X22报道|第2901集: 人民正在走向经济的悬崖,三角形的一边被移走了

2022年10月18日14:53:11最新动态X22报道|第2901集: 人民正在走向经济的悬崖,三角形的一边被移走了已关闭评论3892字数 1530阅读5分6秒阅读模式

DS 现在正在全力以赴,他们正在尝试一切,但所有这一切都是宣传。特朗普有影响力,他有真正的证据,而且现在是在合适的时机拿出来。无论是假新闻还是 [DS]都无能为力

X22报道|第2901集: 人民正在走向经济的悬崖,三角形的一边被移走了

Ep. 2901a – The People Are Hitting The Economic Precipice, The People Will Shift The Economy


Ep. 2901b – The Key That Opens All Doors, One Side Of The Triangle Removed, Other Sides Falling




The people are hitting the economic precipice, the protests are now starting. The economy is as disaster and the people of this country say that this is their main concern. Mastercard is now going to allow Bitcoin, the transition is happening right in front of everyone’s eyes.



The [DS] is now firing on all cylinders, they are trying everything, but all of it is propaganda. Trump has the leverage, he has the real evidence and it is now be produced at the right moment. There is nothing the fake news or the [DS] can do about it. They are going after Trump, their plan is to try to indict him one way or another, either via J6 subpoena, Mar-a-Largo or something else. They need the chaos, they know the polls are not in their favor. Scavino sends message, the key that opens the door to everything else. Once side of the triangle was removed, now the other sides are collapsing.  

DS 现在正在全力以赴,他们正在尝试一切,但所有这一切都是宣传。特朗普有影响力,他有真正的证据,而且现在是在合适的时机拿出来。无论是假新闻还是 [DS]都无能为力。他们正在追捕特朗普,他们的计划是试图以某种方式起诉他,要么通过 J6传票,马阿拉戈或其他东西。他们需要混乱,他们知道民调对他们不利。斯加维诺传递信息,打开一切的钥匙。一旦三角形的一边被移除,现在其他的边也在坍塌。


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