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To understand the current geo-politics you have to know the three teams that are vying for the victory in the game.And History helps us by reminding us that...


There has already been a 3rd world war./In Korea,a woman is in command,Kim Jong-Un's aunt./The Illuminati do not exist today,but they were a creation of the Jesuits:The Perfectibilists./Anarchism and the Illuminati./The Jesuit Reductions of America,the NWO was invented long ago./Communism,the masterpiece of the Society of Jesus./Who has forced the debt crisis?/The Juche Tower and the"Precession of the Equinoxes"./In the Obelisks(of Anu)is the answer...

已经发生了第三次世界大战。在朝鲜,一个女人在指挥,金正恩的姑姑。今天的光明会并不存在,但他们是耶稣会的产物:完美主义者。无政府主义和光明会。美国耶稣会集合化传教村,NWO 是很久以前发明的。共产主义,耶稣会的杰作。谁迫使了债务危机?主体思想塔和"岁差"。答案就在方尖碑上。


The Voice of Truth speaks softly to make sure who wants to hear it wants to hear it.


A final three-way game



First was the escalation of tension in Korea,which quickly deflated after reaching its climax.Then there was the imminent outbreak of the war in Syria-Iran-Israel,after the Boston bombings,with which the Zionists and the CIA pressured Obama to abandon his passivity.Now they say that Assad is on the verge of winning the Syrian civil war,with which the tension would deflate definitively.


Everything is a game,a game of chess-three-way-where the pawns to sacrifice would be all of us.


There is no New World Order,there are three.


A crucial three-way game,as there are three groups currently fighting for control of the centers of power.Three groups of controllers behind the curtains,which in turn correspond to three groups of those who control those who control.Each"team"is scheming to implement its own model of society under its control,its own New World Order.


Team 1,the Jesuits


The Jesuits are perhaps the best placed in the race,especially due to the advantage obtained with the creation of the debt crisis and the recent advantage of having achieved the throne of Peter in the Holy See.Korea is the end of the plan drawn up by the Society of Jesus for its own NWO,New World Order,which they have already tried in the Guarani Reductions of South America and in the communist countries.


His plan is for the economic implosion to coincide with the outbreak of an armed conflict in Korea,in order to create a real shock,a global chaos of despair and such fear that the implementation of a New World Order will be embraced without discussion.even with joy.


It is the doctrine of Shock,applied in the culmination of a plan orchestrated for many years,whose synthesized development consists of four phases:


1st Phase:Jesuit Reductions of America(NWO version 1.0,in tests)

第一阶段:美国耶稣会集合化传教村(NWO 1.0版,测试中)

2nd Phase:Communism(NWO version 1.8)

第二阶段:共产主义(NWO 版本1.8)

3rd Phase:From the debt crisis to the end of cash


4th Phase:Economic Implosion,a trigger called Korea


1.The Jesuit Reductions of America


Even before the first ideologues emerged,communist doctrines had already been experienced in reality,in the Guarani Jesuit Missions,in the cross-border area of​​present-day Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil,also known as Jesuit Reductions.


In 1549,just nine years after founding the Order,the Jesuits arrived in South America in what is now Paraguay.In 1604,Rome established this region as a separate,independent"province"for the Jesuits.



Its extensive area included Argentina,Chile,Bolivia,parts of Brazil and Paraguay and its capital was the Argentine city of Córdoba,famous today for the Jesuit Block,a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Up to 30 reductions were counted,of which today almost all are just ruins.


They were geometric populations,built around a large central square in the style of the great squares of the communist area(Red Square,Tian An Men,Pyongyang,etc).There was the church and the residence of the parents and of course,the school,being Jesuits it could not be otherwise.


The social organization was that of an absolute monarchy,a theocracy,where the missionaries acted as priests and judges who used to dictate bloody corporal punishment and seclusion,isolation and all kinds of deprivation.



The property was communal,although families could have a piece of land that they could not sell,"The work in the fields began at dawn,and continued for most of the day,with a break for rest at noon.Work was compulsory in the Jesuit colonies,and failure to do this was strongly punished.


Among the Guaraní,the principle of UNIVERSAL EQUALITY prevailed,as would later occur in communism,the second part of the experiment of the Jesuit NWO(New World Order).Both were a precocious advance of the third and final version:the new society that is being forged in Spain and throughout Europe,where the middle class does not exist.A society with a single ruling class and the rest a homogeneous sum of subjects matched in their submission and their helplessness.The NWO experiment in its refined and…final version.

在瓜拉尼人中,普遍平等的原则占了上风,就像后来在共产主义中发生的那样,这是耶稣会 NWO(新世界秩序)实验的第二部分。两者都是第三个也是最后一个版本的早熟进步:在西班牙和整个欧洲正在形成的新社会,在那里中产阶级并不存在。NWO 实验的精炼版和......最终版。

In each reduction there was a main authority,known among the Guarani as Parokaitara,"the one who determines what must be done."He was chosen by the natives,generally among the chiefs,but with the essential sanction of the parents.


The Jesuits exercised a strong social and moral authority,and even intervened in the intimate life of the natives.Males were forced to marry at the age of seventeen,and females at fifteen.At that age,if they had not chosen a companion yet,it was the missionaries who chose for them.


All this,despite the apparent prosperity,led to desertions and some rebellions.


Over time,misgivings about their prosperity,fear that the independence they enjoyed would not go away,and violent conflicts with the rest of the settlers,caused Carlos III of Borbón in 1767,to expel the Jesuits from America and little by little the reductions were declining and being abandoned.

