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瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时AS WE TRANSIT


2nd June 2021


Therese Z Sumner


The humongous lie regarding the truth about our human reality is about to be revealed.There are simply not enough words to pay justice while attempting to describe the gigantic all encompassing manipulation of human lives from the cradle to the grave and beyond.


The people of Earth have been living totally in the dark.They have not had any awareness of the fact that this planet has in actual fact been under the control of extremely dark manipulative beings from other parts of our Galaxy.


Without any awareness of this state of affairs we have been manipulated into obeying their rules of our existence.You are about to learn how every single area of your life is in one way or another under their control.


At any given time here on planet Earth 15%of the population are merely existing in a survival mode.The people to whom I am referring to could be those living in dire poverty,in refugee camps,in war torn places etc.Besides these surface visible forms of inequality and suffering many of us among the awakened population have in recent years learned about the unfathomable suffering that has been taking place below our feet on several continents.Learning about the almost unimaginable suffering that has taken place in these underground bases will make people wonder how on Earth we could really experience any type of true happiness here on the surface.Dark dark rituals underground have been used to spread an energy of fear among the surface population laying the ground for strife,war and tensions and insecurity and general uncertainties underlying our lives.


Deep deep down inside the hearts of Earths people,or at least among those whose heart consciousness levels have allowed them to feel empathy for others,humanity has'known'that there was something very very wrong on this planet.


Even though we will very soon move very swiftly forward into a world where injustice ceases to exist,there will be many people all around the globe who will require several years of adjusting to the fact that all of the reasons that have been the cause of their fears are now removed.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时Deep Within the Heart of Humanity


The majority of humans living on Gaia right now would without a doubt agree with the following statements.


I have a deep desire that people all over the world would each have every basic necessity in the way of food,homes,good healthcare and child education etc.readily available to them whether or not they have/had employment.


I have a deep desire that people everywhere have absolute freedom to choose–when it comes to the beliefs that they hold regarding faith in the unseen realties.


I have a deep desire that people everywhere have the opportunity to choose working with whichever creative endeavour that satisfies their being.


I have a deep desire/wish that every single person on this beautiful planet will have a desire to take part in whatever small way that they can in the task of cleansing our home planet from all poisons.


I dream that everyone will play some small part in returning Gaia to a pristine state where all animal life is sacred.


The future plans for mankind living on a completely peaceful Earth~the plans for the 3rd Atlantis or the New Atlantis most certainly includes plans so that the 5 above mentioned statements will become a reality as quickly as possible after The Event.All of the above and indeed much more wondrous things lie ahead of us.This is some of what The Event is all about.


Leaving the Lies Behind Us


According to my Sources of information the corona virus no longer exists or poses any threat to humanity.Except for some isolated regions the entire globe reached'herd immunity'in December of 2020 without any vaccinations.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时The Nazi Vaccination Plandemic Story


On Tuesday May 9th,2021 a Swedish'Covid 19'expert said the following on the official SVT news channel.Here he was referring to the subject of vaccinations in general.

202159日,星期二,一位瑞典"Covid 19"专家在官方 SVT 新闻频道上发表了以下言论。这里他指的是一般的疫苗接种问题。

He said"without vaccinations we wouldn't exist"...He then pointed out that"vaccinations have saved 40 million lives in the past 20 years."




Here follows the truth of this matter according to my Sources.


In the past two years'time approximately 1,400,000 people have died from vaccination campaigns worldwide.Among those people who'survived'their vaccinations there were 11 million people who were either paralysed or otherwise seriously injured from these vaccinations.


IN OTHER WORDS the Cabal have murdered 1.4 million people every two years through their worldwide vaccination campaigns.Let's multiply this by ten to give a comparison to the outlandish lies reported on Swedish tv.


Vaccines have NOT saved the lives of 40 million people these past twenty years-no–they have instead murdered 14 million people.


If we then look at the numbers of paralysed or otherwise seriously injured people including autism in children,then we can come to the conclusion that every single year on Earth,over 1 billion people's lives are damaged and impaired causing shorter lifespans and suffering,thanks to this evil practise.


Finally you are about to learn how the poisonous substances in vaccinations lay the ground in our bodies for the growth of varying kinds of cancer.It would seem that a full 76-77%of all human cancer has been caused by vaccinations.


Vaccinations were originally developed by the Nazi's in the concentration camps during WW2.


