X22报告|第2731集: 经济叙事刚刚自食其果—- 打开所有大门的钥匙

2022年3月22日16:25:50最新动态X22报告|第2731集: 经济叙事刚刚自食其果—- 打开所有大门的钥匙已关闭评论3072字数 1308阅读4分21秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2731集: 经济叙事刚刚自食其果—- 打开所有大门的钥匙

Ep. 2731a – The Economic Narrative Just Boomeranged On [JB] & The [CB]

Ep. 2731a-经济叙事刚刚自食其果[ JB ]和[ CB ]

Ep. 2731b – The Keys That Opens All Doors, The Start, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing

Ep. 2731b-打开所有门的钥匙,开始,没有什么可以阻止这一切,没有什么



The [CB] is trying to control the narrative and explain what you can do without during the gas crisis. The problem with this is that we don’t, Trump showed the way on how the country can be energy independent. The people see past this and they know the truth, boomerang.

[ CB ]试图控制事态的发展,并解释在天然气危机期间,你可以不需要什么。问题是,我们没有,特朗普展示了这个国家如何能够实现能源独立的道路。人们看到过去,他们知道真相,回旋镖。


The [DS] is panicking in [redacted], the stories are coming out that is the [redacted] neo nazis that are responsible for the atrocities in [redacted]. The [DS] players are looting and trying to escape. The Hunter laptop is not going away and the evidence is going to be produced, this will lead to [JB]. The [DS] is preparing for a communication blackout. Spygate opens the door, it’s the start, nothing can stop this, nothing.



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