随着时间的推移,对他们的繁荣的担忧,对他们享有的独立不会消失的恐惧,以及与其他定居者的暴力冲突,导致1767 Borbón 的卡洛斯三世将耶稣会从美国驱逐出去,并逐渐减少和被放弃。


It was the beginning of a long enmity between the House of Bourbon and the Jesuits,which as we have seen has resulted in the current King Juan Carlos being forced to pretend a false coup,a self-coup-to defuse the Jesuit threat of a real blow,which would freeze and confiscate the fortune it owns in Switzerland(more than€6 billion)in the hands of banks controlled by the Company.see Juan Carlos de Borbón,from"the Chosen One"to"the Fallen One"




Some will be surprised,others already know it,but it is really disturbing to know that the Jesuits were behind the formation of the communist and anarchist movements.In fact,most of the liberal revolutionary movements were sponsored by them,including the movement of the Perfectibilists,known as the Illuminati of Bavaria,who today are on everyone's lips under the name of the Illuminati.(Below we strip the Illuminati of all literature and reveal the truth about this modern archetype of conspiracy).



It is a recognized fact that the Jesuits educated Karl Marx and were his tutors while he was writing the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.The Jesuits also educated Lenin at the University of Geneva(Switzerland,"the country of the Society of Jesus").And they also educated Stalin in a Jesuit seminary in Georgia.


And in case anyone has any doubts,the Jesuits also educated M/*/o Tse Tung,Ho Chi Min.And…Fidel Castro.


Their motivation in training and then financing these illustrious names is not due to the desire to improve society,but the desire to establish a new world social order.For this,it is necessary to previously abolish the old regime,as they did in the French Revolution,directly prepared by the Society of Jesus.


I highly recommend reading"The Prague Cemetery",by Humberto Eco,where he explains in a very entertaining way the modus operandi of the Jesuits and the eternal-mutual-hatred they feel towards the Jews.By the way,he shares his research about the famous protocols of Sion,or the Priory of Sion,one of the"fakes"that has circulated the most today.Eco explains very well the two favorite weapons of the Jesuits:information and disinformation.

我强烈推荐读亨伯托艾柯(Humberto Eco)的《布拉格公墓》(The Prague Cemetery),他用一种非常有趣的方式解释了耶稣会士的作案手法,以及他们对犹太人的永恒的相互仇恨。顺便说一下,他分享了他的研究关于 Sion 的著名协议,或郇山隐修会,其中一个"假的"流传最广。Eco 很好地解释了耶稣会最喜欢的两种武器:信息和虚假信息。

This ambivalence,this knowing how to be on both sides in every conflict,navigating the Hegelian and Marxist dialectic,has led the Company to great successes.Perhaps the most famous,that of the Second World War and the subsequent Cold War.It is precisely at this point that great conflicts that have exploded in our time were born.From Iraq to Pakistan,or recently Korea.



That the Jesuits do not understand sides is proven by the Russian revolution,which they sponsored against the royal family of the Romanovs,who had precisely picked them up when they were expelled from almost all of Europe.And that,despite the hatred-mutual-they feel towards their rivals,the Jews,many of the socialist revolutionaries who promoted were.Karl Marx,for example,was not called that,his real name was Kissel Mordekay,in honor of Mordecai,a biblical character whose name means servant of Marduk and is the uncle and tutor of Esther,the great biblical heroine.See the key to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict and the membership of Zionism to the Luciferian branch of the"controllers".see Purim Festival,the ideal day to start a war

耶稣会不理解阵营的事实,在俄国革命中得到了证实,他们发起了一场反对罗曼诺夫王室的革命,罗曼诺夫王室在他们被驱逐出几乎整个欧洲的时候,恰好接纳了他们。而且,尽管他们对他们的竞争对手犹太人怀有相互的仇恨,许多推动社会主义革命的人却是犹太人。例如,卡尔·马克思就不是这样称呼的,他的真名是 Kissel Mordekay,以纪念圣经人物 Mordecai,他的名字的意思是 Marduk 的仆人,是伟大的圣经女主人公 Esther 的叔叔和导师。理解阿拉伯-以色列中东战争和犹太复国主义成员的关键在于"控制者"的路西法分支。看看普林节,发动战争的理想日子

The truth about the Illuminati.The Perfectibilists


The Perfectibilists Association was a paramasonic secret society founded on May 1,1776 by the former Judeo-German Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria,a professor at the important Jesuit University of Ingolstadt.From the date of its creation,the Labor Day party is born,through the socialism that they created and promoted.



The order was later renamed the Illuminati of Bavaria and has survived to this day as the Illuminati.Only nine years later it was banned,and some of its members were even persecuted.


To understand the Illuminati,one must first consider the historical context of the liberal revolutionary movements that shook Europe in the 17th and 19th centuries.And the context of a Germany where the Jesuits had been expelled 3 years before,after their power in Bavaria was almost absolute,both in politics,as in religion and education.The Company had to operate,more than ever,from the shadows,but its intention was not to create more"control"groups,since they were already there for that,and they had already infiltrated almost all existing ones.


Like all secret orders,they had a special predilection for ancient mystery religions,such as the one that has now come to the throne of the Vatican from the hand of the Jesuits.These religions were and are the direct link with the beings that,in ancient times,posed as gods and that after many changes,have survived to this day.These beings are the origin of darkness and evil on earth.



The order knew how to recruit many freemasons(some very famous like Goethe,Herder or Enrique Pestalozzi)and infiltrate multitudes of lodges,especially through the work of Baron Adolf Von Knigge,one of the most respected figures on the Masonic scene of the time.Over time,the society continued to grow and spread to several countries,to the point that it can be said that it died of success,due to its size and its lack of definition.


Over time they ended up being diluted,although recently they have revived in the form of the archetype of"the power groups that operate from the shadows."The Illuminati,beyond the concept,do not exist today,although there are several small groups that claim to be the heirs of the order.


