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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 19,2021 2021719


Things change fast these days,my friends.We never know what will hit the news next.Check out the developments below.


Here's an interesting Tweet that began my day:


My fellow Americans the storm is upon us


Canada to open border for vaccinated Americans starting Aug.9


The Canadian government announced on Monday that it will start allowing fully-vaccinated Americans and permanent residents currently residing in the U.S.to enter the country for non-essential travel next month.


Read more here.


Romana Didulo posted the following:Link to Telegram


American Patriots(Brothers and Sisters),


There are#zero UN Troops in Canada.


There are,however,US Military Special Forces and Global Allied Special Forces in Canada.?


#UN,is NOW under US Military+Canada+Global Allied Countries Control.



This brought a wee tear to me eye.What a beautiful tribute to Mike Lindell who sacrificed so much to save America.Many patriots are now shopping at MyPillow.com and leaving Bed,Bath&Beyond,Walmart,Target,Kohl's and others who stopped carrying My Pillow products for political reasons while they enforced mask mandates and helped the psychopaths prolong the scamdemic.Boycott!They know if we enter a patriot promo code at checkout we can get a 10%discount.

这使我的眼睛流下了一滴泪。这是对迈克·林德尔多么美好的赞颂,他为拯救美国做出了如此巨大的牺牲。许多爱国者现在正在我的枕头网站上购物,离开了 BedBath&Beyond,沃尔玛,TargetKohl's 和其他一些因为政治原因而停止携带我的枕头产品的公司,同时他们执行面具的使命,帮助心理变态者延长了骗子的流行。抵制!他们知道如果我们在收银台输入爱国者宣传代码,我们可以得到10%的折扣。

And then this.Draw your own conclusions as to whether it's just an accident or another case of a weaponized Human inflicted on the public.


Car PLOWS into crowd of people at terrace bar in Marbella–early reports indicate 5 injured(Associated Press)–GRAPHIC VIDEO




The planet is flooding.The Days of Noah?


Two dams in Inner Mongolia collapse after heavy rain 


Listen to Bo Polny on his prophetic anticipation of the coming days.


Bo Polny:Time Is Up,Judgment Falls Now!


More on the flooding in Germany.This is extreme.


Dear Allied Countries/Forces/Global Patriots


Please,deliver food,water,medicine and personnel to help the German 2021年7月19日:地球是一个疯狂的地方|星际飞船地球 people who are dying in the flooded areas.


The same for other parts of the world where there are floods.


They all need#water,#food and#medical care.


It has been brought to my attention that there are no troops allowed to provide assistance in#Germany.Why?


Thank you very kindly.Link to Romana Didulo Telegram.


Not just London that's flooding. Here's Dharamshala, India. Germany's also been flooding as has Japan. We just broke the planets all time reliably recorded heat records and seafood was boiled alive off the coast of Canada. None of this is on front pages #flooding pic.twitter.com/8d791t27jY

In London,the police had difficulty dealing with the crowds.


Ex Police Officer Mark Sexton speaks at #londonprotest and explains PCR tests saying it is not fit for purpose. He says that Millions of people are suffering because of this testing system which is destroying lives.#NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere pic.twitter.com/IjHLrM62I6

BUT,BoJo is moving forward with more outlandish vaxxxine restrictions.

但是,BoJo 正在推进更多稀奇古怪的 疫苗限制

JUST IN - England: Proof of full vaccination to be made mandatory for entry to nightclubs other venues where large crowds gather from the end of September. Negative tests will not be sufficient anymore.pic.twitter.com/y6FRj75LEL

NEW ZEALAND!!!!Look at this!Is this about more than the farmers'protest?Link to Telegram.

新西兰!!!!看看这个!这不仅仅是关于农民的抗议?链接到 Telegram

Are the people finally going to protest the scamdemic mandates?


Q)The Storm Rider says…


In the end of June posted these events>>June and July>>>


Trust me it's going to get worse..Till the People rise together across the world and take their stand///..Only till then MIL will intervene..Till enough sleeping sheep wake up…








The news of atrocities continues.What kind of creatures have been running our planet?Do you believe it began with the Wu Flu?Unfortunately,while this is unfathomable,it will not be the most distressing news we get this year.We stated at the outset of the scamdemic that they were going to go for our seniors.I wish I had been wrong.


Quebec nursing home often gave morphine rather than treat COVID-19 patients,inquest told 



I suggest you listen to Scott Mowry's Miracles Intel Call from last night for an accurate interpretation of what has been happening.This recording is available for one week or until the next call overwrites it.


712-770-5402 Code 767664#and then#again.

Scott says his sources confirm everything has been completed that needed to be done in the background,which would validate the images"Mr.Pool"was posting of contracts being signed and handshakes,etc.