Some Examples of Cabal Control in Europe


Let us take a short look at the level of control that Black Nobility Families are currently holding in Europe.At present after Brexit the number of countries within the European Union are now 28.This union through the EU parliament controls the lives of 445 million people.The truth of the matter is that the BN families control 76%of everything that takes place in Europe.Many of the leading political figures in European countries are not human beings.Many of them are Draconian Reptilians incarnated in human bodies and they do the'work'that their Archon masters order them to do.There are currently 15 Draconian Reptilians holding high positions of power in Europe.




You are very soon about to become aware of the fact that in the past 2000 years all wars-ALL WARS-have been fabricated by these Black Nobility Families and the Archons that incarnated into these families.With the full support and control over two organisations–both created by the archons–namely the Jesuits and the Illuminati–they have been'behind the scenes'creating all wars.We have believed that the enemy on the other side was the cause/the reason behind each war.We had no clue that the instigation of each war was under the control of the SAME PEOPLE/BEINGS on BOTH SIDES of every war.War has been an important tool in the control of humanity.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时THE EVENT


When The Day of All Days Is upon Us


At the time of The Event all motion–all movement–all plans will come to a halt.The only focus initially will be our basic needs of existence.This will be a very strange time altogether.People will be seeking to gain some kind of understanding about"what on Earth is actually taking place."They will be searching for explanations and initially there will be a great amount of confusion.We can reckon that from the Moment of The Event humanity will exist in a state of some confusion for approximately 14 days.


We will of course be provided with some kind of information about the new situation.Initially the information that will be provided will concern people's basic needs for survival.I have no doubt but that there will be some kind of initial information provided as to why the Banking system is shut down,why the Internet is down,why all of the TV channels are no longer available.I am informed by the Council of Love that the plans for the release of the'Full Disclosure'process will not begin until approximately two weeks after The Event.


Arrests Worldwide


During this initial time period of confusion,you can be certain that the process of arresting those individuals who have agreed to take part in the control of humanity will be taking place worldwide.


During this time of confusion people worldwide are going to be forced into working cooperatively with their closest neighbours to find solutions to problems that arise.This will indeed be a special time when people will rediscover how resources can be increased through mutual understanding and cooperation.In this way people will be able to solve any problems arising on a local level.


We are going to see much evidence of the amazing power of human creativity at its best being fully utilised.People will be finding solutions that then arouse others into developing their own solutions.Connections that are formed now will prove to be of importance when humanity has to begin the digestion of so much new information containing unfathomable truths.


This will indeed be a time period of deep sadness that the people of Earth will have to share for better or worse.


However,alongside the shock and emotional trauma that this period will entail will also be a growing awareness that humanity can finally relax–completely relax.Everyone will become aware that we have finally reached the point in time when all wars have ended.No longer will any people have to fear the unexpected arrival of wars by unseen controlling forces that destroy their lives and kill their loved ones.


From now on our futures will be completely decided by our own true heart's desires.


Before the End Comes Progress…


As I sit here in exile…hiding from the'forces of darkness'that desire to take my life due to recent revelations that I have published…I am being informed that unknown to humanity the'Beginning of the End'is in full operation behind the scenes.The plans for all of the arrests are finalised.The Positive Military are ready to act as soon as the signal to'GO'is given from the Highest of Sources.


A Time of Repair


Let's stop a moment and consider the consequences beyond these initial weeks of confusion.


When the process of'Full Disclosure'begins people will be overwhelmed emotionally upon hearing the real truth about our imagined'freedom'to exist on this beautiful planet.At first the entire situation might seem to be out of hand.Yet despite the initial months of confusion and bewilderment~this will also be the beginning of a time of REPAIR.


People will begin to join one another and take part in the work of healing that which has been wronged.While working alongside others in new creative efforts,people will have the opportunity to totally eliminate the past indifferences that helped create the uncomfortable situation on this planet.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时Our Galactic Family


Approximately 45 years ago the plans for this time period were developed.The first thing that I need to mention in this section of this article~the final article on this website prior to The Event~is that without the all encompassing support from our Galactic Family all life on the surface of this planet would now be extinct.


When you have digested this truth you will understand that there could NEVER have been a liberation process of Earth's population without the assistance of the Galactic Confederation.When I was about 17-18 years old,I was an avid watcher of'Star Trek'.It was my favourite show~little did I know exactly why back then.Its all very real too!Much of this shows version of reality was based upon real facts.


