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In the past days I have been quite caught up in worldly matters,but now I have more room to connect with my soul family members again.I received more information from Isidra on her life on board one of the spheres of the Galactic Confederation.First of all she pointed out that they keep to a 24 hour daily schedule,just like people on Earth,out of necessity because of the tasks and duties they have accepted which are very closely related to what's going on down here.But the schedule is flexible in terms of how the hours are partitioned and allocated.In general most soul families that have a significant number of members who live on the surface of planet Earth are very actively involved and play a prominent role in the planetary liberation;that is no different for my soul family.Their lives as a result are not so comparable with the lives of beings who live on planets that are part of the Galactic Confederation's segment of the liberated universe.


Isidra most nights sleeps 5 to 6 hours and gets up in the early morning CET time.She drinks and has a small bite and then goes to check up on what has been occurring during her sleep.She has advanced technology that helps her do this and apart from that she uses her"paranormal"abilities.She isolates issues that need special attention,such as social unrest,political tensions,diplomatic issues,terrorism planning and attacks on lightworkers.Issues that have a strong energetic component are being forwarded to one of my two soul mates who are part of the Galactic Confederation.In previous meditations she has(re)introduced herself as Konstanze;she has very bright and alluring eyes,freckles and dark blond curly hair.She has a very warm energy about her and she is a fully trained healer and Goddess priestess.She coordinates meditations aimed at reducing tensions and conflicts on the surface and she specializes in energetic and remote healing.Konstanze and her twin soul are the only couple of twins in our soul family who are presently united and they are the anchors of our soul family as a result.Isidra didn't mention it,but intuitively I understood that Konstanze's energetic support is what enables me to bounce back from adversities and attacks swiftly.My other soulmate in the Galactic Confederation reintroduced herself as Jolie;she is actually the same woman whom I had an earlier telepathic contact with years ago.She is light blond and very attractive looking.When I sought to reestablish contact with her this time around she held back at first;I thought it had everything to do with the nasty disruption of our earlier contact when a demonic entity attacked her through me,but there is more at play.I am finding out that one of my two soul brothers who turned dark is Jolie's twin soul and that weighs on her a lot.She told me I remind her of her twin soul and she is very glad I stayed loyal to the Light;she is longing very much to see me again.Jolie is experienced in governance and diplomacy and any critical information on political and international issues is forwarded to her.She in turn has direct contact with the Ashtar Command and a representative of the Galactic Confederation on the surface.The identity and whereabouts of this representative on the surface are strictly confidential.


Isidra's morning session usually lasts until 1 or half past 1 PM,when she starts her break that lasts until 4 PM CET.During her break she gets together with our soul family members that are in the Galactic Confederation,they eat a bit,socialize,play a game,have a walk in one of the wildlife parks on the sphere or do some other leisure activity.From 4 PM until 6 to 8 PM(depending on the surface situation)is Isidra's second shift and after that she has dinner with our soul family members and members of closely related soul families.After dinner and review of the day they join in a combined meditation and do some self healing(they sense our emotions and inner turmoil,so they need to recuperate from that)and in the last part of the evening and early night they sing,dance,make love and express themselves in whichever way they feel like.

伊西德拉的晨练通常持续到下午1点或1点半,这时她开始休息,一直持续到 CET 时间下午4点。在她休息的时候,她和我们银河联盟的灵魂家族成员聚在一起,他们吃一点东西,社交,玩一个游戏,在球体上的野生动物公园里散步或者做一些其他的休闲活动。从下午4点到下午6点到8(取决于地表情况)是伊西德拉的第二班,之后她与我们的灵魂家族成员和密切相关的灵魂家族成员共进晚餐。在晚餐和回顾一天的时间之后,他们加入一个联合冥想,做一些自我疗愈(他们感知我们的情绪和内心的混乱,所以他们需要从中恢复过来),在晚上的最后一段时间和清晨,他们唱歌、跳舞、做爱,并以他们喜欢的任何方式表达自己



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