X22报道|第2790集: 中央银行议程崩溃,选举舞弊被揭露

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达勒姆得到了他想要的,巴尔证实了这一点。达勒姆现在正进入下一阶段。选举舞弊正在被揭露出来,对于[ DS ]来说情况正在变得更糟,假新闻正在试图尽可能地歪曲事实,但这将会失败。

X22报道|第2790集: 中央银行议程崩溃,选举舞弊被揭露

Ep. 2790a – The [CB] Agenda Is Falling Apart, The People Know The Economic Truth

Ep. 2790a-[ CB ]议程正在瓦解,人民知道经济真相

Ep. 2790b – Confirmed, Durham Got What He Needed, Election Fraud Exposed, Down She Goes

Ep. 2790b – 被证实,达勒姆得到了他所需要的,选举舞弊被揭露,她倒下了

X22 报告发表于2022年6月2日


[JB] is completely responsible for the baby food shortage, he knew about it. He is not going to do anything with fuel, inflation or the economy. The agenda is collapse this system and push it into GR and GND. Yellen always knew there was inflation coming, they planned it.

婴儿食品短缺完全是由 JB 造成的,他知道这一点。他不会在燃料、通胀或经济方面做任何事情。议程是瓦解这个体系,并将其推向 GR 和 GND。耶伦一直知道通货膨胀就要来了,他们早就计划好了。


Durham got exactly what he needed, Barr confirms this. Durham is now moving onto the next phase. Election fraud is being exposed and it is getting worse for the [DS] and the fake news is trying to spin as much as possible, but this will fail. Trump and the patriots are moving forward, each step of the way exposes the [DS] agenda, the people are waking up like we have never seen before. It is almost time to bring down the entire [DS] system, down she goes. 

达勒姆得到了他想要的,巴尔证实了这一点。达勒姆现在正进入下一阶段。选举舞弊正在被揭露出来,对于[ DS ]来说情况正在变得更糟,假新闻正在试图尽可能地歪曲事实,但这将会失败。特朗普和爱国者们正在向前迈进,每一步都暴露了[ DS ]的议程,人们正在觉醒,就像我们从未见过的那样。几乎是时候推翻整个(DS)系统了,她完蛋了。


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