本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

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本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下The world is headed for a once-in-several-thousand-year historical anomaly. While this process will take years, a major inflection point is expected around June or July, multiple sources agree. This is when the fall of the US Corporation and the Russian deep state are likely to coincide with the re-emergence of an Islamic caliphate and many other events.

世界正在走向几千年一遇的历史异常。尽管这个过程需要数年时间,但多方消息人士一致认为,预计在6月或7月左右将出现一次重大拐点。此时,美国公司(US Corporation)和俄罗斯“深层政府”(deep state)的垮台,可能与阿拉伯帝国和其它许多事件的重新出现同时发生。

Let us start with the multiple news events pointing to the fall of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.


The most obvious confirmation something is not right is US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy saying: “Unfortunately, I have not heard from the White House since our very first meeting [February 1st],…Biden has been missing in action and misleading the public.”

美国众议院议长凯文•麦卡锡(Kevin McCarthy)表示: “不幸的是,自从我们第一次会晤(2月1日)以来,我就没有收到过白宫的消息... ... 拜登一直没有采取行动,误导了公众。”

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To understand just how fake the Biden show is, check out the HUGE turnout for his bid for the presidency. His 81 million supporters must be hiding somewhere behind those trees.


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

This so-called Biden is supposedly running even as multiple criminal investigations zero in on him. “We know of at least eight Biden family members who have profited from…human trafficking…It is gross, and it is disgusting,” says Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN). a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.

这个所谓的拜登应该正在进行多项针对他的犯罪调查。众议员蒂姆 · 伯切特说: “我们知道至少有八位拜登家族成员从... ... 人口贩卖中获利... ... 这太恶心了,也太恶心了。”。众议院监督委员会的共和党成员。


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This speech by Glenn Beck reflects the anger of Americans toward their criminal government. In it he notes “No matter how many decades I expose people on Twitter & our website – they will get away with murder. And if you and I did a fraction of those things, we would be in jail.”

格伦 · 贝克的这次演讲反映了美国人民对他们的罪恶政府的愤怒。他在信中写道: “无论我在 Twitter 和我们的网站上曝光多少年,他们都会逍遥法外。如果你和我做了这些事情的一小部分,我们就会进监狱。”

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No wonder the people behind the fake Joe Biden have been hiding since the US Corporation went bankrupt and defaulted on its external debt on January 31st. This is being presented to the public as a deadlock over raising the US debt ceiling.

难怪自从1月31日美国公司破产和外债违约以来,乔 · 拜登的幕后黑手一直在躲藏。这被公众认为是在提高美国债务上限问题上陷入僵局。

Other confirmation of bankruptcy came from Japanese diplomats who contacted us to say the World Bank and IMF just finished their big meeting in Washington where they were unable to provide any financing they promised to countries like Pakistan or Sri Lanka. They offered Special Drawing Rights but these turned out to be worthless, the sources say. MI6 confirms the IMF cannot cash their SDRs because “the SDR is simple back-to-back bookkeeping so actual Sovereign debt written against a non-existent currency.” The non-existent currency they are referring to is US dollars newly printed by the FRB. These are being quarantined from the ones being held by the rest of the world.

日本外交官也证实破产,他们联系我们说,世界银行(World Bank)和国际货币基金组织(IMF)刚刚结束在华盛顿的大型会议,他们无法向巴基斯坦或斯里兰卡等国家提供承诺的任何融资。他们提供特别提款权,但这些证明是毫无价值的,消息人士说。军情六处证实,国际货币基金组织不能兑现他们的特别提款权,因为“特别提款权是简单的背靠背簿记,所以实际的主权债务写在一个不存在的货币。”他们所指的不存在的货币是联邦储备银行新印的美元。这些被世界其他地方隔离起来了。

Former IMF head and current European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde admitted in a speech the “fragmentation” of her rules-based world order “under the hegemonic leadership of the United States…can happen in two ways: gradually, and then suddenly,” In other words she is hinting the slow fragmentation we have been seeing is about to head into a sudden collapse.