Scott also tells us there seems to be hesitation on the part of the military and we don't know when the rest will unfold.They may be waiting for President Trump to officially return to his leadership position in the public eye so that the positive things going forward NESARA/GESARA happen on his watch.Why would we want that credit to go to the fake president and his administration?

斯科特还告诉我们,军方似乎有些犹豫,我们不知道什么时候才会出现其他的情况。他们可能正在等待特朗普总统正式恢复他在公众眼中的领导地位,以便 NESARA/GESARA 在他的任期内发生积极的事情。为什么我们要把这个荣誉归功于那个虚假的总统和他的政府?

The timing is not ours to decide so we'll just have to endure the insanity and ignore the overblown bad news designed to awaken the zombies.



It's crazy out there,folks.If you do not have faith,intuition,a solid knowledge base,and a warrior's intestinal fortitude this war is going to be very difficult for you.It seems most of the people who communicate in the comments are seasoned warriors and they get it.They're watching the"movie"and not getting uptight about details and deadlines.They know this is all about optics and how it looks to the public who are in varying states of awareness.The"comfortably numb."

外面太疯狂了,伙计们。如果你没有信仰、直觉、坚实的知识基础和勇士的坚韧,这场战争对你来说将是非常困难的。似乎在评论中交流的大多数人都是经验丰富的勇士,他们都明白这一点。他们看着"电影",不会为细节和截止日期感到紧张。他们知道这一切都是关于光学的,以及对于处于不同意识状态的公众来说它是什么样子的。Comfortably Numb

If you are the kind who uses only what you hear and see in the news,whether legacy or alternative,and activate only your mind to discern what the reality is and you want proof of any kind,you're not going to fare well because this is very much a spiritual war and the physical aspects of it are designed to deceive.


The dark has an army of digital soldiers deployed to disseminate lies and discredit the valid information we DO have.You have to develop a sense for who those trolls and deceivers are.Just because they say something doesn't make it true.It may sound very convincing but it could be an utter lie.



The characters in the movie are playing roles and on this side of the looking glass everything is upside-down,inside-out,and reversed in many cases.What we thought was impossible…isn't.


There is no way to know who all the good guys and bad guys are and that is by design.We provide the information we do so you can individually connect the dots and form your own opinions and put puzzle pieces in place to form a"big picture"overview of it all.


We,the Patriots,have very little in the way of credible,reliable information sources so we cruise the'net looking for nuggets that will drop into place in our big picture.That's all we can do.If we knew the truth about everything and all the details of the Plan and who is who in the zoo then the enemy would as well.We will NOT be given that information so we just do the best we can to determine what is happening and why.


There are specific people the Earth Alliance sees are true patriots,have large followings,and can be trusted to put out the information they DO want us to have.They have had to sign NDAs and will only put out the information they are cleared to share.Those people include Juan O'Savin,Charlie Ward,Simon Parkes,and Scott Mowry.


There are also White Hats putting out subtle clues on social media like General Flynn and Mr.Pool on Twitter who never types a word and only publishes images.There are insiders mostly on Telegram now as Twitter has ousted so many that have provided good intel;Q The Storm Rider,WhipLash347,Ghost Ezra,and others.That's not to say the others are not valid sources;I'm just stating a few consistently good ones.

还有一些白帽子在社交媒体上发布一些微妙的线索,比如弗林将军和普尔先生在推特上从不打字,只发布图片。现在在 Telegram 上大部分是内部人士,因为 Twitter 已经驱逐了很多提供良好情报的公司:q The Storm RiderWhipLash347Ghost Ezra,等等。这并不是说其他的资料都不正确;我只是陈述了一些一贯好的资料。

Those on Trump's team like Daniel Scavino Jr.and Mike Pompeo also put out hints,as do the accounts belonging to the US Military from time to time,and Trump's family members also share clues and intel if you"get it".Sometimes info is put out for specific eyes and not ours.

特朗普团队中的那些人,如小丹尼尔·斯加维诺(Daniel Scavino jr.)和迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo),以及不时出现的美国军方账户,如果你"得到了",特朗普的家人也会分享线索和情报。有时候信息是专门针对特定的眼睛而不是我们的。


There are obvious patriots like Mike Lindell and Lin Wood and Sidney Powell,however,even our best sources are sometimes given disinfo because the White Hats want that information out so you're really on your own to decide what is true and what isn't.Intuitives and channels can put out their take on things but there is little proof of what they say so we can take it or leave it.


There are star seeds and others with full recall of their past lives and their connection to source which means they have access to all information and if you know who they are and trust their data they can be another source.


Jetson White tells some amazing tales and provides his fascinating perspectives on the past,present and future.9 min.


