亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)

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亚历克斯 · 科利尔讨论了仙女座议会及其解放人类和防止350年后出现银河暴政的多方面途径。亚历克斯讨论了仙女座人如何鼓动外星文明广泛联盟,以人类的名义干预负面群体,以及这个联盟如何导致全球觉醒和解放我们的太阳系。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)December 25, 2021


“Humanity is sitting on the G, waiting on the O.” ~ Alex Collier

“人类正坐在G上,等待O。”~ 亚历克斯 · 科利尔

From Exopolitics’ introduction to the video:

从 Exopolitics 对视频的介绍:

“In this Exopolitics Today interview, Alex Collier discusses the Andromedan Council and their multifaceted approach to freeing humanity and preventing a galactic tyranny from emerging 350 years in the future. Alex discussed how the Andromedans instigated a broad alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations to intervene on humanity’s behalf against negative groups, and how this alliance has led to a global awakening and liberation of our solar system. Alex pointed out that negative extraterrestrial groups have been largely eliminated as a threat in our solar system, and that we are on a positive timeline where humanity will soon eliminate the last vestiges of negative human control groups. He also comments on the accuracy of Elena Danaan’s information about the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and its relationship with the Andromeda Council. Alex has spent 30 years discussing the roles of positive and negative extraterrestrial influences on Earth, and his information has taken on greater relevance today with the unprecedented growth in awareness of humanity’s true situation with off-planet visitors and their human minions.”

”在《今日外星政治》的这次采访中,亚历克斯 · 科利尔讨论了仙女座议会及其解放人类和防止350年后出现银河暴政的多方面途径。亚历克斯讨论了仙女座人如何鼓动外星文明广泛联盟,以人类的名义干预负面群体,以及这个联盟如何导致全球觉醒和解放我们的太阳系。亚历克斯指出,作为太阳系的威胁,负面的外星人群体已经基本上被消灭,我们正处于一个积极的时间线上,人类将很快消灭负面的人类控制群体的最后残余。他还评论了 Elena Danaan 关于世界银河联邦的信息的准确性,以及它与仙女座议会的关系。亚历克斯花了30年时间讨论外星人对地球的积极和消极影响的作用,他的信息今天已经变得更有意义,因为人类对外星访客和他们的人类爪牙的真实情况有了前所未有的认识

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)Partial transcript of Dr. Michael Salla’s November 21, 2021, interview with Alex Collier. Transcript starts at approximately 50 minutes.

迈克尔 · 萨拉博士2021年11月21日采访亚历克斯 · 科利尔的部分文字记录,大约50分钟开始。

Alex: Everything is done in coordination with the entire focus on the end result. Which is completely liberating all of the developing civilizations in our galaxy, and freeing us of not only the Archon-Orion-AI system, but giving everyone here their free will back. Returning their free will. And along with the returning comes an education as to true galactic history. Who they are, why they’re on that planet, who they are on a soul level. And there’s a lot involved with that. Because most of these evolving civilizations have been so manipulated and taken advantage of.

亚历克斯: 所有的事情都是与最终结果的整个焦点协调进行的。这完全解放了我们银河系中所有正在发展的文明,不仅解放了我们的执政官-猎户座-人工智能系统,而且让这里的每个人都重获自由意志。回归他们的自由意志。随之而来的是对真正的银河历史的教育。他们是谁,为什么他们在那个星球上,他们在灵魂层面上是谁。这其中包含了很多东西。因为大多数这些进化中的文明已经被如此操纵和利用。

And frankly, Michael, it never should have gotten this far. In my opinion, there should have been intervention a long time ago. But now it’s happening, now it’s here, and I think they need to revise (and frankly they’re going to have these discussions), to revise their idea of nonintervention. That they’re going to reset protocols. Because I think they realize that, you know, we wouldn’t have known that this was happening until it affected us in other dimensional realms.

老实说,迈克尔,事情不应该发展到这一步。在我看来,早就应该进行干预了。但是现在它正在发生,现在就在这里,我认为他们需要修正(坦率地说,他们将要进行这些讨论) ,修正他们不介入的想法。他们要重置协议。因为我认为他们意识到,你知道,我们不会知道这正在发生,直到它影响到我们在其他维度领域。

So it never should’ve gotten that far, from what I understand. Because the Orion Group and others were real shifty, they were really, really sly in the way they operated. They operated between the spaces. So it would not draw real attention to it, to what they were doing. And that’s just not going to happen again. That’s not going to happen again.