Approximately 30%of our climate change problems are in fact due to the movement through space of our solar system.Our suns activity has been changing and without the ongoing support from the Galactic Confederation the surface of our planet would have been burnt to a cinder.Gigantic Motherships are protecting us from the activity of our sun.


You are also going to learn how the Cabal have been using advanced technology to disrupt and control the weather upon the planet.The information that humanity has been given regarding'climate change'is pure nonsense.


There is a small planet which has an ecliptic orbit close to Pluto in the outer regions of our Solar System which is referred to as Planet X.The population there{quite a number of them have earlier lived here on Earth}number about 500,000 people.They live below surface.This planet was also under the control of the Cabal.However the people there were much more awake and aware of the Cabal control.With the support of the Pleiadians this planet was liberated in 1999.

在我们太阳系的外围有一颗小行星,它的黄道轨道靠近冥王星,被称为 x 行星。那里的人口大约有50万人(其中相当一部分人早先在地球上生活过)。他们生活在地表之下。这个星球也在秘社的控制之下。不过那里的人们更加清醒,也更加意识到阴谋集团的控制。在昴宿星人的支持下,这个星球于1999年被解放。

1999 was one of the darkest years on Earth.In 1996 the Archons created a huge invasion on this planet bringing with them huge numbers of Draconian Reptilians and Reptilians.This invasion took place in the area of the Congo.Beneath our feet there was a full scale war taking place between the human underground Resistance Movement and Reptilians.


When Planet X was liberated in 1999 tens of thousands of Planet X citizens were transported to Earths underground and joined forces with the Resistance Movement in this huge battle between the forces of Light and dark.Cobra has explained that during that time he feared greatly that there would be no hope of humanity surviving that war.

1999 x 星被解放的时候,成千上万的 x 星公民被运送到地下的地球,加入到这场光明与黑暗力量之间的巨大战役中。柯博拉解释说,在那段时间里,他非常担心人类在那场战争中生还的希望渺茫。

We have indeed so very much to thank our friends from Planet X for our survival.

我们确实非常感谢来自行星 x 的朋友们让我们得以幸存。

Part of the Galactic Confederation fleet is a group known as the Ashtar Command.This fleet of Galactic warriors is under the control of Commander Ashtar.Commander Ashtar is one among the Ascended Beings that are deeply involved in the liberation of our planet.


He works alongside other Ascended Beings such as Jesus Christ Sananda lovingly referred to by Lightworkers as Yeshua.Another Ascended Being who is very involved in the future plans for Gaia~Earth is Saint Germain who is also known as the keeper of the Violet Flame.

他与其他提升存有一起工作,如耶稣基督萨南达,被光工作者亲切地称为耶稣。另一个非常参与 Gaia~Earth 未来计划的提升者是圣日耳曼,他也被称为紫罗兰火焰的守护者。

All of these above mentioned Beings are members of the Council of Love and work alongside the Archangels,Angels and the Goddess~Divine Mother Herself in the process of ridding the Cosmos of all darkness.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时

A Secret Space Program Lunar Base~Press Image to Enlarge 秘密太空计划月球基地

False Propaganda from Our Controllers


About 35 years ago our controllers began making Hollywood movies with the aim of putting the fear of alien lifeforms into the psyche of mankind.Numerous science fiction movies of this kind have laid the grounds for human fear of alien lifeforms.They have also thoroughly made sure that any real signs of positive alien lifeform visitations have been well and truly impossible to find on the Internet.


The truth of the matter is as follows.The 2 controlling alien forces that have imprisoned humanity here on Earth are A)Archons{fallen angels}and B)Chimera-an extremely dark arachnid alien lifeform enhanced with AI.These two groups have managed to maintain control of humanity with the support of other alien lifeforms which they{archons}created,namely Draconian Reptilians,Reptilians,demons and other strange forms of negative alien beings.

事情的真相如下。把人类囚禁在地球上的两个控制外星力量是:a)执政官(堕落天使) b)奇美拉——一种被人工智能强化的极度黑暗的外星蜘蛛生命形式。这两个群体在他们(执政官)创造的其他外星生命形式的支持下,即恶龙爬虫军、爬虫军、恶魔和其他奇怪的负面外星生命形式的支持下,设法维持对人类的控制。

So in truth there was no risk of an alien invasion because the dark aliens were already here controlling us,and they have been doing so for a very long time.


