alleged secret agreements that occurred in July 2021. I will return to this information later.

虽然布朗博士没有具体说明作者在讨论阿斯塔指挥部的设施,但这些设施很可能包括埃琳娜 · 达纳安、梅根 · 罗斯和我本人在我们各自对这个设施的报道中,以及它参与了2021年7月所谓的秘密协议。稍后我将回到这个信息。

In his press statement/video, Dr. Brown explained the remote viewing sessions were conducted using blind scientific protocols, where the viewers were told nothing about the project or the specific target. They were only told there is a numerical target (e.g., T1) or an alphanumeric subject (e.g., SA), and they should remote view it. This scientific protocol prevents the problem of frontloading whereby remote viewers insert their own biases and judgments into the sessions when they know about the targets in advance.

在他的新闻声明/视频中,布朗博士解释说,远程观察是使用盲目的科学方案进行的,观察者没有被告知任何关于项目或具体目标的信息。他们只被告知有一个数字目标(例如 T1)或一个字母数字主语(例如 SA) ,他们应该远程查看它。这种科学协议防止了远程观察者在事先知道目标时将自己的偏见和判断插入到会议中的前置加载问题。

In the sessions themselves, one of the remote viewers, Aziz Brown (Courtney’s son), illustrated the importance of the blind scientific protocols when he explained how he had formed a judgment about the target and found this immediately influenced the session until he consciously withdrew his assumption. This exemplified the necessity of blind scientific conditions for remote viewing sessions, so viewers don’t allow their biases and preconceptions to creep in and influence the session.

在治疗过程中,其中一位远程观察者阿齐兹 · 布朗(Aziz Brown)(考特尼的儿子)阐述了盲目的科学方案的重要性,他解释了自己是如何对目标做出判断的,并发现这立即影响了治疗过程,直到他有意识地收回了自己的假设。这就证明了远程观看时,盲目的科学条件是必要的,所以观看者不会让他们的偏见和成见潜入并影响会议。

Unfortunately, there are far too many individuals, some with significant public followings, claiming to remote view targets without using any blind scientific protocols. This leads to a lot of ‘frontloading’, thereby significantly impacting the accuracy of their results and the overall credibility of remote viewing as an intelligence-gathering tool.


After the sessions involving up to four trained and very experienced remote viewers associated with the Farsight Institute were completed, Dr. Brown released his conclusion about the project. He said:


Regarding the first target, we simply wanted to know if such a thing as the Ashtar Command actually exists in the clouds of Jupiter. As far as our data indicate, it does. It seems to be a secretive facility, and it does not seem to be involved in communicating with the Earth population. I personally highly doubt that anyone in the Ashtar Command is channeling information to human receivers on Earth. It makes no sense for them to try to compete with Orion and Reptilian efforts to manipulate the human population through the spread of disinformation. If they were interested in interacting with humanity on a more personal level, they would be located closer to Earth and not hidden inside the clouds of Jupiter. As best as we can discern, they are primarily a military organization. 


There are some important takeaways from Dr. Brown’s conclusions. First, the Ashtar Command does exist and has a base in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Second, he is skeptical that members of the Ashtar Command are directly communicating with humans on Earth. Third, the Ashtar Command is primarily a military organization.


Regarding his first conclusion, this is highly significant. It means that in addition to other extraterrestrial organizations identified by Dr. Brown and his remote viewing teams in earlier projects—the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Draconian (Reptilian) Empire, the Orion (Gray) Alliance, and the ‘Dominion’—there is another extraterrestrial organization monitoring human affairs and our solar system.

关于他的第一个结论,这是非常重要的。这意味着,除了布朗博士和他的遥视团队在早期项目中确定的其他外星组织---- 世界之银河联邦、龙帝国、猎户座联盟和Dominion---- 还有另一个外星组织在监视人类事务和我们的太阳系。


Even more significantly, the findings of the remote viewing sessions confirm claims first made by Elena Danaan, and later supported by Megan Rose, that the Ashtar Command has a large floating city/base suspended high in Jupiter’s atmosphere. As Dr. Brown reasoned, this would provide a stealthy base of operations for activities throughout our solar system and the Earth itself. This conclusion is especially important when it comes to claims by Danaan and Rose that a series of meetings involving different galactic organizations and representatives of 14 spacefaring nations took place in July 2021. I covered these meetings in earlier articles along with supporting evidence. The results of Farsight’s remote viewing project adds to the body of evidence that such meetings did occur.

