X22报道|第2878集: 爱国者将中央银行推向毁灭之路,深层国家感到恐惧和绝望

2022年9月20日10:55:09最新动态X22报道|第2878集: 爱国者将中央银行推向毁灭之路,深层国家感到恐惧和绝望已关闭评论2891字数 1296阅读4分19秒阅读模式

[DS]恐惧和绝望,他们现在绝望地试图找出 Q 是谁,并试图找出心理战计划。这意味着[ DS ]不在控制之中。

X22报道|第2878集: 爱国者将中央银行推向毁灭之路,深层国家感到恐惧和绝望

Ep. 2877a – How Do You Destroy The [CB] System? You Are Witnessing It In Real Time

你如何摧毁[ CB ]系统? 你正在实时目睹它

Ep. 2878b – [DS] Is Scared & Desperate, Information Warfare, DOD Investigates Psyop Program


X22报告 发表于2022年9月19日


The German FM has woken up, he is now realizing that shutting everything down during an energy crisis is not a smart move. Biden pretends that inflation is good and its not that bad. The Fed is now creating an inflation tornado, this will destroy the [CB] in the end.

德国调频电台已经醒了,他现在意识到在能源危机期间关闭所有设备并不是一个明智的举动。拜登假装通货膨胀是好事,而不是坏事。美联储现在正在制造一场通货膨胀龙卷风,这将最终摧毁[ CB ]。


The [DS] is scared and desperate, they are now desperately trying to find out who Q is and trying to figure out the psyop program. Which means the [DS] is not in control. Everything they have tried to do to destroy the country has boomeranged on them, instead people are waking up and fighting back. Trump has trapped them in their own agenda and now I do believe he is bringing them down a path to expose it all.

[DS]恐惧和绝望,他们现在绝望地试图找出 Q 是谁,并试图找出心理战计划。这意味着[ DS ]不在控制之中。他们所做的一切试图摧毁这个国家的努力都是自食其果,相反,人们正在觉醒并进行反击。特朗普把他们困在了自己的计划中,现在我确实相信他正在带领他们走上一条揭露一切的道路。


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