柯博拉访谈|采访柯博拉和约瑟夫•麦克纳马拉博士(文字版) 作者:FESIG,2020年7月1日

2020年7月29日13:44:54柯博拉访谈柯博拉访谈|采访柯博拉和约瑟夫•麦克纳马拉博士(文字版) 作者:FESIG,2020年7月1日已关闭评论1.8K44字数 72247阅读240分49秒阅读模式

柯博拉访谈|采访柯博拉和约瑟夫•麦克纳马拉博士(文字版) 作者:FESIG,2020年7月1日

On July 1st,2020,FESIG(Free Energy Special Interest Group)held their 78th meeting.In the first part of the meeting session,their 1st session speaker,Dr.Joseph McNamara presented the Tachyon Chamber,followed by a long Q&A with Cobra on the behind the scenes where the puppet masters are orchestrating the current dire-straights'War of Consciousness'situation globally and galactically from the Federation level.




Here is the video of the 1st session of the 75th FESIG meeting.



And below is the transcript of the interview of Cobra and Dr.Joseph McNamara.


Special thanks to FESIG for holding this excellent meeting and for allowing the full transcript to be posted here.

特别感谢 FESIG 举办这次出色的会议,并允许在这里张贴完整的会议记录。

----Beginning of transcript----


Crystal Goh,the Chair and Founder of FESIG,the Free Energy Special Interest Group:

自由能源特殊利益集团 FESIG 的创始人和主席 Crystal Goh :

Hi,everyone.Welcome to FESIG 78th meeting.Today is 1st July.Welcome to FESIG-the free energy special interest group,where science meets spirituality in the context of truth and knowledge,to free humanity,and transform this planet into a paradise.Thank you.Okay,so now we are here 55 of us attending our 78th FESIG meeting and we got a lot of people attending and it's so wonderful to have all of you here.We have four great speakers today.Two will be speaking the first session and two will be speaking at the second session and we have a short little break,like a few minutes in between before we start the second session.

大家好。欢迎参加第78次会议。今天是71日。欢迎来到自由能源特殊利益集团,在真理和知识的背景下,科学与精神相遇,解放人类,把这个星球变成一个天堂。谢谢你。好的,现在我们有55个人参加了第78 FESIG 会议,有很多人参加,很高兴你们都来了。今天我们有四位伟大的演讲者。两个人将在第一届会议上发言,两个人将在第二届会议上发言,在第二届会议开始之前,我们有短暂的休息时间,比如几分钟。

I will show you our agenda for today's session.FESIG is the free energy special interest group where science meets spirituality,go to our website and read about our mission and why we do this work and bringing together scientists,researchers,developers,and inventors of free energy,as well as healing technologies together to share ideas,to develop the technology and to forge through the furthest frontiers to move the technologies for humanity and today's agenda is,we have the first session speakers that is Dr.Joseph McNamara,who will be doing a 15 minute presentation on the tachyon chamber followed by the Q and A session,which is an hour long,with Cobra because Cobra is the tachyon chamber inventor.And he will answer questions about the Pleiadians'tachyon technologies,and also about the disclosure of the puppet masters orchestrating the current dire-straights'war of consciousness'situation globally now,and galactically from the Federation level as well.So folks,I'm sure you have prepared your questions and you can fire away once we can get Cobra to do the Q&A session.So the second session,our speakers are Ralph and Marsha Ring.Ralph worked in the areas of magnetic,levitation and teleportation leading to the realities and participation of teleportation and esoteric consciousness.It is going to be a very exciting meeting today.So many interesting topics to cover.So once we've done the Q and A session for Ralph and Marsha,the meeting will then adjourn to the 79th FESIG meeting on the 5th of August where we have another set of very interesting speakers.So if you want to write to me,you would write to crystal@truevisionofpeace.com and our website is http://truevisionofpeace.com/fesig.html.Right.Thank you for bearing with me here.Now.I think it is time to introduce the speakers and I will do so right away.

我将向你们展示我们今天会议的议程。是一个自由能源特殊利益团体,在这里科学与精神相遇,访问我们的网站,了解我们的使命,以及我们为什么要做这项工作,召集科学家、研究人员、开发人员和发明者,以及自由能源和治疗技术的发明者,一起分享想法,开发技术,并最大限度地推动人类技术的发展。他将回答关于昴宿星人超光速粒子技术的问题,以及关于木偶大师精心策划当前全球可怕的直道"意识战争"状况的披露问题,同时也会从联邦层面进行银河级的披露。所以,朋友们,我相信你们已经准备好了你们的问题,一旦我们可以让 Cobra 做问答环节,你们就可以开始了。第二次会议,我们的演讲者是 Ralph Marsha Ring。拉尔夫在磁性、悬浮和隐形传送领域工作,导致了隐形传送和神秘意识的实相和参与。今天的会议将是一个非常令人兴奋的会议。有这么多有趣的话题要讲。因此,一旦我们完成了拉尔夫和玛莎的问答环节,会议将会延期到85日的第79 FESIG 会议,届时我们将有另一组非常有趣的演讲者。所以如果你想给我写信,你可以写信给 crystal@truevisionofpeace.com,我们的网站是 http://truevisionofpeace.com/fesig.html。对。谢谢你在这里忍受我。现在。我想现在是介绍演讲者的时候了,我马上就介绍。

So I need to introduce the first speaker Dr.Joseph McNamara,Dr.Joe practiced medicine for over 20 years as a physician,he started in Emergency Care,shifted to Family Medicine,and then his own practice,Cara an Anam,which is Gaelic for"Friend of the Soul".He worked with the Earth-Keeper organization,traveling,giving presentations and talks at new age conferences and beyond.The presentations combined rigorous science with spiritual belief and healing,a winning combination that will take us forward into the golden age.He published a book that explains his innovative theory on Ireland as a colony of Atlantis.He will do a short presentation of the tachyon chamber followed by Cobra's interview.So now over to you,Dr.Joe,if you will take over the microphone and I will be your presentation assistant,helping you with screenshare of your PowerPoint presentation.

所以我需要向大家介绍第一位发言人约瑟夫·麦克纳马拉博士,约瑟夫博士从事医学工作超过20年,他从急诊开始,转到家庭医学,然后他自己的诊所,卡拉·阿纳姆,盖尔语的意思是"灵魂的朋友"。他与地球守护者组织一起工作,旅行,在新时代会议和其他会议上做报告和演讲。演讲将严谨的科学与精神信仰和治愈结合在一起,这是一个成功的组合,将带领我们进入黄金时代。他出版了一本书,解释了他关于爱尔兰作为亚特兰蒂斯殖民地的创新理论。他将做一个简短的介绍超光速粒子室紧接着柯博拉的采访。现在轮到你了,乔博士,如果你接过麦克风,我将成为你的演讲助理,帮助你分享你的 PowerPoint 演讲的屏幕。

Dr.Joseph McNamara:Okay.Very good.And my PowerPoint,if I'm not keeping track with it,just keep moving along because obviously I've evolved some of the information as well.Yeah.You can scroll on down from there.That was my presentation last year.Okay.Continue on.Yes,very good.


Okay.Cobra of course is the focus of,of a lot of the interest here.So I'll keep my presentation as brief as possible.


Tachyon Technology is a part of a major wave of advancements that will transform our experience here in the years to come.That is a long prophesied golden Age of Aquarius.Many of these technologies have been gifted to us through Pleiadians contactees.


I will now describe tachyons.They are subatomic particles that travel faster than light that infuse matter with spiritual Light,such as from our galactic center.Tachyonization is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and permanently changes the quantum properties of the atomic nuclei,which compose that matter.And tachyonization is a process that's has a patent.It's a patented technology.Now the chemical composition does not change.It decreases the entropy of physical matter.It reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system.


There are two processes going on at the same time in conflict.One is entropy and the other is the opposite,which is centropy.We experienced that entropy in terms of aging,we[are]developing increasing complexity until we reach about 20 years of age.And then we initiate the usually irreversible process of entropy leading to death as the physical organism.


