2023年5月22日: 当我们相信的时候,我们就会看到它|星际飞船地球

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 May 22, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年5月22日

2023年5月22日: 当我们相信的时候,我们就会看到它|星际飞船地球

We have more earth-shattering testimony today on the crimes of the psychopaths and confirmation of our warnings regarding the weaponized plandemic.


Stew Peters interviews Thomas Baine, who tells us there is cyanide in Remdesivir. No wonder it shut down multiple organs. They paid off the FDA to approve it as an “antiviral drug” when it was no such thing and also bribed hospitals to administer it to “Covid” patients intravenously with a hefty price tag. Someone told us the psychopaths even knew that with a five-day course of Remdesivir the patient would die on day nine, if I recall correctly.

斯图 · 彼得斯采访了托马斯 · 贝恩,他告诉我们瑞德西韦有氰化物。难怪它能关闭多个器官。他们贿赂美国食品及药物管理局(FDA)批准它作为一种“抗病毒药物”,而事实并非如此。他们还贿赂医院,以高昂的价格给“冠状病毒疾病”病人静脉注射这种药物。有人告诉我们,精神病患者甚至知道,如果我没记错的话,服用5天的瑞德西韦疗程,病人会在第9天死亡。

You may also watch the video on Rumble. 23 min.


James H. Fetzer on Twitter: "STUNNING! Stew Peters blows Remdesivir out of the water--its ingredients include cyanide & fluorine. Its use was discontinued in an Ebola study because it was fatal in over 50% of cases! Hospitals in the US were using it as the "drug of choice" for COVID. https://t.co/MmaDv10XYJ pic.twitter.com/qXA44FJopM / Twitter"

STUNNING! Stew Peters blows Remdesivir out of the water--its ingredients include cyanide & fluorine. Its use was discontinued in an Ebola study because it was fatal in over 50% of cases! Hospitals in the US were using it as the "drug of choice" for COVID. https://t.co/MmaDv10XYJ pic.twitter.com/qXA44FJopM

The pièce de résistance was putting ventilators on the pneumonia patients to finish them off if they had survived the killing fields thus far. I remember a young New York doctor put out a video very early on in the scamdemic to tell us he was terribly disturbed by the number of cases he saw when someone with already weakened lungs was killed by introducing the ventilator to the protocol. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not because it sounded so outrageous. How could that be allowed to happen?! He couldn’t understand why it was part of the treatment when it was so obviously the wrong choice.


A New York news team includes that doctor’s testimony in their segment so it’s not like no one knew about it and he seemed to be credible.


Money talks, and it is the language of the system these monsters have created. How many will claim, “I was just doing my job”? or “I was just following orders.”? That was a major test which too many medical professionals failed. Hospital administrators took hundreds of thousands of dollars, we understand, to follow the Remdesivir and ventilator protocol the murderers wanted used to eliminate as many people as possible.


Most people at that time didn’t know it was just a flu because the media whipped it up into a fear pandemic and said everyone who died of anything had died of Covid. They also arranged for hospitals and coroners to state Covid as the cause of death. It was a premeditated, manufactured plandemic of stuff and nonsense but fear causes people to do extraordinary things.


Sometimes this entire buffet of extreme events seems to be a course in elevated spirituality and discernment designed to propel us above and beyond where we were as a species. If it’s true that we missed our chances for organic ascension due to the manipulation of our reality and the laws of the universe, and that we are being assisted to make that leap in a way never before attempted, then it seems this “movie” might be designed as a prop to accomplish that mission. Just my meandering thoughts through what has become a circus like no other. It just doesn’t seem real. It’s too contrived.


2023年5月22日: 当我们相信的时候,我们就会看到它|星际飞船地球

Trump has always been guiding us as to ethical behaviour, respect, right and wrong, and the course of justice. The Constitution was based on natural law and our birthright as Humans and there has been a tremendous amount of effort put into educating Americans about that, and the need to fight for our rights.


There has also been the exposure of “pure evil”. Most of us don’t consider the existence of evil spirits, interdimensional beings, demonic spirits, spell-casting, witches and warlocks or the attacks on civilians through weapons they didn’t even know exist. Those targeted individuals are isolated, tortured, and made to look insane if they try to share their pain.


The Human and child trafficking world-wide has been exposed and we now know we are prey. They also exposed how they created religion to control the masses and also use that to pit us against each other.


Most of us assumed that when bad things happened, it was just life. Bad things happen to good people, right? So much of our reality is controlled that we will be blown away to learn just how much influence has been used against us to control our minds and inflict misery and suffering. The world we were given to grow and expand as spiritual Beings was never meant to be that way.


2023年5月22日: 当我们相信的时候,我们就会看到它|星际飞船地球

In the episode below of the SerialBrain2 teachings read by War Drummer, we learn about the masons, sorcery, dates, places, timing, Human sacrifice, archetypes, and so much more. Because the Kennedy assassination has been reintroduced into the public eye recently, it’s important to innerstand the significance of that event orchestrated by the dark ones and how they used it to influence Humanity when they did.


He speaks of many concepts we may never have heard before, and also ties in geometry. It’s fascinating to connect the dots and open doors we never knew were there, and Sean’s dramatic style and visuals make the schooling from SerialBrain’s exceptional research and insights complete. Watch at the website by scrolling down the page to the actual video. 40 min.

他谈到了许多我们可能从未听说过的概念,还涉及到几何学。把我们从来不知道的点和门连接起来是很有趣的,肖恩戏剧性的风格和视觉效果使得 SerialBrain 卓越的研究和洞察力完成了学校教育。通过向下滚动页面到实际的视频来观看网站。40分钟。



2023年5月22日: 当我们相信的时候,我们就会看到它|星际飞船地球


If you liked that lesson, here’s another worth seeing, and it begins with a personal note from SerialBrain to Shawn the War Drummer. 25 min.


There is a playlist there on Ugetube of SB2/War Drummer videos if you care for more.

在 Ugetube 上有一个 SB2/战争鼓手视频的播放列表,如果你想知道更多。

SerialBrain2: How the Deep State uses Hollywood stars to secretly communicate – Red carpet

连续剧2: 深层国家如何利用好莱坞明星秘密沟通-红地毯

That is all for today as I will be out all afternoon. Enjoy!  ~ BP



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