The Illuminati archetype does correspond to several real and active groups that vie for power in the shadows,be they the Bilderbergs,Trilateral,Council of Foreign Relations,Club of Rome,etc.All of them can be assigned the adjective of"illuminati's",but without forgetting that these groups are nothing more than mere executors of orders that come even from above.Behind,or rather above them,are"those who manage those who drive from the shadows."


There are three groups of them,for now we continue to undress the Jesuits,but we will talk about the other two.And when"those who drive those who drive"are unmasked,we will still go up one step higher,because these are nothing more than servants-the foremen-of those who have controlled and enslaved the planet since before human civilization existed.


Actually,the Illuminati today are a perfect smokescreen for awakened minds not to turn their attention to the truly powerful in the shadows.


Throughout these articles,the names of"the beings served by those who handle those who handle"They will be repeated constantly,because although they physically disappeared from the earth around 1500 BC,they have remained in the astral with their pernicious influence and manipulation of the human being,helped by their lieutenants,who have not hesitated to imitate them in order to preserve their position privileged by his side.


The Illuminati do not exist,but the occult societies do,the ruling elite beyond governments and countries.The name of this elite is irrelevant,the important thing is to be aware that they exist and that they obey a truly invisible superior elite.


Rothschild,he may be the most powerful man on earth,but he is nothing more than a servant of a superior master,"the controllers".And when the time comes,no one will envy their position.


The Illuminati and the Anarchists



It will hurt more than one to read these two words together,but the Truth is not always comfortable(quite the opposite).Let's know a summary of the ideology of the Illuminati:


•Abolition of the monarchy and any government organized according to the Old Regime.


•Suppression of private property in the means of production,with the consequent abolition of social classes.


•Abolition of inheritance rights


•Elimination of the states that have sown fratricide among patriotic and nationalist men.


•Prohibition of any type of religion


With this ideology,the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt is considered a precursor of Modern Anarchism.


In fact Weishaupt and his group of enlightened ones,were used by the Jesuits to infiltrate the Masonry in an excellent way.Also,as a bait to attract to them the nascent power of all the liberal movements that could escape their control.


This happened with anarchism,whose main ideologue and promoter Bakunin,had not studied with the Jesuits(unlike all the other leaders of socialism).Bakunin had created a dangerous communism in which power was not in the state,but in the people,with an organization from below and without superior authorities(be they ecclesiastical,democratic or socialist).There was the great difference with his companion and later enemy Karl Marx.Power does not reside in the party but in the people.


Bakunin,who lived for many years in Switzerland,died and was buried there,in the most Jesuit country of all,with the permission of Argentina.It was also the forerunner of an idea that never saw a reality:the United States of Europe.And also from another that is still waiting its turn to become a reality:the revolution must begin with the person himself.


Bakunin went so far as to say that:


····"He was very impressed by the phenomenon of the Jesuits and that the members of a revolutionary committee have renounced their private life with total dedication and obedience like the Jesuits,only to liberate the people and not to dominate it"



Bakunin was a Freemason like Marx,Engels,Lenin,Stalin,and Trotsky,all members of different hermetic secret societies.


Freemasonry is one of the most important centers of global power,and it is one of the most appetizing pieces for"those who manage those who manage"and for"the beings served by those who manage those who manage."


The commitment to the strategy of"silent infiltration"has yielded great rewards to the Society of Jesus.They have known how to lead it to excellence,as the Illuminati of Bavaria did in their day.


Also to their imitators,such as the"Opus"and"Communion and Liberation",which are based on the same strategy,but let's observe the high levels of power that these secular Catholic sects have achieved in Spain,especially through massive infiltration in the Popular Party.


Regarding the anarchist symbol,perhaps the best example of manipulation in history:



All that glitters is not love.


In the photo of the flag appears the original symbol,an"A"inside a circle.We are facing a positive code.A sibylline manipulation appears in the graffiti on the wall that turns this symbol into a very negative code,which is part of the 666 codes that are the origin of such a famous number.Here the"A"leaves the circle,it leaves the protection of the Unit,it leaves the Light.That is very well disguised with the word"love"


3.The debt crisis


The debt crisis appears when credit closes and interests rise,from the top of the economic pyramid,that is,from the Asian banks,which have the top four world banks,plus the sixth,plus 21%of the fifth.This entails a reduction in spending,social cuts and a latent social explosion,and a gradual decline of sovereign economies,which without investment inexorably deflate.People and countries work only to pay the debt and its interests,until the controllers decide to execute the loans and keep the properties with which we have guaranteed(countries and people).The situation will be unsustainable until the social outbreak,the starting point of the new world order,which will turn the planet into a large-scale Guarani Jesuit reduction.This is already happening and is on its way.


The debt crisis is a checkmate that the Asian bank has thrown at its rival,the Jewish-Zionist bank.The victims,the citizens of the whole world.The main world banks are:


1.Industrial&Commercial Bank of China US$170 billion.70%of shares are owned by the Chinese government 2.China Construction Bank US$130 billion(it has 16.6%of Bank of America).


3.Bank of China US$120 billion.


4.HSBC US$70 billion.Although they are based in the City of London,it is Asian.Its name is Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 5.JPmorgan Chase(merger of JP Morgan&Co.and Chase Manhattan)US$60 billion.Received US$25 billion from the US government bailout 6.Bank of Tokyo-UFJ US$48 billion Owns 21%of JP Morgan Chase

4.HSBC US 700 billion 汇丰700亿美元。虽然他们的总部设在伦敦金融城,但它是亚洲的。它的名字是香港上海汇丰银行5号。摩根大通(JP Morgan&co。和 Chase Manhattan 的合并)600亿美元。从美国政府救助中获得250亿美元。东京银行-ufj 银行480亿美元拥有摩根大通21%的股份

Note that the first four are Asian and also the sixth.The latter also owns 21%of the fifth bank on the list,the only one that is not from Asia,but which has already had to be rescued with 25 trillion cents.It is interesting to know that the 21%stake in JP Morgan was acquired in October 2008,a few weeks after the global economic crisis began.