国际货币基金组织前总裁、现任欧洲央行(ecb)克里斯蒂娜·拉加德在一次演讲中承认,“在美国的霸权主义领导下... ... 基于规则的世界秩序可能以两种方式“分裂”: 逐渐分裂,然后突然分裂。换句话说,她暗示,我们一直看到的缓慢分裂即将走向突然崩溃。


That is why US President Donald Trump says “This is the worst crisis in the history of our country, the United States may not survive,”

这就是为什么国家总统唐纳德 · 特朗普说: “这是我们国家历史上最严重的危机,美国可能无法生存。”


Another sign that something happened in February is that the money supply fell by “6.6%” year on year for “the biggest drop in at least 60 years,” Note the 666 number hints this data is fake but that something very bad is happening.



The following charts confirm a continuing run on all US banks, indicating widespread fears of a financial system collapse. 


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下 本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下 本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下 本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

This is happening even as the FRB pumps out record amounts of funny money as this chart shows:


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

Clearly, they have lost trust or all this funny money would be showing up in bank deposits.


Elon Musk, echoing many informed people, says “given Federal expenditures, it is a matter of when, not if, we default,”

埃隆•马斯克(Elon Musk)回应了许多知情人士的观点,他表示: “鉴于联邦支出,问题在于我们何时违约,而非是否违约。”

As to the when, criminal fake US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the US can keep going until June, possibly July, using “extraordinary measures.” This means stealing from pensions and social security, extorting from allies, etc.

至于具体时间,假冒犯罪的美国财政部长珍妮特 · 耶伦说,美国可以采取“非常措施”,一直持续到6月份,可能是7月份这意味着从养老金和社会保障中偷窃,从盟友那里敲诈,等等。

The extortion may have even led to the murder of Mexican president Manuel Obrador, according to Mexican sources who contacted us just as this report was about to go live. They say he has canceled all of his public appearances and that the Mexican Presidential plane was sold to drug dealers from Tajikistan.

据墨西哥消息人士透露,敲诈勒索甚至可能导致墨西哥总统曼努埃尔 · 奥夫拉多被谋杀,他们在本报告即将发布时联系了我们。他们说,他已经取消了所有的公开露面,墨西哥总统的飞机被卖给了来自塔吉克斯坦的毒贩。

Both the EU and Russia have demanded that Obrador meet their ambassadors but he has not been able to see them, the sources add. These sources told us previously that Obrador was scheduled to have a secret meeting in Nicaragua with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

消息人士补充说,欧盟和俄罗斯都要求奥夫拉多尔会见他们的大使,但他无法见到他们。这些消息人士之前告诉我们奥夫拉多尔计划在尼加拉瓜与俄罗斯外长谢尔盖 · 拉夫罗夫举行秘密会议。

This came after Obrador on Tuesday accused the Pentagon of spying on his government following leaks in U.S. media, and said he would begin classifying information from the armed forces to protect national security.



Now the official story being put out is that he “tested positive for COVID-19 and is taking a few days off.”



“This is going to be a very tense week and we will monitor the situation,” the Mexican sources say. They sent this picture of what appeared to be his body.


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

Regardless of what transpired in Mexico, the Khazarian mafia is now lashing out in all directions. As MI6 notes: “Trapped rats bite hard.”

不管在墨西哥发生了什么,卡扎利亚黑手党现在正在四面八方猛烈攻击。正如军情六处指出的: “被困的老鼠咬得很厉害。”

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In addition to the usual attempts by the KM to murder all dissenting “leaders,” we are getting multiple threats of all-out nuclear war. Donald Trump has been repeating this as have many others.

除了KM通常企图谋杀所有持不同政见的“领导人”外,我们还面临着全面核战争的多重威胁。唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)一直在重复这一点,其他许多人也是如此。

We also have Warren Buffet selling his entire stake in Taiwan semiconductors because “there is a danger of seismic activity.” This sounds like a threat to the Chinese to destroy Taiwan with earthquake weapons unless they keep financing the US Corporation.

我们还看到沃伦•巴菲特(Warren Buffett)出售所持台湾半导体公司的全部股份,因为“存在地震活动的危险”这听起来像是在威胁中国,除非他们继续资助美国公司,否则将用地震武器摧毁台湾。

Somebody should remind them that if they destroy Taiwan, then Silicon Valley will be destroyed in retaliation.


In any case, the troubles of the US Corporation or US deep state are well known and are being extensively written about.


