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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

October 6,2021 2021106


The scamdemic is breathing it's last,ragged breaths,folks.The whole world is figuring it out and even the sleepy ones are sick and tired of having their lives disrupted and destroyed over a friggin'flu.Hospitals are NOT full,medical practitioners are refusing the shot in the arm and the entire control structure is collapsing.The monstrous lies are no longer having the same effect and common sense is gaining ground.


I heard that our[US]Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be wowza.Continue to stand your ground and refuse to be part of the lie as much as possible.


Gottlieb:US will be through delta wave in 2 or 3 weeks


The supply chain is hugely impacted right now and I can attest to that.Often they blame it on Covid,but we hear the ships are being searched for Humans and possibly any other illicit cargo.How do we know the Chinese aren't sending troops over on those ships?It could be anything.National security might depend on controlling the freight coming into America and elsewhere.



Whatever it is that is causing the supply chain issues,we can't get the dishwasher we wanted and Bosch isn't even taking any more orders for it,they're so far behind.We're given an ETA of 6–8 months—not weeks—to order a sofa,and a console table we wanted is on pre-order and won't be available until February or March.Even the ceiling fan/light we want is on back order.It's insane.Of all the times we could have moved,why did it have to be 2020?I wanted to move 13 years ago.


Sometimes solutions do present,however.The people who bought our old place decided to remodel and asked if we want our chandelier,and then the appliances came up so we're getting our old dishwasher and fridge back.I couldn't be happier.We got some lamps delivered from a warehouse in California so that will have to keep us happy for now.Let there be light!



Things are weird all over—particularly the communications and technology.This morning my"Freedom phone"(ATT)was next to me and pinged like it got an update or a text.I picked it up,and it said to start the phone I had to put my pin in.It was booting up like a new phone would.Is that normal?I haven't had a smart phone for long.I plugged it in to charge fully and two notification chimes came through with messages for start-up instructions.WTH?Maybe the new Starlink systems are kicking in?


Some are suggesting that the blackouts were about Starlink coming online.I think they were multi-purpose,involving all the reasons given by Simon Parkes,Romana Didulo,etc.I believe the Earth Alliance did want a dipstick for how something big and public like that would register with the Human population.Also it was a rap on the knuckles to the cabal;a"final warning"that if they persist in blocking and fabricating news,the White Hats have the ability to unleash hell and take them down as easily as a hot knife through butter and there's nothing they can do.I had a feeling it was temporary and took a"wait and see"attitude so wasn't surprised to hear FB was back up.



QUEen Romana's information is the same as some others.Link to Telegram.


Any guesses on how many Pissositos were arrested yesterday while 80%of the world was cut off from Social Media?


Phil Godlewski said there were at the very least thousands of arrests on Monday during those platform and telecom outages and we were told a long time ago that when"it"went down,comms would go down so the criminals couldn't communicate with each other.The Ambassador bridge was closed between the USA/Canada and there were many signs that the military were strategically placed over the past month or two.

菲尔·戈德莱夫斯基(Phil godlwski)表示,在周一的这些平台和电信中断事件中,至少有数千人被捕。很久以前,我们就被告知,当"it"中断时,通信会中断,这样犯罪分子就无法相互通信。美国/加拿大之间的大使桥已经关闭,有许多迹象表明,军队在过去一两个月中进行了战略部署。

Bigger stuff is coming so shelve the disappointment if you were expecting the"10 days"to begin this week.It's coming.Methinks that was just the appetizer.Bon appétit!


Revelations about many topics burst onto the WWW every day.Link to Telegram.


One America News Network 90%funded by CNN owners AT&T(Reuters)

一家美国新闻网90%的资金由 CNN 所有者 at&t(路透社)提供

Court documents seen by Reuters reportedly reveal the conservative network is almost entirely funded by platforms owned by AT&T,and was even the brainchild of the telecoms giant execs.

据路透社看到的法庭文件显示,保守的网络几乎完全由 at&t 拥有的平台提供资金,甚至是这家电信巨头的创意。

"They told us they wanted a conservative network,"OAN CEO Herring reportedly said,per Reuters."They only had one,which was Fox News,and they had seven others on the other[leftwing]side.When they said that,I jumped to it and built one."

据路透社报道,OAN 首席执行官赫林说:"他们告诉我们,他们想要一个保守的网络。""他们只有一家,那就是福克斯新闻,另一家(左翼)则有另外七家。当他们这么说的时候,我立即着手建造了一个。"

The AT&T since then reportedly provided tens of millions to the network,with ninety percent of the revenue coming from the AT&T-owned platforms.

