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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Kat, Contributing Writer

来源: 行动披露官员 | 作者: Kat,特约作者

Submitted on March 26, 2023


Gene Decode is followed by millions of Patriots around the globe. Yet for all his followers, they know very little about him. Here are some biographical facts:


Gene Decode’s parents served in the U.S. Army in WW2. His mother was a nurse. His father was a Scientist for Martin Marietta and Gene grew up hearing about covert Military Operations.

吉恩·德科特的父母在二战时在美国军队服役。他母亲是个护士。他的父亲是马丁 · 玛丽埃塔的一名科学家,吉恩从小就听说秘密军事行动。

Gene joined the Navy Submarine Force after High School. His first submarine was Diesel. When Gene added up the days he was underwater, not just at sea, but underwater, it added up to 12 years on 5 different submarines.


Gene is a 21-year U.S. Navy Veteran and Vietnam Vet. He worked in Electronics, Submarines and Special Forces. Because of the nature of his expertise, Gene was privy to High Military Clearance, sometimes higher than some of his Commanding Officers.


He has a background in Martial Arts and taught it in the Navy.


“I was fairly aware at that time that Vietnam was not what they told us. I believe in this country and I believe in serving this country. In the end I realized that the Cold War was total fiction. That it was manipulation.


“In 1990 I had a complete epiphany of TRUTH and have been doing that non-stop.


“I talked with Dr. Coleman, briefly in person. Jordan Maxwell, got to talk to him all night till morning. [Author, Matrix of Power: How the World Has Been Controlled By Powerful People Without Your Knowledge.]”

”我和科尔曼医生进行了简短的面谈。乔丹麦克斯韦尔得跟他聊一整晚直到天亮。【作者,力量矩阵: 世界是如何被你不知情的强大人物控制的】

Gene is a whistleblower who has come forward with information about D.U.M.B.S / Deep Underground Military Bases, and the emancipation of the children trafficked from these bases.

Gene 是个告密者,他提供了关于 D.U.M.B.S/Deep 地下军事基地的信息,以及从这些基地贩卖的儿童的解放。

He is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on D.U.M.B.S.


Gene Decode was trained to take massive amounts of information and glean the slimmest threads of facts on myriad levels: Galactic, Planetary, Cosmic, Spiritual, Corporeal, Governmental, Medical, Numerical, Linguistic, Mathematical, Military, Civilian, Technological., Game theory, Archaic, Historic, Futuristic, etc. He can take a morass of information and literally crack the codes.

吉恩·德科特被训练成能够处理大量的信息,并在无数的层面上收集最细微的事实线索: 银河系、行星、宇宙、精神、肉体、政府、医学、数字、语言、数学、军事、民用、技术、博弈论、古代、历史、未来等等。他可以从字面上破解大量的信息和密码。

When Gene reports a fact it can be understood to be TRUTH in a more profound sense than most people on Earth are capable of researching.


I have been transcribing Gene’s videos for 3 years. His reports have proven to be 100% accurate. Busy as the man is, he is gracious enough to send encouraging words and thumbs up to Digital Soldiers, myself included.

我抄写 Gene 的视频已经三年了。他的报告被证明是100% 准确的。尽管他很忙,但他还是很有风度地向包括我在内的数字战士们发送鼓励的话语和竖起的大拇指。

Gene didn’t always know about D.U.M.B.S. He discovered them when he was stationed in Hawaii in 1990.

Gene 并不是一直都知道 D.U.M.B.S. 1990年他驻扎在夏威夷的时候发现的。

This excerpt is from a transcript of an interview Gene Decode did with Charlie Ward in September 2020.

