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In the 144k meditation of August 1 I didn't focus so much on transforming the outer world,but more on transforming the reflection of the outer world within me and I set the intention that the world will now serve me and all lightworkers and light warriors to the same extent that we are serving the world.


There is major turmoil going on in many parts of the world.The huge explosion in Beirut that occurred yesterday(4-8-2020=4-8-4=16=7 for maximum energetic impact)and that resulted in at least 135 dead,5000 people wounded,many thousands of houses rendered uninhabitable and over 3 billion US dollars in damages,has ostensibly been caused by a large load of ammonium nitrate that was stored in the harbour area.It is presented to be an accident started by a fire that broke out,but I have a hard time believing that;I say it is an attack on one of the weakest points of the main Goddess leyline of the planet.


Former king of Spain Juan Carlos I has chosen to self exile out of his country in the wake of proceeding investigations into corruption and probably a lot more than just that.The move is intended to manoeuver the monarchy headed by current king Felipe VI into quiter waters,but it could have just the opposite effect as a small majority of Spaniards is now in favor of returning to a republic.But what is effectively the difference between exile and isolation as queen Lizzy has chosen back in old England?I bet their fate is going to be quite comparable.

西班牙前国王胡安·卡洛斯一世(Juan Carlos I)在对腐败问题进行调查之后选择了自行流亡国外,而且可能不止这些。此举意在将现任国王菲利佩六世(king Felipe VI)领导的君主制控制在基特水域(quiter waters),但这可能会产生相反的效果,因为现在有一小部分西班牙人支持回归共和国。但是,流放和孤立之间的区别实际上是什么,就像利兹女王选择回到旧英格兰一样?我敢打赌他们的命运是相当相似的。

Then king Salman of Saudi Arabia and emir Sabah of Kuwait both had to go to hospital for medical checks and also a surgery for emir Sabah.Add to that civil unrest and rioting in a slew of American cities,the coronavirus still taking its toll worldwide,excessive rainfall and flooding in some countries and drought and forest fires in others.Under these circumstances it may not be so surprising that the traditional financial safe haven gold is doing well,but silver is also on the move when for 7 years it has fluctuated in the 400 to 600 euro per kilo band and was kept from breaking out.


There is also this interview of Corey Goode(spherebeingalliance.com)with Michael Salla(exopolitics.org)that sheds more light on what has been happening behind the scenes and what plans the Cabal still have up their sleeve,particularly regarding partial disclosure.It is clear that the light forces above,below and on the surface have more leverage and freedom of movement than before but cannot go all out against the top of the Cabal yet.



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