X22报告|第2777集: 中央银行的经济叙事已经消失,达勒姆正在狩猎

2022年5月18日10:21:00最新动态X22报告|第2777集: 中央银行的经济叙事已经消失,达勒姆正在狩猎已关闭评论3131字数 1471阅读4分54秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2777集: 中央银行的经济叙事已经消失,达勒姆正在狩猎

Ep. 2777a – The [CB]/[JB] Economic Narrative Is Lost, The People Are Now Preparing

Ep. 2777a-[CB]/[JB]的经济叙事已经失去,人民现在正在准备

Ep. 2777b – When Do Birds Sing? Durham Is On The Hunt, When Does Your Enemy Expend Ammunition?

Ep. 2777b – 鸟儿什么时候唱歌? 达勒姆在狩猎,你的敌人什么时候消耗弹药?



The Biden administration cannot explain their policy on how they are going to stop inflation. The people are seeing the truth, the plan is collapse the economy not help it. Fuel prices are moving up again. [JB] is helping subsidize foreign workers while Americans don’t have jobs. Bitcoin expands.

拜登政府无法解释他们将如何遏制通胀的政策。人民看到了真相,计划是经济崩溃而不是帮助它。燃料价格再次上涨。[ JB ]正在帮助补贴外国工人,而美国人没有工作。比特币扩张。


Durham is on the hunt and he is slowly squeezing the truth out of the [DS]. The people are seeing this and soon the first conviction will occur which will send a signal to the rest of the [DS]. The patriots are winning the information war. Nazi surrender in Ukraine, Russia is in control. When does a bird sing, as pressure builds those who are in the cross hairs will most likely try to make a deal. When does the your enemy expend ammunition, when they are winning or when they are weak and losing.



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