本文节选自2020年9月吉恩·德科特对查理 · 沃德的采访。


11:30 Gene Decode: I’ve always had a questioning and curious mind so in the 1990’s when they deactivated the various groups of the Alliance because the cabal was going to nuke the world so [the Alliance] deactivated all the nuclear weapons all over the Earth including the submarines;

11:30吉恩·德科特: 我一直有一个疑问和好奇心,所以在20世纪90年代,当他们解除了联盟的各个组织,因为阴谋集团要用核武器摧毁世界,所以(联盟)解除了地球上所有的核武器,包括潜艇;

11:46 I was watching submarines pulling into Fort Island [FL] and Pearl Harbor [HI] and they were off-loading all the nuclear missiles and my mind’s like, Why are they off-loading all the ICBM’s [Intercontinental ballistic missile] off all the SSBN submarines [Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine]? 2 of them went onto the ferry.

11:46我看着潜艇驶入福特岛和珍珠港,他们正在卸载所有的核导弹,我心想,为什么他们要卸载所有的洲际弹道导弹的洲际弹道导弹? 所有的核潜艇都在卸载洲际弹道导弹的弹道导弹潜艇?其中两个上了渡轮。

12:00 They have to have a ferry to take them off…  and I was on a ferry so I jumped in my car as quick as I could and followed this Semi… you know a big flatbed truck with 2 ICBMs… and it went up into the Aliamanu Crater [Honolulu] which is Military housing… I drove up on the rim cuz I’m curious how he’s going to get out of there… cuz it gets pretty small and sharp turns… you’re not going to be able to get that thing out of there…


Kat Note: Aliamanu Crater / Salt Lake neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kat Note: 夏威夷檀香山附近的 Aliamanu 陨石坑/盐湖城。

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新


Gene cont.: And I watched it drive straight into what looked just like the old small DUMBs they had for during WWII inside of the crater for munitions storage in that… the semi drove straight into what looked like to me like solid rock. I thought, what the heck?

吉恩继续: 我看着它直接开进了一个看起来就像二战时期他们用来储存弹药的弹坑里的一个小废物... ... 半挂车直接开进了一个在我看来像是固体岩石的地方。我想,管他呢?

12:40 A couple hours after he didn’t come out. I drove down there and walked around and put my hands on it and it feels pretty solid to me. That’s really odd… I don’t understand…

12:40就在他没出来的几个小时后。我开车过去,四处走动,把手放在上面,感觉非常结实。真奇怪... 我不明白..。

13:00 So then I drove back up and then about 9:30 at night he’s coming out the other direction I’m like… he turned around in there?!?… that must be massive somewhere in there… I mean how does he turn that huge Semi around… and now the ICBMs are gone… I’m like, this is really strange…

然后我开车回来,大概晚上9:30他从另一个方向出来,然后我就... 他在里面转身了? ! ?... 那里面肯定有很多东西... 我是说他是怎么把那个巨大的半挂车掉头的... 现在洲际弹道导弹不见了... 我觉得,这真的很奇怪..。

13:20 Like you, you get to see all of these little pieces fall together… it’s pretty amazing now… 

13:20像你一样,你可以看到所有这些小碎片组合在一起... 现在看起来相当不可思议..。 

7:10: Why do they only want cameras at the entrance?

7:10: 为什么他们只在入口处安装摄像头?

Because they don’t want a record of the comings and goings like the children coming from Brecon, Wales… you don’t want to record or have information… a big part of the D.U.M.B.S is where they can do their sacrifices and things.

因为他们不想要来来往往的记录就像那些来自布雷肯的孩子... 你不想要记录或者信息... dumbs 的很大一部分就是他们可以做出牺牲的地方。

[In the United States] there are 356 D.U.M.B.S that I’m aware of and I have 349 vetted out.



Here is a copy of my original blog. Patrick’s websites were wiped out a year ago but some of the content has managed to survive online.


“Charlie Ward & Gene Decode: Alliance Victorious, Wondrous World Incoming” by Kat 9-18-20

“查理 · 沃德与吉恩·德科特: 联盟胜利,奇妙的世界来临”凯特9-18-20



For the past three years Gene Decode has kept the Anon / Patriot world updated on the global paths of Special Forces as they march into the D.U.M.B.S and rescue MILLIONS of trafficked children, seize the assets and then blow up the D.U.M.B.S.

