X22报告|第2940集: 美联储刚刚采取行动,暴露了整个经济议程,史无前例的欺诈需要史无前例的治疗

2022年12月5日15:31:01最新动态X22报告|第2940集: 美联储刚刚采取行动,暴露了整个经济议程,史无前例的欺诈需要史无前例的治疗已关闭评论5071字数 1502阅读5分0秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2940集: 美联储刚刚采取行动,暴露了整个经济议程,史无前例的欺诈需要史无前例的治疗

Ep. 2940a – [JB][CB] Just Made A Move That Exposed The Entire Economic Agenda, Game Over

[ JB ][ CB ]刚刚采取的行动暴露了整个经济议程,游戏结束

Ep. 2940b – Trump: ”Unprecedented Fraud Requires Unprecedented Cure”, There Is Only One Way

特朗普: “前所未有的欺诈需要前所未有的治疗”,只有一种方法



The people are waking up, they see thru the [CB] and the Biden admin. The CA push to give out reparations are going to destroy CA and wake the people up. The energy inflation is not going away, as the [CB][WEF] pushes to bring us into the Green New Deal, the inflation is going to get worse, game over.



The [DS] is now struggling, EM has released the twitter files and now the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop is coming out and how the the corrupt politicians interfered in the 2020 elections. Trump is now letting everyone know that there is only way out of this and this is thru the military. The people need to understand the [DS] systems and the crimes they committed, they need to see the infiltration, once they understand they will know how to take back the country and keep the country. The patriots are in control and we the people are the cure.



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