X22报道|第2772集: 经济会拖垮中央银行,反操作系统也会全部崩溃

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X22报道|第2772集: 经济会拖垮中央银行,反操作系统也会全部崩溃

Ep. 2772a – The Economy Will Bring Down The [DS]/[CB]s, It’s Working

Ep. 2772a-经济将拖垮[ DS ]/[ CB ] ,它正在发挥作用

Ep. 2772b – Message Received, C_A Counter Ops Will All Fall Down, Blackout Warning, Now Comes The Pain

Ep. 2772b –收到消息,C_A反操作将全部倒下,停电警告,现在痛苦来了



The world is now experiencing inflation like they haven’t seen since 1971. These high costs are making very difficult to make ends meet. Inflation here in the US is worse than expected. The [DS]/Ds are trying to blame everyone else but the people see through this. Trump sends message and is using the economy against them.

世界正在经历自1971年以来从未有过的通货膨胀。这些高昂的费用使收支平衡变得非常困难。美国的通货膨胀比预期的还要严重。 [DS]/Ds 试图指责其他所有人,但是人们看穿了这一点。特朗普发出了信息,并且正在利用经济对付他们。


The [DS] have lost the narrative, Durham is closing in on the [HRC] team and they are losing the narrative, Durham is squeezing them. The fake news C_A ops is about to all fall down. They will try a communications blackout or a power grid blackout. Pain is coming and the [DS] knows it. The election crime on they did it is now public, and the people are demands something be done, which state will be the first to decertify?



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