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X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted for Accuracy)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核准确性)


For  The  First Time In The Trump Administration,A Traitor Has Been Called Out



TRAITOR:One who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation of duty.


Every history class in America has taught students about tyranny in foreign countries.In our life-time,however,we never thought tyrannical forces would be hiding behind American politicians and Hollywood Elites,eventually affecting our very freedoms.


Hundreds of CEO's,politicians and TV personnel have resigned since Trump took office.The latest to resign is Jimmy Kimmel.Isn't he at the height of his career?Why would he resign now?


如果善良的人无所畏惧,邪恶就无能为力Joe Biden has not nominated his V.P.pick,yet.Kamala Harris,and also Amy Klobuchar,have been considered but Amy recently withdrew from consideration saying Biden should choose a woman of color.Dave from X22 Report has been'calling'it for months.This sets the narrative for Michelle Obama.Will she'Becoming'Biden's V.P.choice?

·拜登还没有提名他的副总统候选人。卡玛拉·哈里斯和艾米·克洛布查尔都曾被考虑过,但是艾米最近退出了考虑,说拜登应该选择一个有色人种的女人。来自 X22报告的戴夫已经"呼唤"它好几个月了。这为米歇尔·奥巴马设定了故事情节。她会成为拜登的副总统人选吗?

The DS created this pandemic,shutdown the entire system,crashed the economy and blamed Trump.They want to keep everyone in lock down until elections,with mail-in ballots becoming mandatory,so they can take control of the White House,the U.S.Constitution and the American people.Enter the One World Government take-over.But Trump opened the economy in April which absolutely wreaked havoc on the DS's plan to take down America.

DS制造了这场流行病,关闭了整个系统,导致经济崩溃,并将责任归咎于特朗普。他们希望在选举之前把所有人都关起来,让邮寄投票成为强制性的,这样他们就可以控制白宫、美国宪法和美国人民。进入一个世界政府接管。但是特朗普在四月份开放了经济,这绝对严重破坏了 DS 推翻美国的计划。

The next sign of retaliation we see is racism and chaos.They had to bring in BLM and rioting.Why?It sets up the narrative to introduce the person who will most likely be the gateway for Hillary Clinton to become VP or even run for president.Will that woman never go away?

我们看到的下一个报复标志是种族主义和混乱。他们不得不带来 BLM 和暴乱。为什么?它的叙事方式是介绍一位最有可能成为希拉里·克林顿成为副总统甚至竞选总统的人选。那个女人永远不会消失吗?

For the first time in the Trump Administration,a traitor has been called out.Corruption knows no party line.John Bolton(R)should not get any credit for his new book.He didn't hear any of it.It was all fed to him second-hand,on purpose.Pompeo made a bold statement,calling Bolton a traitor to the United States.His accusation should not be taken lightly.This is the lead-in to expose many U.S.traitors.We who are awake have seen traitors in Hollywood,in our US Military,and in former administrations but to call them out takes on a whole different outcome.


Those who leaked information to the media will be labeled traitors.They are getting people used to the term so when they are prosecuted for their crimes,it will be understood.Since Bolton is a Republican,the definition of treason may be a non-threatening talking point for conservatives to take to Social Media.


Censorship was seen during the Obama administration but with Trump's re-election being a threat to the DS,censorship has become a huge problem for conservatives.James Woods,Ice Cube and even President Trump's tweets have been censored.

审查制度在奥巴马执政期间曾出现过,但随着特朗普连任成为 DS 的威胁,审查制度已成为保守派的一个大问题。詹姆斯·伍兹(James Woods)"冰立方"(Ice Cube),甚至特朗普总统的推文都遭到了审查。

"Twitter allows pedophiles to discuss attraction to minors.""Bizarre Facebook survey asks users if they condone pedophilia."These are actual fact-checked article headlines.Why are these allowed,but tweets and FB posts of a lesser crime are threatened with censorship,lockouts and removal?Section 320 is in review by Bill Barr.Will social media giants finally be held accountable for their censorship bias?

"Twitter 允许恋童癖者讨论对未成年人的吸引力。""Facebook 奇怪的调查询问用户他们是否宽恕恋童癖。"这些都是经过事实检验的文章标题。为什么这些都是被允许的,但是一些犯罪较轻的微博和 facebook 帖子却受到审查、封锁和取消的威胁?第320条款正在由比尔·巴尔审查。社交媒体巨头最终会为他们的审查偏见负责吗?

Crimes against humanity is once again being exposed.A Berlin government-backed pedophile network has been implicated for placing homeless children in the care of pedophiles for the past 30 years.Only when evil is forced into the light,can we defeat it.Only when the DS's plan is exposed,can we defeat it.

危害人类罪再次被揭露。柏林政府支持的一个恋童癖网络涉嫌在过去30年里将无家可归的儿童置于恋童癖者的照料之下。只有当邪恶被逼入光明时,我们才能战胜它。只有当 DS 的计划被曝光,我们才能击败它。


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid."~Ronald Reagan

As long as there are two party lines,division in America will prevail.Could it be Trump's mission is to bring the two parties of America together,working under the rule of law?When corruption is exposed,the Silent Majority grows.



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