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深州,主流媒体,腐败的政客,认为他们在事 件#1,事  件#2等方面占了上风。他们以为自己才是掌控一切的人,直到他们听到风声,人们不再相信他们。他们不得不后退,但那时已经太晚了。

Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Coming Together.What Is Left To Find?



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The Deep State,the mainstream media,the corrupt politicians,thought they had the upper hand with event#1,event#2,etc.They thought they were the ones in control until they caught wind that the people didn't believe them anymore.They had to back-track but by then it was too late.

深州,主流媒体,腐败的政客,认为他们在事 件#1,事  件#2等方面占了上风。他们以为自己才是掌控一切的人,直到他们听到风声,人们不再相信他们。他们不得不后退,但那时已经太晚了。

The Patriots are in complete control of the entire situation.It's all about exposure.Pieces of the puzzle are slowing coming together.This is what the Patriots are doing.


There is the puzzle piece of Treason,one of Sedition,Crimes against humanity.There's Julian Assange reporting on the e-mail scandal and DC server,the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One scandal.Each of these is a puzzle piece and they are all finally coming together.

这是叛国罪,煽动叛乱罪,反人类罪的拼图。还有朱利安·阿桑奇对电子邮件丑闻、DC 服务器、克林顿基金会和铀一号丑闻的报道。它们每一个都是一块拼图,它们最终都会走到一起。

If you liken this to a boxing match,it appears we are in the 15th round right now.The gloves are off and we are expecting a knock-out!


    There is chatter the Deep State is planning something in October.Our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider has been saying change is coming.Is Joe Biden going to remove himself from the running?If Joe goes,will Kamala go,too?What did Barack Obama's text really mean?有传言称,深海之州正计划在10月份采取行动。我们最喜欢的爱国者情报人员一直在说变革即将到来。乔拜登(Joe Biden)会退出竞选吗?如果乔走了,卡玛拉也会走吗?巴拉克·奥巴马的短信到底是什么意思?

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    The DS does not want Julian Assange back here in the United States.Rumors have circulated that his health is bad,he isn't doing well,and now CBS is projecting Julian Assange is at a very high risk of committing suicide.Why are they projecting this?Who has it all with Seth Rich?Who has it all with the e-mail server?Would the DS benefit if Julian Assange was suicided?How?

DS 不希望朱利安·阿桑奇回到美国。有传言说他的健康状况不佳,身体状况不佳,现在 CBS 电视台预测朱利安·阿桑奇有很高的自杀风险。他们为什么要这么做?谁和赛斯·里奇一起拥有这一切?谁在电子邮件服务器上拥有这一切?如果朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)自杀,DS 会受益吗?怎么做到的?

    Mail-in ballots are very easy to manipulate.Ballots have been found in dumpsters,left in post offices and have been hidden.They can be mailed to wrong people,multiple people,dead people and even to animals.It's a mass-mailing so how can mail-in ballots be secure?How many ditched ballots were found in Greenville?Who dumped them?Are Patriots ok with this?


    Recently,President Trump banned the efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies.Who is Christopher Rufo?How is this ban able to stop division in our country?Who placed it there to begin with?What angle did Trump take in claiming victory?Who will it affect?


    The 1619 project was instilled in our classrooms to indoctrinate our kids into thinking our country was not created in 1776 but rather in 1619.How did Nazi Germany change their country?Was the U.S.on the same path to change our country?


    This pandemic is completely falling apart because the numbers are not adding up anymore.Out of 48,299 coronavirus cases reported on students from 37 U.S.Universities,only 2 were hospitalized with NO deaths.Why is social distancing still being mandated.Why are masks still being pushed?

由于人数不再增加,这次大流行已经完全崩溃。来自美国37所大学的48,299例冠状病毒感染病例中,只有2例因 NO 死亡而住院。为什么社会距离仍然是强制性的。为什么面具还在被推?

"We are more likely to be killed by a dog than to be killed by COVID-19."


    If COVID is so deadly,why is it that most people need to take a test to see if they have it?Trump and his administration has shut down the ability to push people into nursing homes.This stops the death rate numbers.What did the MSM do when Trump mentioned HCQ in March?Why didn't they research it?Where are the clinical trials?Does the MSM have blood on their hands?

如果 COVID 是如此致命,为什么大多数人需要做检测来确定他们是否患有它?特朗普和他的政府已经关闭了把人们送进疗养院的能力。这就停止了死亡率数字。当特朗普在三月份提到 HCQ 时,MSM 做了什么?他们为什么不研究一下?临床试验在哪里?男男性接触者的双手是否沾有鲜血?