Tachyons are completely safe since they do not change the chemical composition of the matter.And they do not create any type of electromagnetic field or radioactivity.


Because of their central big effects,tachyons can correct imbalances in our four lower bodies.That's the physical,the mental,the emotional,and the etheric.It cannot be misused and go well with other modalities.So wellbeing and spiritual growth are accelerated.


In 1977,Gerald Fein defined the tachyon for the first time.This eventually made it into common consciousness during the Star Trek series.And you will see them mentioning that in many of the episodes and are well worth looking at again.They are converted.They are subatomic particles that travel through space.They're converted by pions in the atmosphere to frequencies,required to evolve,organize,and create perfect form.You're the binding energy of the universe,creating all forms perfectly.


Tachyons carry the quantum signature,the basic level of creative matter and connect physical matter back to source.


High energy cosmic rays enter our solar system from Inter stellar space and carry tachyons with them.Some of them reached the surface of our planet through a hyper dimensional wormhole via a quartz oscillator aboard the Genesis II spacecraft.

高能宇宙射线从星际空间进入我们的太阳系,并携带着速子。其中一些通过创世纪 II 号航天器上的石英振荡器通过一个超维虫洞到达地球表面。

So these tachyon chambers,which are now around the world enabled the arrival of tachyons from higher dimensions through what I'll describe as the quarantine into physical matter,refracting and concentrating them through sacred geometry.


Now,quarantine is a very important issue because it is what separates us really from the rest of our solar system and the rest of the cosmos.Quarantine was created by the dark forces about 26,000 years ago,which is the galactic year.It is maintained by quantum anomaly,which is a distortion of the time space continuum,and at the quantum level.The Gnostic texts are referred to this as error.


The chambers are quantum generators that filtered time and space.And so they detoxify the body.They balance the immune system.They balance our chakras.


The Pleiadians are the main interaction group with us on planet Earth,but they and other cosmic civilizations of Light use these tachyons as their basic source of energy.For example,as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes,but they also use it for healing and for information,transmission and[in]Star Trek,they referred to them as subspace and transmissions.


The chamber I possess enables the arrival of tachyons from higher dimensions into physical matter as I mentioned before.


I have five years experience using this technology as a practitioner in my healing center here.I have built up quite a degree of data which are available for research if necessary.I can answer questions on specific issues related to disorders of mind,emotion,energy level,and also the physical body itself.


And that really completes my presentation.I wanted to keep it brief and to the point so that if there are specific questions from a medical point of view,I can answer them and Cobra of course is an amazing resource for the actual technology and scientific knowledge,which back this up.

我的演讲到此结束。我希望它能够简明扼要,这样如果从医学的角度来看有具体的问题,我可以回答它们,Cobra 当然是实际技术和科学知识的一个惊人的资源,它支持这一点。

Crystal:I hadn't been moving your presentation fast enough.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Sorry about that.I wasn't even looking at them.I covered most of the information there.So just keep scrolling down until it's done.


I mentioned about the quarantine those are the different quantum particles related to the different levels of creation.


So just keep moving down.


And those are quotations from different people.If you scroll back just a little bit to the previous one,you can find it...Not to that one

to the next one.Yeah.and downplays.


Yes.Okay.It is Michio Kaku was quoted on Australian media as saying,"God is a mathematician,using tachyons,making music,strings resonating through eleven dimension,unsticking space and matter".


There's a movie called Tomorrowland,it's with Hugh Laurie,and it is the star and he builds another world using tachyon.So that's always worth looking at.


I also want to point out that there are many things that move faster than speed of light.So tachyons are not the only things that are super luminal.


So I realize that I was talking about lasers in my presentation.So let me just end my presentation there because it's not really related to tachyon but more to laser technology.


That's it.Thank you.


Crystal:Thanks very much Dr.Joseph McNamara.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Thank you,Crystal.


Crystal:Very good presentation on Tachyon chamber.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Yes.


Crystal:So I think if you have one or two questions before we pass the microphone over to Cobra.Cobra,being the inventor of the tachyon chamber given by the Pleiadians.Well,we have Margaret who puts her hand up.You wanna pick up the microphone to Dr.Joe,just two questions before we go on to Cobra.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Okay.


Crystal:Time's marching on.Come in Margaret,would you speak.James over to you?If you can read her from the chat and she can speak on the microphone,Right.Okay.Next please.We can't hear you Margaret.Sorry.And you didn't type the question down in chat.Right now,I think we will...I don't want to push this too fast if James,you will help me.Is there any question on the chat room?


James:Well we have some questions from Megan,we have with some remarkable healing you've observed from Megan,you have a remarkable healing?


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Yes.from my experience and Cobra may have a different way of explaining this,but it works on the four lower.What would you be calling the material bodies,the mental,the emotional,the etheric and the physical.


It seems to me like the higher,the dimensional level,that we live on that be the mental or emotional,those are very,very easily impacted by the chamber.


And so even yesterday there was a client who came to me for a series of sessions and he called me back very excitedly that he went to his regular counselor Shannon and explained that his split personality,he had two personalities had been fused.He never told me that when he came here,but he was very happy.He said he finally has found peace after many decades really dysfunctional.So that,that healed,that,that healed,that split in his personality.And he is ecstatic.He is really happy.He feels like he's one for the first time in his life.He suffered a lot of childhood abuse.

甚至在昨天,有一个客户来找我做一系列的治疗,他非常激动地给我回电话,告诉我他去找他的固定顾问 Shannon,解释说他的人格分裂,他有两种人格。他来这里的时候从来没有告诉过我,但是他很高兴。他说,经过几十年的功能失调之后,他终于找到了平静。所以,治愈了那个分裂的人格。他欣喜若狂。他真的很高兴。他觉得自己这辈子第一次成为了这样的人。他童年时受过许多虐待。

Crystal:Thank you.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:The second example is of a Marine veteran who went through the Iraq war.He suffered a lot of trauma,both personally and visual effects from the war.So he suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.His wife had told him that he would not be willing to continue with the marriage.So he came to me in desperation.He had been to the usual VA clinics.That's the veterans administration clinic in case you don't know.And he saw many of his friends commit suicide,even in the VA clinic itself.So these wounded warriors have been mistreated and maltreated for a long time.So for him,I was his last port of call.After one session,he felt healing.I almost myself didn't believe him.But he went into the forest,which is very near here and went for a run.He said,I have never had that energy for years.He said,I physically ran the trail rather than even walk.So he has developed a new career for himself.He's a retired Marine.He now is an artist and produces beautiful jewelry as a professional.And he has his own website.


Those are the two most dramatic ones,of course,with emotions.I've had many people experience while in the chamber dramatic scenes,which they see very,very vividly.


There were,there has been one lady who wasn't even a Christian who explained to me extremely tearfully that she met Jesus.Now you can agree with that or not.But to her,this was a real experience because the entity describing himself as Jesus called her,his sister and I,I was very moved by her amazing realization that she had a connection with him.


Other cases where I had some Hispanics who had come here and they have a culture in Mexico where angels and saints are very real to them.And so he described in intimate detailed his interaction with one that he described as an angel.


Crystal:Dr.Joe,(yes)we have to cut it short because I think people would be able to go to your website(yes)to find all the testimonies,because time is of the essence here as a chair.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Yes,thank you.


Crystal:It's my responsibility to keep the time.So,(I appreciate)yeah,I have time for questions for Dr.Joe,but it will be like either Dr.Joe can pick up some of the questions or Cobra,but I have to introduce Cobra now.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Please,please do.Thank you.Very good.


Crystal:Thank you.


Dr.Joseph McNamara:Thank you,Crystal.