在过去的三年里,吉恩·德科特让匿名者/爱国者世界不断更新特种部队的全球路线,他们进入 D.U.M.bs,营救数百万被贩卖的儿童,没收资产,然后炸毁 D.U.M.bs。

For countless “Truthers” this is a very familiar piece of the puzzle thanks to Gene and many Patriots.



1-29-22 Kat anonup

1-29-22 Kat 匿名

Kat istheSea3 @KatistheSea3

This graphic is from a report Gene Decode gave on taking out the Australian D.U.M.B.S. Gene explained that the White Hat Global Alliance were getting closer and closer to Antarctica but first they were taking out the D.U.M.B.S surrounding Antarctica.


Gene has explained many times we can track Special Forces by the 10km “earthquakes.”


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

12-12-21 Juan O Savin
A breakaway process started in the early 1800’s一个分离的过程开始于19世纪初
with Industrialists out of Germany going to Argentina德国的工业家去了阿根廷
& beginning their development of other Sciences开始发展其他科学
that led to flying vehicles & excursions to Antarctica..导致飞行器和远足到南极洲. 。
Under the ice 2-miles thick在两英里厚的冰层下
is an area 1.5 the times the size of N America..是北美面积的1.5倍。
Just like in spots all over the Continental U.S. you have Hot Springs..就像美国大陆上的温泉一样。
Under the ice you have rivers that flow & large lakes在冰下有河流和大湖
because it’s heated thermally.. with underground geysers..因为它的热量. . 与地下间歇泉. 。
The Nazis sent 42k women to Antarctica纳粹派了42000名妇女去南极洲
to support the German Army there in 1942..在1942年支援德国军队。
there’s no record of them ever having come back.没有他们回来的记录。

David Nino Rodriguez
So that’s the Nazi breakaway civilization? In Antarctica?

大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯,这就是纳粹分离出来的文明? 在南极洲?

Where was John Kerry Election Day ’16 → Antarctica约翰 · 克里选举日16→南极洲在哪里
After the election, Newt Gingrich → Antarctica..大选后,纽特 · 金里奇→南极洲. 。
Last location Obama went before he was out of office?奥巴马卸任前最后去的地方?
Bariloche, ArgentinaBariloche
where all the Nazis went after WW2.二战后所有纳粹都去了那里。
We beat the German Army, we didn’t beat the Nazis.我们打败了德国军队,我们没有打败纳粹。


Kat cont.: But what has not been universally understood is that after the children are rescued, where do they go?




Gene recorded an interview on 3-23-23 with Trina Welch and Christine Fischer, of The Angel Warrior Network, and he answered that question.

Gene 在3-23-23录了一段采访,采访对象是天使战士网络的 Trina Welch 和 Christine Fischer 他回答了这个问题。

For those who are new to this subject, I offer a brief, albeit painful and graphic passage about some of the deep state demon’s crimes against the children.


I take no joy in writing it, but it is a very dark and hidden TRUTH in this camouflaged prison that we have been living in all our lives, as did our parents and grandparents and many generations of our families before us.


Keep in mind that we are blessed to be living in a time where we will participate in the greatest prison break in CREATION.


For the first time in history, according to Dolores Cannon, a planet / Earth and her inhabitants / Humanity and her Kingdoms, are all going to be ascending at the same time. And with ascension we will be forever out of reach of the demons and ETERNALLY FREE.

根据 Dolores Cannon 的说法,历史上第一次,一个行星/地球及其居民/人类及其王国,都将同时提升。随着提升,我们将永远远离恶魔,永远自由。

ALL EYES ON EARTH TO WITNESS THE MIRACULOUS VICTORY OF DIVINE LIGHT!! Brought to us by QTeam, The Plan To Save The World and countless Divine Soldiers from far off Universes.

