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Greetings!From heart to heart with great love in this moment we speak,I am KejRaj(KayRy).The information expressed here is that of my perspective,my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart.Tune into the light within you.

你好!在这一刻,我们用伟大的爱心从心底向心灵说话,我是 KejRaj(KayRy)。这里所表达的信息是我的观点,我的观点。因为所有的真理都在你的心里等着你。调整进入你内在的光。

The Creator,the Cherubim,the Serafim,the Elohim,Archangelic Realms,Angelic Realms,the Galactic Confederation of Light,which includes the Pleiadians,Andromedans,Arcturians,Sirians,Blue Avians,Venusians,our cousins from Agartha(Inner Earth),and billions of other beings from across the galaxy and beyond,all assisting humanity and each other in these times of great change.


Why?We can give you a million reasons,but we're going give you just a few,main ones if you will.


In this moment,there is a Universal Reset in process.Creator is breathing IN,and on the OUT BREATH,creation will expand.New thoughts,new ideas,new seeds planted,a new blue print will be laid out,the beginning of new cycles.


On Earth,what is being not just attempted for the first time in the history of the Universe,but is all ready deemed successful,physical ascension.


This is why this process has been so gradual,but certainly moving forward.This is why we have the attention and the assistance of the Universe now,for we are the first ones to ever do something like this,to ascend with our physical vessels.


With this,we are not only lifting up our world,what is occurring here is affecting the entire galaxy and beyond.Yes,we are also lifting up the Universe you could say.


Duality in the extremes that it has been experienced here on Earth'til now,will not be allowed to occur again anywhere in the galaxy.


Now we are moving closer towards the center of the galaxy,our solar system and many other star systems as well.The Sol-ar System is merging with the Pleiades,and Pleiades with Sirius Star System.


The formation of a new Star Collective if we may use this phrase,an area that will shine brightest,and be looked at in awe by the Universe.As this area of the Galaxy will become a learning center for beings from all around the Universe.


Earth will transform,expand,evolve in immense ways as she moves closer and closer to the galactic center.


One day our now precious Mother Earth will not only be a great sun,but she will wear"the crown to the thrown"of this soon to be the Golden Rose Galaxy.And than the highest,purest energies will descend upon her,and Earth will be the"personal playground"of Source Energy.


From heart to heart,I AM Kejraj!

从心到心,我是 Kejraj

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