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The US Navy has arranged for one of its scientists to openly apply for patents of advanced technologies that are allegedly under experimental development,but according to multiple insiders have been covertly developed and used in secret space programs for decades.In four patent applications lodged since 2015,the applicant,Dr.Salvator Cezar Pais,who filed on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy as the Assignee,has proposed revolutionary inventions that use principles such as electromagnetic propulsion rather than more conventional liquid fuel propulsion.

美国海军安排一名科学家公开申请据称正在实验开发的先进技术专利,但据多名内部人士透露,数十年来,这些技术已被秘密开发并用于秘密空间项目。在自2015年以来提交的四项专利申请中,代表海军部长提交专利申请的 Salvator Cezar Pais 博士提出了革命性的发明,比如使用电磁推进原理而不是更传统的液体燃料推进原理。

In one application,Philip J.Bonzell,a Primary Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO)believed the proposed invention of"A Craft Using an inertial Mass Reduction Device"was so outlandish and scientifically unfeasible that he rejected it on November 28,2017.

在一份申请中,美国专利与商标局(USPTO)首席专利审查员菲利普·j·博泽尔(Philip j.Bonzell)认为"使用惯性质量减少装置的手工艺"的发明是如此稀奇古怪,在科学上是不可行的,以至于他在20171128日拒绝了它。

The rejection led to an immediate appeal by a Navy attorney who provided a supporting letter dated December 15,2017,by Dr.James Sheehy,the Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Aviation Enterprise.Sheehy pointed out that Pais was employed by the Navy,and was currently working on proving the feasibility of the revolutionary propulsion system for a hybrid aerospace undersea craft described in the application.

海军航空企业首席技术官 James Sheehy 博士于20171215日写了一封支持信。Sheehy 指出,佩斯受雇于美国海军,目前正致力于证明应用程序中描述的混合型航空航天海底飞行器革命性推进系统的可行性。


Illustration of a craft using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device


Sheehy furthermore asserted that China was seriously researching similar technologies and the Navy would face high costs if the patent weren't granted:


2….Dr.Pais is currently funded by NAWCAD[Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division]to design a test article instrumentation to demonstrate the experimental feasibility of achieving high electromagnetic(EM)field-energy and flux values…He is currently one year into the project and has already begun a series of experiments to design and demonstrate advanced High energy Density/High Power propulsion systems.

2...佩斯博士目前正在接受 NAWCAD[海军航空作战中心飞机部]的资助,设计一个测试文章的仪器,以证明实现高电磁场能量和通量值的实验可行性...他目前已经进入该项目一年,并已经开始了一系列的实验,以设计和证明先进的高能量密度/高功率推进系统。

3…If successful the realization of this result demonstrates that this patent documents the future state of the possible and moves propulsion technology beyond gas dynamic systems to field-induced propulsion based hybrid aerospace-undersea craft…


5.Based on these initial findings I would assert this will become a reality.China is already investing significantly in this area and I would prefer we hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology.


Bonzell decided to reverse his decision and granted the patent on December 4,2018.Other patents awarded to Pais involved the creation of a"High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator"(2019),a"Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor"(2019)and an"Electromagnetic Field Generator and method to generate an Electromagnetic Field"(2018).

Bonzell 决定推翻他的决定,并于2018124日授予专利权。Pais 获得的其他专利包括"高频引力波发生器"(2019)"压电感应室温超导体"(2019)"电磁场发生器和产生电磁场的方法"(2018)

In the four patents granted to Dr.Pais,on behalf of the Department of the Navy,there is little data on his background.In a detailed article titled,"Docs Show Navy Got'UFO'Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances",the authors,Brett Tingly and Tyler Rogoway,delved into Pais'background and found the following:


Little information can be found about Salvatore Cezar Pais;he has virtually no web presence.What is known is that he received a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1999 and that he currently works as an aerospace engineer for NAWCAD at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland–the Navy's top aircraft test base.Pais has published several articles and presented papers at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conferences over the years describing his work in electromagnetic propulsion,revolutionary room temperature superconductors,and topics like his PhD dissertation:"Bubble generation under reduced gravity conditions for both co-flow and cross-flow configurations."


One of the key observations of Tingly and Rogoway was that none of the patent applications were marked for classification,even though that was an option the Navy could easily have chosen if they wanted to maintain secrecy for national security purposes.Instead,the Pais applications ignored the option to keep the technologies secret as evidenced by his applicationfor"A Craft Using an Inertia Mass Reduction Device"where the"Request Not Publish"option is unchecked.

Rogoway 的主要观察之一是,专利申请中没有一项被标记为分类,尽管如果海军出于国家安全目的想要保密的话,这是一个很容易选择的选项。相反,佩斯的应用程序忽略了保守技术秘密的选项,他的"使用惯性质量减少装置的飞行器"的应用程序证明了这一点,其中的"请求不发布"选项是未选中的。


Tingly and Rogoway speculated about the Navy's intentions:

Rogoway 对海军的意图进行了推测:

If such a propulsion technology was so revolutionary and if the Navy indeed wanted to keep this technology out of others'hands,it's curious that they would choose to make the patent public.Maybe the Navy is signaling to its adversaries that it,too,is aware of this revolutionary capability and to whom it belongs.


Given what we know about secret space programs developed by the US Navy and Air Force respectively,electromagnetic propulsion systems have been used for decades in several crafts that operate both in space and underwater.The reason why Dr.Pais chose not to mark the patent applications secret was that senior Navy officials have decided the time had come for the disclosure of advanced electromagnetic propulsion technologies that were already in operation,rather than merely innovative proposals for future development as suggested in the patent application.