所有的眼睛在地球上见证神圣之光的奇迹般的胜利! !由 QTeam,拯救世界计划和无数来自遥远宇宙的神圣战士带给我们。


* 警告 * 艰难的内容 * 警告 * 小心阅读 *

Who are the Trafficked Children?


They come from all over Earth:


1, 2, 3-day old’s
1, 2, 3-month old‘s一个月,两个月,三个月
2, 3, 4-year-olds2,3,4岁的孩子
6, 7, 8-year-olds六七八岁的孩子
young teens青少年
& those set aside for “breeding”和那些留给“繁殖”的

The children are not only “Trafficked” but there are two slave markets that I know of: One in Tripoli, Libya, and one in Haiti.

这些孩子不仅被“贩卖”,据我所知还有两个奴隶市场: 一个在利比亚的黎波里,一个在海地。


11-4-22 Kat anonup

11-4-22 Kat 匿名

Kat istheSea3 @KatistheSea3

Gene Decode吉恩·德科特 

Epstein wasn’t a big deal.爱泼斯坦没什么大不了的。
It was all about getting people to the island and then getting dirt on em..一切都是为了把人们带到岛上,然后挖他们的丑闻。
getting power over people in positions that are important.在重要职位上获得权力。
Epstein Island B-list. Richard Branson’s islands A-list.二线爱泼斯坦岛理查德・布兰森的一线岛屿。
Majority of the VIRGIN ISLANDS and there’s a massive amount of islands there大部分的维尔京群岛,那里有大量的岛屿
many many are Trafficking islands.许多是贩卖岛屿。
The one near Epstein’s 2nd island IS THE ONE USED TO GET RID OF THE BODIES.靠近爱泼斯坦第二岛的那个是用来处理尸体的。
Same situation with Branson and his major island and many celebrities with their islands.同样的情况,布兰森和他的主要岛屿和许多名人与他们的岛屿。
Branson Traffics down into South America.布兰森运输到南美洲。

Juan O Savin
HAITI is where Child Trafficking is taking place on a very large scale..海地是大规模贩卖儿童的地方。
As they went through the earthquake we came in “to do good.”当他们经历地震时,我们进来“做好事”
A lot of people who came into Haiti did very well indeed — trading children.很多来到海地的人确实做得很好ーー交易儿童。

Gene Decode Interview #5, December 2021

吉恩·德科特访谈 # 5,2021年12月

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新



Why are the children being Trafficked?


The # 1 most lucrative product on Earth for the deep state demons is adrenochrome — the blood of tortured children. And not just Earth but in the Galaxy as well.


Gene Decode recently reported that Human Beings are Trafficked by Millions per year in the Milky Way.


We are Trafficked for our Divine SOULS, blood, organs, as sex slaves, as food, as subjects for experimentation and all kinds of endless agonies.


But keep in mind, that when this war is finally won, Humanity will have its Sovereignty and Freedom FOREVERMORE. As in — ETERNALLY. As in — #SlavesNoMore.

但请记住,当这场战争最终胜利时,人类将永远拥有主权和自由。就像永远。就像... # 不再是奴隶。

Children are Trafficked by the satanic ‘elite’ as they call themselves but there’s nothing “elite” about them. They’re just your garden variety thugs, monsters, demons, mafia and criminals.


The list of Human Traffickers include the 13 bloodline families, the Vatican, Jesuits, Cardinals, Mother Teresa, various other Religions, Royals, Bidens, Clintons, Bushes, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Intelligence Agencies, MI5, MI6, Mossad, CIA, FBI, MS13, Banks, BlackRock, State Street, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Corporations, Schools, Militaries, Governments, Hospitals, Orphanages, Foster Care, etc.


Children are taken by the MILLIONS to be skinned alive and frightened to death in order to make adrenochrome which is the blood of tortured children with a high content of adrenaline; to be used in vomitus satanic rituals; raped until they’re dead; their blood transfused out of them while they are still alive and experimented on in ways that would send 99% of Humanity into mental Hospitals.

