2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

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从旅行到银行应用程序,生活中的干扰普遍存在。上周末有12000个航班被取消,荷兰火车周日晚些时候关闭,直到周一早上。周二早上,Trader Joe 的收银机关闭了3个小时。

 April 8, 2022 2022年4月8日

2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

It’s like Groundhog Day; every other day seems to be Friday from my perspective.


I’ve seen and heard a lot of interesting material lately and will share, below. The interruptions to life in general are prevalent, from travel to banking applications. After 12,000 flights were cancelled last weekend and Dutch trains were shut down late on Sunday until Monday morning, Trader Joe’s cash registers were down for 3 hours on Tuesday morning.

我最近看到和听到了很多有趣的材料,并将在下面分享。从旅行到银行应用程序,生活中的干扰普遍存在。上周末有12000个航班被取消,荷兰火车周日晚些时候关闭,直到周一早上。周二早上,Trader Joe 的收银机关闭了3个小时。

Agent Margaritaville aka Guy Brummell update: after being arrested unlawfully over his revelations about child traffickers in Canada had a court appearance recently and was denied the paperwork until he was scheduled to appear and had to catch up quickly. Tuesday’s link on Telegram.

特工 Margaritaville 又名 Guy Brummell 最新消息: 因揭露加拿大贩卖儿童的行为而被非法逮捕后,最近出庭受审,直到他预定出庭并且必须尽快赶上之前,他的文书工作被拒绝。星期二在 Telegram 上的链接。

Margaritaville was in great spirits today in Oshawa Court House. He is alert, discerning and asking great questions. AM had to ask for permission to see his own papers for the proceedings today as they were kept from him till this morning. Unbelievable!!! Two rules of play. The prosecutor can have witnesses testify via zoom, but Guy will have to file an ‘application’ said the judge for his witnesses who can’t make it in person to show on zoom. He is as sharp as ever and has a great sense of humour. Sends his love!!!! Anyone in Toronto and Oshawa go to the courthouse at 150 Bond St, Oshawa. He is in courtroom 105

玛格丽塔维尔今天在 Oshawa Court House 兴致勃勃。他很机警,有洞察力,问了很多问题。上午不得不请求允许看他自己的文件,为今天的会议进行,因为他们是从他一直到今天上午。难以置信!两条游戏规则。检察官可以让证人通过缩放作证,但盖伊必须提交一份“申请”,因为他的证人无法亲自到缩放现场作证。他和以前一样敏锐,而且很有幽默感。向你问好!任何在多伦多和奥沙瓦的人都可以去奥沙瓦邦德街150号的法院。他在105号法庭

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was released from prison after he refused to abide by ridiculous Covid mandates to close his church in Calgary and he spoke out this week on the Stew Peters show.

牧师 Artur Pawlowski 在拒绝服从关闭他在卡尔加里的教堂的荒谬命令后被释放,他在本周的 Stew Peters 节目上发表了讲话。

2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

We understand that following Ukraine, the second of three key elements the Earth Alliance will tackle is Taiwan. Why, you might ask?


TAIWAN is not innocent… Major human trafficking network that sits in the middle of the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, North China Sea and Indonesia trading route down to Australia…. TAIWAN has been the hub of human trafficking, sex trade , into China for hundreds of years and recently Organ harvesting NETWORKS . ROTHSCHILD CHINA Banks and Rockefellers banking SYSTEMS created a larger network of investments into Taiwan the past 60 years and created a POWER house of ELECTRONIC chipping supplies and money laundering NETWORKS through All countries through the computer, digital industries world wide and shipping ports that moves human trafficking networks….

台湾并不是无辜的... ... 南海、菲律宾海、北海和印度尼西亚的主要人口贩卖网络一直延伸到澳大利亚... ..。数百年来,台湾一直是人口贩卖、性交易、进入中国大陆的中心,最近还成为了器官摘除网络的中心。罗斯柴尔德中国银行和洛克菲勒银行系统在过去的60年里在台湾建立了一个更大的投资网络,并通过全世界的计算机、数字工业和移动人口贩卖网络的航运港口,创建了一个电子切片供应和通过所有国家的电力公司。

TAIWAN is FAR innocent<<


to clean>HOUSE<


WHITE hats in CHINA> Taiwan >
have made a secret deal for a small WAR/ to take place…. But A UNITY AGREEMENT has already been reached….
(Everything else is optics for the sleeping world to see)…

中国大陆的“白帽子”们与台湾达成了一项秘密协议,准备发动一场小规模的战争。但是一个统一的协议已经达成... ... (其他的一切都是光学的睡眠世界看到的) ... ... 事件... ..。



Military is the only way


The world is connected _Q


You may be familiar with actor and activist Jim Caviezel, of Passion of the Christ. He made a movie about it called, Sound of Freedom, and speaks out on Human Trafficking and is targeted because of it. A short video presentation from Jim is on Telegram.

你可能对基督受难记的演员、活动家吉姆 · 卡维泽尔很熟悉。他为此拍摄了一部名为《自由之声》的电影,并在人口贩卖志上大声疾呼,因此成为众矢之的。一个简短的视频介绍从吉姆是在电报。

ADRENOCHROME – SOUND OF FREEDOM – CHILD AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING – JIM CAVIEZEL giving the public a HARD shoulder shake to wake them up to what’s REALLY going on. Soft disclosure for the public has ALL come together like clock work. HRC’s Evergreen ship/Trafficking “Conspiracy theory”. Biden doing NOTHING about the child trafficking at our border. The media articles being pumped about young blood consumption reversing aging. JIM making BOMBSHELL statements about harvesting Adrenochrome from children.