The Story of the Ankh Star-Ep1 


We also have many anons putting out their interpretations of possible decodes of the Q map/Q clock.Like this one below with interesting photos in it:

我们也有许多无名氏提出了他们对 q 地图/q 时钟可能解码的解释。就像下面这张里面有趣的照片:

? ? ?
Christmas in July


McAfee clock countdown=July 23,2021


30 weeks from July 23=December 25


July 2018–the month the world discovered the TRUTH.
(3 year Delta

1595 July 2018-the month the world discovered the TRUTH

Rasmussen Reports:
Any day now,any day now,any day now…


Or this one…Link to Telegram

或者这个...链接到 Telegram

Q's last post was the"we're not going to take it"video.It was about the vaccine.

Q 的最后一个帖子是关于疫苗的"我们不会接受它"的视频。

There is very little proof of anything except that there is a war going on and what President Trump has told us has proven true.He gives us a lot of clues if we recognize them as such and have the knowledge base to understand them.


What I believe we can accept as true is that the Earth Alliance is large but selective,is united to end Human Trafficking and the adrenochrome market and to free Humanity from the clutches of the satanic entities who hijacked our planet.The manipulation will end and we will be who we really are.The"good guys"will ensure we get the spiritual evolution we deserve and our Golden Age.It's not happening organically but it is being engineered and positive,high frequencies are flooding the planet.We're getting there and what needs to happen will happen.


Death isn't what we've been taught and innocents who leave the planet now will be in a good place and we may reconnect with them later.There is a steep learning curve ahead for Humanity as the Earth Alliance reprogrammes us with the truth about everything.Not all of it will be pleasant but we can't go forward until the present and the past are healed,so Truth is the red pill that will get it done.We'll survive and will be much stronger for it.



Our world is about to change is the understatement of the millennia.


WhipLash347 posted this:


Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolote by the end of the year?No more Chemo,Radiation etc.Med beds,UV Light Therapies etc.Hospitals&Schools will be ripped apart.No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures handed to you,that Tesla had.
This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence.Ie Mossad/CIA&5Eyes.Only intelligence staying is military.RE-READ the FIVEEYES Drops.
This is why we are moving away from Oil,Gas&Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology.
This is going to be dramatic.
And the bombing of Nuclear Reactors.
Already done.Except 3GD
Rods of God cause Earthquakes.
Rods of God are Undetectable Tesla Tungsten Kinetic Weapons from the Sky designed for blowing Tunnels&Nuke Reactors.Hitting with the force of a Nuclear Weapon without the fallout.

还记得美国总统说所有的医院设备将在年底独立吗?不再做化疗、放疗等。医疗床、紫外线疗法等。医院和学校将被拆除。当你手头有6000种治疗方法时,就不需要进行医学研究了,就像特斯拉那样。这就是为什么所有的私人情报公司都被清除出去了。Ie Mossad/CIA&5Eyes.只有军方的情报人员留下。重新阅读五眼滴液。这就是为什么我们正在从石油、天然气和燃料转向特斯拉无线技术。这将是戏剧性的。还有轰炸核反应堆。已经完成了。除了3GD 上帝棒引起地震。上帝之棒是无法探测的特斯拉钨动力武器从天空设计的炸毁隧道和核反应堆。没有放射性沉降物的核武器打击。

Link to Telegram

链接到 Telegram

Finally,some good news for California.


Los Angeles County Sheriff Will Not Enforce Reinstated Indoor Mask Mandate 


Election news drags out every day.


BREAKING BIG:Georgia Residents to File Lawsuit on Monday at 1:30 PM Contesting the Fraudulent Results of the Georgia Senate Elections 


If you want to survive the war,retain a sense of humour.War isn't usually fun,but since it is also an information war,it can be.Life should be fun,and while this war winds down,we need to enjoy our days as much as possible.Sanity will return,and in the end it will all be good.


If you can ride that wave of appreciation,gratitude,and love and remain in joy,this movie will be a blockbuster hit for you.If we can trust anyone,I believe it's Donald Trump.And I don't believe the story about the military recruiting him at the last moment.He's been in it a long time,in my opinion,and helping to devise The Plan.His brilliant mind continues to shape the direction of the MAGA movement and the grand finale.

如果你能驾驭这股赞赏、感激和爱的浪潮,并且保持快乐,这部电影将是你的重磅炸弹。如果我们可以相信任何人,我相信那个人就是唐纳德·特朗普。我也不相信军方在最后一刻招募他的说法。在我看来,他已经在这个领域工作了很长时间,并且帮助设计了这个计划。他聪明的头脑继续塑造 MAGA 运动的方向和最后的盛大结局。

The Internet is very slow all of a sudden and I'm going to publish while I have the chance,just in case.


Stay frosty and thanks to the crew for all the support and great shares to facilitate our dot-connecting.~BP





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