Crystal:Thank you.So I want to introduce Cobra now.Well,Cobra is really,really doing some great,wonderful work for humanity.And needless to say is very renowned,but I still have to introduce him.Cobra is a code name for Compression Breakthrough whose identity must remain veiled for now for various reasons.He works directly alongside the Galactic Confederation to create an official intelligence hub for The Victory of the Light in efforts to prepared the Awakened Surface Population for the Shift of the Ages/Planetary Liberation.So when the Light from above and Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet,this is the moment of Compression Breakthrough.This explains it,that occurrence is called the Event.The Event includes,but is not limited to mass arrests of the cabal.Rather it is a multidimensional trigger event that starts the process of entering into the long awaited golden age with darkness removed.Humanity will be able to co-create its own future.Cobra is not associated with military or Drake and may or may not be part of the Resistance Movement.What is important is the message and not the messenger.

克里斯托:谢谢。现在我想介绍柯博拉。柯博拉确实为人类做了一些伟大的工作。而且不用说是很有名的,但我还是要介绍他。Cobra 压缩突破的代号,由于各种原因,其身份目前必须保持隐藏。他直接与银河联盟合作,为《光的胜利》创建一个官方情报中心,努力为觉醒的地表人口做好准备,迎接时代的转变/行星的解放。因此,当来自上方的光与来自下方的光在行星表面相遇时,这就是压缩突破的时刻。这解释了它,这个被称为事件。该事件包括,但不限于大规模逮捕阴谋集团。相反,这是一个多维触发事件,开始了进入期待已久的黄金时代的过程,黑暗被移除。人类将能够共同创造自己的未来。柯博拉与军队或德雷克没有关系,也许是也许不是抵抗运动的一部分。重要的是信息而不是信使。

Right over to you Cobra.Thank you.We are so fortunate and lucky to have you here speak.Thank you.


Cobra:Thank you for your invitation.It is a wonderful group and a wonderful energy here.


Crystal:Over to you James to start the Q and A session.Start the ball rolling.First question for Cobra,please.


James:Okay.Sure.first question is what do you think about Shungite for healing and stones and using the grids like the Cintamani stones?


Cobra:Okay.Shungite has quite amazing healing properties.It has a capability to absorb a lot of energy,so it can be used for purification of a human energy field,but its purpose is much different from the purpose of cintamani stones.Cintamani stones are put in the planetary energy grid as a part of one of the greatest projects for the New Atlantis which is being overseen by St.Germain,and actually cintamani stones are key anchors for angelic beings that are healing and restructuring the planetary energy grid.So the purpose of Shungite is completely different from the purpose of cintamani stones.


James:Okay.Thank you.Next question is do you have an update on the toplet bombs?


Cobra:I cannot answer this.I will make a public statement in one of next few updates on my blog.


James:All right.Okay,so moving on to the next question here.Give me a moment here.So do you have any information about the RV?Do you think that's the revaluation of the currency?

詹姆斯:好吧。好了,接下来是下一个问题。给我一点时间。那么你有关于 RV 的信息吗?你认为这是货币重估吗?

Cobra:Okay.I was speaking many times about the financial reset and RV is sometimes represented in slightly incorrect way.It's not just a revaluation of one currency.It's basically a global financial reset,which will happen when the Resistance Movement creates a hack in the electronic worldwide financial system.And that will be done for a purpose of cutting off all the funds from the cabal so that this new financial system will be fair for everybody on the surface of the planet.

柯博拉:好的。我说了很多次关于财务重置和 RV 有时是以略微不正确的方式表示的。这不仅仅是一种货币的重估。这基本上是一个全球金融重置,当抵抗运动创造了一个黑客在电子世界的金融系统,这将发生。这样做的目的是切断来自阴谋集团的所有资金,使这个新的金融体系对地球表面的每个人都公平。

James:Okay.Sorry.I have to press so many buttons to get to the question.Okay.Yeah.Thank you.So do you,do you also foresee,say like the Zim notes also revert converting to one-to-one?

詹姆斯:好的。对不起。我必须按那么多按钮才能回答这个问题。好吧。是的。谢谢你。那么你,你也预见到了吗,比如说,像 Zim也会转变为一对一?

Cobra:No,no,no,this is not part of the financial reset.


James:Okay.And do you see NESARA taking place?

詹姆斯:好的。你看到 NESARA 正在发生吗?

Cobra:Actually NESARA is part of a global GESARA,which is a global program and a global program of just part of the financial reset.This is just one aspect of it,but this is,this has some legal background upon which this new financial system will be built.

柯博拉:实际上 NESARA 是一个全球性的 GESARA 的一部分,这是一个全球性的计划和一个全球性的计划只是金融重置的一部分。这只是其中的一个方面,但是,这是有一些法律背景的,这个新的金融体系将建立在这些背景之上。

James:Okay,thank you.Alright.So moving onto the next question what's your thoughts on Royal Rife and mind over matter thought programming?

詹姆斯:好的,谢谢。好吧。那么接下来的问题是,你对 Royal Rife 和心灵胜于物质的思维编程有什么看法?

Cobra:Can you specify this question a bit?


James:Yeah,I guess so they want to know about Royal rife.Do you I mean,rife technology now,apparently if you,if you were to use the Rife technology nowadays,it doesn't really seem to work.And that's probably because the frequencies of changed as the planet moved through the galactic procession...

是的,我想他们想知道关于Royal rife的事。我的意思是,现在流行的技术,显然如果你,如果你现在使用流行的技术,它似乎并没有真正起作用。这可能是因为频率随着行星在银河中的移动而改变……。

Cobra:It works to a degree,but again there are new technologies coming,which are more suited to the new frequencies that are coming.


James:Okay.so next question.Have you noticed anything happening in the last 36 hours since the big June 30th meditation?


Cobra:Yes,actually we have managed to shift the timeline.In the long term,this will have drastic consequences,positive consequences for the planet.So on quantum level,a big shift has been created,a really,really amazing shifts which will at some point precipitates towards the physical plane.But I would say on higher planes,a big decision has been made and a big change is in progress.


James:Well,do you foresee for example,riots getting worse and we're descending to financial chaos,or do you see stimulus money coming out?And basically we will all be set free or maybe somewhere in between?


Cobra:There might be quite much of a violence the next few months because there is,there are many things which have been suppressed on the surface of the planet.A lot of frustration has been accumulated and this frustration will have to be released one way or the other.But one part or one purpose of this activation was to minimize this.And without this activation,we could have major wars and major violence globally.We are working on minimizing this.So I cannot have an exact prediction how this will play out,but definitely there will be some irritation.There will be some violence,there will be riots taking place.There will be financial instability,but the Light Forces will do whatever they can to minimize the impact of this transformation on the global society.Of course the dark forces are manipulating human emotions.They are triggering that anger and channeling it in a manipulative way.That's also part of the equation.


James:Okay.It seems like there's a lot of people,I would say Chandler's Sears are looking in the future and they see what looks like a world war three scenario,or are absolute chaos.Are you saying that's all gonna be pretty much mitigated.We're not going to see any world war three scenario?


Cobra:That is the plan of dark forces they want to create that.And it's up to us.I mean,we're still in a final battle.I cannot guarantee any of this cannot happen,but we have the power to change this by being vigilant by anchoring the light,whenever it's needed and possible.And we have basically prevented world war three from starting many times over in the last 10 years or so.So we can keep preventing that until we have the final victory.


James:Excellent.Okay.Next question.So this,this goes back to the RV and the debt Jubilee.So do you have,do you,if people have no more,I mean,do you foresee how about we start with that?Do you foresee a debt Jubilee taking place?

詹姆斯:太好了。好吧。下一个问题。所以这个,回到 RV 和债务禧年。那么,你有吗,如果人们没有更多,我的意思是,你预见我们如何开始呢?你认为债务禧年会发生吗?

Cobra:Yes.As a part of the global reset,there will be a debt Jubilee without that we cannot start a new system.


James:And do you foresee them using our own birth certificate bonds to allow us to access our own accounts afterwards?




