2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大图

 October 19, 2022 2022年10月19日

2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

It certainly appears we are nearing the point in the battle for Earth that will force certain public actions. The war has come out of the shadows and the White Hats have the cabal’s back to the wall. They have nowhere to go except to attempt to fulfill their long range agenda to annihilate Humanity.


There is no backing down at this point. It’s got to go kinetic, as they say, very soon. We know the psychopaths will direct their armies and minions to fight until none of them are left.


What will happen when it all goes down? What is “it”, exactly? In the discussion below with Juan O’Savin and David Nino Rodriguez we get a few more juicy morsels that might be connected to what will unfold this fall. I wouldn’t get too tied up with the terminology because the White Hats will ensure they use whatever words are necessary to ensure they can lawfully do what needs to be done to return power to the People.

如果这一切都结束了,会发生什么?“它”到底是什么?在下面与胡安 · 奥萨文和大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯的讨论中,我们得到了一些有趣的信息,这些信息可能与今年秋天将要发生的事情有关。我不会被这些术语束缚住,因为白帽子会确保他们使用任何必要的词语,以确保他们能够合法地做他们需要做的事情,把权力还给人民。

We are blazing new trails, folks. Nothing like this has ever happened on our planet. THIS war is different.


2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

If you read the very telling letter President Trump sent to the chair of the Select Committee, you saw him repeatedly use the word “determinitive”; a legal term with a certain finality to it. We’ve also learned that “knowingly” is a powerful descriptive of the actions taken by certain cabal criminals. If you can show “intent”, you can lower the boom on the mafia.

如果你读过特朗普总统写给特别委员会主席的那封非常生动的信,你会看到他反复使用“决定性”这个词; 这是一个具有某种终结性的法律术语。我们还了解到,“故意”是对某些阴谋罪犯所采取行动的有力描述。如果你能表现出“意图”,你就可以降低黑手党的繁荣。

He also uses the word “fraud” liberally in his description of the nefarious anomalies in the 2020 election. As we know, according to election laws “fraud vitiates everything”.


Fraud vitiates everything.” That enduring opinion was the crux of the landmark decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in the above referenced case of the United States versus Throckmorton. Ipso facto, the outcome of a POTUS election that is rife with one-sided fraud and criminality is rendered null and void.


When all comes to a head, there will be no grey areas. This is cut and dried, and a coup, or attempts to remove a current regime via election fraud or any other means equals treason—the penalty for which is up to and including “capital punishment”; the death penalty.

当一切都到了关键时刻,就不会有灰色地带了。政变,或试图通过选举舞弊或任何其他手段推翻现政权的行为,就等于叛国罪ーー对叛国罪的惩罚最高可达并包括“死刑”; 死刑。

There is no question what transpired in November of 2020 was “illegal, unlawful, illegitimate” and Trump’s letter is a document of record. Link to PDF of President Trump’s letter.

毫无疑问,2020年11月发生的事情是“非法的、非法的、非法的”,特朗普的信是一份记录文件。链接到特朗普总统信函的 PDF。

Michael Jaco shared the following interview on his channel. 1 hr. 15 min.

Michael Jaco 在他的频道上分享了以下采访。1小时15分钟。


独家报道,大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯第一视野10/18接下来会发生什么,你不会相信的

It certainly sounds like it’s going to be a rip-roaring autumn, at least in America, but of course none of this assault on Humanity takes place in a vaccum. Similar tactics and atrocities repeat in nearly every country. The deep state cabal monsters purposely installed their puppets where they would have the most control and when the masses are brainwashed and mind controlled, a tremendous amount of damage can be done in a short time. It didn’t take long for the fake Covid plandemic to unfold did it? It was an illusion that took on a life of its own as magically as Frosty came to life.


Those who believe the people running the world wouldn’t hurt us would benefit from reading the following—which takes place not in the cabal’s playground of Ukraine, but Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks to the crew for raising the red flag.


There’s a reason the dialogue around “gain of function” took place in the examination and exposure of the criminal Fauci regime.


