本杰明|2021/10/04 拜登政权违约;在所有地狱解体之前,直到10月18日

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亚洲秘密组织的消息来源称,美国的假 “拜登 “政权于9月30日违约,并在10月18日之前最终拔掉该邪恶政权的插头。

本杰明|2021/10/04  拜登政权违约;在所有地狱解体之前,直到10月18日

The fake"Biden"regime in the US defaulted on September 30th and has been given until October 18th before the plug is finally pulled on that evil regime,Asian secret society sources promise.The funding was cut off because the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc.crime families behind the"Biden"regime failed to meet their promise to hand Australia over to the communist Chinese,the sources say.

亚洲秘密组织的消息来源称,美国的假 "拜登 "政权于9月30日违约,并在10月18日之前最终拔掉该邪恶政权的插头。消息来源称,资金被切断是因为 "拜登 "政权背后的洛克菲勒/罗斯柴尔德等犯罪家族未能履行将澳大利亚移交给中国共产党的承诺。

That is the real reason why"The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a'Long March 3B'nuclear-capable missile,directly over Sydney,Australia."



The change in Australia is reflected by the fact Premier of Gladys Berejiklian resigned as New South Wales Premier"after an investigation found she&others in the govt.were receiving millions of$from Pfizer to push draconian vax laws,"according to Australian intelligence sources.



The fact it refused to hand itself over to communist China is also why the EU has entered the fray by cutting off trade talks with Australia,the sources say.


In any case,the cut-off of Asian funding is what prompted the fake Biden to say"We're gonna get this done,…It doesn't matter when.It doesn't matter whether it's six minutes,six days or six weeks.We're gonna get it done."

在任何情况下,亚洲资金的切断是促使假冒的拜登说 "我们要完成这个任务,......什么时候都无所谓,不管是六分钟、六天还是六周,我们都要完成这个任务。"

By openly flouting the Satanic 666 number the criminals using rubber mask"Biden"as a front have fully come out of the closet.


Video PlayerBy openly flouting the Satanic 666 number the criminals using rubber mask"Biden"as a front have fully come out of the closet.


Since these criminals have carried out horrendous acts of mass murder every time they faced default in the past,you can be sure this statement by Biden was meant to be taken as a threat.


This time,with little doubt,they plan to surpass 911,Fukushima and the fake pandemic of 2020.The obvious candidate this time is La Palma.The volcano there is erupting with increasing intensity and is doing so in a manner that is increasing the chances of a massive tsunami hitting the East coast of the US etc.



That is why joint military action by Russia,the Pentagon and China is necessary to finish these criminals off permanently.The underground base in Norway-where the HAARP attack on La Palma is originating-is a prime target.The Khazarian mafia headquarters around Lake Geneva is another.

这就是为什么俄罗斯、五角大楼和中国有必要采取联合军事行动,永久消灭这些罪犯。位于挪威的地下基地——HAARP 攻击拉帕尔马的源头——是一个主要目标。日内瓦湖附近的可萨黑手党总部是另一个例子。

In these circumstances,the White Dragon Society is calling for a meeting in Tokyo to ensure that white hats receive funding to take over the functioning parts of the US government after the Biden criminals are removed.This meeting has the support of the British Commonwealth,the Vatican(P3 freemasons),the Russians(FSB)and Asian secret societies.The meeting has been called for Tokyo instead of Lichtenstein as proposed by the"Biden"people on the recommendation of the P3 freemasons.

在这种情况下,白龙会呼吁在东京召开会议,以确保白帽党获得资金,在拜登罪犯被清除后接管美国政府的运作部分。这次会议得到了英联邦、梵蒂冈(P3共济会)、俄罗斯(FSB)和亚洲秘密组织的支持。按照"拜登"人士在 P3共济会的推荐下提出的建议,这次会议将在东京召开,而不是利希滕斯坦。

Also,to keep up the pressure on the Khazarian mafia,a White Dragon Society representative had a meeting last week with a Mr.K,one of the top assassins of the Japanese underworld.Mr.K is known for chopping people's fingers off one knuckle at a time until he gets the information he needs.He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them into the ocean,according to colleagues.In any case,Mr.K said the Black Dragon Society faction he was affiliated with has decided to ally itself with the WDS.The WDS subsequently gave Mr.K a list of the top Khazarian mafia agents in Japan.Mr.K promised he and his men would"look into this."

