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The last 2 months have been marked by intense battles between the Light Forces and the Dark Ones. 


There were 3 major confrontations with the C-beings. Several of them had gathered under one of their bases in the Middle East, but were then taken out by the Light Forces just as they were preparing an extremely heavy blow against the surface population.


Another group of C-beings attempted to break through the blockade of the Light Forces around Earth by disguising their ships as Light Sphere ships in order to get through the lines and escape. However, the attempt failed massively. Their ships were discovered, which resulted in a fierce battle inside Earth orbit, with most likely all the negative ships destroyed.



The third confrontation is currently still taking place directly on the surface against the physically incarnated C-beings. But this operation is very complex as well as sensitive, as these entities have absorbed large portions of Light Souls that need to be detached. Furthermore, there were fierce counterattacks against involved surface Lightworkers, in some cases by reptiles which tracked them down in their shelters, which also lead to some heavy skirmishes.

第三次对抗目前仍然直接发生在地表上,对抗肉身化身的 C-beings。但是这个操作是非常复杂和敏感的,因为这些实体已经吸收了需要分离的大部分光之灵魂。此外,还有激烈的反击涉及到地表光之工作者,在某些情况下,爬行动物追踪他们在他们的庇护所,这也导致了一些激烈的小冲突。

There was also another operation taking place by the Light Forces regarding lost Soul Parts in the Scandinavian area, and right after that, the Cabal-controlled negative military blew up the Nord Stream pipelines (Baltic Sea) in response:


I already pointed out in my last posts that we should expect a major false flag during this fall and that the Cabal will also try to somehow drag Poland into the Ukraine conflict in order to trigger the NATO collective security, which they actually tried to do so by the recent missile strike across the Ukrainian boarder, but the action was called off in the first hours after the incident by the U.S. government not playing along:


I also mentioned that in the near future we could see Russian troops in Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland) in order to help clearing Cabal underground facilities:

我还提到,在不久的将来,我们可以看到俄罗斯军队在中欧(德国,瑞士) ,以帮助清除秘社地下设施:

What is interesting here is that B. Fulford points to a similar scenario in one of his recent posts:

有趣的是,B •富尔福德(B. Fulford)在他最近的一篇文章中指出了类似的情况:

A major event in the near future that will bring public life to a standstill is still highly possible, similar to the beginning of the pandemic. There is a lot happening on the information front in the US around censorship regarding election fraud or the Hunter Biden laptop, mass protests against the regime has raged in China, COVID narrative has crumbled and ignoring the severe vaccine side effects will not work for much longer, no matter how absurd the explanations become. There are also massive military movements worldwide, the Ukraine conflict will pick up new momentum as soon as the ground is frozen and blackout preparations in Central Europe are making it into the mainstream:

在不久的将来发生一次重大事/件,使公共生活陷入停顿的可能性仍然很大,类似于大流行的开始。在美国,围绕选举舞弊或亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)笔记本电脑的审查制度,信息领域发生了很多事情,中国爆发了针对政权的大规模抗议活动,冠状病毒疾病叙事已经崩溃,忽视疫苗的严重副作用不会持续太久,无论这些解释变得多么荒谬。世界各地也有大规模的军事行动,一旦地面冻结,中欧的停电准备工作成为主流,乌克兰冲突就会出现新的势头:

I advise every Starseed to be prepared accordingly, also I recommend "Chanting God/Goddess Names" to all those who may have some difficulty in finding peace in meditation or charging themselves energetically in the upcoming hectic times, as this is really an extremely simple yet efficient method to raise one's vibration, become more conscious, protect oneself energetically, charge oneself, heal physically as well as psychically and anchor Light energies on the surface:


Chanting for self-healing:


How to chant:


"Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya"
“ Om Namo Bhagavate V sudev ya”

Which Name of God/Goddess to chant:


Chants for health:

圣歌 健康:

"Hail Mary"

Chanting also helps very well during periods of heavy energetic attacks, as the Dark Ones still try to mess with the timelines.


Once a few questions have accumulated, I may do another Q&A. For all of you who wrote to me confidentially via the comment function, thank you very much for that, unfortunately I can't reply via this platform or other social media channels, but I may have an extra email inbox set up until next time.

有过几次 问题已经积累,我可能会做另一个问答。为你们所有人 他通过评论功能给我写了信,谢谢 很抱歉,我不能通过这个平台或 其他社交媒体渠道,但我可能有一个额外的电子邮件收件箱设置 直到下一次。

Happy 2nd Advent.



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