James:Okay.There you have it.Okay.Next question.Another timeline update about the med beds,advanced technology,regeneration tech.Do you have an idea of what timeline we're looking at when this will be released?


Cobra:All this will be released only after the Event,only after the dark forces are gone until they[don't]control the financial system when they still control the financial system and the media.It's not possible to introduce those kinds of technologies because they will be stopped.So first the bad guys need to be removed.And then the Light Forces will introduce advanced healing and other technologies.That's for sure.


James:Okay.A question from Facebook do you know about the P-NTI the Ponty that's spelled P apostrophe,N T I,they are here and have made first contact.How do they fit into disclosure?

詹姆斯:好的。一个来自 Facebook 的问题,你知道 P-NTI 的庞蒂,拼写为 p 省略号,n t i,他们在这里,已经第一次接触。它们与披露有什么关系?

Cobra:I have never heard about this context,so I cannot comment on this.


James:Okay.Next question from Facebook Thomas would like to know how the singularity occurred.I'm assuming that refers to singularity of AI.

詹姆斯:好的。来自 Facebook 的下一个问题 Thomas 想知道奇点是如何发生的。我假设这指的是人工智能的奇点。

Cobra:AI singularity will not happen.It will be prevented.It's like a theoretical plan of the worshipers of AI,but it's not going to happen.This their plan has a fatal flaw,which they haven't discovered yet.And they will discover that things will not go according to their plan.


James:Oh,are we referring to perhaps AI in the future is becomes positive.


Cobra:AI will not develop.It has a certain,there was a certain barrier which AI cannot cross,and these barrier will stop evolution of AI.


James:Okay.All right.


Cobra:As much as I can say about this.


James:Okay.Next question is I guess,going into the COVID restrictions here,when will we be able to travel?Americans are not able to travel to Europe.When is this going to end?


Cobra:Regarding America I'm not expecting travel to Europe to open the next,at least in the next three months or maybe even more.


James:Okay.So you can go work on your teleportation abilities there if you want to get to Europe anytime soon.Okay.Next question.About the meditation that was,that took place on Tuesday[June 30th].Did,what did the Light Forces gain against the dark forces?


Cobra:The main advantage they gained is the shift of the timelines.The dark forces have their extremely negative timeline.They are pushing,they want to manifest it.And now the Light Forces are finally beginning to get upper hand on higher planes,introduce the positive timeline.So this was the turning point and this transition of 2020 transition into the Age of Aquarius,which is as you probably have all experienced,extremely crazy.This transition is extremely crazy simply because there is so much craziness,which has been suppressed and needs to be exposed and released and cleared in a very short time.So this is why everything is so crazy.


James:Okay.Thank you.Okay.So now,now we're going to move on to the rumors of a new King of England.King Greg Hallett,I guess,is John the third.What are your thoughts?Will he dissolve Royal lineage or be part of the same old,same old,same old,or is there a benefit or maybe,maybe he's going to be good and be part of it?


Cobra:I cannot confirm that those rumors are true.The whole story I cannot confirm.It's true.


James:All right.No information.I understood.Understood.Okay.Next question.Cobra,many people are concerned about 5G satellite.I guess that's with Elon Musk,or was it Starlink?I think it's called...Forgive me,(yes,yes)but yeah.And the grid they intend to create.Is there anything you were allowed to say about them and Elon Musk?


Cobra:Yes,actually you know,Musk has been manipulated in developing these and actually what those satellites do.They reinforce the quarantine with a certain kind of electromagnetic fence and the Light Forces have plans to neutralize this.


James:So you would consider Elon Musk probably be part of the dark cabal?


Cobra:No,he is not a part of dark cabal,but he is being manipulated in certain areas of his activities.


James:Alright.And do you foresee a new technology coming out,maybe quantum tech of tunneling,which,which makes 6G and 5G obsolete.We won't even see any of that anymore.


Cobra:I mean,that technology,of course,the military have that kind of technology.And I do not see this being released to the public before the Event.It is unlikely.


James:And that's because not only that they want to keep the grid,but they want and there's probably some other nefarious purposes of 5G.Are we talking about surveillance as well?


Cobra:5G is basically a weapon.It's a weapon which influences human consciousness and influences the immune system.So this is why they want to develop this.It's not about data transmission,it's not even about surveillance.It's about electromagnetic field,which influences or I would say suppresses consciousness and suppresses the immune system.


James:Okay.Thank you.Alright,so moving on next question.Cobra,can you comment on Gosia and Dale Harder's connection to positive Taygetean Pleiadians from the Cosmic Disclosure,YouTube channel.

詹姆斯:好的。谢谢你。好了,继续下一个问题。Cobra,你能评论一下来自宇宙大揭露 YouTube 频道的 Gosia Dale Harder 与正面 Taygetean 昴宿星人的联系吗。

Cobra:Okay.I will not comment on them directly,but I would say that there are extremely few people on the planet that really have a connection with the Pleiadians.There are many people who claim to be channeling Pleiadians,but I would say only people who had physical experience with the Pleiadians,or with Sirians or with Arcturians are reliable because they had this link for connection was created in their physical body.So channeling Pleiadians is usually not enough to get reliable information.


James:Yeah,I think Gosia,I mean,she claims she has this computer terminal where she's communicating with some kind of super computer connected with the Pleiadians,and the sources that I'm getting say that,that computers partially black goo infected,but I'm not,I'm not judging or putting any casting judgment.I'm just giving information here.So take what you want from that.And but anyway,okay.So next question is Cobra,are you still in touch with Michael from,I guess RM might be rumor mill.I'm not sure.


Cobra:Resistance Movement.I'm in touch with him from time to time.Not quite often,but sometimes yes,there is a communication established.


James:Okay.so alright.Cobra.Okay.Next question.Can you tell us anything about the cities of Light or Bubbles of Light?And can you just start with that?


Cobra:Okay.Yeah.A city of light,a Bubbles of heaven,all these bubbles of heaven are actually areas of new reality of...a reality without anomaly,which are already being created also within the quarantine,but usually far away from people and the deep in nature,where there are no human beings around when there is little anomaly and those areas will expand.And after the Event there will be enough consciousness that some people will begin to form communities,Soul families and build a new structure areas of Light,communities of Lights,cities of Light,and those will expand.And will...at some point include extraterrestrial positive contact,and those cities of Light will serve as bridges of connection,bridge the surface humanity,and Galactic Confederation at certain points.


James:Would you consider these cities of Light...What some of these some people have taken photos of...it looks,it looks like holograms inside the clouds.There was one in Africa and one in China,for example,that looked like there was a city up there flying city.


Cobra:Actually that is similar because some of the motherships of the Galactic Confederation looks,look like a crystal cities or cities of Light.And there have been instances when those were visible in clouds or even open,open in the sky.And that was actually photographed in Africa and some other places years ago.


James:And some,some claim that in the future,we're going to be leaving our cities and living in these floating cities that fly all around the planet and that's going to be our humanity's future destiny.Would you confirm that that's probably going to be the case?


Cobra:I would say for those who are evolved enough and purified enough,they will join the,this reality of cities of Light.The rest of humanity will have to be evacuated to other planets.When the final polar shift happens.They will be transported,teleported,or I would say evacuated to another planet,which will support their evolution and planet Earth will ascend to higher frequency.And only those who have match that higher frequency will be able to stay here.


James:And do you foresee one of these floating platform cities perhaps levitating down to the ground where people can walk into it and take photos,put on the internet?


Cobra:Yes.At the time after the Event,after surface population,cities of Light have developed enough.Contact will be established with those star platform,cities of Light,which will descend,contact will be made.People will be able to tour certain areas of those celestial cities,take photos.And this will be one big step for human awakening.


James:Right.And do you foresee that the cabal trying to stop people from entering these cities or deleting the photos from the internet?


Cobra:This would happen far long after the Cabal is gone.This will be after the Event.It will not happen before the Event.


