X22报告|第2995集: 世界经济论坛议程推动失败,达勒姆不是唯一的游戏

2023年2月13日14:15:02最新动态X22报告|第2995集: 世界经济论坛议程推动失败,达勒姆不是唯一的游戏已关闭评论262阅读模式


X22报告|第2995集: 世界经济论坛议程推动失败,达勒姆不是唯一的游戏

Ep. 2995a – [WEF]/[JB] Agenda Push Is Failing, The Lies Are Catching Up To Them

[世界经济论坛]/[ JB ]议程推动正在失败,谎言正在赶上他们

Ep. 2995b – Beware Of Shiny Objects, Controlled Op, Distraction, Durham Is Not The Only Game In Town




The people around the world are protesting, they see the economic system breaking down. The lies the [CB]/[WEF] have been pushing is not working, they are backfiring on them. The more they push the worse it gets.

全世界的人都在抗议,他们看到经济体系崩溃了。[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]一直在推行的谎言并没有奏效,它们正在适得其反。他们逼得越紧,情况就越糟。


The [DS] is panicking, they do not control the narrative and the people are learning the truth. As the facts come out the [DS] will need to stop it. They are now pushing a UFO distraction and they want the people to look over there instead of where the truth is. Durham doesn’t seem like he is the only one investigating. More and more evidence shows that the new SC is investigating election fraud. The case is being built, it is only a matter of time.



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