本杰明|2021/08/02 了解朝鲜人

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本杰明|2021/08/02 了解朝鲜人

Notice to readers.So that I may take my annual sabbatical in the Canadian wilderness,the next several reports will be pre-written.They will focus on the history of how I got involved in fighting the Khazarian Mafia.Hopefully,this will help readers get a better understanding of what is happening now.Of course,if something really big happens,we will issue an emergency report.


The assassination attempts against me and the murder of many of my colleagues were part of a Nazi coup d'etat that took place in the U.S.after 9.11.2001.This Nazi faction,led by Fuhrer George Bush Sr.,was a sub-group of the Khazarian Mafia.They were killing journalists as a part of an attempt to control the narrative,the story by which Western society was led.However,I did not figure that out until a North Korean princess showed me the evidence.


Here is how it happened.I was running into serious censorship at Forbes.This started after I had run the story about the murder of the banker,that I detailed in last week's report,brought me to the attention of the people who gave orders to the Forbes family.


For example,a story about Citibank(a Rockefeller company)being kicked out of Japan because it was money laundering for gangsters was killed even though my source was the Japanese Finance Ministry speaking on the record.The last straw for me came when I found out that an anti-virus software company was making viruses.Forbes killed the story,telling me I was"unreliable,"when in fact the story was killed because Steve Forbes had been given$500,000 by the anti-virus company,according to a Forbes whistleblower.


In any case,I was sick of writing business pornography and decided my next career move was to shift to writing books.The hope was to have them made into Hollywood movies.So,I sent two chapters and an outline of a planned book to my agent in the U.S.The book would have described a systematic pattern of the murder of politicians,journalists,industrialists,etc.by politicians and gangsters who were part of the corrupt secret government that really ran Japan.


The day after I sent the book proposal,I got a call from Kaoru Nakamaru,who said she was a princess and a first cousin of Emperor Hirohito.She told me it would be a bad idea to publish the book.Obviously she was connected to people who were reading my mail,so I decided to meet her.When I asked her how she knew what was in my book proposal she said,"A Goddess told me."(That Goddess would be Amaterasu the reigning deity of the Japanese security police).

在我寄出这本书的第二天,我接到了 Kaoru Nakamaru 的电话,她说她是一位公主,也是昭和天皇的表妹。她告诉我出版这本书不是个好主意。很明显,她和阅读我邮件的人有联系,所以我决定见见她。当我问她是怎么知道我的新书计划的内容时,她说:"一位女神告诉我的。"(那位女神将是天照大神,日本治安警察的统治神)

When I met Nakamaru she said,"You understand all about the corruption in Japan but you know nothing about the real source,which is in the West."She then gave me a 9.11 truth video.At the time,I thought"Oh my God,this is one of those anti-Semitic movies about 9.11 that I read about in the New York Times."I had no intention of watching it but she kept pestering me until I did.That was the real red pill for me.It did not take a lot of fact-checking to realize 9.11 was an inside job.From a missile hitting the Pentagon without breaking the second-floor windows and leaving no plane debris,to a BBC reporter with Building#7 visible in the background saying it had already collapsed,20 minutes before it actually did at freefall speed,the evidence was undeniable.

当我见到中丸时,她说:"你了解日本的所有腐败,但你对真正的源头一无所知,那就是西方。"然后她给了我一个9.11真相视频。当时,我想:"哦,天哪,这是我在《纽约时报》上读到的那些反犹太主义电影中的一部,关于9.11的。"我没打算看,但她一直缠着我,直到我看了。对我来说,那才是真正的红色药丸。不需要做很多事实核查就能意识到9.11是内部人干的。从一枚导弹击中五角大楼,但没有打破二楼的窗户,也没有留下飞机残骸,到背景中可以看到7号大楼的 BBC 记者说它已经倒塌,比实际以自由落体的速度倒塌早了20分钟,这些证据都是不可否认的。

The real problem was wrapping my mind around how incredibly large a group would be needed to carry out a campaign like this.The implications were truly mind-boggling.It was only by looking at historical events that I realized such false flags were being commonly used as excuses to start wars.


