X22报道|第2643集: 精英们惊慌失措,钥匙打开了所有的门

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X22报道|第2643集: 精英们惊慌失措,钥匙打开了所有的门

Ep. 2643a – The Elite/[CB] Are Panicking, They Keep Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

Ep. 2643a-The Elite/[ CB ]正在恐慌,他们一直在大声说出安静的部分

Ep. 2643b – Key Unlocks The Door Of All Doors (Info), Stone Is The Force That Acts On Info

Ep.2643b-钥匙打开所有门的大门(信息) ,石头是信息行动的力量



The economy is continuing to deteriorate, the job numbers completely missed, the economist were wrong again. IMF says inflation is just a hump but wants the Fed to raise rates and taper to bring down the economy. DCCC gets slammed by saying fuel prices coming down 2 cents is fantastic. The bitcoin panic is real.



The [DS] is struggling, they have now way out so they are moving forward with their plan, and as they do the people can see the truth. Michigan shooting is now being used for gun control. The [DS] is now locking down the entire world, because the people are not complying, so they are now forcing people, the next step each country will look like Australia but worse. Trump and the patriots have now put into a place the key and stone, the key is military intelligence, the stone is Trump and the people, the will push the information forward and counter the [DS] info.



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