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阿斯塔|不要因某件事情灰心Greetings,Beloved Family!Isn't the News just so Exciting?


So many Dominoes are Falling,it's really like a blur in the time-flows of Planet Earth.And yet,this is all that we have been telling you would BE Happening but,of course,NO dates!All we can tell you NOW is that on this date,as you measure time,it's going at Lightning Speed,or events are Happening in the Sequential Flow in a most exponentially increased manner!!!


"NOW,we shall BEgin by telling you that,for the dark hats,things are unraveling very rapidly.And,yes,they're trying to do a lot of tricks.There were several 9-11 events that they had hoped to carry out;one in particular which would have been–they hoped would have had-the same devastation,or devastating impact as 9-11.It did NOT happen!That was something planned for the City of London.It did NOT happen!They wanted to do something destructive in major areas around the world-New York BE-ing one of them.These did NOT happen on 9-11!!!


"And we CANNOT take all of the Credit.We,meaning the White Knights,Faction 3,Ashtar Command and so on and so on-because you're partners with us!And because YOU have stood up and said,'NO MORE!We are NOT going to do this Anymore!!!'


Instead,on this past weekend in your time,you saw a destruction of a kind that has supposedly been contained within the dark hat community-but not really!And I am referring,of course,to the-I'll just say the demise of one of the Hillary Clones.


"NOW,there are some things to talk about in relation to Clones.You've already heard some from our Wondrous and most Honoured reporters.*I wish to enlarge a bit on that.It has been the accepted practice that,when a Clone demises-which is another way of saying they are done being,in any sense,alive in that Clone body-they replace it.This is why they have stored back-up Clones.And so when the Hillary Clone was in destruct mode,or demise mode,as you saw-it's all over the internet;it's all over the web-the call went out(singing):Send in the Clones!!!All right!I could see that everyone needed to Lighten Up a bit.


"And I'm going to tell you what happens.These Clones are NOT originals,and they DO NOT have the SOUL capacities,or capabilities,I'll say.And each version is weaker and weaker.Another way of saying it is they are darker and darker because,of course,when the Clones are created they are programmed for darkness,to exist in the darkness that exists in the third dimensional world–the illusions,the nightmares.And the dark hats have created nightmarish situations for many eons of time-millennia,although,of course,the Clones are a relatively new part of their programs.And so a Clone is created,and it is created to be programmed with the darkness–it doesn't really,but,if you could say a Clone is Afraid,it is Afraid of the LIGHT.


"So meanwhile,meanwhile you,you Beloved Family of Ashtar On The Road,are among the Lightworkers who are Shining more and more LIGHT.So what happens to the Clones?Well,it is not only inherent in their,what you might call genetics of their creations,but it is also because you are Shining more and more LIGHT,and more and more LIGHT is pouring into Planet Earth from all over the Galaxy and beyond,from the Great Central Sun itself,and so on.And so the Clones are Self-Destructing faster and faster.They simply CANNOT Survive!


"You have heard that the last one,the one that demised most recently,only lasted about one month,as you measure time.How long do you think this next one will last?NO dates!And it is not that we are saying this to have you start counting the days or anything of that nature.It is simply so that you Know.This is just a part of what must happen as a part of the phasing out of the power and control of the dark hats-another reason to keep BEing Workers of the LIGHT,is it not?


"It is without you that this darkness continues.It is with you and your participation-100%or more as LightWorkers,Workers of the LIGHT,and that means'Beamers'-you know-I'm so fond of calling you Beamers because that's what you are-and the more that you bring your SELVES up into HIGHER Vibrations,HIGHER Dimensional levels of Reality where TRUTH resides,the Brighter you BEAM!!!And that's another way of saying the more Powerfully you BEAM!


"We see you from our Ships and we occupy HIGHER levels of Reality than 3D,but we can look right into 3D,and we can tell how Brightly you're Beaming.Oh,don't be concerned!We don't have cameras on every street corner to measure how each of you are beaming.That's not what I'm saying.I'm talking about the Whole,the One,the Collective Community of Humanity of Planet Earth!And the Brighter Humanity Beams,of course,the HIGHER everyone rises-Everyone Who Wants To!!!