What is less known, is that a take-down of the Russian deep state is also imminent.


Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Russian military company Wagner says “a community of near-state elites that operate independently of the political leadership of the state”, is actively sabotaging the war effort in Ukraine.

俄罗斯军事公司瓦格纳(Wagner)创始人叶夫根尼•普里戈津(Yevgeny Prigozhin)表示,“一个由近乎国家的精英组成的团体,独立于国家的政治领导层运作”,正在积极破坏乌克兰的战争努力。


Now Russian FSB sources investigating the Sputnik vaccine in Russia have found out that Alexander Ginsburg -the man behind the effort to vaccinate all Russians- is a high-ranking KM agent. They say he is related to the Warburgs, Sassoons, Windsors, Bourbons and other European royalty.



The same Russian sources, who originally told us Sputnik was a Russian-developed traditional Flu vaccine, now say it is not. Investigators analyzed orders for the vaccine and found 30 different contracts all led to a “single supplier” for “dozens of millions” of doses. The single supplier is not identified but, the FSB notes the vaccines were paid for using foreign currency. They add the contracts all went through a Russian company known as Gamalea whose “top management is of only Jewish descent.”

最初告诉我们人造卫星是俄罗斯开发的传统流感疫苗的同一个俄罗斯消息来源,现在说它不是。调查人员分析了这种疫苗的订单,发现30份不同的合同都指向一个“单一供应商”,供应“数千万”剂量。该疫苗的单一供应商尚未确定,但联邦安全局指出,疫苗是用外币支付的。他们补充说,这些合同都是通过一家名为 Gamalea 的俄罗斯公司签订的,该公司“管理层只有犹太血统”

The FSB also confirms: “All vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sputnik V are made according to the same principle” They say they are “DNA altering vaccines intended to modify the genes of lower class people.”

联邦安全局还证实: “所有的疫苗,辉瑞,阿斯利康,Moderna,斯普特尼克五号都是根据同样的原则制造的。”他们说,他们是“改变 DNA 的疫苗,旨在改变下层人民的基因。”

本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

The Russians note experiments to find the “god gene,” began in the 1970s and 80s to control radical Muslim groups by removing the gene that made them believe in god. The aim was to make Muslims more obedient by cutting off their link to the creator, they say.


The KM is also to scare people into taking injections by creating the appearance of a pandemic by using a percentage of toxic vaccines. For example, data published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation on March 30, in Denmark, shows 4.2% percent of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine batch accounted for 71 percent of suspected adverse events (SAEs).

KM还通过使用一定比例的有毒疫苗制造大流行的假象来恐吓人们接受注射。例如,3月30日发表在丹麦《欧洲临床调查杂志》上的数据显示,辉瑞公司的一批2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗中,有4.2% 导致了71% 的疑似不良事件。


“Yes, deaths will be part of the process but who knows maybe death is better than living as a DNA-modified low-class dumb slave,” the FSB comments.

“是的,死亡将是整个过程的一部分,但谁知道也许死亡比作为一个基因改造的低级愚蠢的奴隶生活更好,”FSB 评论道。

The vaccines were also apparently intended to make it possible to control people via remote control. For confirmation, see this Pfizer patent granted in 2021 for cellular tower communication with graphene-injected humans worldwide:


Pfizer – Patent: 11107588b2

辉瑞-专利号: 11107588b2


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

Not only that, the Russians are now warning that with the worldwide rejection of vaccination now underway, the KM has figured out a way to use milk to alter human DNA in a similar manner.

不仅如此,俄罗斯人现在警告说,随着全世界对疫苗接种的排斥现在正在进行,KM已经找到了一种方法,利用牛奶以类似的方式改变人类 DNA。

They sent us a link to this scientific article claiming “mRNA delivered by milk-derived exosomes… can work as a new oral delivery system for mRNA.”

他们发给我们一个链接到这篇科学文章,声称“由牛奶衍生的外泌体递送的 mRNA... 可以作为一个新的口服递送系统的 mRNA。”


Polish intelligence sources also sent us many links indicating the KM is now trying to use the food supply to genetically alter us into a state of perpetual genetically determined slavery.


Just as the KM in both Russia and the West are working together to alter our genes, they are also working together in Ukraine.


