Teri wade|最初的伤口

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当我们投生在这个星球上,我们对远古历史的记忆,你们远古的过去由于我们 DNA 的操控而被抹去,所以当我们到达这个地球层面时,我们处于第三密度意识中,这是低和重的。那时我们从,我们应该是的样子,一个拥有12条 DNA 链的生物,变成了一个被操纵到2条的生物。我们与源头、创造者、上帝失去了联系,不管你怎么称呼它,但它就在我们里面!不是在我们之外!这就是关键!

Teri wade|最初的伤口

When we incarnate on this planet our memories of our ancient history,your ancient past is erased due to the manipulation of our DNA,so when we hit this Earth plane we are in 3rd density consciousness which is low and heavy.That's when we went from,what we were supposed to be,a being with 12 strands of DNA to a being manipulated down to two.We lost touch with our connection to Source,Creator,God whatever you want to call it but it's in us!Not outside of us!THAT IS KEY!

当我们投生在这个星球上,我们对远古历史的记忆,你们远古的过去由于我们 DNA 的操控而被抹去,所以当我们到达这个地球层面时,我们处于第三密度意识中,这是低和重的。那时我们从,我们应该是的样子,一个拥有12 DNA 链的生物,变成了一个被操纵到2条的生物。我们与源头、创造者、上帝失去了联系,不管你怎么称呼它,但它就在我们里面!不是在我们之外!这就是关键!

Deep down we all feel or felt as if we were just abandoned like we were just left alone on this planet not knowing something....which we were!We feel lost.I believe that's where a lot of addiction and depression etc.comes from the not knowing who we are you just don't know it.


That's when people awaken....the heavy,low vibrational feelings like hate and fear etc.go away.Its really quite amazing.I guess like the saying goes"the truth will set you free"man is that true.When you can see and feel your connection to your higher self,when you start seeing thru the illusion,the lie which we all are living,there's nothing more freeing.??

那就是人们觉醒的时候... ... 那种强烈的、低振动的感觉,比如憎恨和恐惧等等。我想就像俗话说的那样:"真理会让你自由"人类就是这样。当你能够看到并感受到你与更高自我的联系,当你开始看穿我们所生活的幻觉和谎言,没有什么比这更自由的了。


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