For example,the sinking of the"innocent passenger vessel"Lusitania in 1914 was used as an excuse to demonize the Germans and get the Americans to join the British in World War I.It was not until a hundred years later in 2014 that the British admitted publicly the Lusitania was transporting arms and was,therefore,a legitimate military target.Historians note that ads in newspapers warned passengers prior to the ship being sent into the vicinity of German U-boats as a sacrifice.

例如,1914"无辜的客轮"卢西塔尼亚号的沉没被用作妖魔化德国人和让美国人加入英国参加第一次世界大战的借口。直到100年后的2014年,英国才公开承认 Lusitania 在运输武器,因此是一个合法的军事目标。历史学家注意到,报纸上的广告在这艘船被送到德国潜艇附近作为牺牲品之前警告了乘客。

In 2001,the people who controlled the U.S.were using 9.11 as an excuse to invade the Middle East(yet again).


In my still naïve worldview I figured that if people found out the truth,there would be a revolution.After I published front-page articles for major Japanese magazines listing evidence that 9.11 was an inside job,I held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan to present the evidence to the international media.


It was only when none of them(with a few minor exceptions like rural Australian newspapers)reported the evidence did I realize that freedom of the press had been extinguished from the Western media.


Nobody at the FCCJ or in the Western press debated me or presented evidence showing I was wrong.Instead,all sorts of people I never knew suddenly started a systematic campaign of character assassination against me.The general story was that I was taking drugs,believed in UFOs,and had lost my mind.I was put on a black list and nobody in the English language press would work with me.Many editors told me they had been ordered by their bosses not to publish my stories.


Fortunately,I had published books in Japanese that sold well and provided me with an income.I was also introduced to a Japanese author by the name of Ohta Ryu.He explained to me that he had been approached by a group of Japanese who had studied Western power structures before and during World War II.He used the material they had provided to publish his books.


What Ohta said was astounding at the time.It was about the West having a secret government run by families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.


This may be common knowledge today,but at the time(about 2005-6)when I did an internet search on the Rothschilds,I found exactly one sentence about them on the entire web.It came from an Israeli chat room where a participant mentioned the rumor that the Rothschilds were involved in the creation of Israel.


As for our alleged overlord David Rockefeller,he was ranked 300 or so on the Forbes list of richest and was considered a person of the past.I had to go back to the 1918 edition of Forbes to find out the real story.It turns out that John Rockefeller the First had suddenly become poor overnight by putting his entire fortune(about$300 billion in today's money)into a foundation.Once the money was in a trust,the owners paid no estate tax and did not have to disclose much information.


A paper trail led to more than 200 foundations controlled by the Rockefellers,who in turn controlled most of the Fortune 500 companies.I began to realize that all the murders of Japanese politicians,etc.were part of a hostile takeover of Japan Inc.by Rockefeller&Co.

一份书面记录显示,洛克菲勒家族控制着200多家基金会,而这些基金会又控制着财富500(Fortune 500)企业的大部分。我开始意识到,所有谋杀日本政治家等都是洛克菲勒公司敌意收购日本公司的一部分。

One of the key figures in this operation was Heizo Takenaka,who was Minister of Finance and Economy from 2002 to 2005.During that time,he dismantled the cross-shareholding system in which banks and companies owned each other's shares.Takenaka forced all banks to sell their shares in Japan's listed companies to foreign funds such as Vanguard,Blackrock and State Street&Banking.

这一行动的关键人物之一是2002年至2005年担任财政和经济部长的竹中平藏。在此期间,他取消了银行和公司相互持股的交叉持股制度。竹中强迫所有银行将其在日本上市公司的股份出售给先锋(Vanguard)、贝莱德(Blackrock)和道富银行(State Street&Banking)等外国基金。

When I approached him about giving all of Japan's listed companies to the Rockefellers,etc.,he visibly wobbled in his chair and dodged the question.However,the day after the interview,I received a call from an official at the Japan Development Bank who told me that Heizo Takenaka wanted a meeting with me.So I went to a hotel room in downtown Tokyo,where I met a person named Shiramine,who described herself as a ninja.