自由之声-儿童与人口贩卖-吉姆 · 卡维泽给公众一个强烈的肩膀摇晃,以唤醒他们真正发生了什么。对公众的软披露就像钟表一样。人权理事会的长青船/贩运”阴谋论”。拜登对我们边境上的儿童贩卖事件无动于衷。媒体纷纷刊登关于年轻人血液消费逆转衰老的文章。吉姆发表关于从儿童身上收集肾上腺素红的令人震惊的声明。

Jim is WELL respected in every Christian household, as a voice of reason in fighting the targeted cancel culture Christians are facing. He’s opened a pathway to an even deeper understanding of WHY this war is being waged. The true evil that preys on our children, that exists & lurks right in front of our faces every night on Tel-a-vision


The sick occult elites CREATED Hollywood. The same ppl that run Hollywood, run America and most of the  2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球  . Hollywood is just another boulevard [They] get our money at.


Every week we hear about at least one incident of Human/Sex traffickers being apprehended.


22 Men in Florida Arrested in Undercover Child Sex Sting Called ‘April Fools’


2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

It didn’t cross my path until today, but a humourous disinfo video supposedly from the CIA came out in March and went viral. “Guardians of Looking Glass”. It was so bad and full of disinfo and fear porn that the Unknown Lightwarrior, Jim, of Ground Crew Command Radio debunked it.

直到今天我才知道这件事,但是一个幽默的假情报视频在三月份出现,并且像病毒一样传播。《窥镜守护者》。它是如此的糟糕,充满了虚假信息和恐惧色情,以至于未知的 Lightwarrior,吉姆,地勤指挥电台揭穿了它。

The video the cabal put out was laughable and full of fear-inducing disinformation and threats, and for that reason I wouldn’t listen to the robo-voice narrated piece of crap, but Jim’s analysis might be the best one I’ve ever heard for showing just how wrong and full of BS productions like this are and they day they are the go-to source for the latest intel and will have more updates.


For those reasons I recommend listening to this because it will enable you to use similar principles and facts to debunk future attempts by the dark to mislead and rope in unsuspecting truthers who don’t know any better. Kudos to Jim for an exceptional job of discrediting this garbage. I think I agreed with him on nearly every point. Link to Jim’s response is below. 1 hr.


Serious concerns & fears have been kicked up by this viral video that got over 64,000 views in only two days, just on YourTube. Including in the 144K Telegram Chat group.

这个病毒式的视频在仅仅两天内就在你的网站上获得了超过64000的浏览量,引起了人们的严重关注和担忧。包括144k 电报聊天群组。

Several members sent it to me for analysis … and here it is … both intuitive & logical [analysis].

几个成员把它送给我分析... ... 这里是... ... 直觉和逻辑[分析]。


In short … it certainly looks like a Psy-Op. I reveal why on the blog, where I’ve posted the video presentation.

简而言之... ... 它看起来确实像一个心理战。我在我发布视频演示文稿的博客上揭示了原因。

This will be in lieu of this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command Radio.


Spread the link – because it’s important this CIA Psy-Op does not have any success.


And if you enjoyed this presentation, and would like even more from me, check out the Matrix IV – Secrets Messages Revealed video presentation, I’ve left those details & link below.

如果你喜欢这个演讲,并且想从我这里得到更多,请看看 Matrix IV-Secrets Messages Revealed 的视频演示,我在下面留下了这些细节和链接。



Yours in Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior

你在服役的... ... 未知的光剑

The psychopaths know how the Human mind works, folks, and they have manipulated us and lied for far too long. We have no excuse for falling for their psychological operations any longer. We are not victims and we are not powerless. Nor are we alone in this war.


2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

You may not be aware of this platform where Gene CoSensei/Decode has his videos but he had some important updates regarding Ukraine and other locations to get out to us so he approached Chas Carter to get a discussion going this morning and so his info on biolabs, etc. is current as of today. 1 hr. 42 min. Link below.

你可能没有意识到 Gene CoSensei/Decode 在这个平台上有他的视频,但是他有一些关于乌克兰和其他地方的重要更新要发布给我们,所以他找到了 Chas Carter,让他今天早上开始讨论,所以他关于生物实验室的信息今天仍然有效。1小时。42分钟。以下连结。


2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

Some folks criticize Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas but I like this move reported by Sara Carter.

有些人批评德克萨斯州州长格雷格 · 艾伯特,但我喜欢萨拉 · 卡特报道的这一举动。

TX Gov Abbott will ‘charter buses,’ send migrants to Capitol for Biden to address their needsTX Gov Abbott


A couple of days ago we got wind of developments here in Arizona regarding the election fraud. Perhaps we are getting closer to prosecutions and justice.


BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Releases Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report – Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud

突发新闻: 亚利桑那州总检察长公布马里科帕县2020年选举临时报告-个人将被起诉选举舞弊

David Icke addresses the obvious; world events are indeed planned—long in advance.

大卫•艾克(David Icke)指出了一个显而易见的问题: 世界事件的确是早就计划好了的。

World Events Are Not Pre-Planned? – Watch This – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

世界大事不是预先计划好的?-看这个-David Icke 点连接器视频广播

That’s all for today. Another week gone. Next thing you know it will be Easter.


Eli often prefers to sleep along the baby gate where he can keep an eye on my comings and goings. I like the way he curls up after he rolls over with his little paws cocked and tucked in tight.


2022年4月8日: 我们思想的战争|星际飞船地球

Eli 14 wks


Ciao for now.  ~ BP & Eli

再见。 ~ BP & Eli


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