Our controllers did have far reaching plans to create a false alien invasion to further their control over humanity.However their hopes of actually managing to fulfil this dark plan have been foiled by the Galactic Confederation ships in the ongoing battle between Light and dark forces.


When Will There Be'First Contact'with Our Galactic Family?


Humanity will need to be re-educated with the truth first.Only after the Full Disclosure process will they be ready to meet with Galactic Races.The Galactic Families will initiate contact with pre-selected humans worldwide.Information about these meetings will be televised locally.There will eventually be an official'first contact'when a small Pleiadian ship will land on the lawn beside the new and thoroughly restructured United Nations building.This will be broadcast worldwide.All of this is planned to take place approximately 5 months after The Event.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时FORGIVENESS


The picture here on the left has some thoughts about humanity eventually coming to a place within our souls where we can agree upon forgiving the dark controllers for the imprisonment of mankind.




The Plans for the Arrests of the Cabal that Cobra Posted Recently


According to sources,the Nuremberg style trials that are approaching will include a public trial of many Cabal members for crimes against humanity which will result in somewhere between 500 and 5000 death sentences.Cabal criminals will be publicly executed mainly in the USA,China,Japan and a fourth country which must not be named.Those criminals will then be gathered on the etheric plane by the Light Forces,will undergo another trial by the Galactic Court at the Ganymede sorting facility and then be processed in the Galactic Central Sun.


Many lesser Cabal criminals will be arrested,then rapidly tried by military courts,then transported off planet by the Resistance and sorted through the Ganymede sorting center.Those among them unable or unwilling to correct their crimes will be taken to the Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will be taken to correctional facilities across the Galaxy where they will be able to"work out their karmas".


About 500,000 Cabal middlemen who were promoting the negative agenda such as corrupt city mayors,lawyers,politicians,bankers,hospital managers,doctors,journalists and even some who were posing as"light workers",will be arrested at the time of the Event and will serve their term.It is interesting to know that a few past members of my team who betrayed the Light will be among those arrested.


After all this is done,the Light Forces will address so-called injustice nodes and many more people among the surface population who have seriously wronged others will serve their term with house arrest,community work or financial fines.


Here it is important to understand that many past injustices will be settled and healed through truth and reconciliation commissions,through mediation and through forgiveness.


Many people who were incarcerated across the planet for minor offenses such as marijuana possession or petty theft will be released from jail immediately after the Event.


All this will bring much needed closure,so a dark and unjust chapter of human history will close and a new,better one will open.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时Light and Dark


Christ Consciousness and the process of Ascension is all about reaching a point in your development as a soul where you become fully aware of the fact that you and what we call Source~God are One.


Your heart and mind are constantly in communion with Source and with Beings of Light such as the Archangel s,Ascended Masters etc.This steady communion with Source lends you a sense of being Loved at all times~knowing at all times that your creative Beingness is One with All that Is.


The very opposite to this state is one where you are totally bereft of all contact with Source.You exist in a state where you alone are responsible for your existence.You alone must control your present and future circumstances through all and every means.You are alone in the Universe.


The dark beings that have been controlling the lives of humanity are those beings that came to be among a group of beings who had totally lost all contact with Source~God~Goddess.


When a human being who has a higher sense of awareness about his/her connection to/communion with Source~with One~when these people attempt to create a bond with someone whose heart conscious awareness level is much further down on the scale of Light and dark,then the lighter person will often discover that they are forced to keep giving of their love and devotion in every way possible to maintain these relationships.Without receiving love in return in one way or another the lighter person becomes drained of life energy.


I am guessing that close to 75%of humans will have some understanding of this situation through relationships of one kind or another.


The further down the scale towards darkness we come the more our hearts close off and we are less willing/able to accept/receive love that is unconditional.


After The Event this sad state of affairs will begin to heal on our planet.Upon gaining a greater understanding about what true love means,what unconditional love means,those who have closed their hearts as a way of protecting themselves will begin to heal and learn to allow love to enter their hearts without holding onto fears and insecurities.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时A Message from Yeshua


Jesus Christ Sananda would like to say a few words to my readers.

耶稣基督 Sananda 想对我的读者说几句话。

You are about to begin experiencing a time when you finally truly understand what is meant by the phrase'Being a Sovereign Being'.


A Sovereign Being has true freedom of choice at all times.A Sovereign Being does not have concern as to whether his/her choices are the right ones.A Sovereign Being lives in the moment.


