X22报道|第3130集: 美国二度降级,特朗普准备干预选举

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整个 ESG 绿色新政评分系统正在分崩离析。 [DS]将推动每一项针对特朗普的起诉,而特朗普就是诱饵。起诉书将允许特朗普提供并合法引入证据。

X22报道|第3130集: 美国二度降级,特朗普准备干预选举

Ep. 3130a – US Downgraded For The Second Time Under Obama/Biden, Tells You Everything You Need To Know


Ep. 3130b – Trump Prepared For Election Interference, Think CISA, Judgement Day

特朗普为选举干预做好准备,思考 CISA,审判日

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Streamed on: Aug 2, 7:33 pm EDT

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The entire ESG green new deal scoring system is falling apart. Everything the [WEF] has told us is not true. The economic is breaking down and now Fitch has downgraded the US. This is the second time under the Obama administration that this happened. The fiat currency is in trouble and the people are seeing it happen in real time.

整个 ESG 绿色新政评分系统正在分崩离析。[世界经济论坛]告诉我们的一切都不是真的。经济正在崩溃,现在惠誉下调了美国的评级。这是奥巴马政府执政期间第二次出现这种情况。法定货币正陷入困境,而人民正实时看到这一切的发生。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 2, 8:00 pm EDT

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The [DS] will push every indictment against Trump, Trump is the bait. The indictments will allow Trump to produce and introduce evidence legally. Trump has prepared for election interference, he allowed it to happen in 2020 but in 2024 he had plans in place to make sure the elections are secure and transparent. The people’s voice will be heard and judgement day is fast approaching. 



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