It is clear that someone knew that the banking war was beginning,in which Asia wants to take full global control.And when we say Asian banking,we must talk about the Jesuits,who for many years have been infiltrating until they get their control,without anyone noticing.The members of the Society of Jesus,the religious and especially the thousands of lay people in their orbit,They are the heirs of the Order of the Temple,those who invented the bill of exchange and modern banking,already in the Middle Ages.


Bank of Tokyo,a good example



It is the sixth largest bank in the world,with assets that exceed 2,000 trillion dollars,according to Forbes magazine it is the bank with the largest number of assets in the world.It also owns 21%of JP Morgan Chase,the bank that ranks fifth.



The linkage of the Asian bank to the Jesuits and theirs to certain secret,magical or extraterrestrial knowledge,is evidenced in the logo of the Bank of Tokyo.Below,a Crop Circle with exactly the same graphic,known as the"Vesica Piscis"or fish bladder.It is a basic element in sacred geometry,from which all forms in the universe can be created.The Vésica Pisces is also the origin of the anagram of the fish with which the first Christians identified themselves and which also represents the father of all pagan gods,Anu,father of Enki and Enlil in the Sumerian-Anunnaki pantheon.Anu,is the false Creator referred to in the first paragraph of Genesis,when he places the creator moving among the waters...

东京银行的标志证明了亚洲银行与耶稣会士的联系,以及耶稣会士与某些秘密、魔法或外星知识的联系。下图是一个麦田怪圈,有着完全相同的图形,被称为"Vesica Piscis"或鱼膀胱。它是神圣几何学中的一个基本元素,宇宙中的所有形式都可以从中产生。韦塞卡双鱼座也是鱼的变位词的起源,第一批基督徒用这个变位词来表示他们自己,它也代表了所有异教神的父亲,Anu,在苏美尔-anunnaki 万神殿 Enki Enlil 的父亲。Anu,是《创世纪》第一段中提到的假造物主,当他把造物主放在水中移动时..

"In the beginning of everything,God created heaven and earth.


The earth then had no shape;


everything was a deep sea covered with darkness,


and the spirit of God moved over the waters.



The origin of the Vésica Psicis is in the one known as Planet of the Crossing,so called because it draws two orbits,which instead of being concentric intersect each other,like the orbit of Planet X,also known as Nibiru and Hercóbulus.This planet is the place of origin of Anunnaki beings,those who were treated as gods in the first human civilizations of Sumeria and Mesopotamia and who since then have been passing through history with different names and personalities,through all the pantheons of all religions,up to the present day.

维希卡星的起源是在一颗被称为十字星的行星上,之所以这样称呼是因为它画了两条轨道,它们不是同心的,而是相互交叉的,而不是像行星X的轨道一样,也被称为尼比鲁和 Hercóbulus。这个星球是阿努那奇人的起源地,他们在苏美尔(Sumeria)和美索不达米亚(Mesopotamia)最早的人类文明中被视为神,从那时起,他们以不同的名字和性格穿越历史,穿越所有宗教的万神殿,直到今天。

The Jesuits worship one of them,known as Mitra.The story of Jesus has been manipulated to resemble-match-that of this false usurper Mitra.At this time from the Vatican the change has already taken place,thus fulfilling all the prophecies about the anti-Christ.

耶稣会崇拜其中一个,被称为 Mitra。耶稣的故事被操纵得和这个假冒的篡位者米特拉一模一样。在这个时候,梵蒂冈的变化已经发生,从而实现了所有关于反基督的预言。





see more in:Vatican,Jesuits come out of the closet


Next Step:Global devaluation of currencies


First they got the money to be debt,after the debt was unsustainable..the moment of the final thrust is approaching.


Faced with the offensive of the large debt holders,and therefore holders of control,countries have been forced to seek desperate solutions,pressured and cornered by the rush to obtain liquidity.Once they have saved and cut almost everything possible,they are choosing the following escape route:printing more money,what a great idea!


Those pieces of paper,so expensive to forge,will lose value until they are pure wet paper and what little we can earn in the black economy(without work or with the salary garnished by the debts)no longer even it will be used to buy food.



At the beginning of April 2013,Japan announced one of the largest monetary injections in the history of central banks in memory,supplying the economy with the equivalent of 30%of GDP in just two years.

20134月初,日本宣布了中央银行有史以来最大规模的货币注入,在短短两年内为日本经济提供了相当于 GDP 30%的资金。

On the other hand,the FED injects$85 billion a month(yes,every month)into the US economy.


As in Nebuchadnezzar's dream(see Decoding Pope Francis)the second Roman empire(Europe)will collapse as the first did,after a fatal series of currency devaluations.

正如 Nebuchadnezzar 的梦想(见解码教皇方济各),在一系列致命的货币贬值之后,第二个罗马帝国(欧洲)将像第一个一样崩溃。

This has started to happen and is on its way.


The Pre-implosion is here


All the variables are stretched towards their limit,waiting for the final detonation.


At this point we are already entering.


Asian banking,controlled by the Jesuits,owns 20%of the US debt,(China with$1.3 billion and Japan with$912 billion).China is only surpassed by the Federal Reserve(FED)in accumulated debt,$1.63 trillion.The absolute record for possession of US debt is the country's Social Security Fund,at a whopping 2.67 trillion.


The US has fallen into the dangerous spiral of lending itself.Own debt is more than double that owed to foreign entities.The day they cannot pay the debt,the first injured will be themselves and it will be the total collapse.When this dynamic is entered,the final implosion is inevitable,it only remains to know the date when it will occur.


