X22报告|第2958集: 提高利率将推高通货膨胀,一些重大的事情即将发生

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[ DS ]现在正在为他们的生命而战。[D]’s的腐败和选举干预现在正在曝光。随着 Twitter 文件的发布,DS 感受到了痛苦。更多的信息即将出现,一些重大事件即将发生

X22报告|第2958集: 提高利率将推高通货膨胀,一些重大的事情即将发生

Ep. 2958a – Germany Returns To Coal, Green Deal Fail, Increasing Rates Will Push Inflation Higher


Ep. 2958b – [D] Corruption & Election Interference, [DS] Fighting For Their Lives, Something Big Coming

[D] 腐败与选举干预,[DS]为生存而战,重大事件即将发生



The [DS] is putting pressure on Russia trying to cap the fuel prices. Putin creates decree to override the cap. Germany is now using more coal than before. Massive number of people moving out of Ca. The Fed raising rates to control inflation will have the opposite effect.



The [DS] is now fighting for their lives. The [D]’s corruption and election interference is now being exposed. The [DS] is feeling the pain as the Twitter Files are released. More information is on the way, something big is about to drop and the [DS] will scramble to counter it. The people see the election interference, the case is building each day and the people want to go back to one day vote. The [DS] system is imploding and everything they are doing to try to stop this just exposes their crimes. 

[ DS ]现在正在为他们的生命而战。[D]’s的腐败和选举干预现在正在曝光。随着 Twitter 文件的发布,DS 感受到了痛苦。更多的信息即将出现,一些重大事件即将发生,[ DS ]将争先恐后地予以反击。民众看到选举受到干扰,情况是每天都在建设,民众希望回到有一天投票。[ DS ]系统正在崩溃,他们为了阻止这一切所做的一切只会暴露他们的罪行。 


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