X22报道|第2722集: 人们看到真相,第一次起诉会带来团结

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[ DS ]已经失去了叙事性。假新闻/拜登的管理人员如果控制了生物实验室的故事,他们就不必回应,因为他们试图编造故事,向世界表明他们无法控制叙事。

X22报道|第2722集: 人们看到真相,第一次起诉会带来团结

Ep. 2722a – Biden Admin Blames Everything On Covid & Putin, People See The Truth

Ep. 2722a – 拜登政府将一切归咎于科维德和普京,人们看到了真相

Ep. 2722b – [DS] Narrative Failure, Unsealing Of The First Several Indictments Will Bring About Unity

Ep. 2722b –[ DS ]叙事失败,解封前几份起诉书将带来团结



The people are seeing right through the lies, the Biden admin is blaming covid and Putin for the economic disaster, people now see it is the policies of the [CB]. The crisis is fake, the transition away from the [CB] is real.

人们看穿了谎言,拜登的管理层把经济灾难归咎于covid和普京,人们现在看到的是(CB)的政策。这场危机是虚假的,脱离[ CB ]的转变是真实的。


The [DS] has lost the narrative. The fake news/Biden admin wouldn’t have to respond the bio lab stories if they were in control, since they tried to spin the stories it shows the world they do not have control of the narrative. Durham is on the hunt and is ready to release more indictments, Barr confirms that Durham will release more. Trump doubles down on Xi going in Taiwan, there is a reason for this, information is going to be produced and it will be damaging to the [DS]. Patriots have the leverage and the [DS] is panicking.

[ DS ]已经失去了叙事性。假新闻/拜登的管理人员如果控制了生物实验室的故事,他们就不必回应,因为他们试图编造故事,向世界表明他们无法控制叙事。达勒姆正在搜寻并准备发布更多的起诉书,巴尔证实达勒姆将会发布更多的起诉书。特朗普加倍支持习前往台湾,这是有原因的,信息将被提供出来,这将损害[ DS ]。爱国者拥有影响力,而[ DS ]正陷入恐慌。


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