此外,为了保持对可萨黑手党的压力,一位白龙会代表上周与一位 k 先生开了会,k 先生是日本黑社会的顶级杀手之一。K 先生以一次砍掉人们的一个关节的手指而闻名,直到他得到他需要的信息。据他的同事说,然后他把尸体用铅包裹起来,扔进海里。无论如何,k 先生说他所属的黑龙会派系已经决定与 WDS 结盟。随后,世界银行向 k 先生提供了日本最大的可萨黑手党成员名单。K 先生保证他和他的手下会"调查此事"

The WDS also had a meeting last week with right-wing groups who have to ability to mobilize other factions of the Japanese underworld.This means the vaccine mafia in Japan is now doomed.

WDS 上周还与右翼团体举行了会议,这些团体有能力动员日本黑社会的其他派系。这意味着日本的疫苗黑手党现在注定要灭亡。

The selection of Fumio Kishida as Prime Minister of Japan was a part of this change.We can now reveal that we deliberately seemed to support Takaishi Sanae as Prime Minister in order to confuse the Khazarian mafia about her loyalties.Takaishi was supposed to be selected to cover up crimes by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.This included Tokyo Olympics corruption and the creation of a biological warfare laboratory disguised as a veterinary school.

选择岸田文雄担任日本首相就是这种变化的一部分。我们现在可以透露,我们似乎故意支持 Takaishi Sanae 担任首相,以迷惑可萨黑手党对她的忠诚。选择高石是为了掩盖前首相安倍晋三(Abe Shinzo)的罪行。其中包括东京奥运会的腐败,以及一个伪装成兽医学校的生物战实验室的建立。

The right-wing group,which has strong connections to Taiwan,also said that a massive Taiwanese underground base in China had been flooded recently"killing tens of thousands of Taiwanese generals and soldiers."This is certainly related to a CIA report that a base under the Three Gorges dam that had been mining crypto-currency was destroyed.The Chinese government partially confirmed this by issuing a complete ban on all cryptocurrency trading.


The Chinese are also battling the KM in many other ways.The crackdown on mega-stars,for example,is designed to thwart the KM tactic of using"celebrities,"to manipulate public opinion.The Chinese are also cracking down on attempts to launder KM fiat funny money into China via US stock market hand-outs to Chinese high tech companies.They are also cracking down on attempts to turn Chinese men into effeminized wimps,as has happened in Japan and much of the West.

中国人还在许多其他方面与千米赛跑作战。例如,对超级明星的打击就是为了阻止"名人"利用知识管理战术来操纵公众舆论。中国也在打击通过美国股市向中国高科技公司提供资金,将 KM 法定假币洗钱到中国的企图。他们也在打击把中国男人变成软弱懦弱者的企图,就像在日本和大部分西方国家发生的那样。

The Disappearance Of Chinese Megastars Is A Harbinger Of Another Cultural Revolution Underway


This information sent by CIA East Asia is almost certainly related:


Evergrande(3333 HK)and Evergrande Property Services(6666 HK)stock trading halted in Hong Kong.


"Trading in the shares(stock code:03333)of China Evergrande Group(the Company')will be halted at 9:00 a.m.today(4/10/2021).Accordingly,all structured products relating to the Company will also be halted from trading at the same time.


It's highly likely that Evergrande's offshore bondholders will be wiped out.This includes all the foreign banks that have bought multiple$10's of billions of the bonds.


MI6 and the real James Bond types are also on the warpath against the KM."The Pandemic was a dirty bomb set off by the Rothschild mob of thugs.If the Jews don't hang them all,we will"MI6 sources promise.


The release of the Pandora Papers,revealing the offshore businesses and fortunes of more than 100 billionaires,30 world leaders and 300 civil servants,was part of that offensive,according to MI6.