James:Understood.Okay.someone says here,can you describe how the structure is being developed or what is desired in these wonderful places?Maybe,maybe,maybe what,what is life like on these cities?


Cobra:Everything is consciousness based,so it's not a physical existence.You are there as a soul,which can of course create a physical body or energy body.But all life is organized from the field of higher consciousness for the field of unconditional love and cooperation.So it's a harmonious society,which basically lives in paradise.


James:Excellent.Thanks.Thank you,Cobra.Okay.Next question is from Don.So she was asking about I guess some of the technologies now you've already said once the cabal is taken care of,but you know,you really don't have a date because I guess everything's in flux.But she would like to know about the cintamani stones.Are they are they still available?

詹姆斯:太好了。谢谢。谢谢你,柯博拉。好吧。下一个问题来自 Don。所以她问我,我猜你已经说过,一旦阴谋集团被解决,你就没有约会了,因为我猜一切都在变化。但是她想知道关于如意宝珠的事。现在还有吗?

Cobra:Yes,we have a website http://www.cintamani.space.Where of course you can still buy them if you feel so guided.

柯博拉:是的,我们有一个 http://www.cintamani.space 网站,如果你觉得有指导的话,当然还可以在那里买到。

James:Okay.Thank you.Alright.Okay.So next some of these posts.Yeah,somebody's got one showing the video.Okay.next question.Should we have iron in our blood or more copper to levitate as doctor say iron deficiency for gravity?If no gravity is at magnetism.And should we have more copper,silver,gold.Okay.That's a loaded question.So should we,is there any elements that we should consider supplementing to learn to levitate?


Cobra:This has nothing to do with gravity,I would say,but there are certain...There are many micro elements we need in our blood to strengthen the immune system.And I think Dr.Joe is better equipped to answer this question because he's a medical doctor.


James:Okay,great.Right.So do you have any advice for,for this person who wants to learn how to levitate?


Cobra:Develop your consciousness.That's number one.


James:Alright.Okay.There you have it.Okay.Next question is how effective do you think that the Bemer EMF signal is?

詹姆斯: 好的。好的。好的。这就对了。下一个问题是你认为Bemer EMF信号有多有效?

Cobra:To a certain degree?I would say.


James:Okay.Greg can go ahead and elaborate on that question if you want one more.Okay.Next one from,from Andrea,when is the Event to occur and,Oh yeah.So everybody wants to know when it's going to happen.I guess even,even ETs probably don't know.Is that[true]?


Cobra:Okay.As you have said,situation is in flux,and free will involved.There are so many factors involved and I cannot answer this question.


James:Yeah,I bet you get that question hundreds or maybe thousands of times.So we're not going to try to throw it at you again.So alright.So everybody.Yeah.okay.So next question,Cobra.What is the situation on death?Are we able to escape that now?


Cobra:How do you mean escape?You need to specify the question.


James:Well,yeah,I'll get to that,but I'm assuming this person is probably asking about the reincarnation grid around this planet.Maybe perhaps technology on the moon.


Cobra:Yes.Yes.It's possible to escape through those streaks,through those straps,into the Lights,but it's not guaranteed.


James:Yeah.So,but,but I mean,what about the Ascension plan.So you probably don't want to...Want to escape the planet.We're about to go to a One...


Cobra:Now it's a perfect time to be here.I mean,not the perfect time.It's not very pleasant,but it's very important.It's like the End Game scenario.This is not going to happen again.This is like,we are in the last match of the game,(Yeah)and getting more intense.So we have to give our best to really liberate this planet.


James:Yeah.And as the Lightworkers,we all signed up to come here,a lot of us were,there was a huge line to,to,to incarnate and bodies here.So you should not try to escape anytime soon.Okay.alright.Next question.Cobra.There was a group in Romania that were contacting beings from Sirius A through a portal in the countryside.They were called Galactus.They made a film called'Conflict in Space'and other films.This group has disappeared off the internet in the last few years.Can you comment about this please?

詹姆斯:对。作为光之工作者,我们都签约来到这里,我们中的很多人,在这里有一条巨大的队伍来,到化身和身体。所以你近期不应该试图逃跑。好的,下一个问题。柯博拉。在罗马尼亚有一个团体正在通过乡村的传送门与来自天狼星 a 的生物联系。他们被称为卡拉特斯。他们制作了一部名为《太空冲突》的电影和其他电影。这个群体在过去的几年里已经从互联网上消失了。你能对此发表一下看法吗?

Cobra:I have no comment about this.There are many groups that have a various degrees of contact around the planet.And there is not more,much more I can say about this.One of the groups that has a certain level of contact.


James:Alright,moving on to your next question.Cobra,in 2017,I was shown a hovering Pleiadian craft by female Pleiadian crew member who shook my hand and pointed out to the craft.Do Pleiadians use oblong,cigar shaped craft?


Cobra:Yes,they do.Sometime they do.


James:Okay.Alright.So there you have it.Okay.Moving onto your next question.This is about the Georgia Guidestones.Okay.Do you think the Georgia Guidestones are confession of what is in the numbers?I guess they're talking about maybe the reduction of planetary population being reduced.Do you think that's a cabal site?


Cobra:Yeah,this is actually cabal's plan out in the plain sight.




Cobra:It's very obvious,I mean,direct.


James:Okay.So,alright.I'm going onto the next question here.Can you talk about the fellow named Anthony William,who goes by medical medium?He has listened to a voice his whole life,and he explains what viruses and chemicals we are fighting and how,and how to cleanse and heal.Do you know anything about the voice he listens to?


Cobra:He listens to his inner guidance,to his inner voice that everybody has to his soul.


James:Okay.Well,he,he calls his voice compassion.Is this an extraterrestrial?So I guess you said it's its own soul.




James:Okay.There you have it.Alright.So and let you folks let's try to not limit...let's try to limit...Not have questions associated with certain individuals.Have you got some more about planetary Ascension so on?That'll be better,but okay.Next or technology.Okay.So we should go to,I don't know this next,should we go to the light or blue light once,once we pass,I guess when we die,should we be buried after 28 days after death to leave fully?


Cobra:After we are dead,we die.We have to go into the Light.There is a lot of disinformation out there such as you should not go into the Light,and this is not true because the Light is the essence of our being.And if you go into the Light you will feel with positive energy,and you will cross through the tunnel to the other side.And you don't need to wait 28 days,a few days is enough,but it's good to wait about three days.So the etheric body can fully leave the physical body.


James:Well,can you comment about some of the advanced technology that's possibly on the moon,which can pick up souls and reincarnate some back on the planet.


Cobra:This is not existing anymore.




Crystal:James,I need to intervene here because as a hypnotherapist in the field,I mean,we had Dolores Cannon talking about the White Light Trap as well and so many other masters,just talking about White Light Trap,Cobra.So what's this White Light Trap?When we were hypnotising people on the past life regression technology that we have learned from hypnotism school,they go through the birth canal and then they go through to the other side,to their past life.And then when they come back again,we tell them to look at the white light,but Dolores Cannon was saying this White Light Trap would trap you in this reincarnation cycle over and over and over again on this planet.

克里斯托:詹姆斯,我需要在这里介入,因为作为这个领域的催眠治疗师,我的意思是,我们让德洛丽丝·坎农谈论白光陷阱和其他许多大师,只是谈论白光陷阱,柯博拉。那么这个白光陷阱是什么呢?当我们用催眠学校学到的过去生活回归技术对人们进行催眠时,他们通过产道,然后到达另一边,回到他们过去的生活。然后当他们再回来的时候,我们告诉他们看着白光,但是 Dolores Cannon 说这个白光陷阱会在这个星球上一次又一次地把你困在这个轮回中。

Cobra:Actually,actually everybody is already trapped in reincarnation cycle because the reincarnation cycle is not just the physical planes,also on higher planes.You are trapped on the astral plane or on the mental plane.You cannot leave the planet.And the white light is just the portal through which you transcend.You move your conscious from the physical to the etheric.It's just the portal.It's a bridge.So I do not agree.I do not agree with that light trap idea,that concept.I don't know.I do not agree with that.