As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. states, “They are killing the Ukrainians at a ratio of 8 to 1. What we are being told about this war is simply not true.”


Well, it turns out that the great “Ukrainian hero” Vladimir Zelinsky and his government are Russian KM and their job is to slaughter as many non-Russian Ukrainians as possible. No sane leader would have his troops senselessly slaughtered at a ratio of 8 to 1 by a numerically superior opponent, unless it was a matter of premeditated genocide. They kill the men and enslave the women and children. These are some of the things the Bidens were involved in.

原来伟大的“乌克兰英雄”弗拉基米尔 · 泽林斯基和他的政府是俄罗斯的 KM 他们的工作就是屠杀尽可能多的非俄罗斯的乌克兰人。任何理智的领导人都不会让他的部队以8比1的比例被人数上占优势的对手无情地屠杀,除非这是一场有预谋的种族灭绝。他们杀男人,奴役女人和孩子。这些是拜登夫妇参与的一些事情。

For this reason, Wagner Prigozhin says that the Russian state is deliberately preventing the end of the war. They want to further depopulate Ukraine to turn it into a homeland for the Khazarian mafia.


Russian patriots are now aware of this and are working with Western allies to end the senseless slaughter in Ukraine and find a new security arrangement for Europe that makes NATO redundant.


本杰明报道|20200424  美国和俄罗斯深层政府有可能在6月份的黑天鹅事件中被拿下

It could also restore the Soviet Union. In an interview with Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin , Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye said that the countries of the former Soviet Union “have no effective status in international law…”In international law, these countries of the former Soviet Union also have no effective status , because there is no international agreement that realizes their status as a sovereign country.”

它也可以恢复苏联。中国驻法国大使卢沙野在接受瑞士记者达留斯 · 罗切宾采访时说,前苏联国家“在国际法中没有有效地位... ...”在国际法中,前苏联国家也没有有效地位,因为没有实现其主权国家地位的国际协定

“He denies the existence of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.,” wrote Antoine Bondaz, China expert at the Paris-based think tank Foundation for Strategic Research, on Twitter.

“他否认乌克兰、立陶宛、爱沙尼亚、哈萨克斯坦等国的存在,”巴黎智库战略研究基金会(Foundation for Strategic Research)的中国问题专家安托万•邦达斯(Antoine Bondaz)在 Twitter 上写道。


In other words, all of these puppet states created as part of the Khazarian Empire Rebuilding project could be dismantled,


Israel, the other Khazarian state, is also facing an existential crisis. “We are facing a new security policy era in which a real threat from all areas is possible at the same time,” said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Thursday

另一个可萨国家以色列也面临着存在危机。“我们正面临一个新的安全政策时代,在这个时代,来自所有地区的真正威胁都有可能同时发生,”国防部长约阿夫 · 格兰特(Yoav Gallant)周四表示


What he means is the de facto re-establishment of an Islamic caliphate stretching from Pakistan to Morocco, leaving Israel completely surrounded.


As it stands, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and most other Islamic countries are now united. Now Sudan and Pakistan are also about to rejoin the Islamic bosom.


The KM-controlled heroin-trafficking military government of Pakistan is fighting for its life. Because even though she does everything the IMF tells her, she gets no money to keep her economy running. After all, the IMF is bankrupt.

巴基斯坦由 KM 控制的海洛因走私军事政府正在为生存而战。因为即使她对 IMF 言听计从,她也没有钱来维持经济运行。毕竟,IMF 已经破产了。

That is why the Pakistani military is now threatening war with India to prevent an election that would restore Imran Khan to power and lead Pakistan to the caliphate.

这就是为什么巴基斯坦军方现在威胁要与印度开战,以阻止伊姆兰•汗(Imran Khan)重新掌权并领导巴基斯坦建立哈里发国的选举。


In Sudan, meanwhile, Muslims appear to be taking revenge on the West after being subdued by Victorian troops in the late 19th century.


century to avenge. There, a KM-controlled resource-stealing mission known as the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) is under attack.


UNITAMS used an “interim government” to steal Sudan’s rich mineral resources including natural gas, gold, silver, chromite, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel, tin and aluminum .



