ECETI:多维剧院|James Gilliland

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ECETI:多维剧院|James Gilliland

We have often referred to what is happening on Earth as a multidimensional war.In the simplest explanation it is Good verses evil or the absence of love and straying from Universal Law.This takes many forms.There is a hierarchy to the dark and the light.The dark which we can refer to as self-serving operating outside of Universal Law verses those in service to the Creator within all Creation operating within Universal Law.There is a lot of disinformation perpetuated by think tanks that evil does not exist and if you see it the evil is within you.Those in the new age community who be lie ve this will remind you when you get close to exposing the evil self-serving deeds of the dark hearts.Enlightenment means being in knowledge of both sides of the coin anything else is a half-truth.


The awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth or planetary liberation has many levels.The dark heart hierarchy only goes into mid levels of the 4thdimension.The light hierarchy goes all the way back to the source referred to as Creator/God/Great Spirit.Love is the ultimate power,it is the wellspring of all sound,vibration and light,all that is,the cosmic glue that holds all things together.There is a unified field in which we all reside,the dark hearts only have access to mid to lower 4d and 3d.Masters,Saints and Sages including Spiritually and Technologically advanced extra/ultraterrestrials access more of the unified field determined by their spiritual evolution.These descriptions of polarities have nothing to do with culture or skin color and we are using the words dark heart due to the diminishing or absence of light which can also be referred to as higher consciousness and energy.The soul sits next to the heart.You access Creator through the heart.Those who are in self-service have very little access and light.They feed off the consciousness and energy of others.They cannot create they can only manipulate and distort what has already been created.With this understanding you can see why through the heart and love you connect to higher dimensional beings.Through the intellect and ego operating from self-service you connect with lower dimensional beings.You can have a contact,see a ship yet who is on the ship and what are their intentions?The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect.Those who demand physical proof for what in most cases is a non-physical event,those who are self-serving locked in the intellect trapped in the egos and self-importance in truth are a detriment to contact.This is why disclosure has completely stalled.99%of contact is with higher dimensional beings,they are in service to Creation,benevolent and spiritually advanced.We have to rise spiritually to the occasion.


We can apply this to what is happening on the global scale.If you go to self-serving people trapped in their egos and self-importance for your information like the main stream press and other outlets the information is limited with an agenda and that agenda is not to educate,inform and empower the individual.It is a controlled narrative,a distraction designed to control and dominate the forgotten gods through their own minds.The educational system is the same.We do not say this lightly.You have the genes of the Gods of old,the bearded Gods who actually in truth were extremely advanced off world visitors who colonized Earth on many occasions.They had to start over as primitives due to great cataclysms,wars,volcanic eruptions,tsunamis and pole shifts.This explains your megalithic structures and the prediluvian races buried under the Arctic.In truth humans,Hu meaning God,man/woman is an appropriate name.We are not talking about the big G we are talking about the little g,gods on ancient times and their offspring the demigods with more alien DNA than Earth Human.There is a greater consciousness and energy,higher realms beyond the bearded gods and goddesses.We have to ask the question who created them.How big is your God.


There are fallen beings due to their consciousness that cannot return from whence they originated.They are trapped in the mid levels on down of the 4thdimension.There are other beings not part of the human experience existing there as well.This is where the stories of reptillians,greys,demons,grossly disfigured beings originate.In ancient times Marduk actually made an alliance with the reptillians for total supremacy of the Earth.He turned on his own people.For those with the eyes to see it is written in stone within ancient temples.We are in the process of being liberated from that ancient agreement and other agreements made since by higher dimensional beings residing in the upper 4th,5th,all the way to the 13thdimension.The ground crew are those who incarnated from these higher dimensions and those who are awakening to their true identities,aligned with Universal Law.There is more to this story this is the main outline.


There are those in high positions who incarnated to be a part of the awakening and healing or planetary liberation.Some are aware of this some are not.They still have their personalities to overcome and when the time is right they are initiated.We will talk about just a few playing pivotal roles in the highest levels of leadership.Your present leadership is on the other side of the spectrum along with most of your major institutions.By their fruits you will know them.The Pleiadians,Orion Council of Light,Sirians-felines,Arcturians,Andromedans and the Inner Earth,those who survived the great flood 12000 years ago and went inward continuing their evolution are all part of the Great Awakening.The collapse of Atlantis and Lemuria,Pleiadian colonies were the civilizations that were destroyed.We are repeating the same cycle hopefully with a different outcome.

有些身居高位的人投生成为觉醒和疗愈或行星解放的一部分。有些人意识到了这一点,有些人则没有。他们仍然需要克服自己的性格,当时机成熟的时候,他们就会被启蒙。我们将讨论在最高领导层中发挥关键作用的几个方面。你们现在的领导层与你们大多数主要机构一样,处于另一个极端。通过他们的果实你就能认出他们。昴宿星人、猎户座光明会、天狼星猫科动物、大角星人、仙女座人和地心地球,这些在12000年前的大洪水中幸存下来并继续向内进化的人们都是大觉醒的一部分。亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria 的崩溃,昴宿星人的殖民地就是被摧毁的文明。我们正在重复同样的循环,希望会有不同的结果。

The Pleiadian forefathers the Ancient Lyrians,we refer to as the tall bearded Gods of old,some worship to this day in many religions were the colonies before Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu.There were others within the Inner Earth who had already reached a very high state of evolution.Believe it or not most advanced civilizations live within their planets not on the surface.These races,most our ancient ancestors often referred to as the Star Nations are all part of the planetary liberation.The fallen gods,and other self-serving entities that operate outside of universal law are the ones the Earth is being liberated from.This is written about in the Nag Hamadi,the Emerald Tablets of Thoth,and on the walls of ancient temples.The ones coming to Earth now are the planetary liberators freeing us from negative seen and unseen entities that have plagued humanity for millions of years.An alien invasion is the last thing you have to worry about it is the ones that are already here,have been here a very long time who will be held accountable.The great war is a war between good and evil or those who are self-serving operating outside of Universal Law verses those in service operating within Universal Law.In Christianity they refer to this as the War between Satan and God or demons and angels.In truth it is a bit more complicated many shades of grey and light in between.