James:Well,Cobra,can you comment where people go when they die?


Cobra:They go through a tunnel,they go through a portal and then they go to the etheric plane and then after some time,most of them go to the astral plane when they released their attachments to the physical level,to the astral plane,and some of them go even higher to the mental plane.


James:Okay.Well,moving on here,questions.Okay.can you comment about the black goo which is the synthetic AI,I guess it's extra terrestrials related.Does that disconnect us from our higher good?


Cobra:Yes,it can,but I would not worry so much about the black goo.It's something that will be completely clear and removed.


James:Okay.okay.So yeah,the next question was how to deal with it,but I guess you say it's already being dealt with,so,alright.Moving on here.Next question is about the mini ice age.Do you have a ETA when that might happen?


Cobra:Okay.The cycles we are in are so complex that a mini ice age is just one possible scenario because we have the galactic cycle,the cosmic cycle,the Earth procession cycle,all ending at the same time.So it depends how the direction of those cycles will play out.We might get into a mini ice age very soon,the next few years,or we might not depending on how the galactic cycle will play out and how our global consciousness will develop in the next few years.So at the moment,everything is extremely complex and extremely in flux.


James:Excellent.Okay.Can you make a comment about why about 10%of the people that are awake helping 90%of the people who are asleep,see the truth about the lies the government/media feeds them.So how,how are these people,how are like us that are awake?How can we help those who are asleep?


Cobra:Basically by spreading information because when enough people spread information through alternative media,through internet,through social media everywhere this will gain momentum.At some point,everybody will begin to open their eyes and it's already happening.This pandemic has opened eyes of many people about the reality that the situation has been engineered.It is so clear and so evident that most of,I would say many people who have not been awakening to this until now are awakened en-mass.


James:And do you see more censorship on YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,for example about people that are trying to speak up the truth?

詹姆斯:你是否看到 YouTubeFacebookTwitter 等网站有更多的审查制度,比如那些试图说出真相的人?

Cobra:Yes,they are trying to push this really hard in the next four to six months.They're really trying to push that hard because there are certain important time milestones,which will be reached and they want to prevent the truth from coming up.


James:So I'm assuming they're behind schedule on their milestones already.


Cobra:Depend on the perspective,there are different fractions within the Cabal with different plans and they have different perspective on how things are developing,but I would say they are a bit concerned.


James:Yeah.And what about the actual,what,what do you think is the outcome for Facebook,Twitter,and,you know,these,these social media giants,do you foresee them surviving or being sued out of existence?

詹姆斯:对。你认为 FacebookTwitter,还有这些社交媒体巨头的实际结果是什么?你认为他们会生存下来还是被起诉?

Cobra:There is actually a transformation beginning to to happen and people are beginning to see that those social media giants are not so innocent.So this is coming in the global consciousness and this will,at some point trigger the purification of those companies,they will have to adapt if they want to survive,they will have to change their strategies at some point.


James:Okay.Thank you.Alright.So moving on to the next question let's see here,someone was asking for an update on the Chimera group.Are they still,Oh,some.Okay.Okay.How about we start with that?What can you tell us about...What's new with the Chimeras?


Cobra:Well they are still quite active.They are still present deep within the military,within the space force,within DARPA and they are continuing their plans as they were until now.So they are still trying to keep the quarantine status intact.

柯博拉:他们仍然很活跃。他们仍然深深地存在于军队中,存在于空间部队中,存在于 DARPA 中,他们正在继续他们的计划,直到现在。所以他们仍然试图保持隔离状态完好无损。

James:Is the Chimera group also connected with Monarch and there are some other groups there is Mobius,some other planetary corporations?


Cobra:Not directly.Chimera tries not to interfere with surface life.They try to interfere as little as possible.They want to be really behind the scenes of everything as much as possible.


James:Hmm.And so do you,so you see space force being highly infiltrated or do you see it becoming a positive force of change?


Cobra:It is highly infiltrated.And the main purpose of space force being created is as a last chance of the cabal to defend planet Earth against the Galactic Confederation.They are,they would like to use this as their last line of defense before the Confederation ships come.


James:So that's where Randy Cramer talks about how they want to do a false flag invasion,ET invasion.Do you foresee that that taking place and the space force involved with that?


Cobra:Yeah,it's,it is actually a plan of the cabal.I don't see...There is not a high possibility of this happening because there are counter plans,but there is still a remote possibility this might happen.The dark forces don't want to use that false alien invasion flag,because it would put them at certain disadvantage.So if they put up this show it's game over basically,and they don't want to risk that.


James:Yeah.They're already,they're already messing up with COVID.Okay.Alright.Next one here.If a spaceship comes down,should we get on it?


Cobra:You have to feel,you have to feel the energy of that spaceship your heart and your soul,your inner guidance will tell you that this is a good ship or not.And you go with that guidance.


James:Well,speaking of different extra terrestrials races I know at least on the internet,it seems like the Draco are getting a really bad rep,which would you confirm that,that they that's that's what they deserve or are there,are there benevolent Draco?


Cobra:I would say 80 to 90%of Dracos are really negative.I mean,there are some good Draco factions.One of them is Thuban Dracos,which have established the high culture in China about 5,000 years ago.And actually I have met one positive Draco many years ago,but the most of them are not really nice.They have this war mentality,trigger habit.They are not positive beings.Most of them are not.


James:Yeah.And to follow up on the Thuban they,they were highly involved at Montauk and they didn't treat us very well.But that doesn't necessarily mean that all Thuban are,are like that,I guess,but,okay.Moving on here next question are the,are all the huge Chimera spider's gone now?

詹姆斯:对。为了跟进 Thuban 的情况,他们高度参与了蒙托克的事务,他们对我们不是很好。但这并不一定意味着所有的图巴人都是这样的,我想,但是,好吧。接下来的问题是,所有巨大的奇美拉蜘蛛都消失了吗?

Cobra:There are still some etheric Chimera spiders in sublunar space,but the plasma,all the plasma spiders are gone completely.


James:Okay.And someone said here,you said some very huge spiders are still hiding in one of the levels outside the earth.If they are gone...


Cobra:The etheric spiders are still existing in sublunar space.That's a space between Earth and moon,position in certain areas there.


James:Well,speaking of spiders,can you confirm there,there are diamond spiders?


Cobra:What do you mean by diamond spider?


James:The exoskeleton is diamond and they're huge.And I think they're from Jupiter or...




James:That's not true.No such thing.Diamond spiders.Okay.Alright.And do you have any information if there are any spider lifeforms that are benevolent and positive?


Cobra:Well,there are,but it's rare.It's not quite common.


James:Yeah.Okay.Cause there are some ET contactees that say there are...The jumping spiders in particular seem to have...


Cobra:Yeah,it exists,but it's rare.


James:Okay.Alright.Next question from Don,my meditation teacher over 50 years ago,for over 50 years,sorry.Talks about the white light in relation to the continuum of consciousness which transcends...Which includes transcending lower astral to higher mental planes.And he has never mentioned in any negative way regarding white light.It's often connected to the soul higher consciousness.Just sharing that info.

詹姆斯:好的。好吧。下一个问题来自 Don,我的冥想老师,50多年前,对不起。谈到白光与超越意识连续体的关系......这包括超越较低的星体层到较高的精神层。而且他从来没有以任何负面的方式提到过白光。它通常与灵魂的高级意识有关。只是分享这些信息。

Cobra:I would completely agree with that.


James:Okay.There you have it.Okay.Next question from Dale.Can you please tell me which group of Pleiadians you are in contact with?

詹姆斯:好的。这就对了。好吧。下一个问题来自 Dale。你能告诉我你接触的是哪一组昴宿星人吗?

