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『柯博拉Cobra』2013年12月29日讯息『事件进度更新』Event Situation Update事件进度更新Our internet poll has shown that 90% of



Event Situation Update


Our internet poll has shown that 90% of the awakened population (14,112 of 15,660 people who voted) is in favor of the Event taking place now and is at least theoretically willing to take risks that triggering the Event might entail.


Our street survey of the general population has brought similar results. Around 20 volunteers did »sociology research« in various locations on all five continents. I gave them the following instructions:


»The purpose is to conduct this survey on a busy street or inside a shopping center ina large or small city where you can stop many people anonymously. The purpose here is to get an accurate sample of the general human population. Do not search for awakened people or people of a certain age, gender or social status. Do not try to convince people into anything. Do not give any explanations about the Event, ETs, Cobra, the new financial system, etc. Do not try to convince anybody into participating in this survey, there are many that will be willing to stop for a minute and cooperate. Just say that you are conducting a street survey for a sociology research and you can then give them the document I attached to this email (of which you will make many copies) to those who are willing to cooperate. They can either circle an answer YES or NO. The goal is to collect between 200 and 1000 answers in the general area where you will be conducting the survey. Please send the results (numbers YES and NO) back to me as soon as possible.«


We collected 5853 valid answers, of which 5064 people circled YES. This means that almost 87% of the general surface population would be open to partnership with the Resistance and positive ET civilizations after the Event. It is interesting to note that results did not vary much across different countries and continents.


The petition did not bring expected results. Due to heavy interference from the Cabal, we have managed to gather only about 20,000 signatures.


Also, some people are wondering if this is just a »phishing scam« to gather names and addresses of people. No, it is not. Neither me nor the Resistance have any interest in gathering that kind of data. Also, if you worry about governments collecting that data, you can just switch off your cell phone and computer right now. They already have content of all your emails, all of your phone conversations, and your real time location whenever you have your cell phone near you. But do not worry again, all this is just raw data sitting somewhere in their computers and it is very unlikely any human being will ever look at it since all alphabet agencies have vast amounts of data to process every day to keep the Matrix running and too little time to look at it all.


If people can not handle a simple petition, how will they handle the Event? I can assure you, after the Event the comfort zones of everybody will be definitely expanded or challenged, one way or another.

如果大家连简单的连署活动都做不好,怎麽有办法承担事件的重责大任? 我向大家保证: 事件发生之後,每个人必定要走出去开拓新的舒适圈,不然就等着被新时代甩出去。

It is very important for the signing process to continue despite the opposition. The number of signatures does NOT determine the timing of the Event, but more signatures can definitely help to ease the process energetically. You can sign the petition here:



Or help spreading the word through Youtube videos in 17 different languages:

Or through this Youtube video:

Anonymous are supporting this petition through Op#Wings:

The RM2m special task force has evaluated the results of the poll, survey, petition and some other intel and has determined that most of the surface population would support the Event taking place now, but would not be willing to step out of their comfort zones and actively support the actions of the Light forces, at least initially.


The Resistance will trigger the Event when instructed from the Source, although they would like this to happen as soon as possible. They are fully aware that people have had enough and want to see some action.


One of the main problems is maintaining the system infrastructure in the first few hours after the Event is triggered and the arrests start taking place.


Years ago, key members of the Cabal have insured themselves against their removal from the surface of the planet by putting special computer code in the main programs that run industrial control systems which form the backbone of the current infrastructure (electricity, water, food production and distribution). This computer code requires special sections of those main programs to be updated daily by the key members of the Cabal signing in with fingerprint and iris identification. If only one key member of the Cabal fails to sign up or pushes the panic button, a virus is activated and it crashes the program, creating a cascade of disruptions in the infrastructure. Imagine what can happen if more of them fail to sign in:




Although the Resistance can now reset the financial system with a push of a button, its control of internet is not sufficient enough to guarantee a smooth running of the industrial control systems infrastructure in the first few critical hours after the Event. The Resistance is now dealing with this problem and it will be resolved.


The other problem is that most rich people got rich by their involvement with the Cabal one way or another and most of them have little secrets they don't wish to expose. They might be fiercely against the Light forces after the Event is triggered, fearing to lose their little privileges. The Resistance suggests general amnesty to those who were not involved in deeply inhumane criminal acts and fair trial for the rest of them. The Resistance also suggest that they may keep all wealth which was gained in fair business endeavors and to share all unfairly gained wealth with the rest of humanity. Here is one fairly good proposal:



You can read about the newest developments regarding the financial reset here:



There is also a good article about debt offset. There is no direct link ( source website http://src-fla.us/index.php/news2e629 ), so I am quoting the article verbatim:

另外还有一篇有关债务抵销的好文章。文章没有直接连结(文章取自於: http://src-fla.us/index.php/news2e629),我就完整摘录一段给大家欣赏。

»Right Of Offset.


Banks have long enjoyed the privilege of offset as prescribed to them by statute and common law. That right allows the bank to take money the bank owes you and offset it against the loan you owe the bank. Thus they can pull money from your savings account to pay off your car loan.


I am sharing this with you because Karen Hudes briefly mentions this right in her latest interview, but in reverse. She mentions governments that owe the bankers offsetting for the gold the Federal Reserve owes those countries but refuses to give back to them. The Fed also refuses to honor the bonds they gave those countries for their gold prior to WWII. So Hudes is suggesting that those defrauded countries just offset the debts and call it even. So why hasn't it been done yet?

我会提到债务清偿是因为Karen Hudes在最近一次受访有谈到,但是情况是对调的。她谈到有政府盘算用美联储欠他们的黄金来清偿他们欠国际银行家的债务,但是联准会拒绝交出黄金。美联储还拒绝将这些国家在二战期间用黄金套换的债券兑现。Hudes女士认为这些被美联储诈骗的国家也会乾脆地抵销了他们欠银行家的钱,并且宣称从此一笔勾消。那这麽大的事情怎麽还没发生呢?

It hasn't been done yet because the Fed Reserve has been playing a shell game with the world. The money lent to countries have been done so either by the IMF, the World Bank or another Central banking system. But what is happening now is that the world is awakening and realizing that all of those individual banks are just parts of the whole – the Cabal's network of global banking system. Each week that passes countries are getting madder and madder about being defrauded by that global banking system.


The day is near when they start mailing in letters to the banks with just one statement on it, “ Accounts Offset. All accounts settled.” When that happens those countries will keep one third of their revenues and all of their natural resources to provide for their own citizens. All of that will be realized by the cost of just one postage stamp. The time is coming folks.«

迟早会有一天,这些国家会寄给银行简短写着”帐户清销 全部结清”的行文。


译注: 一个国家想跟IMF、世界银行借钱的话,必须先在这两家阴谋集团开的大银行开户。这些借款以税收和自然资源开发权作抵押。银行的说客会威逼利诱政府领导人借一笔国家几十年都还不清的债务,进而控制一个国家。详情请看『经济杀手』

There are other factors delaying the Event but they will not be discussed now. They are being dealt with and I will speak about them when the time is right. The Event and the subsequent coming of the Golden Age is written in the very essence of our Soul and deep down we all know this is what we are here for. Doubts about the change and feelings of despair are artificially created by the etheric Archons and their technology in their last desperate attempts to slow down the process.


Regardless of appearances, final victory of the Light is near!




翻译:Patrick Shih

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