X22报道|第2662集: 经济之病将蔓延全球,大事即将发生

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现在,[ DS ]的叙述已经支离破碎,他们正在为自己的生命而战。恐慌模式。他们知道人们正在觉醒,这场大流行病没有提供他们所需要的东西,它现在即将结束。

X22报道|第2662集: 经济之病将蔓延全球,大事即将发生

Ep. 2662a – The [CB] Economic Disease Will Spread World Wide, The People Will Be The Cure

Ep. 2662a – [CB]经济疾病将蔓延全球,人民将是治愈的方法

Ep. 2662b – They [DS] Are Fighting For Their Lives, Panic Mode, Something Big Is About To Drop

Ep. 2662b-他们[ DS ]正在为生存而战,恐慌模式,大事件即将发生



The [CB] is moving forward with their plan to bring down their economic system. As the people observe this and see what is happening the people will have a choice, a choice that wouldn’t be presented in other circumstances. The disease will be cured by we the people.

[ CB ]正在推进他们的计划,以摧毁他们的经济体系。当人们观察到这一点并看到正在发生的事情时,人们将有一个选择,一个在其他情况下不会出现的选择。这种病我们人民会治好的。


The [DS] narrative is now falling apart, they are fighting for their lives. Panic mode. They know the people are waking up, the pandemic did not deliver what they needed, it is now coming to an end. They will continue to push it and keep the fear but this will fail. The pushed the tests off until Dec, they knew that cold and flu season was coming and they used it to push their agenda. But now it will all fall apart. Something big is about to drop and the [DS] knows its coming, people will begin to witness the truth.

现在,[ DS ]的叙述已经支离破碎,他们正在为自己的生命而战。恐慌模式。他们知道人们正在觉醒,这场大流行病没有提供他们所需要的东西,它现在即将结束。他们将继续推动这一进程,并保持恐惧,但这将以失败告终。他们把测试推迟到12月,他们知道感冒和流感季节即将到来,他们利用这一点来推动他们的议程。但是现在一切都将分崩离析。一些大的东西即将下降,[ DS ]知道它的到来,人们将开始见证真相。


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