Cobra:I cannot answer this question.


James:Can you,can you hint to us if it's the Taygeteans?


Cobra:It's not.


James:Okay.There,you have it.Okay.Next question.When the veil lifts,what will we see when awakening,don't like to see here,etc.Okay.I'm not going to answer.Never mind.Forget that.Okay.alright.I'm not going to answer any more of those questions.Okay.okay.Next question.When will...will the RM reach out to people who are ready for it to go with them?

詹姆斯:好的。这就对了。好吧。下一个问题。当面纱揭开时,我们醒来会看到什么,不喜欢看到这里,等等。好吧。我不会回答的。没关系。算了吧。好吧。好吧。我不会再回答这些问题了。好吧。。下一个问题。什么时候,RM 会接触到那些已经准备好和他们一起走的人?

Cobra:Yeah.After the event.Yeah,but before the Event the surface population is simply not ready to interact with the resistance.


James:Okay.Somebody was wanting to go here.What are your thoughts on the quantum parse par se syntax grammar.


Cobra:Okay.You need to be more specific on this question.


James:Okay.So it looks like we're out of questions on chat.If anybody's got more go ahead and throw them out there.So moving on here from Facebook,someone would like to know let's see here.Do you have any information about any other catastrophic events coming post RV?

詹姆斯:好的。看来我们的聊天问题都问完了。如果有人还有更多,就把他们扔出去。接下来是 Facebook,有人想知道,让我们看看这里。你有任何关于 RV 之后的其他灾难性事件的信息吗?

Cobra:As I said,after the Event,at certain point there will this Galactic Pulse,which will trigger the sun and that will trigger a polar shift and tsunami,which will basically clear the planet.So that will be the final purification of the planet.


James:Okay.so at that point but,but we'll be evacuated before that happens


Cobra:Yes,humanity will be evacuated just before that happened.


James:Alright.Alright.So moving on here someone here would like to know when will targeted individuals/souls or star seeds,Montauk children,project Ibis,incarnates Horace Isis,safely be united and white hat secured and supported?


Cobra:Okay.This will happen of course,as well.All of the good things that will happen at the Event and after the Event,before the Event,this is not easy because the Cabal is controlling basically everything on the planet.


James:Okay.We are go...Going back to a question associated with reptilians this time.Are there any positive reptilians playing a role in the disclosure...


Cobra:Well,I have been briefed about that.There was a claim that are positive reptilians,but I have never encountered one or had any indirect contact with them.So it's hard to believe,but apparently also positive reptilians do exist,but now most of them are not.


James:Are we talking,I mean,you said it was 80 to 90%of the Draco were,were mostly negative.What about the reptilians?What ratio are you thinking of?


Cobra:Well over 95%negative.


James:Oh,wow.Okay.Alright.So moving on here.When will,Oh,I,sorry.I just said,OK.Next question.Can you comment about the black awakening,a super soldier from mass chaos?Do you foresee a black awakening?


Cobra:Yeah,there'll be an awakening,but it's a delicate subject because most of the super soldiers have been trauma based programmed.Then when those programs are released,it needs to be done carefully.So that when the super soldiers awaken,it is done the correct way in a healing way and in a constructive way.It is a very delicate subject.


James:Alright.So do you foresee,say like some kind of cloned,super soldier,army being brought out this part of the new world order agenda?




James:Alright.Cause that was one of the hypnosis....


Cobra:This is the other scenario.The Light Forces will awaken the super soldiers,which were forced into the programs and they will awaken and start fighting for the Light.


James:Yeah.Alright.Next question.Is there any truth to two prison planets arriving for those with wrongful intent?




James:Alright.So where do you think the cabal members are going to be sent?


Cobra:They are being sent to the Galactic Central Sun and disintegrated and restructured.


James:Interesting.Yeah.Cause George Bush Sr.contacted me through a channel session.Yeah.And he said he was in the void and he's scared and he doesn't know what's gonna happen to him.Is,is that the Galactic Central Sun that you referred to?


Cobra:No,he could not contact you because he doesn't exist anymore.


James:So he,yeah.He's okay.He's gone now,okay.Understood.Probably just,just as,just as well.Cause there anyhow,what his role was and what he did.Anyway,the next question here,when will Tesla type free energy be released 2020?I think,I think you've already covered that when the cabal is over and we,and that's an,we don't know when that is.Okay.Next is that correct?Or you want to comment about free energy?


Cobra:Well.Free energy again,this is all after the Event.


James:Okay.Alright.So we have another question about Q Anon.Is Austin Steinbart really Q?

詹姆斯:好的。好的。我们还有一个关于Q Anon 的问题。奥斯汀·斯坦巴特真的是Q吗?

Cobra:The answer is no.


James:Okay.can you comment if he is Astar Sheran in the future?


Cobra:The answer is no.


James:Okay.Next question,is he a time traveller or using a quantum computer from the future to help Trump clean out the swamp?


Cobra:The answer is no.


James:Can you confirm if he is a psy op?


Cobra:I cannot comment on this question.


James:Alright.Well basically you already deferred that.Oh,okay.Well,I'm not going to cast any more judgment on Austin right now.Let's,let's move on here and let's not ask any more questions about Austin.Cobra,besides meditation and positive thoughts,words,and deeds,what can we do to improve our vibratory field in preparation for the Event?


Cobra:It's good to spend some time in nature and after all,and before or you need to listen to your inner guidance,your higher self,and be brutally sincere with yourself.Do not lie to yourself.Just be honest and admit to yourself everything you need to admit to yourself.Self denial is the most spread disease on this planet.


James:Excellent.Thank you.Thank you.And certainly try to eat organic food and stay away from the vaccines.Or do you have a comment about the vaccines?


Cobra:I mean,this is pretty obvious.I mean,everybody knows about vaccines,so I don't need to comment on.


James:Yeah.But the,the COVID vaccine in particular,do you foresee that they're going to push that agenda?

詹姆斯:是的。但是,尤其是 COVID 疫苗,你认为他们会推动这个议程吗?

Cobra:They're trying to,but as you can see,they're failing until now.


James:And do you foresee the pharmaceutical companies being sued out of existence soon?


Cobra:I would not say sued out of existence,but there is opposition which is getting stronger.




Cobra:We have 10 more minutes,I would say.


James:Okay.well,yeah,we're near the end of questions.Can you comment about the Galactic Federation apparently made the reptilians prevented disclosure on child slavery adrenochrome,which was meant to unite the population against the powers that be?Okay.This...hey Rob..,Can you...that question is so discombobulated,but it sounds like they want to know about child slavery and adrenochrome.Do you have any information about that?I guess,are there mass arrest being take place right now?

詹姆斯:好的。是啊,我们的问题都快问完了。你能评论一下银河联盟组织显然阻止了爬虫军揭露儿童奴役肾上腺素红,这是为了团结人民反对当权者?好吧。这个... Rob.你能......这个问题很让人困惑,但是听起来好像他们想知道奴役儿童和肾上腺素红。你有关于那件事的消息吗?我猜,现在正在进行大规模逮捕吗?

Cobra:No,not yet.


James:Okay.So these rumors about Ellen DeGeneres and so on are under house arrest Oprah,are they not true?


Cobra:Not true.


James:Cause you know,their shows have been recently cancelled.Is that,is that,is that connected to this possibly being arrested?


Cobra:They are not arrested yet.Of course,the show is being cancelled,but it's not the arrest yet when the arrest will happen,it will be through the mass media,it will be very evident.


James:Yeah,but the shows were cancelled because of,of what they did.




James:Do you,can you give us a comment on why you think their shows are being cancelled?


Cobra:Definitely not because of the arrest.


James:Okay.Alright.Okay.So going on here,next question,I guess Black Lives Matter was that get the population unite against those in power.I mean,black BLM.I mean that's part of act blue that's,that's basically extension of the Democratic Party.Do you have any other comments you want to make about Black Lives Matter?

