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A series of video frames taken of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1 show two UFOs in the vicinity, just before and during the failed pre-launch test. The video frames are hard evidence linking the SpaceX explosion to an alleged space war being fought between rival secret space programs according to whistleblower Corey Goode.
The SpaceX rocket was carrying a $150 million satellite belonging to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who was quick to tweet his disappointment:

Elon Musk tweeted an initial analysis that only identified where the explosion took place:
埃隆·马斯克Elon Musk在推特上的初步分析确定了爆炸发生的地点:

According to investigative reporter, Jim Stone, the way in which one of the UFOs interacted with the rocket just as it exploded suggests it was an attack, and not a case of a fuel tank breach in the upper stage:
据调查人员Jim Stone报道,其中一个UFO导致火箭爆炸表明它是一个攻击,而不是由于上层燃料箱泄露而爆炸:
This explosion started at the top of the rocket, right where the UFO was, and not near the bottom, where virtually all rocket explosions start. No malfunction caused this, if this started at the top of the rocket only a fuel tank breach in an upper stage that was not being tested could have caused this, and that means the rocket was most likely shot with something.
爆炸开始的位置是在火箭的顶部,正好也是UFO出现的位置。 通常火箭爆炸都是从底部开始的。没有机械故障能造成顶部爆炸。唯一能够造成顶部爆炸的是未经测试过的上层燃料箱泄露。这显然是不可能的。这进一步证明了火箭是受到攻击。

The attack was intended to prevent the satellite reaching Earth orbit to perform a nefarious purpose, Stone stated:
Before it blew up, a UFO showed up, fired something at the rocket, and then quickly flew away. The image here shows the UFO quite clearly. If Spacex can’t explain what this UFO is, then I am going to say that either off world help arrived to keep Facebook grounded or white hats in American intelligence destroyed this rocket to keep something evil from being launched. 
在它爆炸之前,一个UFO出现了,向火箭发射了东西,然后迅速飞走,这张图片很清晰地显示了UFO。如果SpaceX公司无法解释这个UFO什么,那么我会说 可能是外来世界的协助来阻止Facebook的行动,或是美国的白帽情报中心消灭此火箭以防发射邪恶的卫星。
An analysis of 10 frames from the video of the explosion (see BBC video below) show two UFOs appearing just before the rocket test, and one flying just above the rocket as it explodes.
从爆炸时的10帧视频分析(见下面BBC公司发布的视频)显示两个UFO出现在火箭测试之前,火箭爆炸时正好一个从上方飞过。 SpaceX火箭测试时惊显UFO飞过
The author, who conducted the frame by frame analysis, concludes:
You will see a small looking ufo/object buzz by the rocket as it explodes!  The ufo buzzes by the head of the rocket coming from the right side and moving to the left side of the screen at incredible speed.  This is definitely some type of secret space program weapon technology being used.  The secret space program war is in full affect and this time in full view. 
The alleged attack follows earlier claims by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, that space battles have recently intensified between rival secret space programs. Goode provided an artist’s depiction of one of these battles fought over Antarctic skies space in early 2016.

Circumstantial support for Goode’s claims emerged with President Barack Obama delivering a report to the U.S. Congress on May 26 proposing an “integrated policy” to deter potential enemies in space. In a letter released through the White House Press Secretary discussing the report along with a classified Annex, Obama said:
5月26日美国总统巴拉克•奥巴马在向国会提供的一份报告提出一项”综合政策”以削弱太空中潜在的敌人。 这份报告可以间接证明古德的说法。在另一封通过白宫新闻秘书发表的讨论上述报告并附有一份机密文件的信中,奥巴马说:
The report is the result of an interagency process with the objectives to reduce risks to the United States and our allies in space; and to protect and preserve the rights, access, capabilities, use, and freedom of action of the United States in space.  Success will require a multi-year effort and commitment across all departments and agencies, and I look forward to your continued support.
这份报告是多方合作的结果。这个合作旨在减少美国及其联盟在太空中的风险以及保护和保存美国在太空中各项行动的自由权。成功来之于多层次的和各部们的努力。 我期待着你们长久的支持。
Obama’s “multi-year effort and commitment across all departments and agencies” was clearly intended to create and fight space wars as soon as possible.
It appears that Obama’s proposed interagency space defense policy was really intended to help what Goode describes as a lower level secret space program comprising the USAF Space Command, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
Goode claims that in February this year, he was abducted by operatives from this lower level space program who wanted to find out where he was getting his information from, because he has been accurately revealing details of highly classified space activities.
Apparently, the USAF/NRO/DIA is wanting to beef up its own space assets during a time of increasing military hostilities between spacecraft that are of unknown origin to them. Goode, however, identified these the warring spacecraft as belonging to differing factions of secret space programs allied with rival alliances comprising humans and extraterrestrials.
What adds significant support to Goode’s incredible claims of warring space alliances is a recently published paper by an astrophysist, Duncan H. Forgan, in the prepublication science website, arXive.org. Forgan claims that rival alliances, what he describes as ‘cliques’, may disagree over the extent to which contact is allowed to happen on more primitive planets such as Earth:
更重要的是,航天物理学家Duncan H. Forgan最近发表在科学网arXive.org上的一篇文章更有力地支持古德的说法。Forgan 指出太空派系联盟之间的竞争来源于对外星文明与地球接触程度上的不同看法。
One clique attempting to place an interdict on contacting ‘primitive’ civilizations is likely to encounter significant problems if another clique disagrees … It may well still be the case that the Earth resides in a region of space occupied by a conservative clique bent on non-contact. 
UFOs captured on camera just as the Space X experienced an upper stage explosion while conducting its pre-flight rocket testing is further evidence that a secret space war is indeed occurring between rival space programs and alliances.



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