Military Destroys Covid Research Lab 


2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

Australia was rocked by possibly the most heinous acts of control witnessed over the course of the scamdemic. It’s difficult to conceive of such brutality when you live in a place with no mandates, masks, or dystopian control measures but suffer they did. This article gets into the situation in the Land of Oz where the very strong people have fought off the parasites bravely for a long time.


In fact, despite the late but great awakening and fortification of the civil rights, it seems the dark ones are pressing forward to the internment camps and even worse threats to Humanity. We keep asking what is being done to help our brothers-in-arms down under. Who is going to fight for them? Something has to give very soon.


Agree with Us or Hold your Tongue



It’s not hard to single out the cabal enterprises these days.



This is what the sickos want to do to children.


CDC panel unanimously votes to add COVID-19 mRNA shots to the recommended childhood vaccine schedule in the United States.

美国疾病控制与预防中心小组一致同意在美国推荐的儿童疫苗计划中增加2019冠状病毒疾病 mRNA 注射。

The committee’s decision will be consequential, as it will be a boon to the pharmaceutical companies seeking liability protection for their mRNA shots.

该委员会的决定将是相应的,因为它将是一个有利于寻求责任保护的制药公司为他们的 mRNA 注射。

This update is shocking. 这个更新令人震惊


The following short revelation is one more reason why President Trump and we awake and aware people recommend everyone be prepared for anything. Tornado patents, anyone? From 2003? Why isn’t this old news?



We knew they were going to unleash everything they could this fall in anticipation of the devastating news to the deep state’s regime and the offense planned by the White Hats. Some hurricanes and tornadoes are natural; some are not. The controllers have known for a long time how to make it rain very heavily, and how to pump up weather phenomena to yield a crisis and high death toll.


There are no accidents. They love to set fires for many reasons.



It’s really hard to find the good guys any more. The world has been run and over-run by criminals. The fallout from the Freedom Convoy in Canada is still playing out in the fake news.



You’ll forgive us if we don’t believe a word of what you say, right? Link to Telegram.

请原谅我们不相信你说的话,对吗? 链接到电报。

California county says 5,000 election ballots mailed by accident


The computer error was identified in Riverside County over the weekend, and according to FOX 11 (https://www.foxla.com/news/riverside-county-mistakenly-mails-duplicate-ballots-voters), around 5,000 duplicate ballots were sent to residents of several towns.

计算机错误在上周末的里弗赛德县中被识别出来,根据福克斯11台( https://www.foxla.com/news/riverside-county-mistakenly-mails-duplicate-ballots-voters )的报道,大约5000张重复的选票被发送给了几个城镇的居民。

Riverside County (https://www.foxnews.com/category/us/us-regions/west) Registrar of Voters Rebecca Spencer said that the duplicate ballots were mailed out due to a computer system error that was corrected.

里弗赛德县( https://www.foxnews.com/category/us/us-regions/west )选民登记处处长丽贝卡•斯宾塞表示,由于电脑系统出现错误,选票已被邮寄出去。

“It is important to note that none of the duplicate ballots will result in a voter being able to cast more than one ballot,” Spencer said. “I take election integrity seriously and apologize for the inconvenience.”

斯宾塞说: “重要的是要注意,没有一张重复的选票会导致一名选民能够投一张以上的选票。”。“我认真对待选举诚信,并为造成的不便道歉。”

Source 来源

2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

It has been an odd week, particularly with the comms. The bridge has been sluggish and cumbersome, my headphones suddenly ran out of blue teeth, my iPad keyboard simultaneously lost connectivity and had to be rebooted, and my emails to family in Canada were not delivered to their Gmail account.

这一周很奇怪,尤其是通讯系统出了问题。这座桥变得缓慢而笨重,我的耳机突然没有蓝牙了,我的 iPad 键盘同时失去了连接,不得不重启,我发给加拿大家人的电子邮件没有传到他们的 Gmail 账户。

The neighbour’s Mercedes SUV caught fire on Saturday night in their driveway while they were out of town and I watched in awe as the fire department smashed the hatch window with an axe and began dragging things out of the back before they inserted their hose and proceeded to drench the inside of the truck.

