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一位英国 UFO 猎人大胆宣称,随着世界朝着地外文明的“范式转变”迈进,UFO 学可能很快“成为主流学科”。

不明飞行物学可能很快成为学校课程的一部分By DailyMail

By DailyMail 每日邮报

Aliens may be the last thing you consider when thinking of GCSEs, with English and Maths usually topping the agenda.

当您考虑 GCSE 考试时,外星人可能是您最后考虑的事情,英语和数学通常是最重要的。

But one British UFO hunter boldly claims that Ufology may soon ‘become a mainstream subject’ as the world heads towards an extraterrestrial ‘paradigm shift’.

但是,一位英国 UFO 猎人大胆宣称,随着世界朝着地外文明的“范式转变”迈进,UFO 学可能很快“成为主流学科”。

Former detective Gary Heseltine wants to revamp traditional academia both within the UK and abroad as he believes that new US legislation has the potential to bring to light the truth about alien visitors.

前侦探加里•赫塞尔廷(Gary Heseltine)希望改革英国国内外的传统学术界,因为他认为,美国新立法有可能揭示外星访客的真相。

It comes as the US Senate considers the UFO Disclosure Bill, which if passed would compel the American government to publicly release records relating to possible UFO sightings.

美国参议院正在审议披露 UFO 法案,如果该法案获得通过,将迫使美国政府公开有关可能目击 UFO 的记录。

If this happens, Heseltine believes it would be ‘the most profound moment in human history’ and one that we are ‘unprepared for’ in terms of teaching children and adults alike about UFOs and their significance.

赫塞尔廷认为,如果这种情况发生,那将是“人类历史上最深刻的时刻”,在教育儿童和成人有关 UFO 及其意义的知识方面,我们对此“毫无准备”。

It is for this reason that he is helping to create a series of online courses – taught by himself remotely – to help educate people about such phenomena.


Heseltine, who is vice president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), says his views are backed by 30 countries who are also pushing for new History and Religion courses to be made.


‘We see our role as trying to be educators for what is coming,’ he told MailOnline.


‘So, we’re preparing courses, and we will be totally reliant on funding. But it will come as and when you’re either on the brink or after that paradigm shift where “it’s” acknowledged.


‘Because then people are going to go “we’ll we need to brief our people”, they’ll come to us and say “we’ll fund courses for you to do”.


‘If you do your basic kindergarten at school, are you going to teach history in the same way?


‘I think there will be university degrees and Ufology will become a mainstream subject. Whichever name you want to call it, essentially, ufologists will become a mainstream.’


Heseltine’s thoughts come just as the US Senate is expecting to consider the UFO Disclosure Bill which seeks to make make all information relating to ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena’ (UAPs) public.

赫塞尔廷的想法出现之际,正值美国参议院期待审议《揭露 UFO 法案》 ,该法案旨在将所有与“不明异常现象”(UAP)有关的信息公之于众。

If passed, records must be publicly disclosed no later than 25 years after they were created unless the president believes their release would threaten national security.


Heseltine believes this legislation will help bring the truth about UFOs to light and the UK may even follow suit in its own legislation.

赫塞尔廷认为,这项立法将有助于揭示 UFO 的真相,英国甚至可能在自己的立法中效仿。

‘As of when and if this major disclosure event happens we’re talking about the most profound moment in human history, and the world at the moment is totally unprepared for it, because 95 per cent of the world thinks it’s foolish.

“如果这一重大披露事件真的发生了,那将是人类历史上意义最为深远的时刻,而此刻的世界对此完全没有准备,因为世界上95% 的人认为这是愚蠢的。”。

Ex-cop Gary Heseltine (pictured) is reshaping the course of traditional subjects in an attempt to prepare humans for life among extraterrestrial entities

前警察加里 · 赫塞尔廷(如图)正在重塑传统课程的进程,试图为人类在外星实体中的生活做好准备

‘So that’s going to be huge “hit the brick wall” for some people.


‘And part of ICER’s remit over the last couple of years is to start developing courses for all sections of society – religion, aviation, because people are going to go from nothing to suddenly “we need to catch up here”.’

“ ICER 在过去几年的部分任务是开始为社会的各个部分开发课程——宗教、航空,因为人们将从一无所有突然变成“我们需要赶上”。’

So far, ‘Evidential History’ is the only ICER course to have launched.

到目前为止,“证据历史”是 ICER 推出的唯一一门课程。

It first took place in February as part of a six-hour lesson over two days.


Religion, Aviation and even Technology are up next, but these are still within their development stages.


The courses are designed for anyone of any age, with the more specialist classes to come at a cost that has not yet been set.


Associate Professor Geoff Dancy, a political scientist at the University of Toronto, agreed with a number of ICER’s key points, but told MailOnline that education should always be grounded in ‘established historical and scientific propositions’.

多伦多大学政治学家、副教授杰夫 · 丹西(Geoff Dancy)同意 ICER 的一些关键观点,但他告诉《每日邮报》 ,教育应该始终基于“既定的历史和科学主张”。

He said: ‘In principle, ICER supports the scientific method, and it resists dogmatism (see their About and Mission pages). I support that. The problem is that they do not really follow the scientific method, which in essence roots claims in observable and replicable evidence.

他说: “原则上,ICER 支持科学方法,并且反对教条主义。”。我同意。问题是,他们并没有真正遵循科学的方法,而科学的方法在本质上是根据可观察到的和可复制的证据提出主张的。

‘Obviously textbooks and teaching curricula should be based on established historical and scientific propositions.


‘We can never prove or disprove any proposition with 100 per cent certainty, but some propositions, or claims, have a great deal more evidentiary support than others. The evidence presented by ICER on its website is not good. It is what we may refer to as anecdata.’

我们永远无法百分之百地证明或反驳任何命题,但有些命题或主张比其他命题有更多的证据支持。ICER 在其网站上提供的证据并不充分。这就是我们可以称之为轶事数据的东西。’

The associate professor also said that governments may be hiding details on extraterrestrials, but stressed that many conspiracy theories surround this.


‘The idea that “the government” is hiding details about extraterrestrials is interesting and possible,’ he continued.


‘And as far as conspiracy theories go, it’s one of the least pernicious. Belief in aliens is not itself a conspiracy theory; the idea that authorities are hiding information about aliens is a conspiracy theory.

就阴谋论而言,这是最无害的。相信外星人本身并不是一个阴谋论; 认为当局隐瞒有关外星人的信息是一个阴谋论。

‘But there is an irony here. If all of the observable evidence of aliens remains hidden – because of a conspiracy – then there is no available data to support the proposition that aliens exist.


‘If conspirators are successfully hiding information about extraterrestrials from the masses, then groups like ICER are rooting their propositions in what they believe, not what they know. In the end, this is not science, because science is based on overcoming doubts, not supporting beliefs.’

“如果阴谋者成功地向大众隐瞒了有关外星人的信息,那么像 ICER 这样的组织将他们的主张植根于他们的信仰,而不是他们所知道的。”。归根结底,这不是科学,因为科学是基于克服怀疑,而不是支持信念。’


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