In addition,the concentration of foreign debt in Asian banks in the US is very worrying because of the power it gives to control its price and because of the sword of Damocles that depends on third countries and the possible denial of new credits necessary to continue paying the relentless maturities.



But do not laugh at the former great power,because something similar happens in Spain:


As no one trusts to lend us money anymore,in the purchase of debt,foreign investors have been replaced by national investors(60%of debt purchases is from Spanish banks).In Spain almost all(97%)of the Pension Fund is invested in our own debt.Little by little,our debt becomes endogamous and that makes us non-systematic-dispensable-and that is the end of all foreign aid.


Let's not forget that,if for any reason Spain,Greece or Portugal is helped,it is so that we can return all the money we owe to those who help us so keenly.Once we have done it to a great extent...bye,if I have seen you or even remember...


4.Korea,trigger of the Economic Implosion


The tension between the two Koreas has relaxed in recent weeks,coinciding with the movements of the rival Zionist faction with the attack in Boston,the assassination of the London military and the Obama spy scandal.In its day it was a movement of the pawns of the Society of Jesus,a lantern that sooner or later will be used again.Let's see the reasons...


The Jesuits arrived in the Asia-Pacific region already in the early days of the Society,at the hands of Francisco Javier,patron of the Missions.He was sent to Asia in 1540,the year of the approval of the Company by the Pope,and after some time in India,he arrived in Japan in 1549.

耶稣会士早在教会成立初期就已抵达亚太地区,他们是在差会赞助人弗朗西斯科·哈维尔(Francisco Javier)的帮助下抵达的。他于1540年被派往亚洲,也就是教皇批准该公司的那一年。在印度待了一段时间后,他于1549年抵达日本。


Francisco Javier(to whom the Pope owes his name,along with another important Jesuit named Francisco Borgia),is the one who made a pact with occult forces,with the pagan beings or"false gods"that the Jesuits have worshiped ever since.

弗朗西斯科·哈维尔(教皇将他的名字与另一位重要的耶稣会士弗朗西斯科·波吉亚(Francisco Borgia)命名为哈维尔),他与神秘势力、异教徒或"虚假神"达成协议,从此耶稣会士就开始崇拜这些神。

The pact was anchored in the church of Goa,in India.I say was,because a team of people were there in 2011 and deactivated it.In the photo is the place where it was anchored the work or collaboration pact with those forces.As always in the best support for magic:organic relics,symbol of death and destruction.



What is inside the urn is the famous incorrupt arm of San Francisco Javier.


The Jesuits knew how to integrate very well into the new countries and immediately occupied positions of trust close to power.The accumulated power,the intrigues and the envy made the epidemic of expulsions that occurred in Europe and America also live in Asia.


However,today its presence has become very important in countries such as Australia,Cambodia,China,Indonesia,Japan,Korea,Laos,Malaysia,Micronesia,Myanmar,New Zealand,Philippines,Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand,Timor,and Vietnam.


The infiltration strategy of the Jesuits consists in placing their members in the key places of multinationals,banks and international financial companies.The same in governments and power groups.They blend in,blend in perfectly without attracting attention.But do not try to imagine a man in a cassock,with square glasses,like your old school teacher directing a board of directors of a large Chinese bank,it is not like that.The ordained Jesuits are a rare minority,those who wield power are lay people trained,educated and encouraged to success by the Society,which is based on the recruitment of the"best individuals"in its renowned universities scattered throughout the world.The lord of the board of directors may have been born in Seoul,be of a good family,have a few masters degrees and wear a suit and an American like the graduates in Georgetown(one of the most prestigious Jesuit universities in the world,despite having among its staff:José Maria Aznar).

耶稣会的渗透策略是把会员安置在跨国公司、银行和国际金融公司的关键地点。政府和权力集团也是如此。他们融入其中,完美地融入其中而不引起注意。但是不要试图想象一个男人穿着长袍,戴着方形眼镜,就像你以前的学校老师指导一家中国大型银行的董事会一样,事实并非如此。耶稣会是一个罕见的少数群体,那些掌握权力的人是受过训练、受过教育并受到鼓励而成功的非宗教人士,该协会的基础是在其分散在世界各地的著名大学招募"最优秀的人才"。这位董事会主席可能出生在首尔,出身名门,拥有几个硕士学位,穿着西装,还有一位像乔治敦大学毕业生一样的美国人(乔治敦大学是世界上最负盛名的耶稣会大学之一,尽管其员工中有何塞玛丽亚阿兹纳尔(josé Maria Aznar))

If you want to know the total list of colleges and universities in Asia and the rest of the world,provided by the Company itself,download the 207 pages of this PDF

如果你想知道公司自己提供的亚洲和世界其他地区的大专院校的总名单,请下载这个 PDF 207

Jesuits in Korea



Korea is a closed country,completely hermetic,one might think that to protect the last truly communist stronghold in the world,but it is not like that.What really moves the Pyongyang regime is the concept of race,the supposed superiority of the Korean race that is instilled in schools and the military,from infancy to old age.


In fact,no one talks about communism in Korea anymore,not even in its new constitution.


Korea is something like a sect country,where all contact with the outside is evil and thus the followers are made to believe that in this way they build themselves the safest jail.And brainwashing is not in danger.The cult of the leader goes to surreal extremes,for example,with the prohibition of turning one's back on any image of him,which is made quite difficult by the abundance of portraits everywhere.



Faced with this idea of​​the purity of the race,the defense of the Communism and of the autochthonous ideology,called Juche,takes a back seat.