据报道,从那时起,at&t 为网络提供了数千万美元的收入,其中90%的收入来自 at&t 所拥有的平台。

According to 2020 sworn testimony by an OAN accountant,Reuters reports–the network's value"would be zero"without the contract with DirecTV,which is still 70%owned by AT&T.

据路透社报道,根据2020年一位 OAN 会计师的宣誓证词,如果没有与 DirecTV 签订合同,该网络的价值"将为零",而 DirecTV 仍然有70%的股份由 at&t 持有。

Subscribe to RT:t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT:t.me/rtintl


The good guys are speaking out—but isn't Fox letting them?If they're not fired for discussing"taboo"subjects,then they must be passing muster—or are they so broke they can't afford to lose any more viewers?


Jesse Watters Breaks Ranks And Mentions AZ Audit On Fox News

杰西·沃特斯在福克斯新闻上打破等级提到 AZ 审计

People are observant and paying close attention in their communities.Lots of questions,but not always an immediate answer.Link to Telegram.

人们善于观察,密切关注他们所在的社区。有很多问题,但并不总是立竿见影的答案。链接到 Telegram

Hi Queen Romana.I live in Antigonish Nova Scotia and noticed that in the last few days all of the East Indians that were working mostly in the fast food industry have all vanished.Roughly 200 have just disappeared.Is there a reason for this?

你好,罗曼娜女王。我住在 Antigonish Nova Scotia,注意到在过去的几天里,所有主要在快餐业工作的东印度人都消失了。大约有200个消失了。有什么原因吗?

I never regret checking in with Dave for his research and analysis.

我从不后悔向 Dave 咨询他的研究和分析。

Stage Set, We Are Going To See Things In This Country That We Have Never Seen Before - Ep. 2593

The economy is imploding all over the world, the people are feeling inflation and the fuel costs are going through the roof, the people will want someone accountable for all of this. Trump puts out as statement letting everyone know that manufacture is back because of the USMCA.


Perhaps they don't want this information getting out?We're hearing the White Hats are now in control of the social media platforms.Are accounts still getting censored and shut down?


Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France's Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up'by a veil of silence',damning report finds



Hollywood is going down,and hard.It took me a minute but I remember Brendan Fraser.Jurassic Park,and he did an outstanding job in Trust about the Gettys.He's spilling it on Telegram.

好莱坞正在走下坡路,而且很艰难。这花了我一分钟,但我记得布兰登·弗雷泽。《侏罗纪公园》,他在《信任盖蒂家族》中表现出色。他在 Telegram 上说漏嘴了。

Just realized that a lot of people from this network is behind me,you're so supportive!!I'm shaking and I'm a little anxious,but in a positive way.Didn't expect that so many of you are out there supporting me.Thank you for sharing my story,you gave me will to take the next step!!


I can't wait for you to hear the truth about Hollywood.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.We are in this together!


Brendan Fraser(https://t.me/brendanfraserreal)



Meanwhile,the topic of"alien disclosure"continues to surface.The coverup is so old it's disintegrating…like a pair of cheap shoes.Do they come from out there…or in here?There will be a lot of explaining to do.


SiriusB on Twitter: "It will happen in phases. Giant revelations. It will be overwhelming for most. We tried to get everyone ready. / Twitter"

It will happen in phases. Giant revelations. It will be overwhelming for most. We tried to get everyone ready.

LT's update for today:


10.6.21:Social Media shutdowns,ChYna pushing W@R,FB PysOP,Soros exposed!Red October!Pray!

10.6.21:社交媒体关闭,ChYna w@Rfacebook PysOP,索罗斯曝光!红色十月!祈祷吧!

We didn't all get dumbed down.This is logic,and a very good question,as convoluted as it sounds.A California nurse questions…on Telegram.

我们并没有都变得愚蠢。这是一个逻辑,也是一个很好的问题,尽管听起来很复杂。加利福尼亚的一名护士在 Telegram 上提问。

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected in the first place.


Pourquoi les protégés ont-ils besoin d'être protégés des non-protégés en forçant les non-protégés à utiliser la protection qui n'a pas protégé les protégés en premier lieu.


Here's an ICAN update:




Pfizer and Moderna have not even bothered to follow up with the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)to obtain information regarding reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System(VAERS)of children dying after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine.



That's it for today,possums.Enjoy the scenery on this weird,wacky,and exciting journey and be sure to check out the comments beneath each post for the crew's contributions.~BP


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