数以百万计的儿童被活活剥皮,被吓死,为的是制造肾上腺素红色素(肾上腺素含量高的受折磨儿童的血液) ; 被用于恶魔般的呕吐仪式; 被强奸至死; 在他们活着的时候将他们的血液输出,并进行实验,将99% 的人类送进精神病院。

As well, it was common practice for demons to hunt naked children in the Black Forest on the Rothschild estates, as well as many Royal estates around the globe, chalets, castles, cottages, hunting lodges, palaces, etc. for “sport.”


Those that hunted children included King Charles 3, Dick Cheney and Walter Cronkite. Once the children were “captured” they were eaten alive.

那些猎杀儿童的人包括国王查尔斯三世、迪克 · 切尼和沃尔特 · 克朗凯特。一旦孩子们被“俘虏”,他们就会被活活吃掉。

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

That is all I’m going to write about the monster’s crimes against children. There are many more.


It must also be said that EVERYTHING the demons have done to children, they have done to animals and worse, because the monsters experiment on BOTH human children and animals.


I have always thought of Animals as Earth Angels. They and children are equal in my eyes. They are unconditional, unconditional, unconditional LOVE. Easy targets for the monsters.


People are aware of Anthony Fauci’s horrific experiments on dogs, but did you know President Trump made Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime?


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

I wrote that horrible list of crimes against children because it’s important for people to understand that when Gene Decode says, “The children are traumatized beyond comprehension,” you will now understand what he means.


NOTHING like these crimes are in a Divine Human Being’s ability to even imagine.


But deep state demons have no soul, no heart and feel NOTHING. They do evil and they enjoy doing evil and unless QTeam and God / Source / All There Is stops them, they will continue carrying on with their agonies for as long as they can.

但是内心深处的恶魔没有灵魂,没有心灵,什么也感觉不到。他们做坏事,他们喜欢做坏事,除非 QTeam 和上帝/源头/一切都有阻止他们,他们将继续与他们的痛苦,只要他们可以。

The great news is and the point QTeam unceasingly makes and posts is — #GodWins.

好消息是,QTeam 不断提出和发布的观点是: # GodWins。

I want to quickly write that Gene tells us of a beautiful happy ending for the children who managed to survive in the D.UM.B.S. and who were rescued by Special Forces, Military Working Dogs, Medical and other personnel.

我想快速地写下 Gene 告诉我们一个美好的幸福结局对于那些设法在 D.UMBS 中生存下来的孩子们来说。被特种部队、军队工作犬、医务人员及其他人员救出的。

Once the rescue operations for a particular D.U.M.B or tunnel system are completed, the Children, Soldiers, Medical teams and MWdogs are all healed in Med Beds and by various other methods.

一旦针对某个特定的 dumb 或隧道系统的救援行动完成,儿童、士兵、医疗队和 mwdog 都会通过医疗床和其他各种方法得到治疗。

The trauma the Soldiers suffer upon discovering endless horrific bloody carnage, no matter how prepared they are, needs healing.


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

3-23-23 Gene Decode interview with The Angel Warrior Network


Where Are All The Children


1:06:12 Trina Welch: We hear about rescue missions for the children. I have not seen really good proof that there have been an overwhelming number of children that have come out of this saved. Can you confirm whether they’ve come out alive?

1:06:12 Trina Welch: 我们听说了儿童救援任务。我没有看到真正有力的证据,证明有大量的儿童从这次救助中脱离出来。你能确认他们是否活着出来了吗?

1:06:52 Gene Decode: You’re never going to see, likely EVER, hundreds of thousands or millions of children that are rescued, for several reasons.

吉恩·德科特: 你永远不会看到,可能永远不会看到,成千上万的儿童获救,有几个原因。

1:07:03 But you can know if you look at the USGS Earthquake site, you can go back to the history of the Earthquakes. And if you take Constellations and lay em down on Continents in the world it represents the Constellations. I don’t just mean the stars, I mean the lines between the stars.