The Juche ideology,which was created by Kim Il Sung,the founder of the fatherland,is a strange mix of Confucianism,Stalinism,and ultra-nationalism.The national symbol represented in numerous gigantic figures is the well-known communism of the worker with a hammer and the peasant with a sickle,but in Korea a third element is added:the intellectual expressed with a writing pen.The Jesuit hand seems evident.



The greatest expression of Juche ideology is the Arirang Festival,also known as the North Korean Mass Games,and the Juche Tower or"Tower of Ideology"in Pyongyang.

主体意识形态的最大表现形式是阿里郎节(arirang festival),也被称为朝鲜群众运动会(North Korean Mass Games),以及平壤的主体思想塔(Juche Tower)

The Juche Tower


The Juche Tower was erected in the country's capital in 1982 by Kim Jong-Il,father of the current dictator,in memory of his father and founder of the only communist monarchy that has ever existed.

1982年,朝鲜现任独裁者之父金正日(Kim Jong-Il)在该国首都建起了主体思想塔(Juche Tower),以纪念他的父亲,也是唯一存在过的共产主义君主制的创始人。

It is really a marvel to contemplate this tower,especially at night,when the symbolic flame at its top,which is 20 meters high,is illuminated with a play of lights that look like real fire.This flame is a true symbol of the strength of the regime,since the capital suffers constant blackouts,but the tower is always alight.



The symbol of the eternal flame,so present throughout the world and the basis of many esoteric works.


Here we are interested in knowing the reason for its obelisk shape and the reason for its special figures:


With its 170 meters,it has managed to obtain the title of the highest obelisk in the world,exceeding the height of Washington by 70 centimeters.The two share,however,the great difficulties of all kinds in its construction.


To build the Juche Tower,25,550 pieces of white granite were used.The official version is that the number of blocks represents the days lived in the 70 years of Kim Il Sung's life,founder of the country,at the time when his son decided to honor him,giving him a simple tower.But there is a detail at the base of the tower that betrays this justification:there is a verse divided into twelve stanzas,as divided into twelve astrological ages,there is heaven in the 25,665 years that the precession of the poles on earth lasts.Because that's the reason for the block count.

为了建造 Juche 大厦,使用了25,550块白色花岗岩。官方的说法是,这些积木的数量代表了朝鲜开国元勋金日成70年来的生活,当时他的儿子决定纪念他,送给他一座简单的塔楼。但是在塔的底部有一个细节泄露了这个理由:有一节诗被分为十二节,分为十二个占星时代,在地球上两极运动持续的25665年里有天堂。因为这就是积木计数的原因。

The Juche Tower and the"Precession of the Equinoxes"


The Earth is not a perfect sphere,which,added to the gravitational pulls that the Moon and the Sun exert on its imperfections,causes a wobbling movement similar to that of a spinning top or a gyroscope.In other words,the axis of the Earth wobbles circularly,always changing very slowly.If we take the pure north of the axis,we will see that the earth-top traces a complete circumference in the sky,going through the twelve houses of the zodiac,giving rise to the eras called astronomical or zodiacal eras.It is a phenomenon known since ancient times(inexplicably),as the"Precession of the Equinoxes."


As a consequence,right now,the axis of the Earth at the North Pole points to the Pole Star,hence its name.In 5,000 years it will point to Vega and all the textbooks will have to be changed.



It is impossible to give an exact value to the duration of the cycle,because the precessional speed of the earth is increasing.Today it is estimated that its duration is 25,665 years,an almost exact figure to the 25,550 granite blocks of the Juche Tower in Pyongyang.


This figure,which,in any case,would range between 25,500 and 26,000 years,has been very current recently because it is the figure of the Mayan calendar cycle,which marked the end of a cycle in 2012.And that is precisely in Korea.,a country that threatens to create the third world war,a country where the presence of Mayas or awakened consciences of the New Age is not verified.



The precession of the poles is perhaps the greatest enigma of the Mayan and Sumerian civilizations,since there is no explanation-according to the currently accepted paradigms-why at such early times they already knew this phenomenon,with a technology available that since then he would not allow it.Unless someone who traveled to earth many centuries ago had observed it and shared it.


Of course,the best of all is the justification the regime offers on the twelve verses:twelve are the months that lasts a year of the life of Kim Il Sung,the founder of the country.


The years of others,no.


What does the Obelisk(of Anu)mean

(Anu )方尖碑是什么意思


photos from left to right:


Pyongyang's Juche tower-obelisk;the obelisk of the Pza de San Pedro in the Vatican with the new ball and the cross that replaced the one that very supposedly contained the ashes of Julius Caesar;the oldest obelisk in the world,that of Sesostris I,in the Heilopolis neighborhood of Cairo;the sign of Anu patriarch of the Sumerian-Anunnaki pantheon,whose resemblance to that of Korea and the Vatican is worrying.

平壤的主体思想塔方尖碑梵蒂冈的 Pza de San Pedro 方尖碑上新的圆球和十字架取代了传说中的凯撒大帝的骨灰世界上最古老的方尖碑 Sesostris 一世,位于开罗 Heilopolis 附近苏美尔-阿努那奇万神殿的 Anu 族长的标志,其与朝鲜和梵蒂冈的相似之处令人担忧。

The country's capital,Pyongyang,has its own Statue of Liberty(although to call it that in a country like Korea would be a joke).Juche,your name is what the country's ideology is called.It is the same Mithra torch from New York,but its base is not a lady but an obelisk,the great Anunnaki symbol since always.


