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Trumps Globalists Message Received,[CB]/Globalists Panic&Defend Their System-Episode 1981a


Sleepers Present Problems,Trump Holds The Power,This Is Not About A 4 Year Election-Episode 1981b


By X22Report

Published on Sep 27,2019



The EU/establishment are right on schedule,the BREXIT date is closing in and they have started the fear mongering.Most likely the fear mongering will intensify as we get closer to the date.The Fed has started stimulus and is creating currency and pumping it into the banks to keep them afloat.Trump mentioned at the UN that the globalist have no future,the globalist responded and they are on the defensive.



The GOP has put together a letter ask AS to resign.The[DS]players are in a panic,each one is speaking up calling Trump name and pushing impeachment,those who scream the loudest.The whistleblower is a[DS]operative and the entire stage was setup for this individual to push the agenda.It is now falling apart,Trump holds all the cards and the[DS]knows it.RG has been giving clues of what he has and JS dumped his docs.The patriots want the[Ds]to push the impeachment vote,remember no crimes have been committed.This is all part of the plan to remove the blocks,this is not about a 4 year election.


[OpDis Editor Note:X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.In this episode,we hear about Brexit closing in and the Fed starting stimulus.Also,Trump brings the hammer down on globalism at the UN.Meanwhile,the Deep State whistleblower narrative is falling apart as they were revealed to be a Deep State operative.Watch this episode for much more.]





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