1:07:28 Why is that? Why are the 10km earthquakes at the star points and the tunnels on the lines in-between? Why are they doing that?


Because they use these energies. What you’re seeing is a series of rescue operations. They’re clearing out tunnels & D.U.M.B.S.


1:08:27 There’s lots of videos of people now with truckers driving into the D.U.M.B.S and there’s a little bit with the children.

1:08:27现在有很多关于卡车司机开进 D.U.M.B.S 的视频还有一些关于孩子们的。


Gene Decode reported on the rescue of the children in the D.U.M.B.S underneath the White House and congressional buildings in Washing D.C. in February, 2021.


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新


1:08 Gene, cont.: And you can see on the surface now large arrests happening with MS13 in the thousands & thousands & thousands.

1:08吉恩,继续: 你可以从表面上看到,现在MS13有成千上万的人被捕。


3-9-23 Kat anonup

Kat istheSea3 @KatistheSea3

Q The Storm Rider
The STORM MASSIVE ARREST BEGINS < with >64,000 Cartel members<  [MS13]

风暴骑士风暴大规模逮捕开始于64,000名贩毒集团成员的 https://t.me/qthestormrider777

Colleen & Charlie Freak
MS13 were used for high level assassinationsColleen & 查理·弗瑞克 MS13被用于高层暗杀

and were the leaders of the ANTIFA/BLM riots.并且是 ANTIFA/BLM 暴乱的领导者。
They are responsible for network after network他们负责一个接一个的网络
sleeper cell after sleeper cell across the world.世界各地的一个又一个潜伏者细胞。
MS-13 became very wealthy & powerfulMS-13变得非常富有和强大
because they’ve been working for people因为他们一直在为人们工作
like Tom Hanks [Clintons & Trudeau] 比如汤姆 · 汉克斯[克林顿和特鲁多] 
[Trafficked across the US-Mexican border.][跨越美国和墨西哥边境贩卖]
Extremely ruthless people.非常残忍的人。
Hanks & his wife were the main suppliers of adrenochrome for Pedowood.汉克斯和他的妻子是 Pedowood 肾上腺素的主要供应商。
What he was really doing and what he was really behind was a MASSIVE MASSIVE organization.他真正做的和他真正支持的是一个庞大的组织。

Juan O Savin
I had to interview an MS13 member out of Honduras.

He has this tattoo of a clawed hand on his shoulder.

Juan O Savin 我不得不采访一位来自洪都拉斯的 MS13成员。他肩膀上有个爪子手的纹身。

His tattoo to lucifer.他身上有路西法的纹身。
He had to kill someone to keep from going to jail为了不进监狱,他不得不杀人
& he didn’t get it done in time & he got caught.& 他没有及时完成 & 他被抓了。
He’d already killed 1/2 a dozen people.他已经杀了五六个人了。
He just didn’t kill one soon enough.他只是没有及时杀掉一个。
He needed to do another human sacrifice.他需要再做一次人祭。
He was coherent, could communicate clearly.他语无伦次,能清晰地交流。
For him this was just life.对他来说,这就是生活。
The people around him that’s their attitude.他周围的人,那是他们的态度。
They’re here on a mission.他们是来执行任务的。
It says in the scriptures, this is not flesh & blood merely,圣经上说,这不仅仅是血肉之躯,
Those high places are high office & high business places那些高地是高级办公室和高级商务场所
where they control the choke points of life.他们控制着生命的瓶颈。

For we wrestle not against flesh & blood,
but against principalities,
against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.

– Ephesians 6 : 12


Why MS “13”? For the 13 bloodline families.

- 为什么是 MS“13”?-为了13个血统家族。

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

1:08:48 Gene Decode cont.: They’re clearing up the deep state and their trafficking. They’re clearing it up.


1:08:57 It is happening but the children they’re rescuing even in a year down there are so traumatized and you’re going to put em back up on the surface where they  could be taken again?!!


1:09:06 The child is already traumatized beyond comprehension.


You cannot leave them here.