The symbolic meaning of the obelisks scattered around the world(Paris,Rome,Buenos Aires,Egypt,Ethiopia,Barcelona,​​etc.),is to evoke the pagan god Anu,the head of the Sumerian pantheon and Anunnaki patriarch,father of the half brothers Enki and Enlil.Anu is the same"God"protagonist of the book of Genesis of the Bible,the same one that appears in the bishops'Miter(in his representation as Dagon/Oannes"the fish god".See End of Christianity.2nd Act:First Worship

这些方尖碑分布在世界各地(巴黎、罗马、布宜诺斯艾利斯、埃及、埃塞俄比亚、巴塞罗那等),其象征意义是唤起异教神明 Anu 的回忆,Anu 是苏美尔万神殿的首领,阿努那奇族长,Enki Enlil 兄弟的父亲。Anu 是《圣经》创世纪中同样的"上帝"主角,同样出现在主教的 Miter(在他的代表大衮/Oannes"鱼神")。参见基督教的终结。第二幕:第一次崇拜

A Anu was represented by an obelisk-shaped sign with an added form at the tip.Exactly like the obelisk in St.Peter's Square in the Vatican,with a ball and a cross and like the one in the Juche tower with its flame.

Anu 由一个方尖碑形状的符号表示,在顶端加上一个形状。和梵蒂冈圣彼得广场的方尖碑一模一样,有一个球和一个十字架,就像主体思想塔里的那个,还有它的火焰。


In the images,a Sumerian tablet with the original symbol.


Obelisks,in addition to their symbolic charge,have an important function.They are something like the acupuncture needles of the planet,antennas that capture and radiate the energy grid of the earth,configuring new circuits or modifying existing ones.


The clearest example is that of Washington,placed on the crosshead of a huge cross that encompasses the World War II Memorial,the Korean War and Vietnam Memorial,the US Congress,Casablanca,the Lincoln Memorial.and through him the Arlington Cemetery.In 2011,the whole area was freed from all the esoteric works that had been programmed in the different parts of the set.Among them,the one that attracted and trapped the dead souls in the memorial wars there,who were imprisoned in the neighboring Arlington Cemetery,was disabled.


Arirang Festival,the largest show in the world


It is a unique show in the world,in which 100,000 North Koreans participate,in the largest stadium in the world,the Rungrado May Stadium(150,000 people seated).Those who have been able to witness it live,compare it to the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.It is a spectacular exaltation of the collective against the individual,a very NWO concept,through a combination of acrobatics,music,dances and martial arts on allegories of the country's history.

这是世界上独一无二的表演,有10万朝鲜人参加,在世界上最大的体育场,Rungrado 五月体育场(15万人坐席)。那些能够亲眼目睹它的人,可以把它比作2008年北京奥运会的开幕式。这是一个集体对个人的惊人提升,一个非常 NWO 的概念,通过结合杂技,音乐,舞蹈和武术的国家的历史寓言。

That is the society"dreamed"by its leaders and by those who manage them in the shadows:total obedience,discipline and submission,in a society where all the pieces move exactly,as decided by the director of the function.



Gigantic human mosaic formed in the stands of the Arirang Festival


The greatest perversion of collective supremacy in Korea-the only communist country today-is the Collective Responsibility law,which fills the gulags of entire families.When someone commits a political crime in North Korea,up to three generations of the same family-grandchildren,parents and grandparents-are sent to the forced labor camps.Testimonies from former inmates of these camps reveal the existence of gas chambers and many other atrocities.


Korea 1950,there was already a 3rd world war


That mischievous girl named Historia-our main informant-wants to tell us something about that third world war that seems so close to us.History is no longer cheerful and playful like other times...it means that we should not wait for this war to start anywhere,since the third world war already occurred years ago in Korea,just 5 years after finishing the second World War.It seems incredible that in such a short time,in a world devastated and traumatized by the greatest war of all time,he would once again feel like new killings.

那个调皮的女孩名叫 Historia——我们的主要线人——想告诉我们一些关于第三次世界大战的事情,那场战争似乎离我们很近。历史不再像其他时代那样欢快和有趣......这意味着我们不应该等待这场战争在任何地方开始,因为第三次世界大战已经在几年前在朝鲜发生了,而第二次世界大战刚刚结束5年。令人难以置信的是,在这么短的时间内,在一个被有史以来最大的战争摧毁和创伤的世界上,他会再次感到像新的杀戮。

We recommend reading the article dedicated to the hidden Truth about Sant Jordi's day to understand what a war is.


It was a"minor"and forgotten war,compared to its predecessor the World War,but as long as there is a single victim in a war,it cannot be said that it is small.


And less so is a three-year conflict,with 3 million combatants killed or wounded and some 2.5 million civilians killed or wounded.South Korea was supported by the United States and the UN launched a petition to help the United States,which was attended by up to 18 countries such as Australia,Belgium,Luxembourg,Greece,the Netherlands,France,Turkey,Canada.Meanwhile,North Korea was supported by the People's Republic of China,with the help of the Soviet Union.


The origin of the war is to be found in the arbitrary division of the Korean peninsula,established by agreement of the allies,after the conclusion of the Pacific War,at the end of World War II.So many senseless deaths,to finally leave everything without due closure.As happened in Kurdistan and the 1st World War and that years later would lead to the Iraq war.


Korea had been occupied by Japan since 1910 and after its unconditional surrender,the Americans divided the peninsula along the 38th Parallel,the north of which was occupied by Soviet troops and the south by American troops.


Tension intensified on both sides of the parallel of division,with constant skirmishes,until North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25,1950 and began an open war.


Gernika II



I think that this nonsense motivated Picasso to paint a remake of his Guernika titled"Massacre in Korea",inspired by Goya's painting of French troops shooting civilians in Spain,(May 3).The two images with which we illustrate the Korean War have been chosen because they are two icons of the Korean conflict based on the same element,mothers and their children.The usual expressionlessness of oriental faces(at least for us),does not detract from the force of the photograph that went around the world in the Korean War.Surely the unconditional love of a mother for her son,and that of a son for his mother,in contrast to the steel of tanks,helmets and weapons,surely provokes a small emotional tornado in each of the spectators.