昴宿星人的祖先是古代古里安人,我们称之为古代长着高大胡须的神,在许多宗教中,有些至今仍然是在亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria 或穆之前的殖民地。在地心地球内部还有其他人已经达到了一个非常高的进化状态。信不信由你,大多数先进的文明都生活在他们的星球上,而不是地表。这些种族,大多数我们古老的祖先经常被称为星族,都是地球解放的一部分。堕落的神,以及其他在宇宙法则之外运作的自私实体,是地球正在从中解放出来的。这是写在拿戈玛第,赫耳墨斯·特里斯墨吉斯忒斯的翡翠石板,和古代寺庙的墙壁上。现在来到地球的人是行星解放者,他们将我们从困扰人类数百万年的消极可见和看不见的实体中解放出来。外星人入侵是你最不需要担心的事情,那些已经在这里的人,已经在这里很长一段时间了,他们将被追究责任。伟大的战争是善与恶之间的战争,或者是那些在宇宙法则之外自私自利的人与那些在宇宙法则之内服务的人之间的战争。在基督教中,他们称之为撒旦与上帝或恶魔与天使之间的战争。事实上,这是一个有点复杂的许多灰色和光之间的阴影

Now this is where it gets tricky,we might lose a few.In truth you are all multidimensional beings.You are not just a meat suit and a personality.There are aspects of yourself on other dimensions all the way back to source,your original conception which was the original big bang where God chose to bend inward contemplate self upon which there was a tremendous explosion of light.That was your original conception a consciousness born of and endowed with the same abilities of the Creator.This is what the enlightened masters have been telling you for thousands of years.You chose to lower yourself to explore the many dimensions of creation all the way to the physical.There you got a bit confused,identified with the base emotions of fear,survival,separation,guilt,unworthiness a whole host of baser emotions that did not allow you to return to the higher levels of consciousness and energy.More expanded states of awareness within the Unified Field.Now this is going to be a real mind screw.Those other aspects of yourself still exist.Time is not linear.From a higher dimension you can look down on any time line and choose to come in anywhere on that time line.Most choose to move forward on the liner timeline they left due to attachments,family,soul connections etc.The problem is there is a wash of identity,a new ego formed and you have to rise above the collective and environment to remember.Every existence is recorded in your soul,which again sits next to the heart and it is through the soul you access Creator and your many expressions within Creation.Accessing this and having this knowledge is a threat to your ego,everyone else who believes they are a body and personality and the herd or social consciousness.Before you go totally insane,we are all fractals of Creator as you expand in awareness and consciousness your identity expands and takes in your other identities on other planes and dimensions some existing simultaneously.This includes lives on other dimensions,in other civilizations some very advanced.As you expand further you realize it is all you as every enlightened Master,Saint and Sage has said throughout time.The whole universe lies within you.You have a choice to be a meat suit and a personality in reactionary mind controlled by self-serving beings operating outside of Universal Law or expand in awareness realizing you are a multidimensional being in creationary mind.You have a soul and a multidimensional spirit all the way back to the original conception.Some have to die to figure this out.


We are now going to get very Earthy.The multidimensional war is a war for your soul.A war to keep you trapped in the meat suit,sick,poor,and ignorant.That is the motto of the enslavers.They want to keep your nose to the grindstone with no time to be creative and explore your multidimensional self.They want to keep you in reactionary mind be lie ving you are just a body and a personality.They want to lock you into the first three chakras or power centers,survival,sex and power.Where does the news,Hollywood and the music industry take you?How long can they use the same formula,create a threat,make a victim then have a savior.Even love is a story of dependency.Where is the higher love?A love without fear,dependency,ownership,control,pure service?Why is happiness determined by an external love?Having someone of the opposite sex or any other person love approve and accept you.How free would you be if you conquered yourself,healed and released the wounds,traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences and loved,approved and accepted yourself?How about accepting your multidimensional self?These are the keys to self-mastery and freedom


"The only power anyone has over you is because you want something from them and that something can be found or created from within."


An awakened master cannot be controlled or manipulated which is why such an effort is made by the controllers and enslavers to keep you ignorant of your true nature,your true origin and your divinity.There is no weapon powerful enough to enslave humanity over time other than their own minds.That is why they use every tactic possible to keep you sick,poor and ignorant.They have been behind the plagues,the wars,control your health,the world economy,the educational system,and choose what is allowed in your sciences.Yet only if you are asleep,lack critical thinking,to lazy to do your own researh and depend upon them.


The Great Awakening is the knowledge of who you really are,who they are and what they have done.That is the war for your soul,the war in consciousness,freedom verses continued enslavement.Those that operate in service aligned with Universal Law verses those who are in self-service,the controllers and enslavers operating outside of Universal Law.Considering the fact that the Masters,Saints and Sages,Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Extra and Ultraterrestrials,advanced civilizations all the way up to the 13thdimension are behind the Great Awakening,how do you think this will turn out?God wins.At most the dark hearts can create minor delays,they are on a downward spiral and will loose everything.Step into creationary mind,expand your awareness,know that love is the ultimate power and shift your energies into service to others.An open mind,loving heart and pure intent are mandatory in the days to come.Which brings us to the children,the real masters.Take care of them.




James Gilliland


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