詹姆斯:好的。接下来,下一个问题,我猜黑人的生命很重要,就是让人民团结起来反对当权者。我的意思是,黑色 BLM。我是说这是蓝色表演的一部分,基本上是民主党的延伸。关于黑人的生命很重要,你还有其他的评论吗?

Cobra:I will only say the Jesuits would like to polarize the population on far left and far.Right.They would like to have two camps hating each other and fighting against each other.


James:Yeah.Okay.Cobra.Can you tell us who,who Q Anon is?

詹姆斯:是的。好的。柯博拉。你能告诉我们谁,谁是QAnon 吗?



James:Alright.There you have it.Okay.next question is the quantum language.Hmm...Okay.I'm not going to ask that.What is the timeline for the big event?I think this is like the third or fourth times you asked you that question today,Kathy...Well the timeline is in flux.Is that,that the correct answer?




James:Okay.but what about like,signs of like...What are the first signs that...That I guess changes are gonna take place like pictures of Atlantis being shown in Antarctica perhaps?You think we'll see stuff like that,Atlantis arising from the sea?


Cobra:This is all going to happen after the Event.All those major disclosures are happening then.


James:Okay.What is the Atlantis Alliance doing after the meditation that took place June 30th.


Cobra:Okay.I cannot disclose this yet.I will speak about that in my next update.


James:Okay.so next question is what's hiding behind the Sun?




James:There's no Nibiru?




James:Okay.So is that,does Nibiru even exist?


Cobra:Not in the way.It's a concept...It's a false concept,which was released to confuse the surface population.


James:So what about Zecharia Sitchin?Does that mean the,the story that he got was that,was that fabricated or...




James:Okay.And can you comment about I guess,I guess on harvesting slaves to mine gold on the planet.Do the ETs really want to do that?


Cobra:It's not necessarily because they have technology to create gold.Why would they need slaves to mine Gold?It's not making any sense.


James:Yeah,there you have it.Okay.Next question is the legal...umh...We're not...Okay.I guess they want to ask about legal fiction and court system debt notes.I think that that,that would take too long to get into I guess...or they want to know,does the legal fiction take place in other worlds,maybe more like the Draco Empire?


Cobra:Well,this is a Draco concept which was introduced,or basically it's not just a Draco,

it is the Orion concept,which was given to Dracos and then imported on this planet.And this legal fiction system is going to change.It's going to change dramatically and to natural law and common law,which will come.It will be a different structure after the change is made.

柯博拉:嗯,这是一个引进的天龙概念,或者说基本上它不仅仅是一个天龙概念,而是猎户座概念,这个概念被给予 Dracos,然后被引进到这个星球上。这种法律拟制体系将会改变。它将会发生巨大的变化,并且会改变自然法则和普通法则,这些都会发生。在做出改变之后,它将是一个不同的结构。

James:Okay.Thank you.


Cobra:And this doesn't exist anywhere else right now.It's just the only planet that has this.


James:Alright.Next question.When there's a reset,will that mean it'll get dark with no food and should we stock...I guess they want to know,should we stock up on food?


Cobra:Well,when the Event happens you will be notified by EMS Emergency Broadcasting System and it is good guidance to have enough food and have enough cash to purchase whatever you need to purchase in those days,you know.

柯博拉:嗯,当事件发生时,EMS 紧急广播系统会通知你,这是一个很好的指导,让你有足够的食物和足够的现金购买任何你需要在那些日子里购买,你知道。

James:Okay.And do you foresee George Floyd being arrested?I mean,is he,is he still alive?




James:George Floyd.The black guy that was killed by the cop?


Cobra:Well,this is a loaded question.I will not answer this question.


James:Okay.Yeah.Okay.Alright.So next question here will the paedo ever be arrested?They seem to go far,then stop with investigating who's ever done.


Cobra:Of course they will be arrested as part of the mass arrest scenario,and I'm not going to go into details,but all people who have committed to huge crimes against humanity they will face justice.All of them.


James:Yeah.So a comment,quick comment,remote viewers looked into the future and they saw them all...all the mass arrests being filling up Gitmo and then the ET forces,just send a tactical nuke down there and annihilate the base.And nobody really even cares,the planet goes celebrate.So I'm not saying that's what's gonna happen but possible.

詹姆斯:对。所以一个评论,一个简短的评论,远程观察者看到了未来,他们看到了这一切...所有的大规模逮捕正在填补 Gitmo,然后 ET 部队,只是发送一个战术核武器到那里,并摧毁了基地。没有人真的在乎,地球在庆祝。所以我不是说这会发生但是有可能。

Cobra:I cannot confirm that,but the exact plan is deeply classified.So there is not a word about the exact plan what's going to happen anywhere.


James:Okay.so someone was asking about the tachyon chambers.Are they getting stronger and how are they getting stronger?


Cobra:Yes,they're are getting stronger.There are many reasons for this.Number one,we are developing technology.We are receiving Pleiadian instructions how to get our technology stronger.And there is less and less anomaly on the planet.And this is also the other reason why they're getting stronger.


James:Okay.Question from Facebook.When will we in the SSP(secret space program)be fully publicly acknowledged?

詹姆斯:好的。来自 Facebook 的问题。我们什么时候才能完全公开承认我们的秘密太空计划?

Cobra:It has to be after the Event.It's part of the disclosure program.It's all the same,basically.It's all the same question.We are now living in this old,boring reality when there is no disclosure there we have this unfair system.And when things really begin to move,it will be quite drastic and it will be quite explosive and it will be very,very evident.


James:And do you foresee the members of the SSP being compensated for their lifetimes and service?

詹姆斯:你认为 SSP 的成员会因为他们的生活和服务而得到补偿吗?

Cobra:Yes,of course.


James:Okay.Alright.Okay.So that's all the questions from Facebook.

詹姆斯:好的,好的,好的,这就是 Facebook 上所有的问题。

Cobra:Maybe I can answer three more questions.


James:Three more?Okay.So somebody wants to know,is the Pope still alive?


Cobra:Yes,he is.


James:Okay.But can you,but,okay,well...


Cobra:That's the question.Yes.Yes.


James:Okay.Alright.Next question.So why aren't the peados on house arrest?


Cobra:It is,again,this is the dark forces still control the surface of the planet.And basically they are taking humanity hostage.So any direct actions against the dark members would trigger a strong retaliation.So when the whole operation happens in the whatever way it will happen,it will happen in a way that will not endanger human surface...Humanity surface population.


James:Understood.Okay.Last question.Can the tachyon chambers regenerate a body like the med...Jared Ran's med beds?Do you have any information on that?


Cobra:I cannot confirm the existence of those med beds,but I can say that tachyon chambers cannot regenerate the body.Like they cannot grow a limb for example,but they can definitely improve the state of the physical body because they improve the state of the immune system and they can actually realign the subatomic structure of the physical body with a perfect prototype.


James:Okay.Thank you very much Cobra.Appreciate it.


Cobra:Okay.Thank you for this interview.I wish everybody a more peaceful future and Victory of the Light.


Crystal:Oh,thank you so much,Cobra for gracing our meeting,the 78th FESIG meeting.We truly appreciate your time that you spent and answering all those questions.And James,thank you so much for co-chairing with me.You are superb.You fire the questions super fast and Cobra answers super fast as well.So there being no other business,now this 78th FESIG meeting is adjourned.The first session of 78th meeting is now adjourned to the second session of the 78th meeting.Thank you very much,please don't go away.

克里斯托:哦,非常感谢,柯博拉为我们的会议,第78 FESIG 会议增色不少。我们非常感谢你花时间回答这些问题。还有 James 非常感谢你和我共同主持。你真是太棒了。你提问速度超快,柯博拉回答速度也超快。所以没有其他事情了,现在第78 FESIG 会议休会。第78次会议的第一届会议现在休会至第78次会议的第二届会议。非常感谢,请不要走开。

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Victory of the Light!




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