You are about to find yourself in a place where a great change is occurring.This change will be taking place,both regarding your own objectives,your own way of seeing reality,along with changes taking place in the world all around you.This will be a time when you have no other choice than to follow your hearts voice and to truly experience the Flow that occurs–the synchronicities that occur–when you fully accept that you are a free Sovereign Being.


You will discover that you are never alone!You will discover that you have become One with the Collective Force.Being One with the Collective Force requires that you are fully committed to persistently acting correctly according to the requirements at each moment in time.


For Example


You are feeling extremely tired=You rest.


You are feeling hungry=You eat.


You feel an irresistible call to communicate with someone=You reach out and communicate.


You suddenly get an idea about doing something specific and in your minds eye you see clearly all of the details involved in this particular'movement'=You set about doing this specific thing.


At all times you listen to your inner heart knowingness and then you act accordingly.


Enlightened Beings always know how and when to operate in good conduct.


In following their true hearts desire at each moment in time they are always raising and balancing the energy levels within the social environment that they find themselves a part of.


Know now that you are indeed ready for everything that lies ahead of you.


Be Peaceful in that knowledge.


Your beloved Brother Jesus Christ Sananda


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时A Message from Saint Germain


Dear Friends


Each of you are about to experience a Promotion.Your heart consciousness awareness levels are about to expand.With this development,your ability to comprehend your environment will increase and you will discover the magic of synchronicity.


You will however need to comprehend that creating magic also entails that you carefully plan the beginning of each venture.


Grounding is a very important factor to consider on a path to Enlightenment.Grounding your body in some form of physical exercise/activity is paramount.Grounding means being physically present and alert and will ascertain that you perform your everyday functions in a much more balanced way.


Whenever you find yourself uncertain as to what is the next important step to take–stop–take the time to relax and take some deep breaths.There is no pushing in the River of Life.Enlightened Beings learn the art of calculated waiting with a confident attitude.When you stop–relax and wait things become clearer and your every action will be balanced.


It might be helpful to understand your role as being an important part of what is called the Collective Force.A good example of this Force is seen while viewing an old fashioned boat race.Each of the oarsmen in a boat are cooperating and synchronised and rowing as powerfully as possible.Consider that although you might not be aware of the actions of the other'oarsmen'you too by using correct persistence in each of your actions are an important part of a greater Collective Force.


Know too that there will be times when you are restrained–held back by unseen Forces.When you are restrained you need to know that this experience is very much a part of a Greater Plan so that true synchronisation takes place.Try to accept that the energy level that is available to you at each moment in time is perfect for the Whole.


These are Prospering Times!


My beloved friends~please know now that the inferior is on the way out.The Superior is on the rise.There will be good fortune and progress.


I AM your Saint Germain.


瑞典银河真理报|第370期  当我们过境时A Message from The Goddess~Divine Mother


Divine Mother is here,and She wishes to share some words with all of those who might read this article.


Things are developing and the wisest choice that you My dear children can make at this time,is to always stay very close to your true heart knowingness.Do not allow the voices from those around you to affect any choices that you feel that you should make.Stay always close to and true to your heart.


From this moment forward your entire focus should be such that you can adapt quickly to any situation that arises.Then there will be no mistakes.


Do not for one moment forget that you are a true Sovereign Being.Be secure in the knowingness that you are always supported by the Council of Love.We are ALL ready to support you in any efforts that you make to bring forward a more harmonious Transit for the many.


Make a decision now that you will always follow the Superior Path.This will entail trusting and following your true heart knowing at all times.


Sometimes the choices that you make will not at all be understood by your peers.Only you yourself will understand the importance of some of the choices that you make.An Enlightened Being must sometimes conceal even his/her virtuous conduct.


You are now becoming One with the Flow where a Natural Response brings exceptional progress.Calm and correct persistence brings good fortune.


Finally you should know that an Enlightened person therefore cultivates his character through decisive conduct.


Go forward with My Peace and My Love~Divine Mother






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On this webpage you can find comprehensive information which is listed at the top of the page.Here you can find out in depth information from the Resistance Movement about Archons,Chimera,Black Nobility Families,Jesuits,Illuminati and the Secret Space Program etc.




TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE:An Ongoing Social Engineering Project to Mind Control Humanity


NB:My Sources tell me that 92%of the information in the following article is true.





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