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集体|呼唤神圣Greetings,dear ones!We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.


Again today we answer a question from a Light Bringer who asks:


"I was wondering how to call in Divine Light to transmute energy or emotions,in a practical way.


Do you have some examples of what to say,or what to do in a concrete way,when in the middle of a challenging moment or situation,whether an external or internal one(like deep grief surfacing)?"


This is another excellent question that strikes straight at the heart of what is troubling so many now,as they ask how to assist themselves and loved ones in dealing with the tremendous inner change that has flowed into your lives over these past few years.


Know that when outer situations feel to be challenging,it is because they are leaning on an old wound.


This is why they have occurred—so you may heal them and finally move on from an issue that may have troubled you over any number of Earth lives.


It is old emotional residue,energy patterns,Earth identities,and learned responses that are leaving you now,as well as much shadow picked up in lives in which you clung to any false hope that seemed to promise a way out of trauma and loss.


There were also lives in which you made agreements with sources of knowledge and information that would grant you more power,more strength,more of what your will demanded,without knowing what this would cost you over time.


Your ego-mind is panicked at the thought of losing that which,comfortable or uncomfortable,has helped define it for thousands of years of Earth time.


It panics at the thought of being left behind in this new construct you are taking on now.


And having been constructed as a false self,it doubts that any integrity will be left to the old structure that your conscious and subconscious minds built and have clung to for so long,in order to filter life experiences in a way you could live with.


It misses entirely that you did not come in to once again live according to the dictates of the left-brain,logical mindset,hampered by its severe limits.


You did not come in to once again be swayed by the arguments of a patriarchal religion,or the dependence upon images of the Divine Masculine,while all ideas of a Divine Feminine are ridiculed and discarded.


This time you came in for the unity of both Presences,joined perfectly in an interwoven tapestry of both logic and intuitive feeling,both inner design and outer creation.


Flow with this new form.Do not deny it.


In a difficult situation that calls upon your inner resources,pay close attention to what your inner Wisdom—your intuition—is telling you about the situation.


If you cannot remain emotionally calm and centered while dealing with an outer situation,see if you can physically get away from the person or situation that the problem is demonstrating through(though it is rooted elsewhere).


Take a moment to clarify or reclaim your own calm stance,energetically.


If that is impossible,image the person's body and energies held inside a bubble of Divine Golden Light—not to capture or encapsulate them to constrict their expression,but so that the first context they are speaking from is one of Divine Light and all its higher intent.


From there,image them as very young,for when someone reacts in a dense or difficult way,that is who is speaking.


See their frightened two-or three-year-old self,or five-year-old self on the first day of school,and understand that anyone causing another trouble feels fear on some level,whether it is the fear of the ego or the upbraided pride of the false self.


This reminds you not only of their great vulnerability,but of the immaturity of their view of the world,and that they are simply still moving forward on their path.


They may be desperately wanting to catch up to where you are,and unhappy at realizing there is some work ahead of them yet.


For internal struggles,release the logical mind's constant need to label and judge.


If a friend says something that is hard for you,for example,or if a man or woman you are seeing decides to move on and stop seeing you—these are difficult moments,as are the loss of a home or job,or a sudden large expense you were not expecting.


You may feel in these moments that life has somewhat shrugged you off,and that you are not so"plugged in"spiritually as you had hoped,or this dreadful thing would not have happened.


Yet it did not happen because you are not where you should be vibrationally.


It happened precisely because your path is moving ahead now at Lightspeed.


Your own soul and higher self are asking that you release not only the false self,but all its old energy patterns,misinformation,and short-sightedness,based on the self-protectiveness of the ego more than that of you as your higher self.


Have you been led astray,lied to,disempowered for centuries?Certainly,that is so.


Yet you came in to this particular Earth life to release not only the victim status you may momentarily claim as you hear of the false structures built up long ago in Earth life to imprison human beings.


You came in primarily to assist in anchoring the vibration of the New Earth,and you are doing so.


If something is not working in your life,dear ones—the finances,the health,the relationships,the work,the home or social life—it is not because you are not"doing the right thing."


It is because at its core,you are viewing something that has troubled you,possibly for millennia,and that may only be somewhat related to the actual outer situation itself.


So that if money is a difficult issue for you,deep in your mind and subconscious energies there may be a longstanding belief in your unworthiness—a lack of self-esteem,and feelings of not deserving.


This is only one example,yet it is a huge one.


It is difficult to help build a New Earth while believing yourself undeserving of good and beautiful things,on all levels of life.


And yet so many of you do,and we see your higher selves and guides distressed on some levels as a result,as this makes your life so much harder than it need be.


And so the approach of dealing with the issue on the level of everyday money matters can of course be helpful.


Yet the approach of dealing with the issue on the level of what unspoken,unseen energy blockage is holding it back from you would be far more helpful to you.


When facing the unsolved mystery of why some area of life is not working for you,sit quietly with your Spirit team of guides,Angels,and higher self.


Using money as an example,ask them for an extra focus of Light to be held on not only the energy of money and the flow of money in your life.


Ask them to draw to you now the exact higher Light and energies that will assist you in healing that which holds off the money from flowing to you positively and fully,whether it is old oaths,agreements,or promises,a mental or emotional blockage,or an energy blockage that stands in your way.


"Whatever it is that has caused me to be living this situation of apparent financial lack,I pray[command forth]complete healing of all emotional,subconscious,conscious,and energetic wounds in this area.And I pray a complete dissolving of all energetic blockages in this and all areas of my life.I give thanks."


You do not have to know what the exact blockages are in order to dissolve them.


But you must give full permission and command forth the move up in vibration,to assist those waiting to support you in your healing.


Unless you have previous agreement for them to work with you whether you request it or not,they cannot move in and assist,until you call upon them and give permission for that intervention.


Believe us,all of us wish to assist you in this way!


We will continue to include ways to deal positively with difficult moments in these Ascension days you are living in now,in future Messages.


We ask only that you learn at its base to take a moment for yourself,as soon as your situation permits,whenever you feel to be on edge,or stretched or stressed in any way.


Sit quietly and breathe,and remind yourself that you live in a time in which Divine Love has already reached well into the collective hearts of humanity.And that Mother Earth Herself called you forward to assist in Her transformation.


You live on Earth now as a Light Warrior,here not for battle so much as to guard,ground,and establish the depths of Transformation and Transmutation in human energetic experience.


Because of that,your own wounds must rise to the surface to be fully healed.


Bless them and release them now.


Feel them fully in moments when they come forward to express themselves.


Ask your Spirit team to go into the depths of what lies very far under that emotion,and all related to it,and to heal all remaining to be healed there.


They know well the path you chose before incarnating,and will assist in ways that outstretch what your mind is able to grasp,or even consciously ask for.


We will continue with more on another day.For now,know that you are Loved beyond all measure,and treasured for your bravery—your chutzpah in coming forth to this low dimension,one last time.


Namaste,dear ones!We are with you,always.


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