X22报道|第2792集: 指责通货膨胀的游戏继续,我们的国家会回来

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X22报道|第2792集: 指责通货膨胀的游戏继续,我们的国家会回来

Ep. 2792a – Inflation Blame Game Continues, This Will Not End Well For the [CB]

Ep. 2792a-指责通货膨胀的游戏仍在继续,这将不会有好结果为[ CB ]

Ep. 2792b – [D] Day, We Will Have Our Country Back, The [DS] Admits Control Of The People Has Been Lost

Ep.2792b-[ D]日,我们将重新拥有我们的国家,[ DS ]承认失去了对人民的控制

X22 报告发表于2022年6月6日


Gas is going through the roof, the people are blaming [JB] and the puppet masters are now pushing this to the extreme. Fuel prices are going to increase again. [JB] quietly ups the percentage of ethanol, this is not going to help. The blame game continues, [JY] takes shot at [JB].

天然气价格正在飙升,人们开始指责(JB) ,傀儡主子们现在正把这一切推向极端。燃料价格将再次上涨。[ JB ]悄悄地提高乙醇的比例,这不会有什么帮助。指责游戏还在继续,[ JY ]对[ JB ]开了枪。


Durham has what he needs for the next case, watch what happens next. Musk has Twitter where he wants them, they knowingly lied about the bot count on the site, this will not workout well for them in the end. Trump and the patriots are exposing the entire system, the [DS] have lost the narrative and the people and they admit to this. The [DS] will do anything and everything to regain power but this will fail. The 16 year plan has failed and now the people can see this.

达勒姆有他下一个案子所需要的东西,看看接下来会发生什么。马斯克有他想要的 Twitter,他们故意在网站上撒谎关于机器人计数,这最终不会对他们有好处。特朗普和爱国者正在揭露整个系统,[DS] 已经失去了叙事和人民,他们承认这一点。[DS] 将不惜一切代价夺回权力,但这一切都将失败。16年计划已经失败,现在人们可以看到这一点。


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