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October 29,2021 20211029

Today's post will be short because I am going away for a little break.Still posting though...!I am committed to posting every day.


Today's headline says it all:Military,military,military.Of all the signs in recent months that we are reaching the end of this surreal movie,the rapidly escalating military presence around the world is a doozie.Recently a friend in Sydney reported military aircraft flying over his residence.Hasn't happened before.A friend in Minnesota emailed yesterday and said there is a huge number of military transport planes flying over his place.Highly unusual.


MonkeyWerx maps all the military flight movements over USA-he is ex-military-and he is reporting unprecedented numbers of military aircraft.I believe this is it.The timing for major events to happen before 11th November is feeling very positive.

MonkeyWerx 绘制了美国上空所有军事飞行活动的地图——他是退役军人——并且他报告了空前数量的军用飞机。我相信就是这里了。在1111日之前发生重大事件的时间感觉非常积极。

Q always said,'The military is the only way'.

Q 总是说,'军队是唯一的出路'

Absolutely.I agree.The level of mind-control is so great with a large percentage of the Earth's population,it will take a highly co-ordinated global military operation-martial law-to blast their consciousness wide open.They have had plenty of time to discover the truth for themselves.WE did.It will take a massive shock to release them from the matrix.Even then,a small percentage of humanity will refuse to accept the truth.


It's fascinating how the truth is getting out in a way that we Light Warriors might not have anticipated.The FIVE top hip hop songs on ITunes are'Let's Go Brandon'.Three words that have become the battle cry for FREEDOM around the world.The Universe works in mysterious ways.

真相是如何以一种我们光战士可能没有预料到的方式被揭露出来的,这真是令人着迷。在 ITunes 上排名前五的嘻哈歌曲是《Let's Go Brandon》。这三个词已经成为全世界为自由而战的口号。宇宙以神秘的方式运作。

Finally,speaking of the famous three words-the main chorus in this little song is a bit irritating for my ears but it's SO clever.Brilliant editing.Enjoy the work of Anons mocking the[D]eep[S]tate.



If you have been reading my posts on Dinar Chronicles,it seems they are not being posted there anymore.Patrick very kindly posted them for many months.I don't post there myself.This blog site is the only place I publish my posts.Please Bookmark me because unfortunately the Email Notification button on Word Press seems to have stopped functioning for this blog.It worked a few months ago.

如果你一直在阅读我的帖子在第纳尔编年史,它们似乎不再被张贴在那里。帕特里克非常友好地贴了好几个月。我自己不在那里发帖。这个博客网站是我发表文章的唯一地方。请收藏我,因为不幸的是,邮件通知按钮上的 Word 新闻界似乎已经停止运作,这个博客。几个月前,这招奏效了。

Keep an upbeat vibe,Light Warrior family.Our long wait is nearly over.Phew!




Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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