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2022年2月局势更新补遗|theunveiling33More insights into the depth of corruption on the Earth which might not be for everyone as this being unveiled again points to heavy negativity caused by the cabal.


This can be seen as an extension of the previous articlegoing deeper into the reasons, methods and into the consequences caused by such parasitic behaviour against bigger souls.

这可以看作是上一篇文章(中文), 深入探讨这种寄生行为对大灵魂造成的原因、方法和后果

But first off, please attend the meditations for Ukraine if you have the time:





While the energy influx for the Earth has changed recently and is now sponsored more or less actively by Source self (as written here), the cabal utilises every bit of this energy they can get to destroy Source, the Lightforces, all Starseeds and Lightworkers with it.


This is the usual procedure in parasitic systems which the cabal set up on several already liberated planets, which were part of the intergalactic wars the Light won recently. Moreover, the cabal takes energy from those higher souls (described in the last update) and feeds their most parasitic humans with it, who then go and torture these souls with whatever they can accomplish with that energy. In more detail even ideas and computational powers and not just energy to keep humans alive are being stolen from the liberators and hostages. 

这是在寄生系统中的常见程序,阴谋集团在几个已经解放的行星上建立了这些系统,这些行星都是光明最近赢得的星系间战争的一部分。此外,阴谋集团从那些更高级的灵魂那里获取能量(在上一次更新中有描述) ,并用这些能量喂养他们最寄生的人类,然后这些人去折磨这些灵魂,用他们能用这些能量完成的任何事情。在更多的细节上,甚至是想法和计算能力,而不仅仅是维持人类生存的能量,正在从解放者和人质那里被偷走。

Here is a more practical example what the cabal do:


Conspirators (conscious or unconscious) for example build a great new product for the surface, let's say the iPhone 20. Then many humans on Earth think that this is a great product and it becomes a huge success, it generates massive amounts of money and a lot of positive energy for all of humanity and especially those who use it.

阴谋家(有意识或无意识的)例如为表面建立一个伟大的新产品,比方说iPhone 20。然后地球上的许多人认为这是一个伟大的产品,并成为一个巨大的成功,它为全人类,特别是使用它的人创造了大量的金钱和大量的正能量。

What those humans do not know is that all energy used to create that iPhone IS in fact taken from the liberators and Starseeds. Not just the ideas and designs have been taken out of the minds of those who came here to liberate Earth but also the humans who built it with their workforce were kept alive with the energies from those who came to liberate Earth. Even the energy for the industrial part, factories etc. is coming from those people who liberate Earth for decades. That means, if those Starseeds etc. were not on Earth, these humans would have long died, their bodies are right now kept stable on mercy of the Goddess and the Lightforces liberating Earth. That means in turn the greatest products on Earth right now are factually completely owned by the sponsors of the energy influx of Earth, namely Source, the Lightforces in orbit of the Earth and the Starseeds on the surface.


The problem is, all this money generated from these great products (even including art and the like) is going to the biggest sociopaths in the cabal hierarchy. Same is real for all the positive energy which is generated by consumption of such great products. So mainly the worst characters in humanity and war criminals themselves profit from all these great products which naturally get better constantly due to the presence of the Lightforces.


At the same time, Starseeds on the surface lack the amount of money needed to buy their very ‚own‘ products. These, being manufactured from their very essence by the cabal, create a big drag for the Starseeds, a natural magnetism, as it is theirs and it also should be owned by the Starseeds. Starseeds have a natural urge to buy all those products which are energetically closer to them. Though the cabal takes enormous care that the very originators of those products, can never buy or own them. Especially luxury articles are therefore equipped most with energies of the liberators and hostages. If for example Starseeds have an urge to buy such luxury, many people including the whole new age spirituality would blame them as egoistic - which is another mechanism the cabal set up to keep the originators from their own products. That is also why most Lightworkers and Starseeds do not have a lot of money. This separation of the Starseeds and Liberators from the products that stem from them is of course part of the torture. All this happens while most humans would not even have a glimpse that this is real and how the cabal work in this regard.


So the Starseeds, Lightworkers and all those, these ideas and energies stem from, receive actually nothing from those great achievements for humanity. Rather they are being shown by the cabal, that their own ideas and products are worthless in comparison (whatever they might try to sell or create personally). The cabal uses all their puppets among humanity to sabotage and boycott everything the Starseeds and lightworkers do personally, which could generate any income and/or fun for themselves. And they do that with the very help of products which are absolutely only possible by the presence of these liberators on the Earth. Then again the cabal established a system in which no one can prove that it is the way as told here - they think a theft that is not provable did not happen, just as the dumbest criminals always do. But we are getting there right now, by laying these energy-flows open to the most high lifeforms of the inner Earth and the most positive factions on the surface. It will be seen what exactly on Earth is sponsored by the Starseeds and those Lightforces who came for liberation. And while the cabal still tries to neglect those facts and the origin of their biggest and most creative products, many big people are waking up to the massively positive influence of the Starseeds/Lightforces and to who should actually receive the treats with using those products and all pleasure generated through them most rightfully.


