X22报道|第2687集: 人民与美联储的战斗已经开始,你如何确保被起诉者得到基于法治的公正判决?

2022年1月27日16:23:59最新动态X22报道|第2687集: 人民与美联储的战斗已经开始,你如何确保被起诉者得到基于法治的公正判决?已关闭评论3161字数 1507阅读5分1秒阅读模式
X22报道|第2687集: 人民与美联储的战斗已经开始,你如何确保被起诉者得到基于法治的公正判决?

Ep. 2687a – The Battle Between The People & The [CB] Has Begun

Ep. 2687a-人民与 [CB]之间的战斗已经开始

Ep. 2687b – How Do You Ensure Those Prosecuted Receive Impartial Judgement Based On Rule Of Law?

Ep. 2687b-你如何确保被起诉者得到基于法治的公正判决?

X22 报告发表于2022年1月26日


Inflation is now hitting, the people can see the inflation at the supermarkets, the restaurants and many other places, the [CB] cannot hide this anymore. Trudeau is trying to convince the everyone that the mandates are good. The economic censorship continues, Facebook deletes the trucker protest account. El Salvador responds to the IMF.

通货膨胀现在已经到来,人们可以在超市、餐馆和许多其他地方看到通货膨胀,(CB)再也掩盖不了这一点了。特鲁多正试图说服每个人,这些授权是好的。经济审查仍在继续,Facebook 删除了卡车司机的抗议账号。萨尔瓦多回应国际货币基金组织。


The [DS] is now making many moves, they are desperate and when you are desperate you make stupid moves. They are continuing to push the idea of war with Russia, in the end I believe Putin will end up embarrassing Biden/Obama and the puppet masters. The [DS] is pushing the idea of a cyber attack that will hit the power grid. They have just made another move to replace a SC justice. Trump says that he will be the 47th President.

DS 现在正在采取许多行动,他们是绝望的,当你绝望的时候,你就会采取愚蠢的行动。他们继续推动与俄罗斯开战的想法,我相信最终普京会让拜登/奥巴马和傀儡统治者感到难堪。[DS]正在推动对电网进行网络攻击的想法。他们刚刚采取了另一个行动,以取代最高法院的法官。特朗普说他将成为第47任总统。


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