The US embassy in Sudan has been evacuated after American citizens were warned to stay safe until further notice. The warning said there was “incomplete information” about convoys heading from the West African country’s capital, Khartoum, to the coastal city of Port Sudan. “The embassy is not able to support convoys. Traveling in a convoy is at your own risk,” it said. Khartoum International Airport is currently closed due to the fighting. A CIA source comments: “It looks like 16,000 American citizens have been abandoned in Sudan. Is this a repeat of what happened in Afghanistan?”

美国驻苏丹大使馆已被疏散,此前美国公民被警告在接到进一步通知前保持安全。警告说,有关车队从西非国家首都喀土穆前往沿海城市苏丹港的“不完整信息”。“大使馆无法支持车队。乘坐车队旅行的风险由你自己承担。”。喀土穆国际机场目前因战事关闭。一位中央情报局消息人士评论说: “看起来有16000名美国公民被遗弃在苏丹。这是阿富汗事件的重演吗?”

The French Foreign Ministry said a “swift evacuation action” of diplomatic personnel and French citizens from Sudan is being coordinated with European and allied partner countries. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Germany said they were in the midst of multiple operations.


Incidentally, Sudan is the third largest country in Africa.



The Israeli government, faced with a resurgent caliphate and knowing that its traditional supporter, the US, is going down the drain, is asking China to intervene and negotiate a peace deal between it and its neighbors.


In an attempt to make peace with Iran, they invited Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and his wife to Jerusalem.

为了与伊朗和平相处,他们邀请伊朗王储礼萨 · 巴列维和他的妻子前往耶路撒冷。

“This shows us what is really going on between Israel and Iran. I don’t see Netanyahu there…” comments a Mossad source.

“这向我们展示了以色列和伊朗之间到底发生了什么。我没有看到内塔尼亚胡在那里... ...”一位摩萨德消息人士评论道。

Asian intelligence sources say the Jews in Israel will be protected and set free, but their genocidal KM leadership must surrender.

亚洲情报人士说,以色列的犹太人将得到保护和释放,但他们的种族灭绝 KM 领导人必须投降。

Overall, the Chinese government says:


The global community faces a momentous and urgent choice between a vision of shared, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, or the Cold War paradigm of merely serving the hegemony of one and the absolute security of a few.



However, to ensure this new security paradigm lives up to the West, the US and UK navies are reminding the world that they are still in control of the oceans.


That’s why a Royal Navy task force is en route to the Baltic Sea to take part in the largest Swedish military exercises in more than 25 years. This underlines Great Britain’s commitment to the security of Northern Europe. The task force is part of the British-led Joint Expeditionary Force tasked with responding to events across Europe’s many vital waterways and gorges.



The British are positioning themselves for negotiations on a NATO replacement, reminding the Russians that they can still close the Baltic Sea. They do the same with the Straits of Malacca. This is all part of the collusion between the English, who control the seas, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which controls the Eurasian landmass.


They have already agreed that a multipolar world of friendly countries will replace the KM vision of a centrally controlled human animal farm.


The big question that remains is: will the collapse of the “rules-based world order” unearth hidden technologies that will usher in a new age?

仍然存在的一个大问题是: “基于规则的世界秩序”的崩溃是否会挖掘出将开启新时代的隐藏技术?

For example, one technology that has definitely been suppressed is hydrogen power. A small example of this is this all-terrain vehicle with a range of 800 km that runs on removable hydrogen cartridges.


The unleashing of virtually free hydrogen streams will allow us all to live like millionaires.


However, as far as antigravity and the secret space program are concerned, the decision is still open. One indication that we may be disappointed is why NASA, a space agency, has one of the world’s largest film studios among its facilities. “Maybe because, as its name suggests, it’s not a space agency, it’s a film studio that just makes movies,” a CIA source said.


With that in mind, here are the latest Project Bluebeam videos.


1 Partially camouflaged UFO in the clouds

云层中部分伪装的 UFO

上一集 下一集

2 Partially cloaked mothership in the clouds


上一集 下一集

3 A Multidimensional UFO Over Argentina 2020

2020年阿根廷上空的多维 UFO

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4 plasma energy UFOs over Stonehenge.

等离子体能量 UFO 在巨石阵上空。

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5 UFOs filmed in Normandy, France


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We hope antigravity and space travel are real, but either way the truth will set us free.


**By Benjamin Fulford


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