萨拉博士|2020/7/14 罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁将作为时间旅行的未来人类正式披露

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6月18日,唐纳德·特朗普总统在播客中回答了他儿子小唐·特朗普提出的关于罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁事件的问题。特朗普的回答是,他会考虑将1947年那场”非常有趣”的事件公开。根据秘密太空计划内部人士科里·古德的最新消息,特朗普被告知罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁事件涉及未来的时间旅行人类。

萨拉博士|2020/7/14 罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁将作为时间旅行的未来人类正式披露

On June 18,President Donald Trump replied to a question about the Roswell UFO crash from his son,Don Jr,in a podcast.Trump's reply was that he would consider declassifying what occurred at the 1947 event that was"very interesting".According to new information from Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode,Trump was told that the Roswell UFO Crash involved time-traveling humans from the future.

618日,唐纳德·特朗普总统在播客中回答了他儿子小唐·特朗普提出的关于罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁事件的问题。特朗普的回答是,他会考虑将1947年那场"非常有趣"的事件公开。根据秘密太空计划内部人士科里·古德的最新消息,特朗普被告知罗斯威尔 UFO 坠毁事件涉及未来的时间旅行人类。

Goode has recently revealed that he is again receiving briefings from reliable insiders about various classified programs.I have in the past discussed Goode's credibility both as an insider himself with first-hand witness information,and also as a conduit for other insiders who release information and documents to him.This was best exemplified in two leaked Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA)documents that he was the first to publicly reveal back in December 2017, the documents were given to him from a trusted DIA source.


According to newly acquired information from Goode,there is consensus within the"deep black"operations community to move forward with a"limited hangout"where some of the truth about secret space programs will be revealed,while much will continue to remain hidden including the existence of extraterrestrial life.


This is what Goode wrote to me about what Trump has been told and what is about to be officially disclosed:


I have mentioned this in the past.It was brought up again recently after Trump commented on Roswell.POTUS'Roswell Briefings'are basically this:Roswell was NOT an Alien event.It was a mishap from US in the future.POTUS is told that the MAJORITY of the lights seen in the sky are from our own craft operating in the future and creating a temporal butterfly effect.They are told that what the ancients saw in the sky was often the exact same phenomenon….


POTUS is under the impression that because of tests being run in Roswell during the same time that future craft were operating in that Space at a later time…that it caused the craft to pull into the past and crash thus beginning the new tech boom after WWII.


This more accurate account of what happened at Roswell,when compared to an official USAF report released in 1995,will nevertheless disappoint many wanting full disclosure of the extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs that stretches back into antiquity.It appears that those briefing Trump have decided that it is too soon for humanity to be told the full truth,and that a "limited hangout"must be put into effect,and Roswell will be the linchpin for that to happen.


Goode continued to explain what he had been told by his sources:


There is a constant contact between the present and the future since the late 50's.The'PLAN'that Q often mentions was delivered to the mid 1960's'pre-alliance'members in full and that plan has been followed ever since.These people carry these weird looking pagers(like from the 80's/90's)that has a flip out keyboard that allows the person to communicate with their FUTURE self and command center within these programs.There are Quantum Computers that are used for this communication and it operates in'reciprocal dimensions'where time flows in different directions and at different rates.Data is transmitted in these alternate dimensions.

50年代后期以来,现在和未来之间一直有着紧密的联系。Q 经常提到的"解放军海军"被完整地提交给了1960年代中期的"联盟前"成员,从那时起,这个计划就一直被遵循着。这些人携带这些奇怪的寻呼机(像从80年代/90年代),有一个翻转的键盘,允许人与他们的未来自我和命令中心在这些程序沟通。有量子计算机用于这种交流,它在"互惠维度"中运作,其中时间以不同的方向和速度流动。数据在这些交替的维度中传输。

There is a major time war going on between humans from 2 timelines.One is more of the'Wing Maker'type of future where AI controls a very small population on Earth.There is another group fighting to preserve the timeline by stopping the manipulation of timelines so that they all collapse into the proper one(per ET/Anshar Guidance).

两条时间线上的人类之间发生了一场重大的时间战争。一种是更多的"造翼者"类型的未来,在那里人工智能控制着地球上非常少的人口。还有另一个团体通过停止对时间线的操纵,使它们全部塌缩成合适的时间线,来努力维护时间线(根据 ET/Anshar 指导)

This will not be the first time that a narrative explaining a temporal war between two factions of future humans has been leaked into the public arena.