The Pandora Papers are an urgent warning from us that as long as civilians around the world live under the thumb of world fascism,we will remain silent only so long and no one is above the law.


We know all about what is going on in the world and we are able and prepared to deal with it…it takes a lot of trees and a lot of ropes,but we're not afraid to use them,they say.The release of the Nuremberg trial files last week was intended as a reminder that justice for high-profile criminals would come this time as well,just as it did after World War II,Mossad sources say.


Files of the Nuremberg Trials published online

On the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trial of the major war criminals of World War II, Stanford University digitized the historical files of this trial and made them publicly available online. From November 20, 1945, to October 1, 1946, leading representatives of the National Socialist regime had to answer before an international military tribunal.

For example,at this link you will find a list of 40 billionaires who should all be executed for their profits from the fake covid pandemic.



To understand that we are really dealing with pedophile criminals,here is concrete evidence of child trafficking.A cargo plane that had taken off from South Sudan was inspected by customs officials during a stopover in Niger.


They discovered hundreds of abducted children on a cargo plane en route to Spain.In the video,officials say the children were destined to be sold to pedophiles or used for organ transplants.Note that the crew is led away in matching wristbands.The KM,of course,fights back in every way possible.For example,they use propaganda outlets like CNN to threaten to cripple world trade unless everyone is vaccinated.


The International Chamber of Shipping(ICS)and other industry groups warned of a collapse of the global transportation system unless governments restore freedom of movement for transportation workers and give them priority for World Health Organization-approved vaccines.



We also read reports like this:A supply shortage is turning into a full-blown crisis with shortages of energy,labor and transportation from Liverpool to Los Angeles and from Qingdao to Queensland.



We re also seeing a lot of panicked headlines like Gas Crisis Hits Food as Giant Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark.



Of course,these are all lame excuses for bankruptcy.


Fed senior economist Jeremy Rudd said last week,"The primary role of mainstream economics in our society is to provide an apologetic for a criminally oppressive,unsustainable and unjust social order.



This is a sign that the brainwashed middle managers of the KM Babylonian debt slave system are waking up and rebelling.This is why the KM is also trying to escape justice by trying harder than ever to start their long awaited Third World War.For example,they are now encouraging Iranian slave leaders to start the war.Therefore,Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told the major Israeli national Hebrew-language daily Maariv that the war with Israel has already begun.


Iran's slave leadership is now also trying to instigate a war with Azerbaijan.


Large Iranian military drill on Azerbaijan border targets Baku's ties with Israel - DEBKAfile

Iran-Israel tensions moved to a new arena on Friday, Oct. 1 when Iran launched a large scale military drill for a show of force against neighboring Azerbaijan and its military ties with Israel. On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian warned that Iran "does not tolerate the presence and activities of the Zionist regime against its national security and will do whatever necessary in this regard."

Of course,the Russians will not allow such a war to start.Instead,the Russians are making their own big moves.Last week,leading Russian politician Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fyodorov.



told German patriots that Russia would immediately help liberate Germany in the event of an expected U.S.bankruptcy.However,before you give up on the US,keep in mind that despite the takeover of the US government by satanic criminals,the US is still much stronger than China in terms of soft power.



This means that the US will recover internationally very quickly once the white hats get rid of the criminals.To conclude this week,we would like to point out a great scientific discovery from India:


A team of scientists has for the first time developed a reactor that produces a significant amount of hydrogen using sustainable sources such as sunlight and water,which is a low-cost and sustainable process,the Department of Science and Technology(DST)said Wednesday.


The INST team used the low-cost organic semiconductor in carbon nitrides.

INST 团队在碳氮化物中使用了低成本的有机半导体。


This is something that should make electric vehicles with their expensive batteries obsolete.In theory,cars should be able to generate enough hydrogen with solar panels on the roof or at home to drive virtually anywhere for free.It was India,along with China,that put an end to the artificial efforts of Western oligarchs to keep solar energy competitively expensive.


Solar energy is now one of the cheapest forms of energy in the world.


Japanese automakers and government officials have long complained that Western interference has prevented them from switching to hydrogen power.Now it looks like India,which is more independent than Japan,is ushering in the hydrogen age.




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