You’ve gotta take them to a world where THEY KNOW they’re safe.


THEY KNOW they’re not going to be grabbed again.


THEY KNOW they’re out of the reach of the cabal.




吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

Gene cont.: When you’ve been in the dark for a year, I know from a submarine but we’re not completely in the dark in there. Low lights, rig for red or rig for blue.

吉恩继续: 当你已经在黑暗中一年,我知道从潜水艇,但我们不是完全在黑暗中在那里。暗灯,红灯或蓝灯。

1:10:12 But you’re in a little tiny cage in low light you’re not used to for a year or 2? Even that’s going to take a while.


1:10:22 But if you’ve been down there for generations you don’t even have pigment in your eyes or skin and you don’t have eyes after a few generations.


1:10:27 They have to take you to a planet where you can be rehabilitated if the genetics, the coding is there to regenerate them.


1:10:42 They have to be taught social skills, to walk, to talk.


What are you going to do? What kind of parents & people here can handle that?

你打算怎么办? 什么样的父母和这里的人可以处理呢?

And the child knows the cabal can come after em again.


1:10:54 The don’t feel safe to go out in public. They’re so traumatized they couldn’t even go out to the store with a family. Or out in a car.


They can’t take that kind of exposure anymore. They’re too traumatized.


They can never be on this Earth again. NEVER.


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

Gene cont.: The General in Russia, that went into Chernobyl, said, “We’re not leaving until every child is rescued.”

进入切尔诺贝利的俄罗斯将军说: “我们不会离开,直到每个孩子都获救。”

1:11:51 But they have the Space Programs too. They take them to a world where they can KNOW THEY WILL NEVER BE HARMED AGAIN and that people there love them and will take care of them for the rest of their lives.


1:12:02 Most of the ones that are heavily chimera’d (“chimera” a creature with parts taken from various animals or ½ human ½ A.I. like the “Borg” in STAR TREK) and they’ve been doing that to children trying to make em A.I. to become some kind of weird super-soldier kind of thing.

1:12:02大多数被严重嵌合的生物(“嵌合体”是一种从各种动物身上取下部分的生物,或者像《星际迷航》中的“博格人”那样的人工智能) ,他们一直在对孩子们做这样的事情,试图让他们变成人工智能,成为某种奇怪的超级士兵之类的东西。

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

Gene cont.: Most of them beg to be sent back to the Father. “Please, kill me.” Because who wants to be that way?


1:12:31 Even when we tell them we can return you to being mostly human—but it’s too much. Even going through being changed back it’s just too traumatizing. They want to leave and come back and have a new life.


1:13:20 The ONE LIFE you have is not corporeal—it’s SOUL. They [the deep state demons that slice & dice Humanity] took that out because they don’t want you to know.


If you *think* you’re only here once a lot of people would sell their soul for wealth, fame, fortune & power. Especially power.


吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新



1:14:49 God gives you INFINITE time. He’s INFINITELY compassionate.


1:15 Do you really think that God would have
a child
born in a D.U.M.B,
still attached to the mom,
raped to death
& that’s it?


Condemned forever? Do you think God would allow that?

永远被定罪? 你觉得上帝会允许吗?

吉恩·德科特,Q暴风骑士和胡安 · 奥 · 萨文讨论所有儿童在哪里? |Kat 更新

1:15:24 So then how’s it happening? One life you have doesn’t mean your corporeal body it means your ETERNAL SOUL.

1:15:24那么它是怎么发生的呢? 你有一个生命并不意味着你的肉体,它意味着你的永恒的灵魂。

And that is a dire warning. If you give up your soul then when you die, you die. You have made the worst judgement call you could ever do. There’s nothing more. You’re done.


1:16:10 God is INFINITELY patient and INFINITELY compassionate. You have many many —BILLIONS of lives. You can go, “Well I messed up that one!”


1:17:00 I need a vacation or two [from this one.] I volunteered to come here but this one is a rough one.



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With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing,


xo, Kat

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