当我向他提出将所有日本上市公司交给洛克菲勒等财团时,他明显坐在椅子上摇摇晃晃,回避了这个问题。然而,在采访的第二天,我接到了日本发展银行一位官员的电话,他告诉我竹中平藏想和我见面。所以我去了东京市中心的一家酒店,在那里我遇到了一个叫 Shiramine 的人,她自称是一个忍者。

With his permission,I recorded a conversation in which he offered me the position of Finance Minister of Japan if I went along with a plan to kill 90%of humanity.He said this was necessary to save the environment.He said that since war was not killing enough people,the plan was to wipe out all people through disease and famine.Shiramine added that if I refused the offer,they would kill me.


When Shiramine met with me and made this proposal,he handed me a tape and told me to listen to it in private.On this tape he said the problem was the Elders of Zion.Another emissary of Takenaka told me that he had given up control of all the companies in the country because Japan had been threatened with an earthquake machine.

Shiramine 和我见面并提出这个建议时,他递给我一盘录音带并让我私下听。在这盘带子上,他说问题出在锡安长老们身上。竹中的另一位使者告诉我,他已经放弃了对日本所有公司的控制权,因为日本受到了地震机器的威胁。

The next day,another person called me and said he wanted to meet with me.Again,the meeting took place in a downtown hotel room.This time it was someone from an Asian secret society known as The Red and The Green.He said they have 8 million members,including 200,000 assassins,who could help.


This group also knew about the plan to kill 90%of humanity because they had secretly recorded a meeting at the Bohemian Grove where they discussed all this.


The members of this group had long cooperated with Western secret societies,supplying them with heroin from the Golden Triangle,for example.But it was the attempt to take them out with SARS,a bioweapon designed to kill Asians,that finally put them in the war position.

这个组织的成员长期与西方秘密社团合作,例如从金三角向他们提供海洛因。但是,正是用 SARS(一种专门杀死亚洲人的生物武器)来消灭他们的企图,最终使他们陷入了战争的境地。

You can imagine how shocked and confused I was to learn all this in just one week.For someone who had lived his entire life in the official,public world,this was confusing,to say the least.Disagreeing with a plan to kill 90%of humanity,I decided to join the Asian Secret Society.As a peace-loving journalist,I first had the idea that the Asian secret society could show films about the truth of September 11 in Chinatown movie theaters.


But eventually I had a moment I call Kill Bill.In the movie Kill Bill,there is a scene where a female assassin(played by Uma Thurman)is in a desperate fight for her life with a one-eyed enemy.When Thurman tears out her opponent's eye,the fight is suddenly over.


I realized that most people in the West(like me)had no idea what their secret leaders were up to,and would have been horrified to find out.The fault of the secret Western government was that it was highly centralized.So I advised the Asian secret society to pluck out the eye.


I gave them a list of all the people who were members of the Bilderbergers,the Council on Foreign Relations,and the Trilateral Commission.I said if you target them,you can stop the planned genocide.Later,when I was directly threatened with the earthquake machine,I replied that assassinations cannot be stopped with an earthquake machine.


Another thing I suggested to the Asian secret society was that buying U.S.government bonds was worse than buying opium.At least opium gives you pleasure,but now you are paying them to kill you,I said to a top advisor to the Chinese Politburo.In any case,the Asian secret society has been mobilized.They threatened to kill the Western elite and also stopped buying U.S.government bonds.So the attempt to wipe out 90%of humanity was stopped.


This was the real background of the so-called Lehman shock,the financial crisis of 2008 and the birth of the Obama administration.However,the secret war had only just begun.After these events,many new players emerged from the shadows.


Next week I will talk about how I came to know David Rockefeller.I will also talk about how I met groups like the Black Sun,the Illuminati(of two varieties),the secret space program Nazis,the Russian FSB,and former MI6 chief Dr.Michael Van de Meer.


Please stay tuned…



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