This is what the parasitic cabal established in all contaminated systems before similarly. They take energy and ideas from their hosts including those who come to liberate the system and then use it against them. It is like giving a beggar 1 million dollars and he secretly builds an army to torture the one he got the money from with it. That is what they continuously do here on Earth since millennia, all those alien hostages in the inner Earth the cabal are killing daily as Cobra laid open, were used to generate the same pleasure for humanity - just that the Starseeds and the Liberators are even more efficient for them right now. All of humanity enjoys the torture of those big souls taken hostage, the Starseeds and the like - and that just by consuming humanity’s greatest products. Even using their bodies works that way, as they also run heavily on such stolen energies. Remember that human bodies are "made in the image of God". What the cabal laid open with that is, that they tried to multiplicate gods with humanity - all the DNA manipulation and experiments were exactly that, to breed gods. It is logical that these god-like (but very manipulated) bodies also cost god-like amounts of energy to run and be kept alive. Energy which is in turn taken from those big tortured souls and liberators mentioned right now.

这就是寄生的阴谋集团在所有被污染的系统中建立的类似的东西。他们从宿主那里获取能量和想法,包括那些来解放系统的人,然后用它来对付他们。这就像给一个乞丐一百万美元,他秘密地建立一支军队,用这些钱来折磨他的人。这就是他们几千年来在地球上不断做的事情,所有那些在地球内部的外星人质,黑社会每天都在杀戮,就像柯博拉门户一样,被用来为人类产生同样的快乐--只是现在星际种子和解放者对他们来说更有效率。所有的人类都享受着那些被挟持的大灵魂的折磨,星宿者和类似的人--而这只是通过消耗人类最伟大的产品。甚至使用他们的身体也是如此,因为他们也严重依赖这种被盗的能量。记住,人类的身体是 "按照上帝的形象制造的"。阴谋家们用这句话铺垫的是,他们试图用人类繁殖神灵--所有的DNA操作和实验正是如此,以繁殖神灵。符合逻辑的是,这些神一样的(但被操纵的)身体也需要花费神一样的能量来运行和维持生命。这些能量又是从现在提到的那些受折磨的大灵魂和解放者身上获取的。

The main reason why humanity is not really accepted as an own species by now is that they are still too oriented towards the will of the cabal.


Many are not really changing their behaviours on being shown or told what really is going on on Earth. Their instincts of what is right and wrong are also tending to support the cabal. While they should instinctively feel that what they use is stolen and hurts other people, they do not feel that. Many are not really able to realise nor are they even interested how it must feel for those tortured big souls, hostages and Starseeds. All these enemies of the cabal on Earth are going trough the worst abuse and torture, while the rest of humanity is having the biggest fun and pleasure right before their eyes. While the Starseeds and liberators are actually the only people who may rightfully use those products and also rightfully have the pleasure those others have right now. And although humanity does not officially know who sponsors their life yet, upon being told, humans rather go into ignorance or will pretend that such claims would be insane. For the biggest part, they simply want to live on as it was before, on costs of other people - just as the cabal wants them to, which is of course plain parasitism. 


That works for now and is partly ok, as most do not know yet but as we go along into full disclosure, humans also will have to take full responsibility for what they did, what they consumed and continue to do.
Continuing with ignorance towards their biggest sponsors will be a reason for these humans having to leave the planet, as it surely is sociopathic to use the energy of biggest souls of Earth and turn it against themselves.


What happens right now is a healing disclosure on many heights for many big lifeforms of Earth may it be the inner Earth or the positive factions on the surface. Even this article is part of that disclosure as it summarises what is being laid open to the biggest, most positive 'spiritual institutions' of the Earth at the moment. The cabal in turn get panic upon such information and run to brainwash everyone important into continuing with that form of parasitism. They try to immediately brainwash anyone who is reached by such info, to keep the lies active and continue the cabal reign. That of course is not possible anymore as the brainwash tends to fail with more ‚invisibles‘ leaving Earth daily just as Cobra laid open. For many who were involved with the cabal, even among humans, who are reached by this disclosure, this is one of the last warnings before heavy judgement will set in. Most necessary judgements, finally preventing many people to go on with such parasitic behaviour.

现在发生的事情是在许多高度上对地球上许多大的生命体进行的治疗性披露,可能是地球内部或表面上的积极派别。甚至这篇文章也是这种披露的一部分,因为它总结了目前地球上最大、最积极的 "精神机构 "所面临的问题。阴谋集团在得到这些信息后感到恐慌,并对每个重要的人进行洗脑,让他们继续进行这种形式的寄生主义。他们试图立即对任何接触到这些信息的人进行洗脑,以保持谎言的有效性,并延续阴谋集团的统治。当然,这已经不可能了,因为洗脑往往会失败,每天都有更多的 "隐形人 "离开地球,就像柯博拉门户说的一样。对于许多与阴谋集团有关的人来说,甚至在人类中,他们被这一披露所触及,这是在沉重的审判开始之前的最后警告之一。最必要的审判,最终阻止许多人继续这种寄生行为。

All this is pretty much part of the divine intervention, which readers of Cobra meditated for recently, so there really are a few effects already, though most will be getting visible in the physical merely in the very last instance.



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