"And whether it's in their subconscious or their HIGHER Dimensional SELF Reality or whatever,it is also that by waking up and doing this work,if you want to call it work–we call it maybe-perhaps'following your Hearts,living in what you have passion to do,and creating from that space-the more the Planet will Uplift!


"And you KNOW that that means NESARA,The Golden Age,and Truth-full displays,unveilings,uncloakings and landings of our Ships-Not just something that is rigged to strike fear into your Hearts.It is NOT at all about that!We're NOT invading.We came BEcause you invited us!!!We're NOT crashing your World war III party.


We are Here BEcause you said,'NO,We are going to do Something Different this time.


NO More War!NO More World War!'And that's why we're Here!So when you hear stories about the end of the World coming and all of those things,it's the end of the third dimensional illusions and fear-based lifestyles that have prevailed!!!


"And while we're at it,we want to remind you to give thanks to these ones-including the Self-Destructing Clones-BEcause it is so obvious Now.It is absolutely clear!Anyone who watched any of the presentations,or read any of the stories,or looked at any of the pictures,cannot help but know that there is something going on here that is not outwardly making sense.But when you know about the,what I will call the'Substitution of Clones,'then it all comes Crystal Clear,does it not?


"NOW,in case you're wondering,of course these ones have Awareness.The Clones know.The dark hats know.The programmers know and the programmers know that their day of hiding in the dark is over,because they're all BE-ing exposed to the LIGHT!


"NOW,in the case of those who are looking to the LIGHT as being a–well,let's just say,a worthy'substitution of destination,'there is always the opportunity for even the most recalcitrant of ones to come to the LIGHT.And it's Never too late,even for a Clone.If a Clone chooses to come to the LOVE LIGHT,it does NOT mean that their physical life will necessarily be extended,but there is something for them to gain by experience on the SOUL level,let's say.When you get to the twentieth or so Clone,it's not likely that they will come,but there are some who are relatively young and who might want to participate in the Golden Age and if so,they are Welcome so to do!


"There is room in every Heart within every Human individual,as well as all members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms,for Forgiveness,no matter how heinous the deed might seem.NOW I will further add,as has already been mentioned,that you've all had opportunities to wear the dark hats-perhaps not as extensive in your actions and expressions as some of these who are NOW BE-ing so publicly exposed-but nevertheless,you have.And if you find something that you're Aware of,you KNOW how to clear it!I will not spend time with that here.Ho'oponoponois a Grand Place to start!You can look that up if you're not familiar with it.


"And it is very wise,in this day and age,to address anything that might still Not Be known to you-by just simply allowing any programs or activities,expressions that exist somewhere in your being,in your Energy Fields–Past,Present,Future,Subconscious-in all other aspects,you can clear those,too.


"You have reached a point in your Evolvement where you do Not necessarily have to Know the specifics.


You simply call for deletion,if you want to put it in rather technical terms-I'm somewhat of an Aficionado of Electronics-so you can simply call for deletion of all those programs that NO longer serve you as you are Evolving,Ascending BEings!!!Now,that's simple enough,is it not?In other words,put the LIGHT on it,bring the LIGHT into your SELVES.Partner with all of the LOVE LIGHT BEings in the Universe–your SELVES included-and do it!


"This is the Moment,because in the next moments,as you measure them,I guarantee you are going to see even more Dominoes Falling,even more Events happening faster-even more for you to say,'Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!'And you start with your own Sacred BEings within your SELVES.And you remember that you are just as DIVINE as I,Ashtar,or any other who dwell in the LIGHT,BEcause you're Here with us on those levels of your BEings!


"So Move on Up,enjoy the ride and'stay tuned,'BEcause there's a lot more that's going to happen.Who knows what I might BE Singing about the next time we gather.Ha,ha,ha!I do LOVE to gather with you,to come to these special Moments in your time.They are special on all levels BEcause you are BEloved Family!


"And so it is,we join together in our Hearts and in our LOVE LIGHT,and we move on together into the Golden Age and all of the Wondrous,Wondrous EVENTS and experiences that are here for you.


So Be NOT dismayed at something or other that happens.Just spread the LIGHT of TRUTH and remain Steadfast in your commitment to BEing a TRUE Worker of the LIGHT!!!


翻译:Nick Chan

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