更重要的是,远程观测的结果证实了最初由伊莲娜 · 达纳安(Elena Danaan)提出、后来得到梅根 · 罗斯(Megan Rose)支持的说法,即阿斯塔司令部(Ashtar Command)在木星大气层的高处有一个大型漂浮城市/基地。正如布朗博士推断的那样,这将为我们整个太阳系和地球本身的活动提供一个隐秘的操作基地。当谈到 Danaan 和 Rose 声称2021年7月举行了一系列涉及不同银河组织和14个航天国家代表的会议时,这一结论尤其重要。我在之前的文章中提到了这些会议,并附上了支持这些会议的证据。Farsight 的远程观察项目的结果为这种会议的确发生提供了更多的证据。

Second, Dr. Brown is very skeptical about claims of individuals claiming to be in telepathic communications with members of the Ashtar Command. Historically, the first individual claiming to communicate telepathically with the Ashtar Command was George Van Tassel (1952), who was followed by Trevor James Constable (1958) and many others. Today there are several individuals claiming to be in telepathic communication with the Ashtar Command, and Dr. Brown rightly points out that many of these are simply ruses by service-to-self extraterrestrials masquerading as the Ashtar Command.

其次,布朗博士非常怀疑那些声称与阿斯塔指挥部成员有心灵感应交流的人的说法。从历史上看,第一个声称与阿斯塔司令部进行心灵感应交流的人是乔治·凡·塔瑟尔 · 卡斯特罗(1952年) ,其后是特雷弗 · 詹姆斯 · 康斯特布尔(1958年)和其他许多人。今天有几个人声称与阿斯塔指挥部有心灵感应的沟通,布朗博士正确地指出,其中许多只是伪装成阿斯塔指挥部的服务于自我的外星人的诡计。

Does his skepticism also apply to the contact experiences and telepathic communications of Elena Danaan and Megan Rose? To answer this question, it’s helpful to point out that Danaan says that she was actually taken to the Ashtar Command base and witnessed it first-hand and met personnel there. Second, both Danaan and Rose have been in telepathic communications with representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds who have shared information about the Ashtar facility. Neither claims to be in touch with the Ashtar Command itself, let alone channeling information from base personnel.

他的怀疑论也适用于伊莲娜 · 达纳安和 Megan Rose 的接触体验和心灵感应交流吗?为了回答这个问题,需要指出的是,达纳安说她实际上被带到了阿斯塔指挥基地,亲眼目睹了那里的情况,并与那里的人员进行了会面。第二,达纳安 和 Rose 已经与世界银河联邦的代表进行了心灵感应交流,他们分享了关于阿斯塔设施的信息。他们都不声称与阿斯塔指挥部本身有联系,更不用说引导基地人员的信息了。


Drawing by Elena Danaan of her being inside the Ashtar Command Base. We Will Never Let You Down (2021) p.40.

埃琳娜 · 达纳安在阿斯塔指挥基地里画画。我们永远不会让你失望(2021) ,第40页。

Third, Dr. Brown reveals that the Ashtar Command is a military organization. This is consistent with George Van Tassel’s original channelings from different Ashtar Command personnel, including Ashtar himself. In her two books, A Gift From the Stars and We Will Never Let You Down, Elena Danaan described the origins of the Ashtar Command and its military functions in our solar system today. Similarly, Megan Rose discussed the Ashtar Command base and its military functions in her book, Welcome to the Future. The Farsight remote viewing Ashtar project confirms the accuracy of these claims.

第三,布朗博士透露阿斯塔指挥部是一个军事组织。这与阿斯塔指挥部的不同人员,包括阿斯塔本人的原始乔治·凡·塔瑟尔相一致。在她的两本书《来自星星的礼物》和《我们永远不会让你失望》中,伊莲娜 · 达纳安描述了阿斯塔指挥部的起源以及它在我们今天的太阳系中的军事功能。同样,梅根 · 罗斯在她的书《欢迎来到未来》中讨论了阿斯塔指挥基地及其军事功能。Farsight 遥视阿斯塔项目证实了这些索赔的准确性。

In conclusion, remote viewing is an important intelligence-gathering tool on extraterrestrial affairs and exopolitics. However, it should be conducted using blind scientific protocols to get the best results; otherwise, frontloading can significantly reduce its effectiveness. In this regard, I support the work of Dr. Brown and other professional remote viewers in encouraging the use of more scientific protocols in their remote viewing projects.

总之,遥视是收集地外事务和外星政治信息的重要工具。然而,它应该使用盲目的科学协议来进行,以获得最好的结果; 否则,前加载可以显著降低其有效性。在这方面,我支持布朗博士和其他专业远程观测者的工作,鼓励他们在远程观测项目中使用更科学的协议。

In terms of my ongoing investigation of the meetings and agreements reached at the Ashtar Command base in July, the results of Farsight’s most recent project are very significant. It gives me more confidence that the meetings occurred. Finally, the Ashtar Command appears to be part of an alliance of positive or “service to other” extraterrestrial organizations working with an Earth Alliance of spacefaring nations led by US Space Command in globally transformative events happening behind the scenes.

我正在调查7月份在阿斯塔指挥基地举行的会议和达成的协议,Farsight 最近的项目取得了非常重要的成果。这让我对会议的召开更有信心。最后,阿斯塔司令部似乎是积极或“服务于其他”外星组织的联盟的一部分,与美国空间司令部领导的航天国家地球联盟合作,在幕后发生全球变革性事件。

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