You know, maybe they taught our CIA how to do stuff.


Michael: Yeah, I’m sure they taught the CIA and the Mossad a lot of dirty tricks.

迈克尔: 是的,我肯定他们教了中央情报局和摩萨德很多肮脏的把戏。

Alex: Yeah, because they’ve learned to work in the spaces in between to remain hidden. And manipulate. So, yeah.

亚历克斯: 是的,因为他们已经学会了在两者之间的空间里工作,以保持隐藏和操纵。所以,是的。

Michael: One of the things I am particularly interested in is the whole idea of a Star Trek future and that there has been this kind of realization amongst leading earth nations, or the Western bloc in particular, about, we need to start working together. And I think there’s many reasons for that, why they’re choosing a Star Trek future.

迈克尔: 我特别感兴趣的事情之一是《星际迷航》未来的整个想法,以及领先的地球国家,特别是西方集团已经意识到,我们需要开始合作。我认为有很多原因,为什么他们选择星际迷航的未来。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)But what intrigues me is the idea that Star Trek itself was something that was seeded in the past as not just a cute idea that could be marketed for the film and television industry, but in fact that Star Trek as it was originally presented by Gene Roddenberry was connected to this future that we’re moving towards, where we are going to be joining the Galactic Federation, working with groups like the Andromeda Council. So what do you know of that? Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, is that all just kind of like creative fiction, or is this part of this kind of multi-pronged plan the Andromeda Council hatched and has been working with different ET groups to manifest?


Alex: The Andromeda Council weren’t the only ones, they worked with other groups, so they would not take sole credit for any of this. That’s number one.

亚历克斯: 仙女座议会不是唯一的,他们和其他团体一起工作,所以他们不会独自承担任何责任。这是第一条。

Number two, if you will go back to 1954, when the first meetings happened with Eisenhower at Murdock Air Force Base (now known as Edwards), and he walked away and said, “No, I’m not going to do this,” and then MJ-12 literally forged his signature and created this nightmare, if you will recall, there were others who said that our military had been warned prior to this meeting not to do this. That there was another group that had approached our military first. And some of those were from the Pleiades. Well, I want you to look at the idea that that particular group never terminated its relationship with some of our military personnel.

第二,如果你回到1954年,那时艾森豪威尔在默多克空军基地(现在叫爱德华兹)与艾森豪威尔第一次会面,他走开说,“不,我不会这么做”,然后 mj-12伪造了他的签名,制造了这场噩梦,如果你还记得的话,还有其他人说,我们的军队在这次会面之前被警告不要这么做。还有另外一个组织先接触了我们的军队。其中一些来自昂宿星。我想让你们看看这个想法,这个特殊的组织从来没有终止过它和我们的一些军事人员的关系。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)Now, all we hear about is the Orion Group and the treaty and it being broken right away. We hear the negative story. What we don’t hear anything about is that there were military personnel there who knew this was an absolutely terrible idea. There was no way that this group [the Orion/negative ETs] was ever going to stay within the treaty terms or conditions, because they were thousands of years technologically more advanced than us. We had no way to implement restrictions against them. So it was a trap.


But there was a group in our military that wanted the technology. And what they got was their throwaway stuff. They got the Orion Group‘s trash. That’s what we got. That was 400 or 500 years more advanced than what we were using, but nonetheless, it was trash to them.


But there were other members that were part of that group that moved away and continued to maintain a positive relationship with others. We don’t hear about that. And we will, at some point in the future, hear about that. That other races were interacting. Val Thor from Venus. And others. That was the positive piece. We hear about Val, but we don’t hear about the other races that were also involved.

但是其他一些成员离开了,继续和其他人保持着积极的关系。我们没听说过。在未来的某个时刻,我们将会听到这个消息。其他种族也在相互影响。维纳斯的瓦尔 · 托尔。还有其他的。这是积极的一面。我们听说了瓦尔,但是我们没有听说其他种族也参与其中。

So there was always this White Hat element that clung to the idea, okay, we have to figure out a way to undo this, or we’re all screwed.


亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)

And so that’s been going on in the background the whole time, and there’s been an exchange of information, there’s been an exchange of knowledge, there’s been an exchange of strategic moves, and ways to do things that would not draw attention, to work in a positive, benevolent way in between the spaces, so that you could hide what you were doing from the regressives. Their whole focus was, of course, control and domination. But they had areas of their vision that they were blind, as well. And those were used in order for the White Hats to set up where we are today.


So as soon as the Orion Group implemented their plan, the benevolents also set up another plan. But they didn’t overtly interact with anyone except very specific people that they knew and had a relationship with and trust in. They were working as well with us, with our militaries, and then our militaries talking to other militaries, about ways to not only push back but to limit the speed in which the Orion Group was rolling out their control and domination in creating the matrix, literally entrapping all of us, so they had a way to slow it down.


And then at some point we began to position ourselves, the White Hats, anyway, to position themselves, that at one point, there would be this moment where every system, what the regressives had, would be vulnerable with one specific chess move. One strategic move would take down everything that they had done. And they were planning for this moment.


And Michael, we’re living in that moment. Right now. We are living in that moment. Where everything that they built, the entire matrix, is now collapsing, because of a very specific strategic move that the White Hats, with the help of the benevolents, we were waiting for.


亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)And this way, there’s no third world war, fourth world war, there isn’t any of that. There isn’t an intentional pole shift, throwing an asteroid at the planet. There is no real, genuine biological attack on humanity. None of those things are happening, because of the ability of the White Hats to position themselves for this strategic moment, and we are now living in that moment.


And those are things that have been discussed. We’ve had that conversation offline before.


Michael: So we really are kind of like moving into this positive timeline.

迈克尔: 所以我们真的有点像进入这个正面的时间线。

Alex: We definitely are.

亚历克斯: 绝对是。

Michael: Those that talk about the negative timeline, whether it’s a pole shift, a solar flash event, some sort of catastrophic events that decimate humanity, those things are not going to happen because this positive timeline is something that essentially we have all agreed, at an unconscious level, to move forward collectively in this way, and that this is something that the Andromedans and the other positive extraterrestrial groups have worked with the alliance, the positive military, to bring this moment about. And so we’re just kind of watching it all unfold now.

迈克尔: 那些谈论消极时间线的人,无论是极移,太阳闪电事件,还是某种毁灭人类的灾难性事件,这些事情都不会发生,因为这个正面时间线是我们在潜意识层面上,基本上都同意以这种方式共同前进的事情,这是安德罗米达人和其他积极的外星人团体,与联盟,积极的军方合作,带来这一时刻的事情。所以我们现在只是在观察这一切的发展。

Alex: Yeah, exactly right. And while we’re watching it unfold, we are going through shifts, internally, as well. And along with those shifts, comes the ability to see through the matrix. Through the illusion that had been created all around us as to who and what we really are.

亚历克斯: 是的,完全正确。当我们看着它展开的时候,我们也在经历内心的转变。伴随着这些转变,我们有能力看穿母体。通过在我们周围创造出来的幻象,我们到底是谁,我们到底是什么。

There are several people who are saying that Nibiru has already passed and they make reference to a video (which I can send to you) that was taken in July 2009 of a series of planets orbiting our sun, and they’re not any of ours.

有几个人说 Nibiru 已经过去了,他们提到了2009年7月拍摄的一系列围绕太阳运行的行星的视频(我可以发送给你) ,但它们不是我们的任何一颗行星。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)But what’s missing in that picture is, of course, the dwarf star. And the fact that they were all sitting around our sun… You know, that’s not how Nibiru comes through our system. It approaches underneath us through the south, and then what it does is it comes up on the other side of the sun and then it moves through us and passes out of our solar system north of us, above us.

但是这张照片里缺少的当然是矮星。事实上它们都围绕着我们的太阳... ... 你知道,Nibiru 不是这样通过我们的系统的。它在我们下面经过南方,然后它从太阳的另一边上来,然后它穿过我们,从我们上面的太阳系北面出去。

So, those planets would never be orbiting our sun, ever. So, that’s a mistake. Presently, Nibiru, that entire solar system, is sitting outside our solar system. It’s parked. And they can do that. I mean, these are all…They have the technology to control planets, to change their orbits, to do all that. So it’s sitting there, and it’s not going to come through here and devastate humanity. None of that’s going to happen.