Back in 2004,Dan Burisch,a microbiologist,came forward to reveal what he had witnessed in classified programs about the existence of two factions of time-traveling future humans(aka extraterrestrials)trying to deal with a converging timeline paradox that would occur by 2012.Of course,what Burisch predicted did not happen suggesting that he was disseminating disinformation in a limited hangout,or such a converging timeline paradox had been delayed.

早在2004年,微生物学家丹·布里奇(Dan Burisch)站出来,揭示了他在机密节目中看到的情况,即时间旅行的未来人类(又名"外星人")中存在两个派系,试图解决2012年会出现的时间线趋同悖论。当然,布里奇的预测并没有发生,这表明他在一个有限的地点散布虚假信息,或者这样一个趋同的时间线悖论被推迟了。


I did have a series of email Q&A's with Burisch back in April 2004,and concluded he was part of a limited hangout.It's no great surprise that information similar to his is now being spun for a more modern audience including Trump,according to Goode:


We are told that some of these people from the future are working directly with elements of current era deep black intel agencies.They have portals in these locations that they do point to point transfers of people and supplies from.


Very interesting stuff…and I can see how POTUS would buy this over little green men.Especially with his history with his uncle who worked on the Tesla papers.


Goode was here referring to Dr.John Trump who was a full professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1943 when he was asked by the FBI to evaluate the national security implications of the papers of the recently deceased Nikola Tesla.Professor Trump later told his nephew,Donald,about some of the advanced technologies used in classified programs,which has led to much speculation over what the current President knows about flying saucers and the Roswell crash.

古德在这里指的是约翰·特朗普博士(John Trump)1943年,他在麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)担任全职教授,当时 FBI 要求他评估最近去世的尼古拉·特斯拉(Nikola Tesla)的论文对国家安全的影响。特朗普教授后来告诉他的侄子唐纳德,一些用于机密项目的先进技术,这引发了很多关于现任总统对飞碟和罗斯韦尔坠机知道多少的猜测。

On July 13,I spoke with Goode who explained that future disclosure announcements will be limited to advanced technology patents that will be released to the general public,similar to five recent patents granted to the US Navy concerning electromagnetic propulsion,power and defense.This patents oriented disclosure process will better familiarize the scientific community and public with principles of time travel and electromagnetic propulsion in order to get them to accept the limited hangout narrative that all UFO sightings involve humans from the future.

713日,我与 Goode 进行了交谈,他解释说,未来的公开声明将仅限于向公众发布的先进技术专利,类似于最近授予美国海军的五项关于电磁推进、动力和防御的专利。这种以专利为导向的披露过程将使科学界和公众更好地熟悉时间旅行和电磁推进的原理,以便让他们接受所有 UFO 目击事件都与未来的人类有关的有限的外出叙述。

Goode explained that the Deep State's limited disclosure narrative is to be dragged out for as much as 50 years.This will prevent the truth from emerging about what has been occurring since the World War II era concerning extraterrestrial visitors and reverse engineering programs.Space Force will gradually incorporate advanced technologies used in secret space programs,but there will be no public acknowledgement that such technologies were covertly used prior to the formation of Space Force.More of what was covered in our July 13 discussion will be released soon.


The fact that Roswell has been put on the public radar by Trump and his son does make it very possible that the first official disclosures about the UFO phenomenon is going to involve this classic 1947 flying saucer event.The language used by Trump in describing his knowledge of the incident,"it's very interesting",does suggest he was briefed about a more terrestrial explanation,than extraterrestrial visitors."Time traveling humans",as Goode claims his sources told him,would be more consistent with Trump's low-key response to the question posed by his son.

事实上,罗斯韦尔已经被特朗普和他的儿子放在了公共雷达上,这使得官方首次披露 UFO 现象很有可能牵涉到这个1947年的经典飞碟事件。特朗普在描述自己对这一事件的了解时所使用的语言"非常有趣",的确表明他听到的是一种更接近地球的解释,而不是外星访客。古德声称,他的消息来源告诉他,"穿越时空的人类"更符合特朗普对他儿子提出的问题的低调回应。


The explanation that Roswell involved time traveling future humans who arranged for the crash to occur to speed up our technological development certainly sounds plausible,and will appeal to those wielding Occam's Razor to dismiss the extraterrestrial hypothesis.Nevertheless,we need to keep in mind that even such a significant disclosure would still be a limited hangout designed to punt the full truth far into the future.

关于罗斯韦尔涉及到时间旅行的未来人类为了加速我们的技术发展而安排了这次撞击的解释当然听起来是合理的,并且会呼吁那些挥舞着 Occam 的剃刀的人驳回外星人的假设。然而,我们需要记住,即使这样一个重大的披露仍然是一个有限的环节,旨在把全部真相踢到遥远的未来。



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