    When we get the facts of all these stories with George Floyd and Breonna Taylor reported by the MSM,we realize they were blown way out of proportion.Facts must matter before judgment comes.The media claimed she was shot with a no-knock warrant.The media claimed she was shot in her bed.The media claimed she was murdered.Each of these accounts were based on lies,which were allowed to fester by officials.When the truth came out,trouble makers in the streets would not stop.Why is the media the enemy of the people?What is their agenda?

当我们了解到 MSM 报道的乔治·弗洛伊德和布里娜·泰勒的这些故事的事实时,我们意识到它们被夸大了。判断来临之前,事实必须重要。媒体声称她是在没有敲门的搜查令下被枪杀的。媒体声称她是在床上被枪杀的。媒体声称她是被谋杀的。这些说法都是建立在谎言之上的,而这些谎言被官员们任由其恶化。当真相大白时,街上的捣乱者不会停止。为什么媒体是人民的敌人?他们的议程是什么?

    Twitter decided to block John Solomon saying there is suspicious activity on his account.He posted about the Bidens'conflict of interests and possible criminal activity.Now,Twitter currently extended limited access to his own account.Why do they call these types of things a conspiracy?Why the heavy censorship?Are they afraid of this being the one thing that will unite America?

推特决定屏蔽约翰·所罗门,称他的账户有可疑活动。他发布了拜登夫妇的利益冲突和可能的犯罪活动。现在,Twitter 已经扩展了对他自己账户的有限访问。为什么他们把这类事情称为阴谋?为什么会有如此严格的审查制度?难道他们害怕这是唯一能够团结美国的东西吗?

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    The Senate reports details of Hunter Biden's financial dealings with Ukraine,Russia and Chinese businesses created potential criminal financial counter Intelligence extortion concerns.Millions of dollars raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest.Is this why Joe Biden was on camera threatening to not give money if the prosecutor against Hunter was not called off?


    Don Jr.tweeted out,"Hey Jake Tapper,you spent a lot of time covering Russia over the past 4 years.Now Hunter Biden got$3.5 mil from the wife of the mayor of Moscow(a known Putin associate)so I look forward to your commentary."For years the MSM ignored it,now they have to report on it.How will they spin this story?

小唐在推特上说:"嘿,杰克·塔珀,在过去的4年里,你花了很多时间报道俄罗斯。现在,亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)从莫斯科市长夫人(普京的熟人)那里得到了350万美元,所以我期待着你的评论。"多年来,MSM忽视了它,现在他们必须报告它。他们将如何编造这个故事?

    CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.Who was affected?Julian Assange,Brennan,Guccifer,Epstein,and now we have Crimes Against Humanity.All of these are'On Deck.'The Inspector General's Report includes Crimes Against Children.Who is this referring to?Hillary Clinton and Foundation.Is something about to come out with Hillary and others?Get ready!This is bigger than we can imagine!


    They are pushing for Congress to move on this new Section 230 Law.How will social media get around this new Section 230 Law if it is implemented?


    Circuit Breakers is a term used by the stock marker when the market starts to fall,they throw the'Circuit Breaker,'and this puts a halt to everything.Now,there is this suggestion to Left leaning social media to do the same with accounts they think might trend.Will they'Circuit Break'all accounts which trend or only those trends that don't fit their narrative?Who gets to decide?


    Who is Al-Waleed bin Talal  Who paid BHO's Harvard Law Degree?Who financed his political life?Who is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal?Why are BHO's school records under seal?What happens to US Taxpayer funds transferred overseas under the guise of AID,MIL,Climate,etc.'Money laundering is real.Are US taxpayers funding the destruction of America?Critical thinking is essential.

谁是瓦利德··塔拉勒·阿勒沙特?谁支付了 BHO 的哈佛法学学位?谁资助了他的政治生涯?谁是瓦利德··塔拉勒·阿勒沙特?为什么 BHO 的学校记录是密封的?美国纳税人资金以援助、军事援助、气候变化等名义转移到海外的洗钱是真实的。美国纳税人是否在为美国的毁灭提供资金?批判性思维是必不可少的

X22视频2284解读|手套已经脱了,一切都要暴露了It seems with Hunter Biden,the Clinton's,with Epstein,all of this is connected to Human Trafficking.Why are they saying it's all a conspiracy if it keeps popping up?It's all about exposure.All these topics are a piece to the puzzle The boxing gloves are off and it's all coming together,just as the Patriots had planned.


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