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织女星的伊沃|恐惧与肾上腺素红Me:Folks,Ivo and I have to explain something that was just intuitively downloaded to me.


On earth now,there have been many children that have been abducted and used toprovide adrenochrome to the dark entities and the humans who co-exist with them.By co-existence I mean a parasitic existence,as in a shapeshifter,but it's also possible for older humans to benefit from drinking adrenochrome,which are the adrenal hormones produced by the adrenal glands.


You need to understand the relationship between fear and adrenalin,which is the hormone that adrenochrome is based on.


The adrenal glands are part of the sympathetic nervous system that create the stress response.When we're stressed out,which is a fear response,we create adrenalin,and there is a relationship between the two.Ivo,I'll let you continue.


Ivo:Thank you,my love.The relationship between adrenalin and fear is that when you are stressed out,you create adrenalin.When you fear,you create fear-based energies,which is loosh.


This is why your western societies are run on stress.Because the fear that you are producing creates loosh for the dark entities who are controlling your world,and when you are young and tramatized,you learn to respond to everything as if it is something to fear.


Sharon was commenting on the movies and cartoons she watched as a child.The wicked witches,the Abonibal snowmen,even in the movie The Sound of Music she was frightened by Colonel Von Trapp,a terrible man indeed.These all scared her.


When you are born into a traumatic situation,your most common response is fear.


What happens are you age is your adrenals begin to fail because they have been overproducing adrenalin all your life,and so you seek reactions within yourself that create an adrenalin response in order to feel energetic.Some are into extreme sports,some are into large amounts of sugar which includes alcohol,and others fight and argue all the time.


This is because you seek to raise your adrenalin levels because your adrenals are burning out.You have been living on large amounts of adrenalin all your lives,which have caused stress and unhappiness.


And these large amounts of fear you have used to create the adrenal reactions,has been utilized by your demonic attachments as food,or in other words,loosh.


In order for your adrenals to recover,you must calm down and stop utilizing whatever you are using to create extreme reactions within yourselves.Meditation is also helpful as it helps you to activate the parasympathetic nervous system,which creates an anti-stress or a relaxation response within you.


The reason you are not a relaxed society is because you seek more adrenalin.This adrenalin then is only siphoned off by your attachments,and then you will go on to seek another stressful situation to re-create this response or indulge in more sugar.All you are doing is feeding your attachments and wearing out your body.


In the same way that these demonic attachments feed off your loosh,they also feed off the adrenalin of youngsters to maintain their physical bodies because their physical bodies do not run like the body of a human with a soul.They do not create adrenalin.So they utilize it to help them maintain vibrancy in your world.This is part of the satanic rituals they have been engaging in–it helps them to appear human.


For those in the know,it is best to walk away from people who will not change from this stress response lifestyle as they are sure to involve you in it.Sharon has.She will not engage people who continue to seek to create stress as a reaction to prompting from their demonic attachments,and I suggest you do as well.Seek peace because that is the basis of life for the human.Your environment now is artificially created and artificially maintained to support the needs of unseen attached demonics.That is the entire story of your lives right now.


If you should feel triggered or feel you need to respond in stress,remember you will be producing adrenalin and this adrenalin will attract feeders who will continue to prompt you to create adrenalin.A peaceful response to all situations must be sought out.


I wish to point out that children are being taken because they are good producers of adrenalin for these demonics and this feeds their physical bodies.


You are feeding their non-physical bodies by continuing to stress yourselves out.Mind control programming is entirely about prompting you to create these adrenal reactions,and your western societies are set up for the same reason.Why do you think you earn so little?So you can stress out and create adrenalin,that is why.Why do you think your foods are so full of sugar?So you can overreact and create stress,so the sugar will rev up your adrenals.When your adrenals are revved up,these demonics can then feed themselves.




Ivo:Nothing in your world is as it appears to be.You are feeding demonic others in any heated transaction,stressful outburst,crying fit,angry argument,or any other fear-based reaction.Fear and adrenalin go hand in hand.


Me:I can't help but think our bodies were modified to do this,Ivo.


Ivo:They were.You were changed to focus on this adrenalin response and then fed stories about cavemen and running from saber toothed tigers to make you believe that this response is useful for you.It is not.A response of peace is the only response that works for you because the human is a being of peace and love.


You have been lied to.It is time to walk away from the lie and take control of your own lives.


Me:So you're saying that that's the whole point of everything,Our whole world is based on this parasitic relationship and most people don't even know it.Wow!


Ivo:Yes.My love,you will get your adrenalin strength back;just refuse to become stressed out and refuse sugar.These things will help.Take time to relax and to meditate.





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