By arranging for one of its scientists to not only publicly apply for patents on revolutionary propulsion technologies,but to actually intervene when the application was turned down marks an extraordinary turn of events.The US Navy is moving forward with the disclosure process and is using the US patents system as the mechanism for the general public and scientific community awakening to the revolutionary potential of propulsion and energy storage systems using electromagnetic principles.


What adds further credence to this conclusion is the role of the Navy in leaking graphic videos of US Navy jets encountering Tic Tc shaped UFOs over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in 2004 and 2014,and of the tradition breaking practice of allowing fighter pilots to give interviews of the encounters.

让这个结论更加可信的是,美国海军在2004年和2014年美国海军喷气式飞机在太平洋和大西洋上空遇到 Tic Tc 形不明飞行物的泄露图像视频中所扮演的角色,以及允许战斗机飞行员接受采访的传统做法。

Tingly and Rogoway further speculated about the remarkable similarity between the craft in Dr.Pais'patent applications and the Tic Tac sightings:

Rogoway 进一步推测,在佩斯博士的专利申请和 Tic Tac 目击报告中,这种飞船有着惊人的相似之处:

Normally,I would agree with others that these patents are likely just the Navy ensuring that when or if this technology does become available,the U.S.will be able to control it.However,these are not normal times.Thanks to To the Stars Academy(TTSA),the Department of Defense,and the media at large,not only are we now being told that Navy pilots have witnessed aircraft behaving exactly like the craft these patents describe,but some of the pilots'visual descriptions of those anomalous aircraft even seem to be uncannily similar to the drawings of the aircraft as depicted in Pais'patents.



The similarities between the technologies described in Pais'patent applications and the Tic Tac UFO sightings clearly encourages speculation that the technologies proposed by Pais have already been developed,and that is what the Navy pilots have been witnessing.It's worth repeating that Sheehy acknowledged in his appeal letter supporting Pais that the Chinese were already investing in such revolutionary technologies.

的专利申请中描述的技术和 Tic Tac UFO 目击事件之间的相似性明显鼓励了人们的猜测,即 Pais 提出的技术已经被开发出来了,而这正是海军飞行员所目睹的。值得重申的是,Sheehy 在他支持 Pais 的呼吁信中承认,中国已经在投资这种革命性的技术。

Indeed,Tingly and Rogoway speculated that Navy might be playing catch up to Chinese SSP who may be further along in the development of such technologies:

事实上,Tingly Rogoway 推测,海军可能正在追赶中国的 SSP,后者可能在此类技术的发展方面走得更远:

As striking as the similarity between the claimed capabilities of the hybrid craft and those of the objects described by Navy personnel,it's still unknown whether these patents are related to the ongoing UFO revelations….Perhaps the few pieces of footage that have trickled out over the last several years that some claim to show advanced craft could be the Navy's way of subtly hinting that this concept actually works and is being tested in the field by either the U.S.or the Chinese.The fact that Sheehy would lean so heavily on the Chinese threat in the last bullet point of his appeal letter to the USPTO seems to suggest that the Navy may already be playing catch-up to a terrestrial foe.

尽管混合动力飞行器的声称能力与海军人员描述的物体之间惊人的相似,但这些专利是否与正在进行的 UFO 披露有关还不得而知.....。也许在过去的几年里,一些声称展示先进飞行器的视频片段可能是海军暗示这个概念确实有效的方式,并且正在由美国或中国在现场进行测试。希伊在给美国专利商标局的上诉信的最后一个要点中如此重视中国的威胁,这似乎表明美国海军可能已经在追赶陆地上的敌人了。

I deeply doubt that the Navy is playing catch-up to what the Chinese have secret developed.Tingly and Rogoway do not appear to be aware of the many insiders who have come forward with their startling testimonies about U.S.reverse engineering programs involving captured flying saucer technologies that go back as far back as the 1940s.

我深深怀疑海军是在追赶中国的秘密发展。和 Rogoway 似乎没有意识到许多内部人士站出来提供他们关于美国逆向工程计划的令人震惊的证词,这些计划涉及到早在20世纪40年代就已经缴获的飞碟技术。

The recent developments in the cases of Bob Lazar and Admiral Thomas Wilson who respectively described reverse engineering programs of captured alien technologies dating from the 1980s and 1990s,indicates how much public awareness has grown in understanding such programs.



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Nor do Tingly and Rogoway appear aware of the Navy and Air Force having developed parallel secret space programs using advanced electromagnetic technologies as a result of their reverse engineering efforts.My latest book,the US Air Force Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force,provides historical documents and testimonies outlining the origins of the parallel programs,and the aerospace technologies that were covertly developed.

Rogoway 似乎也没有意识到海军和空军正在利用先进的电磁技术开发并行的秘密空间项目,这也是他们的逆向工程努力的结果。我的最新著作《美国空军秘密空间计划:转变外星联盟和空间力量》提供了历史文件和证词,概述了并行计划的起源,以及秘密开发的航空航天技术。

There is a great cause for optimism that Dr.Pais'patents are part of an officially sanctioned disclosure process by the US Navy wanting previously suppressed technologies to be released into the public arena.The revolutionary potential of electromagnetic technologies for the aerospace industry is enormous.We are on the verge of witnessing the kind of rapid advances in the aerospace industry when it comes to energy storage and propulsion,which has become a norm in the telecommunications industry,thanks to microprocessor storage capacities doubling every two years.




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