X22报道|第2818集: 央行的谎言不起作用,新闻即将揭晓

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X22报道|第2818集: 央行的谎言不起作用,新闻即将揭晓

Ep. 2818a – The [CB]/[JB] Lies Are Not Working, They Are In Trouble And They Know It

Ep. 2818a – [ CB ]/[ JB ]谎言不起作用,他们有麻烦了,而且他们知道这一点

Ep. 2818b – The [DS] Just Blinked, News Is About To Unlock, Power Returning To The People

Ep. 2818b –[DS]刚刚眨眼,新闻即将解锁,权力回归人民



Protests are spreading across the globe, the people are brought to the precipice and the push back has begun. [JB]/[CB] lies are exposed, [redacted] is not responsible of what is happening, it is the [CB]/[JB] who created this to bring the population into the GR. The people are now calling all of them out.

抗议活动正在全球蔓延,人们被带到悬崖边上,反击已经开始。[ JB ]/[ CB ]谎言被揭露,[编辑]对发生的事情没有责任,是[ CB ]/[ JB ]创造了这个,把人口带入 GR。人们现在把他们都叫出来了。


The [DS] is losing on all fronts, their entire system is being exposed and destroyed at the same time. Slowly but surely the entire system is being dismantled. The [DS] is struggling to regain the narrative but the white hats continue to bring them down the path of no return. Power is returning to the people are the people are learning how powerful they really are. The [DS] just blinked, news is about to unlock and the they are about to receive more pain.



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