我认为这种无稽之谈促使毕加索重新绘制了他的《Guernika》,题目是《朝鲜的虐杀》(massacre in korea),灵感来自戈雅(Goya)画的法国军队在西班牙(53)向平民开枪。我们之所以选择用来说明朝鲜战争的两个形象,是因为它们是朝鲜冲突的两个象征,基于同样的因素,母亲和她们的孩子。东方人通常面无表情的面孔(至少对我们来说是这样),并没有削弱朝鲜战争中传遍全世界的照片的力量。毫无疑问,母亲对儿子的无条件的爱,儿子对母亲的无条件的爱,与坦克、头盔和武器的钢铁形成鲜明对比,肯定会在每个观众心中激起一股小小的情感旋风。

Jesuits and Kim Jong-Un



This plump twentysomething,admirer of Jean Claude Van Dame,rules a country that has nuclear weapons and one of the most powerful armies in the world,the fourth in terms of human strength.


Little is known about Kim Jong-Un's life,except that he studied at the Jesuit school"The International School of Berne",an elitist Swiss school,where the children of diplomats or big businessmen from all over the world attend.Terrible student,he dropped out of school and after a season in Bern,he returned to his country.

人们对金正恩的生平知之甚少,只知道他曾就读于耶稣会学校"伯尔尼国际学校"(International School of Berne),这是一所瑞士精英学校,来自世界各地的外交官或大商人的子女都在这所学校就读。一个糟糕的学生,他辍学了,在伯尔尼呆了一个学期后,他回到了他的国家。

He is the third child of Kim Jong-il and he was not the ideal candidate to succeed him.The favorite was his eldest son Kim Jong-Nam,but he fell from grace in 2001,when he was intercepted at a Japanese airport with a false passport and bound for Disneyland.¿?¿?¿?


It wasn't Mickey Mouse's fault.what actually happened is that he was not the candidate chosen by the controllers of the Society of Jesus.Those who manage those who drive in the shadows know how to choose very well,whatever side they are,let's remember how they did it with Juan Carlos I(see Juan Carlos de Borbon,from"the Chosen One"to"the Fallen One").


Kim Jong Chul was next well placed for the succession,but the publication of a book on the"palace"cook,in which he recounted the luxurious life,the expensive whims and the eccentricities of the communist-royal family-and about Kim Jong Chul said he was"too effeminate,a trait that"disabled him for leadership.The current leader,on the other hand,was"the spitting image of his father,"he has superb physical abilities,is a heavy drinker and never admits defeat."

金正哲(Kim Jong Chul)是接班人的最佳人选,但在一本关于"宫廷"厨师的书的出版中,他讲述了共产主义皇室家族的奢华生活、昂贵的奇思妙想和怪癖,以及关于金正哲的故事。书中称,金正哲"太女性化",这一特点使他无法担任领导职务。另一方面,现任领导人"和他父亲长得一模一样",他有着出色的体能,是个酒鬼,从不认输

However,power in Korea does not lie with the ruffled teenager-looking leader.The center of North Korean power is much darker and is in the hands of the former leader's personal assistant,Kim Jong Il.It is in the hands of the owner of the only hamburger restaurant in the country,although since it is American food,what it offers are sandwiches called"minced meat and bread"(if not because Korea is very far in every way,one would suspect the team of communication of the PP in the choice of this profound synonym).



im Kyong Hui,66,is Kim Jong-il's little sister and thus the current leader's aunt.Very influential person in his brother's life and today.She is a member of the Central Committee of the Party and former director of the Department of Light Industry.Connoisseurs of the country and the family define her as"...the queen of North Korea,with considerable power in the army,in the economy and in the single party",always with the help of her husband Jang Sung-Taek.Both were already in charge of guarding the young Kim Kyong Un at the request of his father,and his aunt was the one who managed to enter the Jesuit college in Switzerland.[I just did a quick check on her and found out that she reappeared in public for the first time in 6 years in Jan.of 2020,I wonder if it is really her,or lookalike given the importance it seems of N.Korea to the darkness,need to look deeper DC]


Kim Kyong Hui is known for two hobbies,shamanism,still very much alive in Central Asia,and alcoholic beverages,which have greatly deteriorated her personal health.


We all know what misuse of the latter leads to,but little has been written about misuse of the former.Any spiritual and energetic practice carries certain risks,especially if they are combined with the taking of substances that cause altered states of consciousness,such as alcohol(or as occurs in a minority of shamanisms linked to psychotropics).Alcohol,along with practices of openness and energy exchange,leaves people completely vulnerable to all kinds of external influences,from astral entities,with the result of losing control over their thoughts and actions.


Young leader Kim Kyong Un seems like an easy guy to influence,but his little aunt seems more like an easy one to own.And this is what really happens When the dark plays for real And the Jesuits move among the top of the dark hierarchy.


At its lavish coronation in 2010,Korea made the mood of the new reign very clear:



a spectacular army,"Korea is different,visit Korea"


"Neither the political fools of the world"nor the"puppets"of South Korea should expect political changes in the new era of Kim Jong-Un."


It is clear then that in Korea they continue to send the same:those of the Guraranis Jesuit Reductions.


The US is KO and with it the entire capitalist system,all that remains is to press the trigger of the implosion.



The chess game continues its course even though it seems that there is a moment of truce,perhaps a precautionary moment,due to what has to happen on the planet and which is totally beyond your control.Something those individuals are not used to.At stake is the"ownership"of a new age of humanity,or so they believe.


Which of the three"teams"will hit the final trigger first?


The only thing that is already written is that,like the Coyote,it will explode in their faces.Mankind will be free at last.





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