所以,这些行星永远不会绕着我们的太阳转。所以,这是个错误。现在,整个太阳系,尼比鲁,就坐落在我们太阳系之外。它停在那里。他们能做到这一点。我的意思是,这些都是... 他们有技术来控制行星,改变它们的轨道,做所有这些事情。所以它就在那里,它不会经过这里,毁灭人类。这些都不会发生。

This [the positive timeline] is going to happen. This is absolutely going to happen. And we don’t have to be afraid. What we have to do is embrace the change. And, you know, some people are afraid of change. But, you know, this is what it is. I mean, every day is not the same. Every day changes. Your life changes even in little, minuscule ways, but it’s never the same day after day after day. Something’s always different.


So that’s what humanity has to do. We have to realize that we’re all in this together, we’re all going to evolve together, and move through this process together, and on the other end of this, we’re all going to be best friends. Humanity will become a family. Because we’ve just been through something absolutely extraordinary. And we’re the ones that are doing it. We’re the ones who are doing it, and have done it.


Michael: So earlier, I mentioned 2024 as a possible date for global revolution, but you think it’s going to happen a lot sooner than that, so…

迈克尔: 刚才我提到2024年可能是全球革命的日子,但你认为它会发生得更快,所以... ..。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)Alex: It’s happening now, it’s happening now. In July of next year, sometime in the first three weeks of July of next year, we will get hit with the light from that supernova in Cygnus Alpha that exploded in the early 1600s. Okay, now the gamma rays have started to come. The gamma rays travel at twice the speed of light. So we’re beginning to get those now, but the light itself will come through sometime in the first three weeks of July 2022. And my understanding is that that band of light, as it moves through our solar system, we will not have a nighttime for three days.

亚历克斯: 正在发生,正在发生。明年七月,也就是明年七月头三个星期的某个时候,我们将会受到17世纪早期 Cygnus Alpha 那颗超新星爆炸产生的光线的照射。现在伽马射线开始出现了。伽马射线的速度是光速的两倍。所以我们现在就开始了解这些,但是光明本身将在2022年7月的前三个星期的某个时候到来。我的理解是,那条光带,当它穿过我们的太阳系时,我们在三天内都不会有夜晚。

You know, not enough people are actually talking about that, in my opinion. So you know, maybe that’s what everybody’s referring to as the flash of light that turns everybody on… I don’t know… But I know that’s coming. And that’s July of next year, is when that light passes through our solar system.

你知道,在我看来,谈论这个话题的人并不多。所以,你知道,也许这就是每个人所说的让每个人都兴奋的闪光... ... 我不知道... ... 但是我知道那就要来了。那是明年的七月,也就是光线穿过我们太阳系的时候。

Michael: So between now and July, I mean, because a lot of people are suffering in some very challenging circumstances, so they’re looking forward toward something to hope for, so, are we looking, say, July, when things are really going to start opening up, where all of a sudden it’s clear that the deep state, the dark forces have been defeated, and it’s like we are now moving into something really wonderful.

迈克尔: 所以从现在到七月,我的意思是,因为很多人在一些非常具有挑战性的情况下遭受痛苦,所以他们期待着一些希望的东西,所以,我们期待,比如说,七月,当事情真正开始打开的时候,突然之间,很明显,深州,黑暗力量已经被击败了,就好像我们现在正在进入一些真正美好的东西。

Alex: Well, things are already turning. Things are already turning. We just don’t see enough of it manifesting on the surface just yet. It’s still all behind the scenes. It’s very strategic.

亚历克斯: 嗯,事情已经开始转变了。事情已经开始转变了。我们只是还没有看到足够多的它在表面显现出来。这一切都还是在幕后。这是非常有战略性的。

Humanity is sitting on the G, waiting on the O.


亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)And we’re all ready. We’re all ready for some change. And, Michael, it’s coming. I know it’s hard to wait. You know, we’re all trying to figure out how to pay our bills, how to buy groceries, good Lord, the price of food, you know, there’s just so many things. If you have a foreign car and it breaks down, you don’t know if you’re going to get parts for it. Because none of them are coming from overseas anymore.


It’s a real challenge for all of us. But you know, this is where humanity has to step forward. And you know, whenever there’s a disaster somewhere, that tends to be where humanity is at its best. People come out of the woodwork to help each other.


