米迦勒|拥抱改变I come to you all today with blessings and love as we connect in unity and harmony. The tidings I bring are ones of joy and hope, because the changes that are happening in the energy of Ascension while challenging at the least, potentially bring with them resolutions to problems that may have been with many of you for a long time. The energy of change may be looked upon with fear and trepidation, but hear me when I say that any change brings with it the opportunity for great growth and fulfilment, even in the face of adversity and hardship. 


The world is in great turmoil, pushing some people to make changes that they never saw coming. Transitional change can throw people into holding patterns where nothing seems to be moving forward or where everything starts to go wrong. As frustrating as that is, patience at this time will help you to navigate the difficulties as the old is released and the new settles in. If you have hit rock bottom, the only way is up! Begin to change your perspective, your thoughts and your words and you will begin to change your reality. When you can focus on the blessings that are already in your life and on what you need to manifest, you will activate the Law of Attraction and begin to manifest the changes that you wish to see in your life.

世界正处于巨大的动荡之中,迫使一些人做出他们从未预见到的改变。过渡性的改变会使人们陷入停滞不前的模式,似乎没有任何进展,或者一切都开始出错。尽管这很令人沮丧,但是这个时候的耐心会帮助你在旧的被释放,新的被安顿下来的困难中找到方向。如果你已经跌到谷底,唯一的方法是向上!开始改变你的视角,你的想法和你的话语,你将开始改变你的现实。当你能够专注于你生命中已经存在的祝福和你需要显化的东西时,你就会激活吸引力法则 ,开始显化你希望在生命中看到的变化。

The energies of Ascension are much stronger than they used to be, because the world has no more time to play with. The time to ascend is now, which means that the Law of Cause and Effect is instant. Be careful what you wish for, because every person is a powerful co-creator and the energy in which you ask will determine the vibration of that which you wish to create. Ensure that you intentions are clear and your purposes pure, because any thought you produce will manifest not just your desires but the intent behind them. The ramifications of manifestations fuelled by hatred, fear and revenge will only produce results that reflect on the sender threefold. There can be no satisfaction in such actions, only karmic return and a deepening of the negativity in your situation.


When you believe in the power of the Universe, anything you desire, be it for yourself, your family or the Earth will be possible to manifest with positive and focused intention. This is a powerful opportunity to bring your dreams to fruition, but with great power also comes great responsibility which must be taken seriously. Many people now will find that, whereas they were previously in transition after having come so far but not seeming to be able to move forward any further, that the tides may be starting to turn. Others may find serious changes will turn their lives suddenly upside down. No matter which way it is for you, embrace this time as an opportunity to put past learning into action, to leave past hurts behind and to take affirmative action to secure your future. Whatever no longer serves you must be shed from your life so that the future is free from old ways of thinking that will hamper your progress.


We, the masters, are here to assist you in any way we can. All you need to do is ask.


WE ARE Archangel Michael and Archaeia Faith


**Channel: Victoria Cochrane * * 频道: 维多利亚 · 科克伦

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