周六晚上,邻居的梅赛德斯 SUV 在他们的车道上着火了,当时他们不在城里。我敬畏地看着消防部门用斧头砸碎了舱口的窗户,开始把东西从后面拖出来,然后他们插上水管,开始往卡车里面浇水。

Hubby checked the model and did a search for recalls and found there had been incidents with owners involving wiring harnesses and electronics but Mercedes decided the consumer should pay for modifications so many did not know or take care of the potential fire hazards. The neighbour looking after their turtle for them got the homeowner on the phone to talk to the fire department as they combatted the smoke in the rain. What a horrible mess to come home to after a vacation.


We’ve been dealing with other time-consuming challenges and it seems like everything is being thrown at us to make life frustrating and cost-intensive for Humanity. We joined friends for a last-minute birthday dinner yesterday evening and this morning learned their father/in-law passed away last night from cancer so now his only child has her work cut out for her dealing with the estate. The timing is curious as my father passed just a couple of days before my birthday.


Here’s another oddity that happened in Los Angeles, California:


More than 30 drivers got flat tires along 405 near Mulholland Drive during morning commute


2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

Anyone who thought “Now comes the PAIN” was limited to the cabal has probably learned otherwise.


The situations in Europe are getting tougher by the day. No fuel, no heat, no light, and in the UK they were told that on the coldest winter nights they would see power outages between 4 – 7 p.m.


Germany is in the cross-hairs. Link to Telegram.


NEW – Germany: 新德里:

80 years after foundation: German furniture manufacturer Hülsta insolvent.

成立80年后: 德国家具制造商 Hülsta 破产。

85 years after foundation: Large bakery chain Thilmann insolvent.

成立85年后: 大型面包连锁店 Thilmann 破产。

125 years after foundation: German construction company Wolff Hoch- und Ingenieurbau insolvent.

成立125年后: 德国建筑公司 Wolff Hoch-und Ingeneurbau 破产。

130 years after foundation: German confectionery manufacturer Bodeta insolvent.

成立130年后: 德国糖果制造商 Bodeta 破产。

156 years after foundation: German automotive supplier Borgers insolvent.

成立156年后: 德国汽车供应商博格斯破产。

170 years after foundation: German soap maker Kappus insolvent.

成立170年后: 德国肥皂制造商 Kappus 破产。

All of the above insolvencies were reported in the last 24 hours.


We hope the crew in Germany are okay and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Please read the following advisory if you live in Europe. 1 min. 38 seconds. Important to know and share.


Citizens Public Welfare Advisory to the Free Peoples of Europe

A Citizens Public Safety Advisory from SGAnon to the Free Peoples of Europe.Please heed warnings and prepare for the worst. (Yes this is a TikTok video. Having a young child, I do not have time or extra liquid assets available to me, to invest into self-hosted video creation software) WWG1WGA

2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

Laura Walker brings us an astrological update with her own unique twist and words of wisdom. I think you will benefit from this reminder. You can download or listen to the audio at Oracle Report.com at the link below. 18 minutes

劳拉 · 沃克带给我们一个占星术的更新,她独特的转折和智慧的话语。我想你会从这个提醒中受益。你可以在 OracleReport.com 下载或收听音频,请点击下面的链接。18分钟

6 Minutes for Everyone and 12 Minutes for Those Who Are Struggling


That concludes our transmission for hump day. Thank you to the crew for sharing your interesting headlines and updates. We appreciate it very much.


As we cruise toward the US election and/or a potential massive move by the cabal and/or the White Hats, we remain engaged and optimistic as we remember that pigs do fly and anything is possible.  ~ BP

当我们驶向美国大选和/或阴谋集团和/或白帽子可能的大规模行动时,我们仍然保持参与和乐观,因为我们记得猪会飞,一切皆有可能。~ BP

2022年10月19日: 一点点走向不归点|星际飞船地球

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