Well, this is one of those situations, except it’s not a physical disaster, it’s an emotional disaster, it’s a spiritual disaster. Because these dark hats, they put in motion this program to eliminate huge portions of the population on this planet. That was the intention. And that’s all of us! You know, that ain’t white, black, green, yellow. That’s everybody. They didn’t care. It was numbers. They said we will take out all but 500 million. So that’s all of us.


But guess what. We’re all on the same team now. Okay? We are all on the same team, we all need to be on the same side at this point. You know, this nonsense, this racial [discord] nonsense, it is absolute rubbish. We have got to put all that programming aside and realize… we are one race, one family. That’s just what it is.

但你猜怎么着。我们现在是一条船上的了。好吗?我们都在同一支球队,在这一点上,我们都需要站在同一边。你知道,这些无稽之谈,这些种族[冲突]的无稽之谈,简直就是垃圾。我们必须把所有的编程放在一边,并且意识到... ... 我们是一个种族,一个家庭。事实就是如此。

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)And you know, that’s how they see us, out there [pointing upward]. They don’t look at us and say, he’s an African-American, he’s an Armenian, he’s a Russian… They never look at us that way. They look at us and see humanity. That’s what they see. We’re the only ones who don’t see it.

你知道,这就是他们看待我们的方式,在那里(指向上方)。他们不会看着我们说,他是非裔美国人,他是亚美尼亚人,他是俄罗斯人... ... 他们从来不会那样看我们。他们看着我们,看到了人性。这就是他们所看到的。我们是唯一没有看到它的人。

It’s so frustrating. That’s why a lot of times, I’m up there, and I’m like, guys, I’m good. I’ll just go back with you. I don’t need to come back. There’s nothing here I need.


And they’re like, no, you can’t do that. I’m like, why not? I’m good, I’m ready to go. Because when I’m with them, I see this shit really clear. And then you come back, and it’s just like, you try to tell people, and you’re yelling into the wind. Because no one wants to hear it. Or they haven’t wanted to hear it.


Michael: Well, maybe this’ll be one of the issues that helps unify humanity, once they understand the big picture, that this exopolitical element to our lives, all of these different beings out there, some of them very benevolent, others very oppressive, and so many others that are just kind of watching and observing… That once people start to appreciate, all of that is real, maybe they can jump out of that “narcissism of minor differences” that Carl Jung talked about, and appreciate that yeah, we are all one humanity.

迈克尔: 好吧,也许这将是一个有助于统一人性的问题,一旦他们了解大局,这个外星政治元素对我们的生活,所有这些不同的存在,有些非常仁慈,有些非常压迫,还有许多其他的只是观察和观察... ... 一旦人们开始欣赏,所有这些都是真实的,也许他们可以跳出卡尔 · 荣格所说的“微小差异的自恋”,并欣赏,是的,我们都是一个人类。

Alex: Well, God, I hope so. When things continue to unfold the way they are, and at some point within the next two years, 95% of the population’s awake. You know, I would hope they would get it, otherwise their IQ is that of a dinner plate. And I don’t know what you do with that. You know, I mean, what do you do with that? So, I don’t know. I hope so. I mean, all these resources from the galaxy are here to assist us. There’s obviously a reason. There’s obviously some value to us that they would expend all these resources to assist us.

亚历克斯: 哦,上帝,我希望如此。当事情继续按照他们的方式发展,并且在未来两年的某个时间点,95% 的人口是清醒的。你知道,我希望他们能得到它,否则他们的智商只有餐盘那么高。我不知道你会怎么做。你知道,我的意思是,你用那个做什么?所以,我不知道。希望如此。我的意思是,所有这些来自银河系的资源都在这里帮助我们。显然是有原因的。很明显,他们会花费所有的资源来帮助我们,这对我们来说是有价值的。

[Michael wraps it up…]

[迈克尔把它包起来... ]

亚历克斯 · 科利尔谈仙女座议会与人类解放(外星政治学家迈克尔 · 萨拉采访)

Video: https://exopolitics.org/alex-collier-on-the-andromeda-council-human-liberation/

Alex Collier on the Andromeda Council and Human Liberation

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Alex Collier discusses the Andromedan Council and their multifaceted approach to freeing humanity and preventing a galac...

Alex Collier: https://www.alexcollier.org

亚历克斯 · 科利尔: https://www.alexcollier.org

Dr. Michael Salla: https://exopolitics.org/


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